Cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock

Cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock
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WE BOTH LIKE THEM YOUNG This story is pure fiction and fantasy and contains reference to forced sex none consensual sex with reference to incest sex in the contents young boy and young girl so if you do not like this kind of story of then please do not read move on to another otherwise you read at your own risk you have been warned. Hi I would like to introduce my family to you, My names john and I have a gorgeous wife called Lisa with a daughter called Amy, We were married at 19 and had our daughter a year later I have a very successful business and so has my wife, she owns and run her own designer shop for ladies and at the weekend my 16-year-old daughter helps her mom when not at school, Life couldn't have been better a very buitifull sexy wife and daughter growing up to be just like her mom my wife's best assets were her large 38" bust and legs to die for especially when she wears stockings and killer heels, My daughter is growing up so fast and has some of her mom's assets including her legs and her bust; our life together was good until 6 months ago when everything changed life for us all would never be the same again so let me tell you how our lives were changed.

My family and I loved to sail so we decided to take the plunge and invest in our very own Schooner we loved the idea that we could go sailing weekends and spend holidays on the boat as a family, We planned to sail around the coast for a couple of weeks only stopping off to take in supplies, We were lucky as we lived by the coast so we could sail most weekends without having to travel too far, Our boat was moored in the local bay so it was ideal for just going sailing whenever we wanted, Just before we were leaving for a two-week break, I was informed to be careful when sailing around the coast as there were reports of storms brewing and to make sure we keep the shipping forecast on the radio at all times, As we set sail I decided to keep close to the coastline so we could always drop Anker if needed I could always head inland to one of the many coves around the coast if needed, The weather was great and very hot it was the perfect weather to sunbath on deck so the girls took full advantage of the sun, We had been at sea for a couple of days now the girls were sunbathing topless on deck boy did my wife look good in her bikini it hardly covered her private bits in fact she was making my cock hard just looking at her she was practically naked my daughter was just as bad in her bikini too I know it was wrong to look at my daughter that way but they both looked so sexy lying on the deck showing me there near naked body's how could I not get a hard on< As the sun started to set the girls went below deck to do tea so I made my way towards a cove that was on the chart and dropped Anker for the night, The next morning the sun was shinning and the girls decided to swim ashore and sunbath in the cove I told them that I was staying on the boat to make us breakfast and would give them a call when it was ready, The breakfast was now ready so I went up on deck to call them I could see they were both topless lying on top of a rock, I had seen my wife tits many times but never my daughters but as she was copying her mom by going topless boy was her tits nice big boobs mom ebony girl firm and her nipples seem bigger than her moms she was certainly growing up fast what a body she has and she is only 16 years of age I could feel myself getting hard looking at her, "What the hell am I thinking she my daughter for god sake I should not be getting any thoughts like this I have a wife who gives me everything I need in that department but still my daughter was so sexy I was now thinking what it would be like to fuck her hot body, As I was about to shout to them to come aboard I noticed that someone was watching them from behind the rock I couldn't see well enough so I got my binoculars to see if I could get a better look, It was a young boy about 16 he was black lad he was just staring at them both I could also see him playing with himself, < Oh my god I thought if only the girls new they had a peeping tom playing with himself > It wasn't helped by my wife rubbing oil on her breast poor lad I bet he was near to cumin watching my wife I must tell her later at that I called them and the lad disappeared, After breakfast I told the girls that they were being spied upon while they sunbathed topless, 'My entire wife said was I hope he enjoyed himself?

'I'm sure he did let face it you both have incredible body's and I could also see him playing with himself? "Really you mean he was playing with his cock while he was watching us? 'Yes he was> "Wow what a turn on did spinner rebel lynn sucks dick and banged make you hard looking at him watching me and Amy? "Well I have to admit it did turn me on a bit and make me hard thinking there was this stranger looking at my wife and daughter bathing topless, Well you're just as bad as him staring at your own daughter?

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How could I not as you are both so sexy lying there practically naked what else could I do, As we were about to set sail my wife said can we stop here for another day as the cove is so lovely, So we stayed and later that evening when Amy had gone to bed my wife said to me, You know that lad who was looking at us, how old was he?

I would say about 16 years of age, "I have a confession to make too you?


Oh yes what is that "Well you see I love to show off when young boys stare at me I very often flash my thighs and stocking tops when I cross legs and bend over to show off my breasts but my biggest fantasy is being watched by a young boy in fact I dream of being fucked by a young boy and when you told me that this young boy was watching us I was so turned on by the fact he was playing with him self I would love to suck a young boys cock and then let him fuck me, I was so shocked by what she had just said to me I didn't know what to say?

Why are you shocked I know you fancy your own daughter I see the way you look at her and now that she goes topless like me you can't keep your eyes off her I know you would like to fuck her I can tell by the way you get a hard on when she's comes anywhere near you, Amy has noticed as she has asked me why you have a hard on when she's around so I told her that men get turned on when us girls flash the flesh so it's only natural for men to feel horny with such sexy girls like us, So what's so wrong with me wanting to fuck a young boy?

Well nothing if you put it double trouble for a bbw amateur slut hardcore and blowjob way?

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I want you to take me to bed and fuck me and I want you to think of Amy while you fucking me, That night the sex was amazing we fucked at least 3 times I'm sure Amy could hear us, I couldn't get it out of my mind my wife actually wants to fuck a young boy and in return I can fuck Amy, Wow I thought to myself no wonder she wanted to stop at the cove in the hope she could see the young boy again, I never thought my wife was like that I must admit the thought of fucking Amy was a big turn on I know its incest but I didn't care I wanted that hot body all to myself as for my wife if she wanted to fuck young boy then that's fine by me as long as we stays in the family our lives are about to change for the better Holy fuck this is exciting, In the anal fucked hard by three rare positions who is she threesome and extreme Lisa said she was going to the cove to sunbath I asked Amy to do the breakfast as I was going on deck to check the boat over before we sailed, No problem dad I'm staying here, Lisa was now sunbathing topless and putting sun oil onto her breast I got out my binoculars while Amy cooked breakfast to see if the young boy was there looking I know Lisa was hopping he would be, But I couldn't see him, then all of a sudden I saw movement there he was getting a good vantage point to look I could see he was just looking he was a defiantly a black boy I shouted that breakfast was ready as she got up she looked around to see if she could see him but he had already gone, As Lisa got back on the boat I told her he was watching you but was only looking this time and the boy was black, She seemed more excited by this and said that she was going back after breakfast to sun bath and that I should try and catch him out then invite him back to the boat for dinner tonight, She was already planning to tease him first then fuck after and that I could watch him fuck her, After I could fuck Amy what do you say are you up for it, Well yes I am but how are you going to get Amy to agree to it?

"Easy I have some special tablets to make sure she does what you say? What tablets?


Never you mind well is it a deal? Yes of course how could I refuse such an offer? Good lets go to the cove, <Must go first I thought I have to find that young boy lesbo peaches spread their deep butt holes and nail thick sex toys I going to get Amy > Lisa swam to the cove and took off her top and lay back, I was now behind the rock out the way hoping he wouldn't see me, I didn't have to wait long before the lad was back he hadn't seen me he was now crouching down looking at my wife on the rock he had a good view and at the same time stated to feel himself, I thought this was just the right time to catch him, "What are you doing I said out loud" <Err nothing mister> "Yes you was you were spying on my wife sunbathing " <I'm sorry mister you see I couldn't help it she is so pretty> "Yes she is and she's topless too so what have you got to say foryourself" <Err sorry I'm really sorry mister> 'How old are you' <16 mister> 'Ok listen I know it must be hard for you not to look at my wife sunbathing topless she has amazing tits doesn't she, <Oh yes mister she does > "Tell you what why don't you come and have dinner with us tonight as we are setting sail tomorrow what do you say and who knows you might even get a surprise from my wife what do you say , <Oh yes please mister> Ok see you at 8 tonight , And at that he walked off , When I told Lisa she was so excited about it, Was he good looking what shall I wear tonight I know my stockings a short low cut dress my high heels and no underwear I want him to feel like he about to cum when he see's me, " What about Amy' 'Oh yes I need to put a tablet into her drink I do not want her to know what we are doing tonight?

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I made Amy a drink Lisa had put two tablets in the drink to make sure she didn't wake up and so I could fuck her later while Lisa fucked the young boy all was planned all that was required was the boy, Amy was spark out on her bed when I went in to check on her I couldn't resist so I squeezed her breasts and she never moved I lifted he dress to look at what she was wearing it was a white thong I ran my hand up her leg she was so sexy I couldn't wait to fuck that pussy, At that Lisa called me?

How do I look! Wow you look so fucking hot! Good I feel so horny I can't wait to me my fuck date do you think he will like what I'm wearing for him?

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He would be mad if he didn't? Get me a drink will you to calm me down I'm already wet thinking about this boy, Then we heard someone on deck it japan hd double creampie for japanese hottie the boy I thought Lisa was going to cum there and then when she saw him, Lisa this is Joe the lad from the cove, Hi Joe you're a very handsome boy Thank you and you are a very pretty lady, Thank you Joe did you like the view you had this morning, Err well yes I did as he went red with embarrassment?

Its ok Joe I didn't mind why don't you come and sit by me so we can get to know you a little better, Joe sat next to Lisa and couldn't keep his eyes off her he was like in a trance when she spoke to him, Do you like my dress Joe' Oh yes ' Do you think I look sexy in it' Oh yes I do' Would you like to know what I'm wearing underneath my dress I chose these just for you' Err yes I would' Well give me your hand and you can feel for yourself and at that Lisa took Joe's hand and slid it up her leg pushing her dress up at the same time revealing her stocking tops, Do you like them Joe' Holy shit yes they are my favourite I must be dreaming this is not happening to me I'm in heaven oh my god your so sexy I can't believe my luck he looked over to me for approval I just smiled as if to say enjoy yourself, Joe is your cock hard for me and would you like to get sunny leone xxx new 2019 out for me so I can suck it for you, Oh yes please as Joe stood up to unzip his pants Lisa also stood up in front of him and removed her dress the poor lad was struggling to get his pants off as his eyes were now fixed on Lisa standing in front of him completely naked except for her stocking and heels, I thought he was going to cum there and then, Let me help you Joe as she pulled his pants down she gasped, Oh my god Joe your cock is so big is all that for me she knelt down and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him off he was a big lad bigger than mine I have to confess, Joe was now getting close to cumin so Lisa stopped and told Joe to follow her into the bedroom, 'Lie back Joe she said I'm going to ride that monster cock of yours Lisa got on top and put his cock inside her pussy and as she was pushing herself down onto him Oh Joe you are so fucking hard and big are you a virgin?

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Err yes I am' Good I love fucking virgin boys as she started to bounce up and down on his cock Joe was sucking and squeezing her tits as they bounced in front of his face the view he had was awesome, I couldn't wait any longer I needed a fuck myself so as my wife was riding this boy's black cock I was getting myself undressed and ready to fuck Amy I was now naked and started to pull at her cloths I ripped her dress off and then got her thong and ripped that away pushed her onto her back she never resisted the tablets were working I pulled her bra over her head she was now lying completely naked I knelt down and pushed my tong right into pussy she was already nice and wet she started to moan as I licked her clit she tasted so good my cock was so hard now ,I could hear Lisa was Really going at it she started to scream Oh fuck me fuck me Joe oh shit oh shit oh fuck oh fuck Joe your cock is Soooo good I want you to cum in me oh fuck oh fuckkkking hell I'm cumin Oh shit shit shit holy shit , After hearing Lisa I got on top of Amy and started to push my cock into her wet pussy she was so tight I managed to put the tip of my cock in her and as I pushed deeper I felt her virginity so I decided I just needed to go for it and pushed myself deep into her pussy as I did she let out a low moan I was now right inside fucking her it was so good and so tight I was soon ready to cum in her I thought I cumin in her I'm not pulling out so I shot my hot cum deep inside of her it was the most amazing feeling fucking my daughter I was going to fuck that pussy as many times as I could tonight , Lisa was still fucking double penetration session with a busty hottie facial boobs boy I could hear his balls slapping against her arse as he pounded her again and again she never stopped screaming all the time to be fucked hard and as many times he fucked my wife I was fucking Amy the only difference is that Amy was unaware as to what was happening to her, Where Lisa knew exactly what she was doing with the boy Amy was going to be sore in the morning the amount of times I fucked that lovely body of hers still I will worry about that in the morning until then Imp just licking her arse at the moment I might try and fuck that tonight, As for Lisa I think she has been fucked in every hole tonight judging by the noise she been making, Like I say life will never be the same again it just got even better hears to more fucking.