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Big rump african hard xxx
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Chapter Thirteen Joseph smiled as he entered the living room and saw the naked sleeping teenagers on his couch. All of his training as a cop had faded away. Now he was willing to pound his cock into two underage pussies, and one belonged to his own daughter. As bad as it sounded, he loved the idea. He sat down on the coffee table and rubbed Lindsey's thigh.

Her eyes fluttered open. "Hey Daddy," she said, and then stretched her naked body. She sat up with Melanie. Both girls looked like they had taken all of the sex they could handle the previous night.

They kissed, and his cock twitched at the sight. "You girls feel okay with each other now?" he asked. "Oh yeah," Melanie said, rubbing Lindsey's thigh. "Good. I would like you to spend the weekends with us, Melanie.

I am sure that Lindsey wouldn't mind adding you into our relationship." Melanie smiled and kissed him. "I would love to be with the two of you.

But I really have to get home. Joseph, will you drive me?" He shrugged. "Sure. I don't mind." (_)(_)(_) As Joseph pulled up to a small trailer, his heart ached for Melanie. She really didn't have much of a home life. Her mother was a drunk.

Her father was an alcoholic and a drug dealer. "You could come back to the house with me," he suggested. Melanie smiled. "That's alright. My mother needs me. She has thick woman masturbating while standing up taking it hard without my dad around." He rubbed her thigh.

"I am sorry that you have such a difficult life." Melanie smiled and kissed him. Joseph held her head there as he slid his tongue int her mouth. They moaned together, and she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. As they made out, she stroked his cock. Joseph guided her head lower and forced her lips to wrap around his cock. Her head bobbed sweetly, making her suck his cock faster and faster.

"I love your sexy little mouth," he groaned. She slid up and kissed him. "But you like my tight little pussy more," she whispered. Melanie sat back and lifted her hips to remove her panties.

She then hiked up her skirt and straddled his hips. As his cock slid up into her, she moaned softly. "Fuck, I love that dick!" She rocked her hips and tightened around his thick sex. Her moans filled the car. The faster she moved, the more closer he felt to his climax. She was a sex goddess. Eventually, though, it ended. She kissed him and went into her house. Joseph sat there for a moment in deep thought.

His lust had caused his world to become so odd. He was fucking a teenage girl that he barely knew. His daughter wanted his child. The lie that he had gotten a vasectomy after having her only helped to goad her off for a moment. She was desperately wanting a baby. But all he wanted was his old life back. rebecca black checks in candy clips intergalactic candycast ep. Stewart?" Lindsey asked as she raised her hand in class.

"Yes, Lindsey?" "May I use the restroom? I'm not feeling well." Before the teacher even responded, she ran out of the class room. The bathroom seemed so far away. Just as she got within ten feet of the door, the puke came out, making a splash on the floor.

Hot sexy story storys download sobbed as she slid down a near by wall. Alex walked out of his class and saw her. He rushed to her side and held her in his arms. "Lindsey, are you okay?" Lindsey smiled weakly.

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"I have been sick for two weeks now. But midterms are coming up." "Come on. I am taking you home." (_)(_)(_) It was late when Joseph walked into his house. When he saw Lindsey on the couch, he froze. She looked teary eyed. "What's wrong?" he asked as he sat beside her. All that she did was hand engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore a pregnancy test.

"Alex got me pregnant. I'm having his baby." He looked at the test. How could he tell her that he had lied? Tears ran down her face, and he held her in his arms. "It'll be okay," he said. "Daddy, I messed up." "No. You are having a baby. Your are going to have a little miracle inside you." Lindsey smiled weakly.

"Will you still make me your new wife?" Joseph smirked. "Of course. You are the love of my life." Chapter Fourteen As Lindsey lay on the couch, she rubbed her abdomen.

The month of pregnancy had only formed a slight baby bump. The door bell rang. As she got up, she checked on Leah. She was sleeping peacefully in her bassinet. The moment that she opened the door, her heart skipped a beat. Ellie was standing there in a tiny yellow summer dress. She had roses in her hand. "Miss me?" she asked. Lindsey pulled Ellie into her arms and kissed her passionately. Their tongues slid across each other, tasting what mom son sher bad room had missed for too long.

When they finally pulled themselves off each other, Ellie smiled. "How is Leah?" "She's inside. Do you want to see her?" "Sure. Is your father around?" Lindsey rolled her eyes. "No. He had an errand to run today." Ellie finally saw the baby bump under Lindsey's thing white tank top. "Is that his?" "No. It's Alex's. Dad said that he had a vasectomy after they had me." The other girl bit her lip.

"What?" Lindsey asked, knowing that there was something on her friend's mind. "He got me pregnant, Lindsey. Remember? I think that he may have lied to you." (_)(_)(_) Joseph looked around as he entered the evidence room. He was pleased that people trusted him so much.

They probably thought that he was checking up on something for a case. No one had any idea that he was stuffing a criminal's teenage daughter with his nine inch meat.

He looked at the labels on the boxes until he came across the one for Melanie's father. He grabbed the box and sat it on a near by table. With a smile on his face, he walked to the door and looked out.

No one was in sight. So he retrieved the box and slowly walked out. If anyone saw him on video, he would say that he was getting rid of old evidence. So he walked out to his car and tossed the box into the back seat. Soon, Melanie's father would be free to go. And she would be very thankful. (_)(_)(_) Lindsey smiled as she laid Leah in her crib.

"She's getting big," Ellie said. "Yeah. She's still so precious, though. We spend a lot of time together." Ellie rubbed Lindsey's back. "I missed you, Lindsey. I know how hard it was after I left.


Your life has gotten so confusing." "I just don't know why Dad lied to me. Does he not want me to have his child?" "He loves you first as his daughter. I bet the entire sex thing was just supposed to be a fling. It turned into this. Now he sees that you are ruining your life. You have to move on. He is with Melanie." A tear rolled down Lindsey's cheek.

Instead of wiping it off, Ellie licked hd castingcouch x new to porn alexis adams fucks on film off. Lindsey turned and kissed her once again. Her hands squeezed Ellie's ass, remembering how toned and tight the girl was.

"I want you," Lindsey whispered. Suddenly, Lindsey didn't care that Ellie had left her, broken her heart. She was the slut that her father had created. He had made this monster. Now all that she wanted was Ellie's wet pussy all over her own. She guided her friend to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Ellie hiked her dress up and lifted her hips to remove her panties as Sarah tore her own clothes off. Brunette and blonde lesbian fuck each other collapsed on Ellie, kissing her and nipping at her.

"I'm so wet," she moaned in Ellie's ear. Ellie slid a finger into Lindey, making the girl tremble under her touch. "You are tight too!" She wiggled her finger around inside Lindsey, and the girl cried out, pressing her pussy harder against Ellie's hand. "Fuck yes!" Ellie slid down and pulled Lindsey's clit gently with her teeth.

Lindsey cried out, arching her spine. Ellie licked the inside of her sweet pussy, lapping up the juices as if it were honey. Lindsey was lost in her powerful orgasm, groaning as she came. Ellie just kept licking, though. Finally, Lindsey shoved Ellie onto the bed and interlocked her legs with Ellie's. Then she pressed her cunt down hard against the girl's, moaning at the beautiful contact.

She moved fast, grinding their pussies together. Their moans were muffled in a passionate kiss as Lindsey moved faster and faster, loving the way her juices mixed with Ellie's.

Ellie's eyes rolled to the back of her head. "Fuck yes! Lindsey, fuck my pussy!" Lindsey sped up, moaning louder, breathing heavily.

The lips of her pussy rubbed hard against Ellie's. Soon they were both screaming out in complete extasy. They came in unison, and then kissed passionately. "I definitely missed you," Ellie said. (_)(_)(_) As Joseph entered his apartment, he realized that it was oddly quiet. He walked upstairs and froze. Sitting in Leah's room were Lindsey and Ellie. They were holding the baby and giggling like best friends.

"You're back?" Joseph asked Ellie from the door way. Lindsey glared at him. "Yeah, she is. And she is going to stay here for the Summer. Got an issue with that?


Or are you going to lie about that too?" Joseph was stunned. "Lindsey, what are you talking about?" She handed Ellie the baby and stood up to face him. "You seem to forget that we are raising the child that you had with my best friend. Did you think that I would always be that stupid?" "Lindsey, I." "Shut up. It's my turn to talk. You pissed me off.

I was willing to be with you forever. I was willing to have your child. You took my virginity, and I loved it. I loved you! And you proved to me that I am nothing but a nice piece of ass to you?" He reached out for her, but she backed away. "That isn't true, Lindsey." "Yeah? Then what about Melanie? She's my fucking replacement. One day you will get bored with her too. So, I am ending this before it goes any further.

Keep fucking your little girlfriend. And I will find someone who truly love me. Dad, you and I are over." He felt his heart ache.

"Lindsey, don't do this. That could be my child that you are carrying." She whirled on him, getting in his face. "I don't give a damn if it is! You are a sorry excuse for a father and a lover!" From out of the back of his mind, anger flowed through Joseph. He swung his fist, and quickly made contact with Lindsey's eye. He felt terrible as she lay crying on the floor.

Leah was screaming. "What the fuck?" Ellie yelled. "I didn't mean to do that." Lindsey looked at him with the ugliest look in her eyes. "I hate you, Dad." Chapter Fifteen Lindsey yawned and held Ellie closer on their sleeping bag in Leah's room. The sensation of her flesh on Ellie's was intense. Suddenly, Lindsey remembered what had woken her up. Someone was knocking on the door downstairs. She got up and pulled her robe on as she walked down the stairs. At the door, she opened it carefully.

"Brian?" she asked as he brother stumbled into the apartment. "I had to see you," he said in a drunken slur. "Your breath smells. Are you drunk?" He smiled lazily. "No. I feel fine." "Yeah, I'm sure you feel great." Brian pinned her to the wall and squeezed her breast as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Lindsey fumbled with his pants until they were unbuttoned and unzipped. Soon she was palming her brother's throbbing cock.

He groaned as she stroked him. "That feels great, Kiddo!" Lindsey slid to her knees and slid his cock into her mouth. Brian groaned as her tongue ran up the engorged length. Her head bobbed faster and faster. The physical contact was nearly too much to bear. He held her hair in his hand as she sucked harder, her teeth gently nipping the tip of his cock.

Finally, she slid back up and kissed him. "I missed you," he said, breathing heavily. Lindsey pulled her robe over her head, and her breasts bounced slightly. He loved the way they stayed so perky and pink. He ran a finger over a hard nipple. "You always were so beautiful, Lindsey." She smiled and guided him to the couch. Once they were there, she sat him down and straddled his hips.

Brian slid up into her as she lowered herself. She moaned softly at the feeling beating my sub wife a real sore ass submissive punishment being completely impaled by his cock. Lindsey moved her hips, grinding on him. The faster she moved, the more the energy between them threatened to consume her. She gasped as she moved faster, her breasts smothering his face as much as they could.

Brian squeezed her ass, and that only made her want more. She clenched her muscles around his sex as she bounced. He groaned, running a hand up her chest. "Damn that feels good, Sis." She cried out, not drilling by a toy and thick dong who heard.

She wanted it all.

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She had to have him fuck her young brains out. "I love you Brian! I love you Brian!! I'm cumming!" As her climax passed, he laid her back on the coffee table and spread her legs wide.

With a smile, he rubbed her tight ass hole. "I love your cute little anus," he whispered. Lindsey moaned softly.

Brian spit on the tight entrance and pressed the head of his cock into her ass. Her eyes widened and she inhaled sharply perky titted teen sofia gets fucked by old woody he slid in inch by inch.

Soon he was thrusting hard and deep into her ass. They both grunted and groaned as he slammed into her faster and faster. Lindsey dug her finger nails into his forearm as he thrust harder. "Fuck, Brian! Fuck my ass! Fuck your little sister hard!" He grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass harder than he thought possible. She moaned erratically. "Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" When she felt Brian shoot his load into ass, a smile crossed her face.

"Did I make you cum?" She asked innocently. "Always," he said with a kiss. (_)(_)(_) Lindsey yawned as she walked into the kitchen. Brian was still asleep on the couch. "Are you hungry?" her father asked at the stove. "I can make my own breakfast." "Lindsey, I am trying to help you." "Well, no thanks. I will survive." He sighed and turned off the stove. "Are you going to stay angry at me forever?" She shrugged.

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"Maybe. Don't worry, though. You will never see me or our child ever again once I turn eighteen." (_)(_)(_) Joseph yawned as he pulled into Melanie's driveway. He hadn't been able to sleep for a week. Lindsey was determined to keep ignoring him. When Melanie walked out of her trailer, she was wearing her tight low riding jeans and black t shirt that clung to her body. "You look great," he said as she got into his car.

"Before you start driving, Joseph, we need to talk." He groaned. "Did Lindsey call you?" "Yeah. She told me what happened." He smacked his steering wheel. "That bitch is ruining everything. Look at what she has turned my life into!" "You did this, Joseph.

No one made you seduce her in the first place. You told her you were a guy on the internet and then seduced her. Whatever happened after that is your fault." Joseph glared at her. "You're saying that I turned Lindsey into a sex addict?" "Yes." Before he could control himself, he sped out of the drive way. Melanie looked terrified as he drive down a dirt road that looked abandoned.

"Where are we going?" "Some place private," he said with a grin. He stopped at a dead end surrounded by trees. "You fucked up, Melanie. Now I have to make you pay. What Lindsey has become is a whore, just like her mother. It is her own doing. She could have said no." Joseph pulled out his gun. "But you have no choice," he said, pointing the gun at her head. Tears started to form in Melanie's eyes. "Please, Joseph, don't. Just let me go.

I won't tell anyone." He jumped out of the car and pulled her out with him by her hair. She screamed as he bent her over the trunk and yanked her jeans and panties down. "Stop," she begged as he unzipped his pants. He thrust deep into her, fat granny wants young cock in her pussy with satisfaction.

As he raped her, he enjoyed the sounds of her screams. Then he came and picked her up by her hair. He led her to the front of the car and sat her on her knees in front of him. "You got involved too much. You should have minded your own business and let you father rot in prison.


But now you can have his punishment." Joseph put the barrel to her forehead and pulled the trigger. The back of her skull sprayed over the trees. Then he got into his car and drove away. "Little bitch," he mumbled as he sped down the dirt road.