Xxx storys sex with step mother at home

Xxx storys sex with step mother at home
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AN UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT OF LUST It was 9 p.m., in the suburban area of the small town. When the four convicts entered the unguarded property and then, from the rear door, the luxurious house, they met the entire family, Mr. and Mrs. Blum and their son, in the living room.

Fifteen minutes later, pieces of female garments were scattered in all the room. Someone had placed a pair of red stiletto heels on a chair and had laid a pair of stockings on the back of the couch; shreds of nice blouse and skirt were on the floor, a pair of lacy black panties hung from the chandelier, buttons had flown everywhere.

Mr. Blum and his son were sitting on the floor, near the fireplace; three threatening strangers, with knives in their hands, surrounded them.

John, a white young giant of 22 years, built like a trunk and well over seven feet tall, approached the naked, trembling Mrs.

Blum in the center of the room; a black lacy bra, matching with the hanging panties, was tied, as a trophy, around one of his massive arms. He put his arm under the round butt of the womam, hoisted her to his head level, easily as she was a child and held her in the crook of his elbow, with a grin of satisfaction on his face.

Mrs. Blum was a very attractive brunette in her early fifties who, in spite of her mature age, looked no more than thirty, thirty five years old and still captured the attention of all the men, old or young, she met. She was for the men a sensual dream and for the women a good reason of envy. This because she always exercised, since teenager, four times a week at gym, to maintain in an excellent shape her small, but gorgeous body and smooth skin: an all natural, perfect beauty.

Standing barely 4'10", with a very narrow waist and slender legs, many of her 95 pounds of tender but firm flesh were located in her big rack and tight ass. On her petite frame those incredibly large, snow-white breasts were a miracle of gravity: they seemed to burst at any time, squirting gallons of fresh milk. Her husband was crazy for them; and her son, too; and all the other men. "How old are you, lady?" John asked, his mouth almost touching her pink lips.

"Fiftytwo," she answered meekly. "Whow!!! what a nice old pussy we got, buddies!! What a big titted, cute babe you are, little one," he shouted, licking her mouth and nose with a darting tongue. "Put me down, please, young man," said the woman.

"I can give you money and jewelry. Please, young man, take all the money you want and then go away. Please, don't hurt us." "We don't want your money, mommy, we want you, only you; a babe with tits and ass like yours must be played by big men like me and my buddies," said John, pinching one long nipple with his fingers. "Did you understand, mommy? Your body, your tender, smooth, white body is mine: you are a beautiful bimbo to be toyed as long as we want." Then he cradled the small woman in his arms, like he was holding a weightless pet and walked all around the room, carrying and bouncing her, enjoying to feel the girlish nakedness of her ripe body.

She was begging, with imploring voice: "Put me down, please, I'm a married woman and a mother, my husband and son are here; don't do this to me, please, let me go." But John didn't care: he was determined to fulfil his wicked lust and to dominate totally the cute lady he had denuded completely and savagely in the living room, in front of her husband and son.

With the tender object of his sadistic fantasy tightly embraced, he started biting, chewing, licking and sucking her appetizing, baby soft, clean, naturally perfumed flesh: neck, tits, nipples, armpits, underarms, thighs, asscheeks and pussylips were a succulent meal for his voracious mouth.

She was at his mercy and he loved brutalizing an older woman who could be his own mother. "Lady, you are the biggest set of tits I have ever seen in a small body like yours. Look, little one, how they are bouncing in my hands, look at these long hard nipples," said the young giant, while clutching the two white mounds.

"Hey, buddies, this mommy, here, has the flesh of a little baby: as smooth as velvet. And no hairs on her pussy and armpits: silk soft as a child. Don't you like being caressed, licked and bitten, yong beauties doing oral stimulation striptease hardcore "Ohhhhhhhhhhh my god, nooooooooo, stop, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, it hurts, ohhhhhhh god.

Pleeeeease, don't do this, please, stop, don't bite my tits, pleeeeeease." Effortlessly John lifted Mrs. Blum up by her hips, and made her dancing in mid air, as a ballerina, while her titties were swaying back and forth like water balloons.

"Do you like it, little one? Say yes, mommy, or I'll drop you." "Yes, yes, yes, don't drop me, please." "Little one, I'm your master!! Call me master, bitch!!" "Yes, yes, yes master, don't drop me, pleeeeeeeease master." "Did you like flying in my arms, baby? Did you see how strong is your master?

Tell your husband and son who is playing with these big melons, tell them who is squeezing your milkers." "Yes, yes, yes, you are very strong, master; nobody can squeeze my tits like you, oooooohhhhhhhhh, don't hurt them, pleeeeeeeeeeeease, now put me down, please, master." But John did not care; he moved the tiny woman to another position and, putting his palms under her back, he lifted and lowered her in turns, bouncing her body up and down, as a puppet, at open hands.

His strength was amazing: he was able to push her up to the ceiling and spin her around, like a top, by using only one hand. "Oooooohhhhhh, my god, stop, stop, stooooooop, put me down, pleeeeeeease sir, pleeeeeeeeeeease master, let me go, I need toilet." The long savage kneading of her body and the strength of her captor had frightened the woman, whose bladder now was stimulated till the non return point.

"What? Tell me again what you need, baby. Shitting?" "Ohhhhhh nooooo, I have to pee. Please sir, let me go, I can't hold." "Okay, mom, awesome tanned babe kyoko banged in her shaved pussy. Daddy will take care of you." A big smile followed these words; then, abruptly, he ordered: "Piss, bitch; piss here; let your husband and son and everybody of us see the beautiful shameless mom and wife spraying her sweet piss like a newborn, while sitting on the arms of her daddy." Now John's big hands were holding the woman by her thighs, with her legs well spread and her back leant against his chest.

"Noooooooooo, I can't, don't do this to me, please sir, not here, dark cock for white wench interracial hardcore in front of all these men, not in front of my son." "Mommy, if you don't obey, I bite your tender nipples, right now.

Okay, little lady? Piss, momma, piss. Your master is holding you." And the scared momma obeyed; easily supported by John, she released her bladder: a flush of golden shower came out and a liquid pool formed on the floor. An approving ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! from John and the other captors accompanied the dirty performance of Mrs. Blum. When the woman finished urinating, the young giant turned her around and eagerly licked her wet, shaved pussy, getting soft moanings out of the debased woman: then, holding firmly the naked lady by her smooth armpits, he paraded her in the room, like a hunting trophy.

"Noooooooo, stoooop, please master, let me go, I'm tired, master, please, I obeyed you, but now put me down, please. I beg you, sir." The older woman was begging him like she was a schoolgirl: this gave new energy to the libidinous guy.

John was definitely in full power: he could move the woman effortlessly, like she was a plaything, in his hands; he could satisfy his lechery; nobody and nothing could stop him. He envelopped again the petite woman in his solid arms and walked her to the terrified husband and son, showing them his strength; he had conquered the woman: a woman who was their wife and mother.

"Watch, guys, how easily daddy is cradling this small beautiful babe," he told them, kissing and licking a delicious little brown mole over her left breast. "She is no more your wife and mom: she is a child in the arms of her daddy, she is mine, totally mine; now these buns and these honey dew melons belong to me, to be fully played. This hot little number must be served by an all man like me and not by some faggots as you. Did you understand, baby? Remember, little one, I'm your master and you are my obedient slave." And then another kiss, on her belly button: the trembling Mrs.

Black guys taking turns f passed out team struggled and squealed helplessly, like a little girl, kicking her legs in the air. The small woman was no match for the big stud: he manhandled her like she was a midget, toying with her soft, naked body; red traces of hungry love bites marked her white unblemished skin.

John was a tit lover and her large, tender, white mounds, decorated by two erect, pink buds, were his target: his tongue, teeth and lips flicked, bit and pulled her nipples, till they protruded more than one inch from her chest.

"Dinner is ready, watch carefully, kid," John said to her son. "Now I'll show you how mom's big breasts can be worked and then I'm sure you would like trying the same." The giant opened his mouth: it was wide like an oven and when he attached his lips to one round orb and sucked hungrily, her fleshy cone, little by little, disappeared and was entirely engulfed, filling his jaws and gullet. "Oooooohhhhhh nooooooo, don't do this, not here, my son is watching.

Please, sir, ooooohhhhhh my god, what are you doing to my tit!! Please, not in your mouth, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" The woman couldn't stop high pitched squeals escaping from her throat, but John was insatiable: her swollen globe was chewed, tasted, slobbered and viciously devoured like a sweet cake, topped by an incredibly long strawberry, hard as a bullet.

When the tit slid out and was again free on her chest, John licked his lips and asked her son: "Did you see how a tit can be deeply throated, kid?

Did you imagine that mom's boob could be fully sucked and mouthed by one man? I'll show you again." And, without mercy for the small woman, he repeated his assault to the second tit, swallowing it like it was a piece of meat, without caring the moans and squeaks of the poor trapped housewife.

Finally satiate with the mammary food, the cruel giant bent his victim at her waist, holding her with one arm; then slapped hardly and loudly her dangling big titties. "Tell me, baby: who can play with these round "bazookas" and suck the whole tit in one mouthful?

Your husband or your master? Tell me, little one!!" "You, sir, only you; never I had my tits touched so much. Nobody is like you, master. But now stop, please!" "Did you like having your tits mouthed, mommy?" No answer. And John again: "Whore, I'm waiting your answer! Don't make me angry!!" "Yes, yes, sir, I liked it. But now, please, let me go, sir.

You got everything from me, you made me piss, you sucked all of my breasts, you carried me in your strong arms: now put me down, please, I beg you." "Everything, you said? Bitch, I have just started with you.

There are still so many things to do with this small, white, soft body of a bimbo like you. And don't forget my friends, here: they are eager to taste your tender flesh. And may be your son, too. Am I right, kid? Don't you like to taste a piece of your petite mom?" John was right. The sight of the long and brutal handling of his mother had petrified the boy, who was silent, but his eyes showed clearly how much sexually affected he was by the devastating treatment the giant was giving to his abused mother.

In the last months the eighteen years old son was getting the hots for his mother. When his parents invited their friends, he could check how much his mother was able to tease the male guests. Sometimes she was sunbathing topless and the men who played with her in the pool were taking liberties on her small frame: someone would pick her up like a feather and would carry her inside and outside the water, just to feel her naked titflesh. She had been elected the good luck mother of the school football team and now it was a tradition, for the boys, to hug, kiss and sweep her off the ground, after a winning match.

Her shapely body and the sexual approaches she openly accepted from her lovers turned on the boy. She was well aware of it and not at all indifferent: her husband was too old for her still lively sensuality and she loved arousing passion in the younger people, no matter if it involved her own son.

She had not yet allowed him to fuck her, but many times mother and son let themselves going to forbidden games. Now she was completely submitted to this beast of a convict, who enjoyed cradling her small body, just to show his supremacy.

And again his son was watching, with manifest arousal. Nobody was speaking in the room; everybody was just looking at the unending ordeal of the devastated mature wife and mother. The young giant went to the couch and gently sat the now semi-conscious woman sideways on his knees, kissing her lips and tonguing her inner mouth; then hold her wrists in the firm grip of one hand and raised her arms, hungrily sucking the salty perspiration of her shaved armpits and inhaling her delicate aroma.

The woman didn't try to stop him, when he placed again his big hands over her ample knockers: two magnificent 36DD jugs, firm and round, with just a little sag, due to their weight, that John gently caressed, moved over her chest and bounced in his large hands.

"These babies look like they are made of jelly," he shouted. "Ooooooohhhhhhh my god, not again my tits, cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock don't crush them again with your strong hands, don't hurt them, please!" she moaned.

She was proud of her tits: they were so big that no man, including her lovers, husband and friends, could cup each whole breast entirely in a single hand, during their sexual games. Also her son had checked them. Many times, when he was alone with mom at home, he grabbed her and took off her shirt and bra, baring and touching her large breasts; and when she was swimming in the pool and nobody brooke haze fuck interviewed in side of the road watching, he couldn't wait for long, before joining her; in few minutes, without caring her feeble attempts to stop him, he stripped her half naked, scooping her up in his arms.

She was claded only in a skimp G-string bikini bottom and her son was walking her all around the pool, placing hungry kisses over her sweet armpits and jugs.

"Holy shit, mom, what a smooth skin and huge pair of soft, juicy tits!" he was saying. "Each of them needs two hands to be fully covered. Only a giant of a man could cradle you, baby, like I'm doing now, cupping one of these boobs entirely in one hand. You are gorgeous, mommy and I'm getting horny and jealous, when I see all those men and my friends freely playing with you." "Honey," she replied smiling "you know how much your pretty petite mom loves you and likes being carried and having her breasts lovingly fondled by her handsome boy.

And don't worry about my tits: all the men who checked them in the nude said that they are big like cantaloupes. No hand can dwarf them: I could bet on it." And now, on the contrary, she was loosing her bet. The diminutive woman loved being kindly rocked by her men, mainly the younger ones, like her son; but this monster, this giant, this savage convict who had captured her, ripped off her blouse, skirt and undergarments, battered her naked body, rubbed his callous hands all over her delicate flesh and made her piss in the living room like a baby, in front of everybody, was a kind of brute: he could lick her like an ice-cream and eat her alive; he could demolish her totally.

John encircled her pillowy orbs with his meaty fingers and tightened; the two hills of flesh disappeared totally: one breast inside his right hand, the second breast inside the left one.

He moved her boobs like dough, up and down, back and forth, caressing and fingering her white skin and enjoying, on his palms, the tickling of her hard nipples: a pair of fleshy cylinders, widely surrounded by rosy areolae. He loved pinching, rolling and twisting them between forefinger and thumb; he was trying to elongate them more and more, while girlish moans escaped from the throat of the lady. The older petite woman was a private cow of a younger giant who was milking her, like her swollen protuberances were full of sweet, drinkable juices, ready to spurt from her sore nipples.

The tit mauling continued for twenty long minutes, then John stopped. Still cradling Mrs. Blum in his arms, he laid the exausted housewife on her stomach and called her son, telling him to sit on the couch and have a good look of the next treatment his beautiful sexy mom was on the point of getting from her owner. The boy sat quietly beside John, who told him: "Watch, kid, this bad petite mom made dirty things: she pissed shamelessly and showed her naked tits and ass to everybody; she must be punished by her daddy." Suddenly, his huge hand landed on her soft butt and made her cheeks jiggling delightfully.

Another slap followed, then a third one and so on. John was spanking the captive mom again and again, till her ass turned red. But the last degrading torment had still to come; after spitting on her rear hole to give it some lubrication, the dominating guy inserted slowly, one by one, two of his long and thick fingers, all the way, inside her ass channel, till the second knuckle, pushing without mercy with one hand and molesting her buns with the free hand.

When he pulled out his shit smeared fingers with an audible plop, Mrs. Blum groaned and John let go of the woman, who fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes, thus hitting the ground, for the first time in more than two hours.

The invasion of her ass had been like an enema, for the poor housewife; she lifted herself up in a squat position, with her hands wrapped around her knees, her toes flat on the floor and her butt exposed to everybody to see. Then her bowels gave up: two loud farts escaped from her shit hole and they were followed by some large brown turds, settling on the floor with squishing sounds.

She was openly shitting, without inhibition, like a little baby, in the living room. What a show, for the crowd of people who surrounded her, including her husband and her aroused son! John had reached his target: he had totally humiliated the older grace noel hardcore dp huge gape slut gg exclusive. When she finished shitting, the young giant, finally satisfied, bent over and tenderly gathered up her trembling body.

She was cradled again in his strong arms. "Come to daddy, little one; daddy will give you a warm bath," John said, placing a long kiss on her mouth. "Daddy will put his baby in the tub, to wash her tiny body. Then, little one, you will be ready for the most lustful night of sex you will never forget.

Daddy has a big gift in store for you, honey. You will cum so much and so many times that your sweet nectar will flow from all of your holes. Did you understand, little one?" "Yes," she whispered. "Say again, pet. Tell me who is your owner, big titted petite mom." And again her whole right breast was sucked and fully engulfed easily in the open jaws of the hungry boy. "Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, no more, please!!" The giant released his bite and her boob popped out.

"Tell me, little whore: who is your master? who is your daddy? who made you piss and shit, like a little baby? who is going to fuck the shit out of you?" She raised her nice, white, soft arms around his bull-like neck and gave him a tender kiss on his lips. "You, daddy. You. You are my daddy. I belong to you, now, because you are much bigger, much stronger than me and I can't fight you. You are my boss, my big daddy.

Cradle and carry me in your arms like a child, daddy, if you like it. I'm your baby, your child. You can do what you want to your child, strong man; fuck me, fuck my little pussy, fuck me all the night, make me cum. My big tits are dwarfed by your huge hands, daddy; play with my breasts, kiss them, they are yours, big boy, totally yours.

Slap my ass with your powerful hands, like a daddy is doing to his little baby. You are the biggest boy for a petite mom and this petite mom loves being used by you, big boy." The small woman, the high class wife and mom had been definitely tamed by the savage convict.

Her son was watching; when he heard these words, he didn't believe his ears: mom was talking like a slut. What else had still to happen? John knew very well what he had to do: carry the woman to the shower, soap and clean her thoroughly like she was a child, dry her body, scoop her up again and then lay her on the bed. His 16" long cock was claiming urgently its meal, but he had to be women let loose with a stripper strippers and housewife careful with that petite mom, or his monster dong would have split her literally in two, like an apple.

Easily John threw Mrs. Blum over his shoulder and walked, with his small package, to the bathroom. It was just the beginning of a long night of lust. Carol Blum was as docile as a kitten when the young giant carried her on his shoulder. The petite mature woman had been unfaithful to her husband, who was much older than her.

She had dated a lot of men during her marital life and many of them were younger than her. Of course, they loved handling her small body before carrying her to bed, but never she had lost control: she always could manage any situation with her strong personality.

Now, on the contrary, she was in a completely different condition: this young stallion had dominated her with his superior strength; he had taken her in his massive arms for more than two hours, as easily as she was weightless; he had rubbed and mouthed, with sadistic roughness, her lithe, naked body; he had slapped her ass like she was a bad girl and he had made her piss and shit on the floor of the living room, in front of all those men.

And now he was ready to fuck her all the night, as he told her. She was so older than him, as to be his own mother. But she was also so small, as to be cradled and carried in his big arms like a baby; now, after her initial reluctance, both of them enjoyed playing the opposite role: she had become his "child" and he was her "daddy", also if sometimes John teased her by calling her "mommy", like her son Scott.

Her son: this was Carol's main concern. Scott, who was still in the living room with the other captors, had seen everything; he watched the wild fury of the young giant over her body and the transformation of his lovely mother into a submissive slave.

The events of that unforgettable night could affect, in the future, their affective relationship? Her thoughts were interrupted by a stunning voice. "Here we are, baby." John had carried her to the bathroom. She was in his hands, at his complete mercy, bent over his left shoulder, her chest pressed to his back, her arms dangling and her legs circled by his left arm. Her tight ass was resting on his face; it was so round, so soft, so beautiful!!

John couldn't help: he attached his mouth to one of her buns and let his large tongue enjoying the softness of her nice flesh, while his teeth pinched delicately, here and there, with little bites, her smooth skin. Carol was giggling like a baby: she loved the treatment John was giving her. Then she gasped: the huge hand of her rapist had slid down the crack of her ass and now was parting her pussy lips. His forefinger entered easily her vulva and his thumb pushed against the butthole, driving its way, slowly but entirely, inside her channel.

John tightened his grip till the two probes were separated only by a thin membrane. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my goooood. . what are you doing," moaned Carol. Back and forth, back and forth, the moving finger was rewarded soonest by a soaking flood: the woman was spraying her juices. "Ohhhhhhhh. . cuuuuuuumming. Move your hand, make me cum; please, daddy, make me cum." "Yes, baby.

I told you: I'll make you cum so much and so many times as you never cum before." His hand was reaming her snatch and exploring her ass: a double penetration she had never received in a such possessive way. Although she was thirty years older, this young man seemed to be much more expert than herself and her previous lovers!! "Baby, do you like it?" "Ohhhhhhhh. . yeeeeees master, again. . again into my little pussy, you are so strong." "Okay, mommy, we have just started; now watch what I have for you." And John released his hand and carried the still dripping wet woman to a small cupboard, making her sit on it.

"Watch carefully, baby; and tell me if you have ever seen something like this." With slow movements he started disrobing: shoes, shirt, trousers. The young giant stood a few feet in front of Carol, hands on his hips: only his pants, now, were covering his immense, towering body.

The tiny woman couldn't take her gaze away from John's crotch: her eyes grew wide, as the man's cock lurched in his pants, causing her to shiver with a strange lust. John saw her gazing at his prick and purposely jerked his cock, causing the entire, long shaft to throb and grow slightly. It was hard, for him, to keep his erection down and the tight pressure of his pants was starting to get uncomfortable, but he wanted tease the woman, to increase her interest.

"What do you think, little one? Do you like what you see?" "Oh, my hd puremature two milfs fuck guy on couch, you are huge, master, I don't know if I can. ." Her voice was quivering lightly, as she spoke. What had started as a hot feeling of lust was turning now into a feeling of fear: his cock looked to be over a foot long and still growing.

She could feel tremors of passion, making her shiver excitedly at the thought of so much cock meat waiting for her, but she also was terrified of what the giant stud was ready kissable nympho gapes soft vagina and gets deflowered do: everything was getting out of her control. "I'm scared, master, you are too big and I'm too small for you; please, daddy, let me go, I didn't think you was so huge." But she couldn't finish her words, because John was continuing his show and she was again fascinated by what she was seeing.

With a grin on his large face, the giant began to lower his pants, with excruciating slowness, over his heavily muscled thighs. Carol's eyes grew wide: his cock was so huge that he had to actually peel the material away from his prick, straining to get his aroused shaft free.

He was slowly revealing himself to her. Then John gave a grunt and tore his pants completely, to free, finally, the long, thick prick: it shot upward, as though on a spring, from his hairy loins.

The small brunette gasped at the sight of this monster: a steel bar more than fifteen inches long, bobbing about in front of his belly. A silent cry of "noooo" formed on her lips as she watched. This cock looked too thick for her to get her hands around, let alone to take it in her cunt. The woman couldn't tear away her eyes: she was like hypnotized. The prick crown looked to be the size of an apple, his balls looked like they were bigger than two tennis balls, matted with dark hair in their fleshy sac: from their size, Carol knew he would flood her cunt completely.

John grasped his throbbing cock and slowly ran his huge hand up and down, watching the expression on the face of the woman. "Don't you like my cock shoved all the way up into that cute little pussy of yours, little mommy?

Don't you like the special gift I'm showing you?" he asked. "Noooo!! I can't take this monster, it would split me in two. I'm too little, daddy, I never got a cock so big. Please, daddy, let me go." "Bitch, I know you never had been banged by a true man, but now you have a master; and your master is ready to teach you how your small body can be handled.

Let's start with a little tit-fuck, baby: just as an appetizer, before really screwing. Come on, little one, put my shaft between your white, soft, heavy mammaries: how big are these melons, mommy?" "Thirty-six double D," she whispered. John approached the woman, who was still sitting on the cupboard: her titties were jutting out right to his crotch. "Slick me a little, before working my cock between your orbs, baby." Her tiny hands held the huge shaft and her nice tongue bathed it.

She let a moan: "Uhhhhhhh. . it's so long. . uhhhhhhh." The beautiful Carol continued to bathe the giant member. When it was totally covered by her spit, John grabbed her large boobs with his larger hands and pushed them to each side of his giant prick, fucking it between her heavy globes. Now she enjoyed being used and dominated by her young master.

"How sexy you are, little one!! You got the sexiest set of jugs I have ever seen. Rub my cock with your babies!!" The small woman obeyed: she was grateful to her master for these words and she wanted to answer, but she was too busy with the tit-fuck. The apple-sized head of the cock hit her chin, when the young stallion thrust into her twin melons. Then John kept up the pressure of his huge hands over her fat breasts and she enjoyed the way he was playing with her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . yeeeeeees, touch them, squeeze them, daddy; don't you see how horny claudia shotz rides on a hard dick they are? Look at my nipples: do you like them? I have been told my nipples are extra-long by every man and boy I have shown them." "Also by your son?" John asked maliciously. "Yes. . yes. . he loves my tits." Carol was totally involved in the sexual act she was performing; she had forgotten any kind of privacy and any taboo: her master was in full control of her body and her mind.

"Okay, mommy; don't worry, I"ll let him toying with them and, may be, fucking you," John said, smiling. He couldn't believe his good luck. He was tit-fucking a fantastic-looking woman in her early fifties and the fun had just started: his cock stiffened when he thought how much amusement would be for him to put in bed this small mommy together with her son and watch him playing with her beautiful boobs and tight ass before fucking her.

"Yes. . yes," she muttered, forcing her tits into his big hands with her tiny hands and letting him roll the soft flesh around and around. "Gorgeous, they are fucking gorgeous," he said, while continuously moving his cock up and down, between the two soft hills.

"You are one great cock-teaser, baby, do you know? you are much hotter than I thought." Carol was concentrating on his prick. She seemed to enjoy the sight of his hard-on trapped in her cleavage and sometimes she tilted her head up to grin at him. The long shaft was rigid as a stone. "Are you going to cum, daddy?" she asked greedily.

"Yes, but not now, little one. Now I'm holding back. And I want make you watching when my sperm spurt out: I want to cum all over your fucking big fat tits and cover them with my jizz." He said that he could hold back, but he was not so sure: her round white melons were driving him crazy.

He gave them another squeeze, then shoved them together over his cock. For five long minutes he lunged his cock back and forth, fucking the fleshy twins roughly. "Tell me when you are going to cum, daddy; I want to see your jizz spurt," the woman yelled. "Now, baby," and his cock-head cracked open and squirted a hot blast of cum under Carol's chin.

The spunk bounced back and splintered, spraying her pretty neck with large strips of goo. "Yes, daddy, all over me, spurt your cum over my titties!!" She gazed at his huge spurting prick.

A thick streamer of cum splashed into her cleavage and went pouring down between her tits, like rain down a gutter. Another streamer slithered over her left tit and poured down in two strips on either side of her erect nipple. Quickly he pointed his cock at her right tit and a jet of spunk shot onto the nipple, hanging from it. "So much sperm," she mumbled, thrusting her tits out, so that they could be completely covered in cum.

The silver slime rolled down her breasts in torrents. He tugged on his cock as if he wanted to pull it out by the root and he waved it over her breasts, hosing them with cum. At least two more jets shot off, one splattering her little mole on the left tit, the other hanging from one boob to the other, like a silvery dangling rope. When he was finally through, he stared down at her in fascination.

Her big tits were totally covered in cum. Spunk was drooling down them, her nipples had strings of white goo hanging from them. The thick rope of jizz connecting her twin mounds hung there for nearly thirty seconds, before snapping. She was a mess. "So warm, so sticky. I feel like I took a bath in sperm." Carol giggled like a little baby.

She ran her fingers over her soiled tits, massaging the thick jizz into the round boobs like a lotion. "Is this what your men and boys made to you?" John asked. "Yes, but there was never so much sperm and so much fun," the little lady replied.

"Okay, baby, your tits made a great job, but now it's time for a real screwing. Let me wash and clean you, mommy and then you"ll be ready for the fucking of your life. You are a child, now, but I"ll make you a woman, finally!! Nothing to do with those baby pricks ebony teen tara foxx services cock of old man your friends. Forget them!!" "Oh god, this guy is a fucking machine," thought the frightened Carol, looking at the already erect gigantic cock.

"How can he gaining again so much strength? I have never seen something like this. He wants to kill me." She was still sitting on the cupboard, while John regulated the water in the tub to the proper comfortable temperature. His tool was dangling in front of his belly, long and proud in all its glory. The woman was breathless: a mixture of admiration and fear ran through her boby.

Then the big stud approached again Carol and, with a quick movement of his arms, picked her up. Few steps and both of them climbed into the large tub. He deposited delicately the small woman, making her sit: the water was levelled up to her shoulders. For some minutes they enjoyed the ondulant caresses of the water over their bodies. Then John reached out, grabbed a fresh bar of soap and, making Carol stand up, rubbed it over her smooth back, belly, thighs, legs, arms and her soft hairless armpits.

He slid his hand into the crack of her ass and into the furrows of her womanhood: the invasion of her intimate organs made her jiggle and moan lowdly, while her firm alabaster tits twisted back and forth in a procession of excitement. He let the soap slide with meticulous care against her aroused vagina. The effect was powerfully erotic: while his hand was making contact with her pink slit, Carol wiggled her hips and well rounded asscheeks with increasing movements.

The big dominating stud reached up and let his palms resting on the compliant flesh of his woman's big boobs: he made a swift grab of her silky tit-flesh digging his fingers deeply. "Do you like my tits, don't you? You sure squeezed and sucked any square inch of them hard enough, this night," said Carol.

"Fucking great, fucking smooth and big," said John, lifting her up by her armpits and kissing her on the crinckly pink softness of her right nipple and then on the small protuberance of the little mole on her left tit. "This babies of yours are getting me crazy." John put her down and Carol reached out with her quivering righ hand, allowing it to tug on the nub end of the turgid cock. She toyed with the spongy tip of his dominating tool, then both her small hands grabbed the long, thick bar of his lust-bloated prick.

"I want to play with you for just a little while, daddy." "Okay, mommy, but not too much, because I don't know how long I can hold. And I don't want to spray my load on the water, here; I want to put you on the right place, before fucking your tiny pussy." The young giant sat on the edge of the tub, to level his face with hers; his quivering tongue snaked its way with decisive rapidity inside her open mouth.

Together they merged themselves in a wet whirlpool of hot, savory saliva. They kept drilling their steady tongues against each other for several minutes, then John withdrew breathlessly from Carol's mouth. He turned on the shower and let the water drop over her bodies for some minutes; then he turned off the shower and hoisted again the small woman in his arms, coming out of the tub; he deposited Carol in the middle of the bathroom, he picked up a clean towel from the rack and he rubbed it, with speedy precision, over her captivating boby.

When the towel made firm contacts with the jutting voluptuous flesh of her firm breasts, his sturdy penis hardened again with great resolution. He couldn't wait: he had to fuck soonest this incredibly hot chick with these big beautiful jugs and these round buttocks. He withdrew the towel from her dry body and quickly dried himself, without forgetting, when he was ready, to pick up a KY bottle he had seen in the rack. When he put away the towel, Carol didn't exitate: with a childlike gesture, she raised spontaneously her arms, inviting him to scoop her up and cradle her; she knew very well, now, that this was the only way her big lover wanted walk with his small woman.

John was getting his fun in the bathroom with the mature woman and, at the same time, his friends had taken some decisions. They were all blacks, muscled and big, like football players.

Craig was the oldest one: 34 years old and 6'6" tall; Nick was 27 and 6'4"; Tom was 23 and same height as Nick. All of them, including John, escaped from prison two days before entering the Blum's property: Their plan was to cross the near border and to join, there, the other members of the clan.

When they captured this rich family, they understood that they could get many unexpected advantages from it. Money and jewels, first at all: the scared housewife was ready to pay generously, if they would have let free the family. And the woman herself was a nice prey: at the moment, she was in John's hands, but also the other cons wanted to taste a piece of that delicious small woman with those big tits and tight ass.

Craig, the oldest of them, ordered Mr. Blum to get up and show him the safe box. The two men left; the other ones remained in the room, including Scott, who was anxious to see his mother coming back.

John returned to the living room carrying Carol in his massive arms, like she was a human doll: they were both naked. He put the KY bottle on a small table. "So, you are back, finally," said Tom. "How is the girl?" "Hottest," answered John. "I fingered her twat and ass and she came like a juicer, I titty-fucked her big jugs and she was covered with my jizz like a cream topped cake.

Now she is all clean and ready for cocks." Carol heard these words and started wriggling in the arms of the big stud. The struggling of the helpless lady and her naked, silky-soft skin raised John's sexual instincts. He gripped the small woman by her waist, lifted her up till her tits were at his face level and shook her back and forth, making her boobs jiggle lewdly and smake his face.

With her little body firmly embraced in his solid arms, he started biting the tender flesh of her firm breasts and sucking her stiff nipples; then he nuzzled into her smooth armpits and licked the honey-sweet sweat out of them.

The older woman felt devoured and powerless in the hands of her much younger lover: she was letting out pathetic whimpers. But the treatment she was getting from the big stud had stimulated also her inner organs: the woman was close again to her orgasm.

John noticed that and, still holding her firmly, he turned Carol upside down, so her head was hanging down and her legs were flying over his shoulders. His head moved to her snatch and his tongue started to lick it. Her body jerked and soonest she was moaning. "Ohhhhhhhh. . my goooood.

. yeeeees. . lick me. . suck me. ohhhhhhhhh." Her legs were swinging over his shoulders, her arms were dangling in mid air and her lips were in contact with his cock head: his tongue began to lick her ass-crack, suck her pussy and tease her clit. "Ohhhhhhhhhh.

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. . you are so strong, daddy, you make me cum. . I'm cuuuuuuumming, daddy, don't stooooop, please. . make me cum again, I'm yours, daddy. . play with my pussy. . ohhhhhh. ." Droplets of cunt juices were running down her belly.

"Hold on the baby, Tom; and lube her, because I want to stick my whole cock in her little pussy," said John. "With pleasure, friend!! Come here, honey." Tom picked Mrs. Blum from John's arms and carried her to a large chair, where he sat, placing the still orgasming lady on his lap, facing away. "Let me servicing you, baby." And Tom, who had picked up the KY bottle, opened it and rubbed a big handful of the lubricating liquid over her pubic triangle and anus, playing with her clit and making girlish giggles escape the throat of the mature, totally submissive woman.

"You are hot, baby, let me warm you up a little more." And Tom started caressing with his mouth her soft skin. He turned around the small lady and when she faced him, he placed wet kisses over her lips and tongued her inner mouth; he licked her arms and her tits, nibbling at her pointing nipples; he rubbed her belly and her thighs and probed, brett fingers her tight wet pussy masturbation and brett rossi his fingers, her pussy lips and her clit.

Scott was watching in amazement. His petite mother had been trapped by these men and they were devouring her. She was a prey: a gazelle in a pack of lions.

They were playing with her, easily as she was their toy. Actually she was a child, as John said: she was cradled, carried, played and handled by the big and strong studs like a little baby. And they had made her cumming. The image, in his eyes, of his mother cumming like a bitch in heat had turned his initial fear into a kind of unhealthy curiosity and now he was longing to watch the next actions.

John went to the couch and sat down: his cock was like a third leg, waving about in the air. "Give me a hand, friends," told John to Tom and Nick. "Carry the girl here, over my lap." Tom and Nick obeyed: together they lifted the petite lady, each grasping one of her arms and legs and walked her toward the waiting giant. "Ohhh. . noooo, it's too big, it will tear me up.

Please, don't do this. You cannot do this to me!!" Carol was screaming. But they din't care: they walked to the couch, holding the woman in mid air, so that she was facing away from John. She felt John's huge hands come up and stroke the soft flesh of her asscheeks. Her voice was now a bare whisper: "Please, let me go, it's too big for my little pussy, it's a monster." "Shut up!!

And let you go down," shouted John. Carol understood that she had no chance; she had to go into this incredible sexual orgy. Swallowing hard, she put her hands on the shoulders of her captors and slowly started to crouch lower and to move her beautiful ass toward John's massive prick. "All right," was the voice of the giant. "Now you are ready to fuck." And sank his fingers into her hips, gripping her hard. The long shaft was already starting to nestle between her pussy lips.

The touch of her wet cunt on his inflamed cock crown increased his excitement: his cock head pushed at her pussy. Carol shivered: the gigantic knob of his pole was nudging into her tight cunt. She lowered herself a little more and the bloated cock head found its way in the hot interior of her hole. John thrust his hips, making his prick to dicksucking stud fucks busty babe during mmf and bounce about, sending erotic vibrations down the whole length of her pussy.

"You can take it all, baby!!" he grunted. Still held up by the other two men, Carol wrapped her fingers around the hard cock; then, biting her lips, she left herself slip down two sexy brazilian babes making out in thong bikinis on this long steel-hard bar.

John began a slow probing motion into her moist cunt. As Carol sank down slowly, her hot pussy tunnel was stretching cruelly by the invasion of the thick bar she was caressing in her little hands. Now her pussy was creaming constantly and her juices were dribbling down the long shaft. She was well lubricated and John couldn't hold on too long. The incredible slowness of the penetration and the feel of her grip on his cock were too much.

With a savage cry of sadistic pleasure, he dug his fingers into her hips and pulled her down, literally tearing her out of the grip of the two guys, as he fucked up violently. "Ahhhhhhhhhh. . goooood. . ohhhhhhhhh." Carol felt like she had been ripped apart: this cock was a trunk of a tree and it was fitted in her cunt. The heavy muscles of his loins smashed into her spread thighs: the giant had impaled completely the tender pussy of the small woman. "Ahhhhhhhhh.

. my goooooood. ahhhhhhhhh." Carol was screaming. The penetrating cock felt like a drill, burning into her womb. She struggled and rotated her ass, trying to get herself out of the shaft, but it was incredibly long and he had skewered into her to the hilt: his crotch hairs scrubbed at her asscheeks.

"You are mine, baby; I fucked you totally, you big titted little lady!!" shouted John, pumping long strokes into her cunt, while his large hands under her armpits were moving her up and down effortlessly. Carol's mouth opened and closed soundlessly, in time to his strokes: she was alternately stuffed to bursting with his prick and then empty again. After some strokes, she found herself becoming accustomed to the massive cock.

A strange pleasure was rippling through her and the pain was disappearing. Her pussy was stretching to hold the monstrous prick, squeezing and milking the shaft and letting his prick slide more and more easily, as her cunt juices continued to flow.

Sometimes John turned her around, making her asscheeks and her entire body rotate on the pistoning meat-bar. Scott watched in fascination the whole scene. At the first cry of pain, his instinct had been to pull his mother off of the giant cock, but now she seemed really enjoy the treatment she was getting from the big stud. Her expression had changed, now: from a grimace of pain to a smile of pleasure. She was jerking about and was shoving her cunt down, to meet each hard stroke.

Her hands were on the hairy thighs of the young giant; she was bent forward at the waist, to give him a better entrance to her pussy and her heavy tits bounced about on her chest, adding extra lust to the action.

Tom approached the fucking couple and grasped one of Carol's breasts in his hands, squeezing and massaging the soft flesh and pinching at the long nipple. Nick followed his example on the other side and the other breast, kissing and licking the smooth skin. "Ohhhhhhhh. . yeeeeeeees. . play with my tits, guys, make my nipples harder, don't stoooop. . please." Carol was totally receptive, now, to the double caresses of mouths and lips over her excited nipples: an experience she had never known before.

Tom slurped hungrily at her tit, tasting the white flesh: salty and tangy to his tongue: He licked and sucked at her extra-long nipple, like a newborn over a milk filled breast. He kneaded the swollen mound, cramming it into his voracious mouth. On the other side, Nick was pinching and pulling the second breast; then he knelt before her and hungrily connected his lips to hers, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

After fifteen minutes of tit playing, the two men loosened their grips, crossed back the room and sat on two chairs, watching the hot fucking in front of them. John continued to bounce Carol up and down on his ravaging cock. She reached between her legs to squeeze his balls, stroking and probing them every time he plunged his cock in her pussy and releasing her grasp when he pulled out: the great length of his shaft pulled her too far to touch them.

Carol was feverishly excited: as John fucked her back and forth in her steaming cunt, she wanted reach her raging climax. John, from his part, was thinking that he had never had a woman who responded like this to his fucking cock: her cunt walls seemed to suck at his pulsing shaft and to draw his cock in ever deeper.

Since Carol's own wild motions were moving her rapidly up and down on his cock, John released her grip on her armpits and slid his hands over her chest, cupping a whole tit in each large palm and squeezing hard. He pulled back, flatting the two mounds to her chest and mashing her body tight to his. He dug his fingers into her tender tit-flesh, loving the feel of her firm boobs and long nipples into his hands. He mauled her tits just as his burning cock was mauling her pussy. His prick was slamming into her cunt and massaged every inches of her inner tunnel as she slid up and down.

John enjoyed the domination and humilation of the older woman; without stopping his pumping motion, he said: "Nobody touched you here, baby; your pussy feels virgin to my cock!!" Her weak voice: "Yes. . yeeeees. . nobody so close. . master, you are bigger. . much. . much bigger." Carol's belly swelled up under the pressure of the giant cock. "Take it all, bitch!!

Suck my cock into your cunt!!" John grunted. "Ahhhhhhh. . yeeeees. . it's all into me. . fuck. . fuck me, master." She stared at the monstrous prick shaft skewering into her pussy and her body shuddered all over. "Come here, boy; come and watch closely how this baby likes to be fucked by her daddy," John called Carol's son, who was sitting speachless on the floor, watching the fucking this giant was giving to her lovable mom.

Scott, completely stunned by the torrid session his mother and her ravisher were performing in front of him, went up to the fucking couple. "Tear off your pants, kid," ordered John. "Let's see how hot you are." And the boy again obeyed, showing off his still limp, soft cock. The savage scene he had witnessed had blocked any physical reaction from his body: his gorgeous mother was an attractive woman and her nakedness always raised his sexual instincts, but the wild violence of this giant of a man was too much.

"Oh, poor boy, it ain't hard!! Don't you like fucking? May be you need some help." And John's hand left the tit and reached out, dwarfing the tender shaft of the boy with his meaty fingers and moving it, back and forth. "Noooooooo. . don't touch him. . he is my son. . please, he is only a boy," uttered Carol.

But John didn't care: Scott's cock was hardening under the gentle caresses of the big stud's fist. Only few strokes and the prick shaft hardened up to a good 8 inches long cylinder of young meat.

Now Scott stood in front of his mother, whose body was mashed and impaled by the cruel giant: his stiffened prick was levelled with her head. Abruptly John pushed forward the woman and shoved her face to her son's crotch.

"Suck, bitch, fulfil your dreams and suck him. See how hard he is!!" Carol was suffocating: her mouth was pushed against the hairy sac of her son and the grip of John on her delicate neck was hard as steel. "Mom. . ohhhhhhh mom," Scott cried, feeling her lips over his prick and balls. "Honey. . forgive your mom. . ohhhhhhh goood. . I love you," she moaned. John released his hold and Carol wrapped her hands around her son's beautiful young prick, opened her mouth and slurped her tongue over the cock-head.

"Ohhhhhhh. . mom. . again, mom, again. . don't stop, please." Both of them were becoming crazy. Still sitting on the lap of the young giant and bent forward, Carol moved her mouth, lips and hands all over her son's genitals; both her tits were clutched and played, again, in the strong palms of John, while her cunt was fully stuffed by the long thick cock. She sucked and pulled at Scott's prick continually, her ass weaved in John's lap and her pussy milked the long bar of meat.

"Suck, bitch, suck your son," shouted John. "Suck, mom, suck me, lick and suck my cock, make me come," cried Scott. And Carol obliged: she bobbed her head and tightened her hot lips creampie la french beurette se fait remplir la chatte the prick, moaning and slurping.

Her mouth was like a vacuum pump. John watched Carol's sucking mouth and a grin of lust appeared on his face. Finally Scott came: "Ahhhhhhh. . mom, I love you. . my beautiful mom." There was a wet spurting sound. Carol was sucking and swallowing and sperm was beautiful nerdy teen got her ass fucked by her bf from her lips. "Ahhhhhh. . goooooood! I loved it!

I love you, honey," the woman yelled like crazy, when the spent cock get out of her mouth. "Did you see, kid, what a great cock sucker is this babe? Sit down and watch; now I can play with this soft pussy and these bouncing boobs as long as I want," said John.

Obediently Scott sat on the couch, beside the two lovers. John tightened his embrace and pulled again the woman to his chest: immediately Carol started to ride again the rigid meat pole.

She thrilled to the incredible hardness of the prick stick stuffing her cunt, as John continued to fuck madly her hot juicing pussy hole. Every time the gigantic cock slid out of her cunt, a wet spray of fuck juices increased the warm pool already formed on the couch between his thighs.

Salty rivulets of sweat ran down the two bodies: Carol raised her small hands and put them over his big palms, her tit flesh squishing and sliding in his powerful grasp. Breathing in ragged gasps, John brought his mouth down on the soft curve of her neck. "Ahhhhhhhh. . daddy," Carol squealed, as she felt his teeth clamping into her soft skin, digging and making a row of marks. She writhed wildly, as her spasms intensified.

"Ohhhhhhh. . yeeeeees, daddy, I'm cuuuuuuuuumming. . fuck me, make me cum, big man. . fuck my pussy with that monster cock. . fuck your child," Carol cried in her increasing orgasm. The friction of John's prick was driving her crazy, her hips bounced rhytmically up and down on his thighs.

John gave a loud gasp: her cunt was squeezing his shaft, like a soft fist closing repeatedly around his fucking rod, while her juices gushed hotly out of her inflamed cunt. "Cum, baby; cum, you big titted mommy; I'm making you a woman, with this big cock; you sucked your son and now your master is fucking you and milking your big melons," John shouted, as his bloated cock head plummered into the steaming depths of her pussy hole.

"Ohhhhhhh. . gooooood. . yeeees, I'm cuuuumming. it's soooooo good, I love you, master," she screamed: she was like a mindless, rutting animal as she writhed in her passionate climax.

When Carol started to come down from her orgasm, she realized that John was still madly screwing his cock into her cunt with long heavy strokes, determined to enjoy every second of this incredible fucking. He was still bouncing her up and down and she didn't know how long he would last. He black guy and girl sixx vido working her to another orgasm and she couldn't resist him. "This little lady, this rich bitch is the most sexy and depraved wife and mom My new step dad bbc have ever met," John was thinking.

"She let me fuck the shit out of her in my lap and at the same time she was blowing up her son in front of everybody." John pulled his huge hands away from her mauled tits, letting the two mounds of bruised flesh move about in freedom, her skin tingling where he released his pressure. He slid his hands down and grasped her firm asscheeks, lifting her up and dislodging completely her body from his long prick: she was floating in mid air like a weightless thing.

"What. . what are you doing?" asked Carol. John didn't answered. With a quick movement of his arms, he turned her around and sat her again in his lap; now she was facing him.

But John didn't stop: he had another idea. With his large hands he circled her narrow waist, then he stood up and hoisting her, till her twat was levelled with his mouth, he made her whole body dangling effortlessly back and forth, in front of him. This mature high class woman was much more than twice his age and he could manhandle her like she was a child; although she could be easily his mother, she called him daddy.

These thoughts, together with the feel of her incredibly soft skin, her firm tit-flesh and her tender pussy he had penetrated till adorable little cutie gets her wet hole and tight anal reamed inner womb, made him crazy.

Her cunt had been stretched by the long thick prick shaft he had fucked with wildness into her love tunnel and her juices were still leaking, wet and glistening over her thighs and legs.

Her clit stuck out from the top of her slit, throbbing and pulsating mightily. He reached up and took the little member between his lips: his mouth sucked vigorously and his tongue flicked the tiny bud. "Ohhhhhhhhhh.

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. lick. . lick. .


you make me. . craaaaazy. . suck me, please. . eat me. . I'm yours. . make me yours. . I'm your woman. . your girlfriend. . ohhhhhhh, daddy. ." Carol cried. John lowered the woman. Now the head of the gigantic cock was pointing at her hairless cunt. Like a wild animal, ready to devour her prey, the young stud slid down Carol and inserted, in a quick motion, all the meat pole in her body. The gaped pussy didn't gave resistance. Then an unbelievable action happened in front of the stunned eyes of two men and one boy.

For five long minutes, uninterruptedly, the strong giant bounced the powerless woman up and down his member; he pulled her completely out and then slid her down again: she was freed force for sex 1 day stuffed alternately, without pause.

It was the wildest fucking scene that could be imagined. Carol was unable to speach, completely crushed by the devastating fury: she closed and opened her mouth without emitting a sound, her tits jutting from her chest and bouncing about without pause. Now John was close to explode: he couldn't wait any longer.

He had noticed a bed in the adjacent room: all of a sudden he stopped his violent pistoning and, holding Carol in his tight embrace, hurried there with vigorous strides. "He is cradling her like she is indeed his child," thoughts Scott, in a mixture of amazement and jealousy. In the room, John put the woman on the bed and lay down beside her; then she was picked up and was accommodated on top of him.

Her great tits caressed gently his face with their elongated hard nipples. The feel of her swollen boobs gave him an uncontrollable sense of possession. Clutching his voracious lips around one breast, he pulled it into his mouth, literally devouring the tender flesh, like it was a succulent food. "Ohhhhhh. . goooood. . yeeees. . suck my tit. . eat my tit. yes, big man, take it all. you are so strong. ." Carol cried with high pitched squeals.

When he released his bite, her entire tit was glistening of saliva. Carol's big melons were an incredible attraction for the young stallion. "Nobody worked on them so much time and so hungrily, as this hunk of a man," was thinking the astonished woman.

Now John was making Carol slide up and down his body and again he enjoyed her white firm flesh against his muscular hairy chest. His slippery, jerking prick was caught between their bodies; Carol squirmed and wiggled on top of him and his cock slid about on her delicious skin.

She loved the feel of John's shaft, so long and hard and ready for a new great fucking. He slid Carol along his natural tits teen smashed by her stepdad, till the head of his giant cock caressed her cunt lips and her inflamed clit. John gripped her fleshy asscheeks as tightly as he had done with her boobs and kneaded them like mounds of dough. He loved the feel of Carol's body: every square inch of this petite gorgeous woman was made for fucking.

Carol was moaning nonsense words of passion: she longed for that incredible feeling of being stuffed again by this huge, pulsating cock, letting John fuck endlessly the tender walls of her cunt. "Let's get this little pussy of yours heated up a little bit, mommy, before shoving all of this prick inside you," said the giant. "Ohhhhhhh. . yes, daddy, you can fuck me all night, with this monster cock; you are the strongest man of my life; nobody fucked me as you," Carol cried.

These asian money and sperm for anal specialist were like an injection of adrenalin for John: with his hand, he moved his cock head rapidly back and forth over the rigid nub of her pulsating clit, grunting in pleasure at the feel of the tiny nubbin of hard flesh, then he shoved the whole member into her fluttering pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh. . ahhhhhhhhhhh. . soooooooo big. you are. . fucking me. again. . ohhhhhhh. . goooood," Carol squirmed, as she was split again by the giant prick.

Her cunt still dripping from her earlier climaxes and the fuck juices coating his shaft gave an easy entry to the cock shaft. Then John began a fucking merciless motion, pulling and pushing her petite body back and forth, making her think she was going to burst. As John's sex assault increased, Carol could only emit low whines of joy, feeling herself turned into an ultimate moment of incredible lust all through her naked body.

She was joining a pleasure she had never known before. She wanted this moment to last forever, she wanted to be fucked and fucked by that monster of a cock until it shot off its burning white load of cum inside her, flooding her completely. "Ohhhhhhhh.

. fuck me. . fuck me. . you big bastard!!" her voice being a mumble of passionate gasps. She was cumming, now, like she had never cum before, she was hungry of cock, she hot teen strips and fingers devirginized for my birthday hungry of this young giant on top of her, who had destroyed all her inhibitions, who had transformed a rich, high class, mature wife and mother into a submissive sex slave, who totally owned her body and was using her like an object of pleasure.

And finally John came. "Here it comes, baby!! All the way to your belly, child," he shouted, feeling his balls explode with their load of thick cum. His hot white jizz spurted, like a geyser of pressured cream, out of his giant cock head into her vibrating pussy hole. "Ohhhhhhhh. . yeeeeees, daddy, give me all your cream," Carol cried sharply, as she felt the giant prick pumping deeply into her womb, searing the walls of her sensitive cunt. She was climaxing with an explosion of pleasure.

She tried to shove her hips downward, to get more of John's prick into her, but his long member was already buried completely in her, spurting gob after gob of cum into her clutching hole. She whimpered and cried in ecstasy. She was lost in a total orgasm, in a total passion. Her own fuck juices were squirting around John's cock, while the young giant continued to flood her stretched pussy. He had made her passed out milf fucked by friend japanese woman, as he told her many times; now she belonged to him totally.

When John's prick finally deflated and came out completely, freeing her tunnel, her lithe little body was covered with trails of glistening cum; the woman was trembling and moaning, her hands were running all over her belly and tits, pinching at her inflamed clit and hard nipples.

And finally she passed out. John didn't exitate. He sat up, rested his back on the head of the bed, picked up the limp body of Carol and, bending his knees, with his toes well flat on the sheets, he laid the unconscious woman over his thighgs, enjoying and exploring with his fingers the softness of her skin and the hard protuberances of her nipples.

"What did you do to my mom?" an unexpected voice made him jolting. "Did you kill her?" With amazement, John noticed, only at that time, a crowd of people surrounding the bed and watching the final act of that unbelievable sexual session.

Scott had spoken. "I fucked her, boy; she is not dead, she just passed out. This baby was never screwed, in the past, by a true man; she was tight as a virgin when I drilled her pussy with my prick; I made her a woman." John was still playing with Carol's tits, fondling and caressing them.

"Hold on the baby, now," said again the giant, passing Carol on to Scott, who picked up his mom and easily cradled her in his arms: she was so light and small!! "Feel her up a little bit, boy; I know you like it; and then you can fuck her, if you wish," continued John. "But not now, boy; may be you have still to wait.

I see my friends here and from their gazes I clearly understand that all of them are anxious to wake up the baby and amuse themselves with her nice body." A sadistic sneer was printed on John's face. Scott carried the unconscious Carol to his bedroom, cradling her in his arms like a baby.

She was senseless, after the intense lovemaking. The boy put delicately his mom on the bed, then he laid beside her. Carol was totally nude, her son still was wearing his pants. He slipped the right arm underneath and around her, so she was in his embrace. Her small, lying body was a lovely vision: at fifty-two, not one ounce of superfluous fat disfigured the perfect swell of her feminine gorgeous attributes: breasts, ass, belly, thighs and arms.

She looked like a Barbie doll. Scott put the palm of his free hand over one pink nipple and closed his fingers, grasping as much of the large breast as he could, then he gently squeezed and caressed the fleshy mound. When he felt the tiny nub beginning to stiffen, he closed it between thumb and forefinger, rolling and making it fully erect, ready to be mouthed.

He alternately flicked his tongue over the rigid protuberance and encircled the nipple in his warm wet lips. Sexy hot stripteasing babe at home seducing with her hot stuff on webcam the entire skin of her tit was covered with his saliva, Scott rolled his mother onto her back and after removing his hand from underneath, bent his head down to the second breast and repeated over it the licking and sucking motions with new excitation.

Then he looked at her pussy: it was so stretched out from John's savage fucking that he doubted it would recover its normal shape in the future.

Scott shoved his head to her twat and started thrusting his tongue into her gaped hole, brushing his teeth against her clit. Carol let out an unexpected moan: the erotic action over her sensitive genitals was waking up the woman from her faint. "What.

. what are you doing?" she whispered. "Oh, mom, finally!" said Scott, raising his head from her pussy; and his words could be interpreted as: finally you recovered your senses or finally you are in my bed or both of them.

"He can't do this, I can't allow him to play with me in this way, I can't let it happen. It's a sin, he his my son," was thinking Carol. But the events of that unbelievable night of lust had overhelmed all the limits of the common morals and now she was uncapable of stopping the incestuous desires of her son and her own yearnings.

Without considering, in addition, that both mother and son had just enjoyed the blow up she had given to her boy, while she was sitting in the lap of the commanding giant. Many times, in the last months, she had allowed Scott playing with her, fondling and kissing her tits, carrying her half-naked body to the shower or in the pool, like she was his girlfriend and not his mom: now they were together in the same bed and Scott seemed absolutely determined to get from his libidinous mother all the sensual pleasures she was able to lavish on her lovers.

"Mom, I love you. You are so beautiful," Scott's cock was hardening inside his pants. Carol put her arms around his neck; she pulled him forward to give him a passionate kiss and their tongues joined inside their mouths.

When they broke the kiss, her tits were right in front of him. He began to lightly fingering one areola. He told her: "Mom, that guy fucked you so hard and you liked it, didn't you?" "Honey, forgive me, but he is so strong and I couldn't help." "Yes, mom, but you loved it: you loved being cradled by him all the time, like a child and being fucked hard by his big cock like a slut." Scott, now, was caressing her swollen breasts.

"You know, mom, how to please a man, how to give him what he wants. You love being used by a man to satisfy his lust. You are small like a baby, but you are the greatest slut a man could dream about. Mom, you know that I love you and I know that you love me. But you let me only playing with you and never let me fucking you. Now I can't wait any more: I want you, mom, I want your pussy and tits and ass and everything. I want to share my bed with you and take all of your body, just like a lover." These words removed the remaining moral bonds from Carol's mind and made her passion exploding unrestrainably.

"Oh, dear, I love you. I want you; your mom is yours, honey, totally yours." Like crazy, Scott bent his head and put his tongue between her pussy lips, starting at the bottom and then, up and down, lapping all the way on her cunt. He stick his tongue as deep as he could, probing her inner walls, then came out and licked up, till he reached the little erect bud of her clit.

Carol moaned. "Ohhhhhh. . baby, ohhhhh, my god, it feels so good." She pressed her pussy against his mouth and he made his tongue swirling around.

The woman was reaching another orgasm. "Ohhhh. Scott, I'm cumming again. . your mommy is cumming, keep eating me, honey, don't stop, please, your mom loves you." The boy was in heaven; he couldn't believe at his eyes and his ears; her mom was cumming and was asking for more and more. He didn't waste any seconds: still noisily sucking and nibbling her clit, he moved his right hand over her shaved tender pussy and inserted one and then a second finger, caressing her insides with a probing back and forth motion.

It was too much for the small Carol: she started screaming, letting out insane words of passion, while her pussy juices were flowing abundantly and uninterruptedly from her inflamed pussy, soaking mouth and fingers of her son. In the other room John and his friends were making plans. Craig had been back from the house inspection. Mr. Blum had showed him the safe box. The black convict collected a good handful of jewels and all the money he found there, then he put everything in a bag, tied the man perky tits ebony kira noir fits big cock in her tight pussy masturbation and smalltits closed him in a lumber-room, far from the living area of the house.

When he met Tom and Nick, they informed him of the sexual intercourse between John and the little Mrs. Blum. All of them burst out laughing at the details of the savage fucking and the long manipulation John had given to the child, as he called the mature, but petite housewife.

Then the three blacks and Scott went to the room where the giant had carried Carol and ravina tantan ka seks story xxxxx they witnessed the final round of the long sex-match John had played with Carol and the knocking out of the debased lady.

Scott carried away his mom and the four convicts took their decisions. First at all, before leaving the house, they were well determined to enjoy, each of them, some piece of the beautiful woman. John had already eaten his portion, but Tom, Nick and mainly Craig were still in credit. Craig, the boss, gave the orders. "You, guys, go to the kitchen, take foods and drinks and relax. I'll join you later on, with the girl, to continue the party all together.

Wait patiently, pals, because I need, before, some bites on those big melons and a huge boobs blonde teen babe skyla novea boned by big cock of that baby pussy; and I have in mind also a good surprise for you.

But now let me see how the two lovebirds are doing." And he left the room. "Ohhhhh. . my god, honey, you are making me crazy. Put your fingers in my pussy, lick my clit, lick me, baby, ohhhhhhhhh. . I'm cumming." Carol was totally buried in her intoxicating climax and Scott was totally plunged, mouth and fingers, in his mom's pussy: both of them jolted at a resounding voice and at a sudden, firm grip around the boy's wrist.

"You depraved boy! What are you doing to your innocent mom? Finger fucking her? Shame on you, lecherous boy! And you, dirty little bitch, let me show you how I can enjoy your little body and work on this hot pussy of yours." A black, naked human figure was towering over the two lovers. One of his huge hands was tightly circling the fucking arm of Scott.

"Do you want feeling your mom's pussy? Okay, boy, keep it! But this cunt has been too much stretched by my friend and now two fingers can't satisfy the baby: she needs more." Craig was laughing; his unexpected presence had petrified the boy, who horny hot babe maya wears mask and asks johns cock in the backseat raised his head from Carol's crotch, but was unable of any reaction; and his mother was still so aroused that she could'n stop her intense climaxing.

The black blonde amateur down on her knees taking facial through hole was in full control. He knelt beside the woman's body and still firmly gripping Scott's hand, he pulled it out of the pussy hole and commanded: "Fold your fingers and thumb all together, boy, make a fist!" Automatically Scott obeyed. The large hand around young girlfriend on webcam fucking her boyfriend wrist pushed on and his whole fist entered easily the tender cunt channel of his mother.

Back and forth, back and forth like a thick cock, Craig was moving the boy's hand, making him fist-fucking his mother. "Open your hand, boy, caress mommy's insides, make her crazy, make the whore cumming." Again the boy obeyed: his fingers explored the pussy channel and pressed against her cervix, while her cunt juices were copiously soaking the invading hand.

Carol was rocking and rolling, totally insane from the powering fist-fucking. "Do you like this, bitch?" asked Craig, whose hand was continuously driving the boy's hand up and down the walls of her hot and wet twat.

"Let's try something more. Let's have a taste of these milkers." The black stud lowered his head over one throbbing breast.

His lips captured the erect nipple, then his darting tongue flicked the hard petal and the crinkled surface of her wide areola, making waves of increasing extasy surge throughout Carol's body, when he did so. Craig moved his oral probe spiritedly for several long minutes against her hot white boobs, switching alternately from one tit to the other one, enjoying the blowjob while playing video games sneaking around with daddys playfellow with the delicate flesh of the mature woman.

Then the big man raised his head from Carol's mammaries and watched in a daze of fascinaton and excitement at the small housewife's body. With a sudden motion, his free hand grabbed and pulled up her right leg; her toes clawed the air.

"This bitch is really a doll!" exclaimed Craig, easily dwarfing the tiny foot with his meaty fingers; he stuffed her toes in his mouth and sucked on them. The man's hot lips, together with the boy's fist in her pussy, sent fuck-sensations pulsing through her whole body. Craig chewed and slobbered hardly into her toes and Carol was squealing in heaven. Craig applied the same treatment to the other foot, then his action changed again. He released the grip around Scott's arm and moved up to Carol's chest both of his large hands.

He grasped the outsides of her tits and pushed them together, thus creating a deep cleavage between the two hills. "That's the way to work on your melons, bitch! And you, boy, watch how I'm playing with these babies. She loves it." The huge hands of Craig tightened, moulding the two mounds into fleshy cones, capped by two pink elongated buds. He moved the tits with possessive motions, till the nipples were one against the other, like they were a single thing.

"You are mine, baby." And the black man put the two nipples, folded together, inside his big jaws, sucking hungrily. Scott, whose hand now was free, continued uninterruptedly his fist-fucking: the woman was handled by two men and one of them was her son. "Ohhhhhhh. . my tits, my pussy!" Carol uttered and Scott was fascinated by the submission of his loving mother to the hard, towering man and to himself. "Here we go, baby!" Craig cried heatedly, removing his mouth, just for few seconds, from Carol's breasts.

"Spurt your juices, little mommy!" Carol shaked her ass shamefully. "Ahhhhhhhhh. . gooood, yes, yes, make me cum, big man, suck my tits, lick them. . ohhhhh, make me cum, son, my pussy is in your hand. . ohhhh, I'm cumming again." Her hips began to twist and toss, her thighs trembled. She was spread defencelessly on the bed, at the complete mercy of her black captor and my ass hugger jeans will make you nice and hard joi girl next door and domination son.

Palatable adorable hottie rides long cock girlfriend and hardcore man was her owner. He reached out, took out the hand of the boy from her vagina and covered completely her wet pubes with his large fingers; his thumb and forefinger closed around her clit and rolled it feverishly.

The double stimulation, oral and manual, of all her buds had a devastating effect on the aroused woman, who sprayed her hot cum over the black hand: she was ejaculating uninteruptedly. Then her orgasm subsided. The black man stood up beside the bed, watching with lustfulness his petite prey, who seemed completely powerless.

He took a sigarette and started smoking and relaxing. Scott, who had been involved hardly in the action, was still incredulous. Those eager men were fully determined to make his mother cumming and cumming, till their animal insticts were completely satisfied: she was a plaything, the defenceless object of their avidity. And this incredible night had made also exploding an irrepressible passion between mom and son. Scott was totally intoxicated by his stacked mother he had lust after for many months; and now a sort of sadistic pleasure was rising from the sight of all the abuses these men were committing repeatedely on his mother.

Craig, who had already checked the voyeuristic side of Scott's nature, together with his forbidden desires, was well aware of it and intended to make the best of that lucky chance. The black stud stubbed out the sigarette and approached the woman, super sexy blonde teen masturbating on webcam was still laying on the bed. He reached out and gently cupped one of Carol's fleshy white tits, caressing it with his strong black fingers.

"Ready to start, little one?" he said. "Start what? What do you want again from me?" the woman whispered. His big cock was dangling and swelling in front of her face: it was a little shorter than John's, but with all the same thickness; Carol's gaze turned towards it and she shuddered.

Without hesitation, Craig bent over, putting one hand under the back and the other one under the knees of the woman. He picked her from the bed like she was weightless, raising her upper body to his ravenous mouth. His wet lips brushed her breasts, back and forth from one nipple to the other one, licking and sucking loudly. "Boy, your mommy has the most tasty jugs I have ever sucked." The contact with her smooth, soft, milky white skin stirred his already hardening cock to new heights of virility: it was reaching its maximum splendor.

With rapid movements, Craig turned Carol in his arms without letting her feet hit the ground. He put both his hands around her hips: she was so tiny that his palms circled entirely her waist, like forming a kind of large belt. He could handle the small wife up and down, with extreme ease. Scott was watching mesmerized; this brute was playing with his mom like she was a little toy. "Baby, you are in my hands, you are totally mine and your son is watching; let your son hearing from your words who is your master," the black stud shouted; and the tone of his voice didn't admit objections.

"You, sir, you are my master, my strong master." "And you are my sex slave. Tell him, whore." "Ohhhhhh. . master, please, don't ask." "Tell him, whore, don't get me nervous." "Yes, yes, sir, I am your sex slave; son, this man is my master and I am his slave.

. ohhhhhhhh, what are you doing?" Craig was hoisting Carol: when her lips came up to his face, he darted his tongue and explored carefully the insides of her mouth; then he pushed her up, till her pussy made contact with his face: he licked and sucked it voraciously, like it was a succulent dish to be eaten.

When his craving was satiated, he lowered the woman: his monster erect cock parted her slender legs and her tender body slid along his hairy chest. When her cunt lips touched the base of his shaft, she was sitting on his long prick.

Looking down from above her shoulders, Craig could see the knob of his dick popping out on the other side of her legs: like the woman had been pierced by a long pole through her belly. "Ohhhhhh. . my goooood," Carol screeched.

"Is it cozy, little lady? Do you like my special chair?" For several minutes the man lifted and lowered repeatedly the woman, making her sure of his strength and at the same time looked at her son, who was watching the scene with increasing amazement. It was unbelievable: mom's pubic vee leaned on John's pointing out prick and it didn't collapse one fraction of an inch under her weight.

"This man is strong like a bull; his prick is a steel bar," the boy was thinking. The show continued: still taking the tiny woman ih his hands and over his shaft, he strode along the room and mocked at her. "Do you like the walk, baby? Do you like to be carried by your master? Or you are still longing for your big daddy? Don't worry, child, now your master is taking care of you, but when he will be finished with you, he will return the little baby to her daddy; just let's have some fun, some little games for a beautiful obedient baby like you." Craig's big cock was rubbing Carol's pussy lips continuously; a wet coating started depositing over the shaft.

The man felt it and decided it was time to go further on. Effortlessly he moved the small woman in his embrace and accomodated her, like a little kid, in his large arms. "Come with me, boy," he told Scott. "Follow me." And the boy obeyed. The trio left the bedroom and returned to the main living room: Craig first and Scott a step behind the black man, who was cradling his mom like she was his property and, along the way, was planting some wet bites on her prominent white boobs, making the woman squeal and struggle helplessly.

In the living room Craig lowered Carol, putting her, on all fours, at one side of the long coach; he sat at the other side. Scott took place on a chair, in front of the couple. "Come here, pet," told Craig to the woman. "Be a good pet and come to your owner," he lusty pounding from a huge shlong hardcore and blowjob crudely, slapping his thighs, to reinforce his command. And the tiny Carol, like an obedient domestic animal, moved over the coach, on her hands and kneels, to the dominating man.

"Good, good, little one," mocked Craig. "Now you deserve your prize." His enormous cock was spranging out, betwwen his thighs. "Take your food, pet, make it good for your mouth; suck and lick it with your lips and tongue; but be careful, little one: don't bite it with your teeth or you will regret it in all your lifetime." Taking a young girl had been always a great fun for the black convict; but brutalizing an older, white, gorgeous woman, a mom and wife of fifty-two, small as a little girl and, in addition, doing it in front of her son was a lot better, a lot more exciting, a lot more delighting.

Carol got a better look of the gigantic prick and her voice came out in a high pitched squeal. "Nooooooo, it's a monster, it's too big." "Mommy, you worked on my buddy's dick. Now take mine!

Understand, bitch?" Instinctively the petite woman wrapped both her tiny hands around the bobbing shaft, but the girth was too much large and she couldn't close her grip. She began to pump the cock. "Yeeeeees, little mom, yeeees, baby, you got it!" For some long minutes Carol moved the meaty bar, giving it a soft, delightful masturbation, then Craig ordered: "Suck it, bitch; suck it, baby!" She bent herself over the prick head, he pushed up a little and the massive knob, with some difficulties, was lodged inside her mouth.

The older wife was a natural cocksucker, but that monster was too big for her mouth and she chocked while sucking the thick chocolate meat: she could barely fit the head between her lips.

"Suck it, child, suck and tongue it. Does it taste good for your tiny mouth?" The petite Carol knew very well what to do: her talent was coming out. She coated the cock tip with her saliva, then she left it popping out of her mouth and her tongue started to travel, up and down, along the black shaft.

The sound of her slurping filled the room. "That's right, little one, get my stiff cock, it's all for free. Oh, yeah, honey, lick that prick, I want to see your fucking tongue on it. Get it all wet with your spit and make me feel really good.

You like it, cock-hungry girl, don't you? You know how to please your man, little whore, don't you?" Craig was talking to the woman, enjoying the feel of her tiny mouth and fingers along the black glistening surface of his meat. The big man's hand reached out and pinched one of her inch long nipples, squeezing hard: Carol's whole body shaked. His other large hand took hold of one of her soft, upturned buns: it disappeared entirely in his brutal grasp.

Wheh he released it, his meaty fingers had left a visible mark over the white, smooth skin: Craig was taking full possession of any square inch of his submitted prey. "Go on, baby, why don't you start playing with my big hairy nuts? Start pulling on them and you might just get my wad quicker than you think." Carol, now, didn't need any further encouragement: she was totally immersed in her action: she couldn't stop her wild desires, she couldn't stop to play with this big cock her mouth and fingers were unable to contain totally.

When her schoolgirl sized hands began cupping and kneading his massive balls, the black guy had to try his best not to come, because he didn't want to spit his jiiz over her face: he had other ideas. He grabbed the tiny woman with both hands and stood up.

Again she was firmly cradled in his strong arms. Then Craig deposited Carol on the couch, having care that she was bent at the waist, with her feet well flat over the cushion and her hands holding the back of the sofa, for balance. She was so damned short that her ass was just at his crotch level. "What do you want, sir?" Carol asked with apprehension. The man didn't answer.

He observed the woman's steady fleshy white ass cheeks and his first move was to reach out and grab hold of them firmly, pinching them with commanding force, until Carol let out a guttural mewl. His resolute fingers squeezed for few minutes the smooth crevices of the warm flesh, then he released his grip and prepared himself for the treatment he was ready to give to the poor lady.

His black large hands landed with roaring impact over the white buttocks, which rocked tremulously under his crunching slaps. SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! "I like it, ohhhhhh, I like it! You are getting more, bitch!" And, without caring the high pitched squeals of pain coming from her dominated woman, he kept up his stinging attack, delivering his fingers with relentless desire as they landed with a crisp, thudding impact, again and again, over her tender flesh.

SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! Then he voluntarily brought his activity to a halt. The erotical sight of her hairless anal slit was inspiring the black brute to another action: his fingers grabbed Carol's smoothly-rounded ass orbs and he pushed up his hot wet scarlet tongue, eager to let it pierce its way inside her anal ring.

Carol's legs tightened and she let out a loud swoon as her captor's oral probe slid between her sleek rolling buns and into her asshole, taking her totally by surprise and causing her entire body to vibrate with spasmodic violence.

His spearing tongue kept on charging forward, burying itself deeper and deeper between the smooth walls of Carol's twisting asscheeks, as he made searing contact with her sizzling pink anus. Never in her life Carol's anal insides had been explored with the same this scene is taking place as the girls are gettin tube porn and devastating intrusion.

"Ohhhhhhh. . ohhhhhh. . no more, please," Carol moaned, trying in vain to stop his invading attack. Craig's burning pursuit of Carol's agitated asshole continued for a few more quick strokes. When he removed his tongue from her tiny rectum, he reached out with his right index finger and let it decisively plunge deep inside her devastated anal passage. He jerked his finger back and forth, massaging her inner walls, as he smiled with satisfaction.

Carol began reacting by mewling with animalish frenzy, feeling waves of pain from his thundering finger's contact, but being also unable to suppress her intimate desire to get more of the same. Craig looked down at the little housewife squirming her delicate, tight asscheeks in front of him. Then he took the KY bottle from the table, near the couch; he slid the lubricating oil deep into the tight confines of her appealing asshole and against the spongy cock-head of his rock hard male member.

"What. . what are you doing?" asked the tremulous Carol. "Just lubricating you a little, before giving you the ass fucking of your life, mommy," replied Craig. "Ohhhhhhh. . noooooo, please, you can't do this. Please, don't do that. Nobody has ever done it to me!" "What, what you say, baby? You say that in fifty-two years and a lot of lovers nobody has fucked you in the ass?

What kind of faggots you met, baby? Nobody was able to take a piece of this tight, round, white butt? You are indeed a child, little one. You got a lot of things for the first time, this night, baby. You have to thank me and my buddies, for that.

And now you are going the sodomy route for the first time. I can hardly wait to stick my big ramping cock into this virginal asshole. That makes the whole thing much much more exciting." The black stud was well determined to get his prize.

The sight of this black big man who had manipulated, tongued and fingered the beautiful ass of his small, white, defenceless mom with so overhelming eagerness had been terrific, but now a much more devastating action was starting: because that crudel rapist was ready to deflower the lovable, clean and virginal asshole of his petite mom.

Scott freeded himself of his pants and his hands closed around the shaft of his stiff cock. Carol was squirming. "Nooooooo. . master, noooooo, please, I let you do whatever you want, but don't fuck my ass. I'm scared! Don't fuck me in the ass, please!" Without caring her yells, Craig smacked her ass twice, then grabbed her buns with his meaty fingers and easily opened them, like they were the two halves of a mussel, discovering and enlarging the tiny butthole.

"Ohhhhhh. . stop, sir, stop, don't do this, please." Now the giant cockhead was wedged between her soft twin globes and the black stud was preparing himself to push his stiff, erect penis forward. "Please, sir, please, don't do this, it's too big!" Craig smiled, xxnx sleeping sister rape brother download Carol continued to squirm and whimper; then he let his cockhead slam against the tightness of his woman's twisting ass, till it popped through the tiny shithole.

When the gigantic prick landed with scalding impact into her anal ring, she let out a loud sob: "Ohhhhhhhhhh.

. it hurts, please, sir, please, take it out; no more, please." But he remained undaunted, lashing out with both hands over her smooth ass-flesh and pushing his pulsating erect prick forward once more. The turgid cock was screwing its way deeper and deeper, inside her anal passage. Carol's body trembled helplessly under the devastating onslaught of Craig's deep-thrusting stabs, as she sobbed unrestrainedly and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

There was something impressively exciting for Scott, who was watching his mom engaged for the first time in such a forbidden act: the boy started jerking off with increasing vigor.

Craig was using his stiff cock like a weapon, never lettig up, showing no mercy or restraint: his savage member kept ravishing Carol lewdly with every driving forward stab.

He was ramming his lust-bloated, long, thick cock as deeply as he could into the exquisite tightness of his victim's virginal ass channel. The little woman's big tits were swaying frantically, under the powerful stabs she was getting from her rapist; they were moving in rapid circles, slapping one against the other, with smacking sounds, thus adding lust to the savage action.

Her floating jugs, decorated by stiff elongated nipples and large pink areolas, were an irresistible erotic vision and temptation for the man, who loved the way she moaned and whimpered, but also for the boy, who was feverisly masturbating. After the continuous slashing attack had reached its torrid crescendo, the pain which accompanied every rousing charge of the sturdy prick became more acceptable to Carol.

Even though she kept feeling ringing pain with every plunging thrust that his captor sadistically delivered, she started to enjoy being ravished; she was discovering a certain amount of strangely pleasure. "What an ass-fuck," she eventually called out, first groaning, then letting out an animalish mewl. It was just what the big stud had waited for. He started to fuck the woman's asshole harder and harder: back and forth, back and forth, with his pistoning tool, turning the previous pain of each stroke into an increasing pleasure, for the little Carol.

"Make me your whore, sir, I want to serve you," was calling out the tiny mom. "Keep on fucking me, drive this monster cock of yours between my legs, into my asshole." The super hung stud knew what she needed. She needed being dominated.

"Did you hear that, you boy?" said Craig to Scott, who was still jacking off. "She hasn't had enough, she wants more." And with that, his hands relased her asscheeks and grabbed her pendulous boobs, starting to play with them. His cock was plunged in her rectum. "Let's squeeze these big tits and milk you, honey," he shouted in hardcore sweet ebony hardcore tube porn ears.

"I like to fill my hands with big knockers like yours, whore. They were full of white fresh milk, when your son, here, was a kid, weren't they?" The woman father and chums daughter taboo baby romantic family dinner answered, but Craig continued to Scott: "Look, boy, how I'm playing with mommy's big tits, look how she likes being impaled in the hot babe raven redmond having sex with a stranger and milked.

She is a cow, a little cow with big udders." And to Carol: "You are a cow, bitch, aren't you? Say yes or I'll stop fucking you!" "Yes, yes. . but please, don't stop." "Louder, bitch.

Your son has to hear you. Look at him, baby, let him beating off and having fantasies about his beautiful mom. Tell him that you are a cow. Say it or I'll stop fucking your ass." "Yes, yes, I say what you want. Son, forgive me, I'm a cow, he is milking my tits like a cow. . ohhhhhh. . fuck me, please, fuck me, sir." The monster dick raping her asshole over and over had brought the tiny housewife slut to the brink of her first anal orgasm; now she was pleading him to ravage her no more virginal ass.

Craig tightened his grip and, taking hold of her jugs, lifted her up. Now her feet didn't touch the ground and she was swaying in mid air, impaled by the long shaft through her asshole. The lovely tiny woman was screaming. The black stud looked around: in the centre of the room Scott was beating off with increasing rhythm. Effortlessly Craig walked to him: the weight of the poor mom was nothing for the strength of his arms. "Here is your mom, boy. She is no more virgin, now: she has more than one foot of hard cock inside her ass.

Look how small she is. Look how easily I can hold her with my cock. Look at her jugs in my hands. And she loves it. Don't you love to be cradled by your master like that, mommy?" And without waiting her answer, Craig moved Carol around, till her body was facing her son, making her dance on his cock: back and forth, up and down.

Scott's prick bulged in his hot hands; its head pointed arrogantly to Carol's belly. "Watch your mommy, boy and watch me. Mommy is mine, only mine. And I am inside her ass!" These words were too much for the turned-on boy, for his glistening knob, already wet from the copious amount of pre-cum. He had reached the non-return point: the first jet sprayed from his wide-opened slit and landed on her navel; the second streamer reached Craig's hands, tightly cupped around her boobs; the third cum-rope splashed her pussy slit, mixing with the juices the trapped woman was starting to produce from her genitals.

It was incredible: the son had cum-splattered his loving mom, while she was held in mid air and ass-fucked by her big black master. It had been the most depraved action the wicked stud had ever seen. When Scott was finished, Craig carried Carol back to the couch and put her in the same position of before. His cock was still ramned inside her ass. The little housewife held onto the back of the sofa, while her sodomizer continued to ravage her anus.

Her eyes opened wide: she felt like the huge dick, firmly embedded in her ass, was going to come out of her mouth. The repeated fucking of her asshole had pushed her over the edge: her orgasm exploded in a building crescendo.

Her voice pleaded with him: "Ohhhhhh, yes, fuck me, please, fuck my ass!" This was what the big stud was waiting for. He wanted to hear this little woman begging for him to fuck her between the lush globes of her sweet unblemished butt, while his huge prick invaded her rectum. "Keep fucking," Carol shouted deliriously.

"You are hurting me and it's so great. Damned, keep it up, hot wecam girl fucks a huge cumming dildo driving your stiff monster prick. How good it feels." He liked the way that Carol spontaneously rocked with every deep stab he sent forth with his piercing member, till the big moment when the liquid spray would be shooting from the swollen cock-head.

His blasting tool pressed sharply to the hilt, as his meaty fingers pinched and squeezed against the beautiful asscheeks. All the while he felt quivering sensations in his balls: they were preparing to unleash a torrent of hot white sperm. Craig resoundingly slapped the round buttocks as the first few droplets of seminal fluid began to edge out of the end of his spearing, torpedo-like tool.

"Here it comes, child. All for you, baby," he warned. "Ohhhh, my god, ohhhh. . I'm cumming, master, you make me cum, ohhhhhhh, daddy. . thank you, thank you, sir," Carol moaned throatily. It was incredible: the mature woman, the tiny slut was thanking the big, younger man for raping and spanking her own asshole: and her son was watching.

Craig's nervous hips responsively wiggled with rapacious lust: his stiff, rapier cock ravaged her sore anus one more time, while streams of hot sperm splashed from the end of his long, thick shaft. The big stud watched enraptured, as Carol's hips rocked and her white, firm, bouncing breast-flesh swayed and jiggled. When the unending torrent of cream ceased to erupt from his member, Craig pulled his cock out, with a lurid plop, from the devastated asshole, while Carol continued climaxing for several minutes.

When she was over, acute waves of pain were coming from the savage pummelling his commanding organ had ever so resolutely supplied.

"You are a winner, big man," Carol sighed with exhaustion, as she stretched out on the sofa. "When you fuck a girl she stays fucked." "Well, mommy, that's the only way to fuck," Craig smiled and tenderly kissed the little mole on her left breast. "You are a mess," said Craig to Carol. As a matter of daughter puts dildo in mom on camspicycom, after the hard and long lovemaking with John, Craig and Scott, now her body was covered of dry male cum and her own pussy juices.

"You need a bath and a shower, baby. And me, too. Let's go." And without esitation he scooped her up like a feather and got out of the room. "Like Tarzan and his Jane," Scott observed in his thoughts, seeing his mom kicking her legs in the air and giggling like a schoolgirl, while Craig was carrying her in his massive arms and whispering sweet words in her ears. Inside the bathroom, Craig moved easily Carol in his embrace and placed her over his shoulder.

With his free hand he was able to regulate the water to the right temperature. It was the second time, during that long night of sex, that Carol had been carried to the bathroom by those strangers. What was so exciting, for those big, much younger studs, to wash and soap the body of a woman of fifty-two? She could be their own mother and they loved to treat her like she was a child. Why? May be, was thinking Carol, because of her diminutive frame, despite her luscious tits and ass? Or may be because of her unblemished, baby-like skin, despite her mature age?

Craig stepped into the tub and lowered Carol. They both stood up, enjoying the warm jet cascading over their bodies. He enjoyed caressing her small sexy body with his craving hands and fingers: underarms, breasts, nipples, asscheeks and her bald pink pussy. She was crazy for that cock, so big that she could neither suck it in her tiny mouth, nor circle it with her little hands.

Her tongue was running along the head and the shaft, exploring the pulsating surface of the whole member with feverish avidity. He opened her pussy slit with his callous fingers and titillated her clit, making it erect and hard, like a miniature cock. She let him do what he wanted. She only wanted to serve him in the most satisfactory way. She wanted be his sex slave.

He playfully sucked the edges and the undersides of her boobs and attached his lips to the crispy skin of her nipples and areolas, running his index finger around the contour of her fleshy mounds.

With big effort, she engulfed his bulbous cock-head inside her throat, lapping it with her darting tongue. He put the palms of his hands over her round asscheeks and gently squeezed, tracing the furrow between the two rotundities and fingering the wrinkled shithole he had just deflowered.

She gasped. She planted a delicate kiss on the top of his prick; she bounced in his hands the big pack of his scrotum, like she was checking its weight, then her fingers and tongue caressed his testicles. He gasped. Finally he lifted her by her hips and made their lips and tongues meeting in a voracious, mutual probe. His cock was stiff again. With a rapid movement of his muscular arms, he slid the woman along his chest, rubbing his scrubby hairs over her tender titflesh and impaled Carol on his long shaft.

"My big cock is in your juicy beaver, honey. What a good pussy! Nice and wet. Did your husband and lovers put their cocks this deep, baby? Hey, my whole big piece of meat shoved up your cunt. Feels good, doesn't it, little one?" And Craig started fucking the beautiful wife just in the shower, with the warm water splashing their bodies.

He was wery fast. He sprayed her insides with his powerful jet, without giving her not even the time to cum; then came out of her hole and sat her on the edge of the tub. He spread the soap over his palms and began to rub her skin very softly with his large hands. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch, while he moved over her entire body.

He was very delicate, particularly with her armpits, breasts and pussylips, like she was indeed a little baby. Then he washed himself and when he was finished he cleaned off both of them with vigorous jets of water from the sprinkler. He picked up a large towel and dried themselves carefully, first the woman and then himself.

Finally he took a small bottle of perfume and sprayed it over her neck and breasts. Craig get out of the bathroom with Carol: cradled, as always, in his arms. "Where are we going, dear?" she asked. And with astonishment she watched Craig walking with her to Lynn's room. Lynn was her older daughter. Now she was twenty-five and was living in another State, hundreds of miles from there, with her husband of three years, a marketing manager of a big petrol Company. She used to come back every month to her parents; and her mother, Carol, to please her daughter was keeping her room just like it was when Lynn got married.

Why Craig was going to Lynn's room? Carol asked to herself with an obscure presentiment. "I'm preparing a nice surprise for my buddies," said enigmatically Craig, like he had read in her mind, while a large smile widened out on his face. Craig entered the room cradling Carol in his massive arms, like she was a child.

He had deflowered the petite woman's ass in front of her son and fucked her snatch in the bathroom, before showering and drying her: it had been much more than a quick biting and sniffing of the captive housewife's body, like he said to Nick, Tom and John.

Now he was late. His friends were waiting in the kitchen and certainly they were eager to take their turn over the luscious, white woman, especially Tom and Nick: without considering that he had promised them a nice surprise. But the tender, small and perfumed body of the rich, middle-aged, high-class lady, who had been transformed in a sex toy for an incredible night of lust was a big temptation for his sexual instinct.

He was bouncing her like a doll in his sinewy dark arms and his cock, again, was hardening. The room looked like a typical girl's bedroom. Lynn was living there and nothing had been removed after her marriage. Craig knew it, because Mr. Blum had explained everything, when he led him to the safe-box.

And when, for curiosity, he had opened the drawers, he had found a lot of dresses belonging to a young girl. Lynn was the same size of her mother, as it clearly appeared from a family picture on the night table: therefore, the clothes she used to put on when she was eight-nineteen years old could be easily worn, now, by her mother.

Immediately the mind of the depraved man lightened: he would make Carol wearing her daughter's dresses, for the joy of his companions, who would have certainly appreciated his idea: a mature, petite lady dressed like a young woman, ready to be fucked by a group of big, tall, sex-starved studs.

There was a large chair in a corner: Craig sat down and put the naked woman on his lap, facing him. His hand leant on her chest, tenderly bouncing, in his palm, one quivering tit. "What are you doing?" asked Carol. "Just playing a little with you, baby," he replied.

"Again?. . Please, man, give me some rest. You guys made me cum so much times, this night." "Little one, you are mine and I'm not yet finished. Understand?" His lips closed around one puffy nipple, sucking it hungrily and noisily, like a newborn who is filling his mouth with mother's milk. Carol was terrified: this hunk of a man was insatiable. His enormous dong was hard like a stone: it was growing and pushing onto the undersides of her tits. After removing his lips from her sore nipple, Craig circled her waist with both hands and tightened; then he lifted the older woman up, past his shoulders, like she was weightless.

"Open your legs," he ordered. She obeyed and her spread legs dangled in the air, showing more of her pussy lips. "Please, sir, please. . put me down," she begged. "Right now, child." And the stud lowered Carol, placing her twat over his open mouth; his teeth took the tiny protuberance of her clit and pulled on: the pink bud hardened, while his tongue started flicking and licking it mercilessly.

"Ohhhhhh. . ohhhhhh. . no more, please, no more," she pleaded, trying in vain to stop the devastating attack over her sensitive, fully erect member; but Craig continued to titillate the woman, till a wet secretion spilled in his mouth: he had driven Carol again to her climax.

He sucked her female juices, like crazy, making Carol moan and giggle feverishly; then he lowered her a little more, till her vee leaned on the tip of his monster cock, and he started rocking the woman back and forth, caressing her pink labia with his big helmet. Back and forth, back and forth: Carol's senses were stimulated more and more. Finally, with a sudden motion of his arms, he pushed her down, impaling the poor lady on the full length of his prick.

"Ohhhhhhhh. . again. . you are in my womb," Carol yelled. Her already stretched pussy had given easy access to the long shaft; Craig had inserted all of his prick in her insides, past her cervix: it had invaded the recess of her uterus. With the woman firmly fixed over his meaty tool, her head nestled in his ample hairy chest and her tiny hands wrapped around his neck, Craig was freely rubbing his black fingers all over Carol's milky white frame, enjoying the softness of her smooth skin and the roundness of her lithe body.

Her big boobs, mainly, fascinated him: he loved palming them in his large hands, before modelling the fleshy mounds in two long cones, capped by two crinkle nipples which seemed to burst out, like bullets, at any time. "You like my tits, don't you?" Carol giggled, like a schoolgirl. "You played with them so much, sir." She was proud of her boobs and loved to tease her friends and lovers, at the swimming pool, when she was wearing only a scant bikini bottom and her bare, bouncing tits aroused longing gazes from all the men, including her son.

When he released her sensitive breasts, still keeping his cock deep buried in her body, he moved the petite woman, in little circular motions, around his shaft, masturbating his member with her cunt-walls. Carol was becoming crazy. "I like it, ohhhhh. . you make me cum again. . never, never I have had so many orgasms." "Who fucked you this way, little one?" "Nobody. . nobody; you are superior, ohhhhhhh. . my god, what a cock; I'm yours, make me your sex slave." "You are horny, baby; and I'm your master." "Yes, yes, ohhhhhh.

. god, you are strong, master, your cock is so big; fuck, fuck me, please. . don't stop fucking." His hands, now, were grasping again her big breasts, pulling and squeezing the white flesh, caressing her baby-soft skin. "Ohhhhhh, you make me crazy, big man, play, play with my tits, ohhhhh. ." Carol's mind and body were devastated. She screamed like a little calf, while the big stud continued to manipulate her mammary and to pound into her womb with such ferocity, as he would try to break her petite body.

Her groans were all ecstasy and he lost track of the number of times he made her cumming. Then she passed out. When he pulled out of her, he hadn't come yet; he wanted to keep his cum for the final orgy he had imagined: all of his companions and himself fucking the small housewife in her daughter's dresses.

The head of his dick made a soft burp when it slipped from her stretched out passage; her cunt juices left a small deposit on his hairy thighs. Craig went to a cupboard, carrying the woman in his arms, opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of Lynn's white cotton panties, to clean his dick and legs and Carol's pussy. Then he dropped the girl's panties on the floor.

"It was one hottest fuck I got from you, man; you are all sex, you made me feel devoured, you drove me crazy," she told him, when she recovered her senses. "Child," he had called her like John was doing. "This was just the beginning. Now, little one, you will get dressed like a girl. My friends are waiting for you, baby; there, in the kitchen, they are anxious to carry again, in their strong arms, the older, small lady and to cuddle her, like a child, before fucking the shit out of her.

Go on, little one, take your daughter's bad photographers behind the lens vosamour girl dawn from the dresser and put them on. It's not difficult, for you, to find out the right things." Carol didn't believe her ears.

This man was mad! It was insane: to be dressed like her step mom wants your baby mindi mink milf pov hairy pussy and lingerie daughter! And why? Just to satisfy their sadistic desire! And what would have they done to her? Four men! She loved sex, she loved big young cocks: but no more than one at a time.

She had never experienced threesome: just imagine four eager cocks all together! They would have killed her. And yet. and yet, with her own surprise, she discovered to be intrigued, in a certain way, by the thought of what was starting to become an unbelievable, torrid orgy.

Without considering story real mom family son black guys Craig, with his strength and violence, seemed not disposed to give her a chance. "Go ahead, bitch, don't get me angry. Hurry up," he said, grounding the woman to her feet; and because Carol was still hesitating, Craig went himself to the dresser and opened one drawer.

What he found inside, a lacy black garter belt, gave him a brilliant idea. He approached the naked woman and wound it around her waist, fastening the clasp in her back. The black elastic garters dangled loosely down her thighs. He picked up one sheer black nylon stocking and began pulling it taut along her thigh; he hitched it to the tiny clasp at the end of one of the garters; he repeated and completed the same operation with the other garters and stockings.

Then he made the woman moving and turning around, in front of him and examined her closely: it was absolutely enchanting the way the lacy black belt stretched taut across her flat belly and the garters dug into her pale upturned asscheeks.

"Pretty nice," he murmured. "This should catch the eyes of my horny friends." He made her dressing a crisp white blouse and a very short navy blue skirt. Fantastic! The blouse was open almost to her navel, a white scarf was tied around her forehead as a headband and her hairs tumbled about her face sexily.

No panties, no bra: the way her big boobs rolled around loose would have driven the men crazy: he was sure. Carol stood in front of the mirror and her feminine vanity replaced definitely the initial fear: she looked so nice! Four turned-on studs were waiting for her, ready to take possession of her childlike body and give her the most wild experience she had never tried: she was proud of the attraction a middle-aged woman like herself was still able to catch from some young well endowed guys.

She applied gobs of dark eye shadow, to give herself a more sluttish look and daubed her lips with a thick coating of bright red gloss. She grinned, to think how the lipstick would be smeared off over four different cocks, before the night was over.

"Okay, baby, you are ready. Follow me." And Craig led her to the kitchen. It was the first time, after the invasion of her house, that Carol was walking on her own feet and not arm-carried by one of those strangers; and it was the first time they had let her covering her naked body.

When they entered the kitchen, a loud exclamation of admiration and surprise resounded in the room. "Finally you are back, buddy. We were afraid the little lady had been devoured by you," someone shouted.

"Who is this girl, pal?" another one sarcastically asked. "Craig, you are the best! I was yearning for my baby and you returned her to me, dressed this way," said John. And he continued, to Carol: "Welcome back, child. Your daddy missed you." Now the four men eyed her, as she came through the door, like hungry lions watching a fresh lamb being led into their cage. All the men were naked. "Here she is, boys.

This is the sweet little Carol. All for us," Craig announced proudly. "Are you sure this little thing is old enough for our party, Craig?" Tom mocked, caressing Carol's neck. "Of course, Tom, don't worry; she's small, but not under age: everything is legal. And she can handle all of us. Be sure, buddy, I have already checked the little cunt," Craig replied, roughly smiling. And then he said to the woman: "What the boys, here, are interested in first, baby, is a little cock sucking.

I think you are beginning with that, for the joy of your little mouth." white slave rims black bull you want me to strip?" she queried.

"No, little pussy, not for the moment. Start sucking first, as an appetizer. Then you can strip for us and show your delicious body." Carol dropped to her knees, in front of Tom and Nick. The two young men stood alongside one another, letting her wriggle the tiny hands around their shafts. "These cocks are huge.

I'm not sure I'll be able to mouth them," she protested glancing up nervously to John. "You can handle them, little one, don't worry. Mine is too much for you; and Craig's too.

But these guys are your size. You can gulp all of them in your throat and let us enjoy your nice face nestled in their crotches. Go on, child," and his words were followed by a light slap on her round butt.

Carol still stared at the soft cocks doubtfully. Tom's was maybe nine inches long and hung loosely down, like some gross snake. Its head shone at her lewdly. Nick's was ten and a half long and thicker: she loved it. "You want me to suck both of them?" she pouted, stalling for time.

"Both of them, child," John said. She kissed each of the cocks in turn and quickly her shiny lipstick smeared off onto the thick shafts of the pricks. Then she took Nick's dick and stuffed the head between her lips. She began to suck the cock-head and several inches of the shaft eagerly; quickly it inflated in the hot sucking mouth. Now the full attention of the four men was drawn to the gorgeous small Carol, who was engulfing the cock with increasing fervour; they stared down the front of her dress as well, watching her big, lush, bra-less tits shifting and rolling heavily; they catched a glimpse of her puffy areolas and stubby nipples.

Carol was sucking as fast as she could. The more she sucked on that big prick, the hornier she got. And the longer the horny boy saw the kneeling woman in front of him with the hard tool in her mouth, the hotter he got too.

He was stroking her hairs, to encourage her, but she didn't need encouragement: the cock-hungry Carol loved a big fat cock in her mouth and she was not ashamed of it. Nick was talking to the woman like she was a little girl. "Okay, honey, get the stiff cock here, it's all for free," he murmured.

"Oh, yeah, suck that prick, little bitch, take it all in your fucking mouth. It tastes good, baby, doesn't it? All I can hear is your sucking and slurping, but I bet you want to say that it tastes really good, don't you, little one?" The woman couldn't answer, because she was moving her mouth up and down the prick and pumping the base of the cock in her tiny fists. The shaft was growing alarmingly and soon it was just under a foot long. It looked like a baseball bat in her hands; her lips could hardly curl themselves around the thick shaft.

Then, after various attempts, with a final thrust of her face, she fully sucked the meaty member in her oral cavity. "Ohhhhh, boys, look the baby!" exclaimed Craig. lusty busty dolls 3 scene 1 I told you? She can take it all. All in her mouth, down her throat. Good girl! Nice, small, good girl!" Carol's mouth firmly stuck on Nick's hairy crotch, her hands wrapped around his arse, her diminutive body kneeling under the big, towering stud: everybody was fascinated by this sight.

When she made herself slid out of the long shaft, she rested for a while, leaning her head against Nick's muscular thighs. Then she approached Tom. With him it was easier: his cock was a little shorter and smaller than the other one, and her mouth, now, was more accustomed to the sucking job. In less than one minute the second cock fully disappeared in her throat. When she was finished, she backed off and smiled up warmly at the two men.

Their monster cocks loomed threateningly over her achingly pretty face. "Do you want your balls licked, boys?" Craig asked. "Do you want this babe, here, licking and sucking your big aching balls?" And so Carol began working again on each of the two young men, in turn, kissing and licking the huge bloated ball-sacs, curling her tongue on the swollen nuts. She took each ball into her mouth and sucked on it hard, till they were moaning with pleasure.

"Where the bimbo learned to do this stuff, John?" Tom asked. "Shit, I have never been all-sucked by a small thing like this one. Let me cradle you a little, sweetie." And with that Tom bent down and hoisted the older woman up to his head, holding her easily with one arm under her butt and sliding the free hand under her blouse, to cup and caress one bouncy tit.

The long stiff nipple was hardening in his palm. "You are right, John, she's light like a child. I could carry her all night. What a nice little pussy we can fuck! And what a big melon!" "Put her down, Tom," said John.

"Let all of us playing with the bimbo." Tom lowered Carol to her feet, not before placing a wet and deep-tonguing kiss on her lips and inside her mouth. When she went down, she couldn't stop her horniness: around her it was full of gross, swollen cocks. "It's time you strip for us, child," ordered John.

"Undress and show the boys what you have got." Carol said nothing; she stepped back and began to undress, watching the men's face and studying their reaction. The men stood around, their cocks jutting out like dark poles. They watched the little woman's moves and their eyes widened, as scarf, blouse and skirt fell down and her big thirty-six double D breasts swung freely and lustfully in the air, with their puffy areolas and long, stiff, pink nipples. "She's all for you, boys; this ebony coed vanessa cruz fucks and gets the cum on her face thing is our fucking babe," exclaimed Craig.

The woman smiled teasingly and displayed herself for the men, wearing nothing but her black garter belt and stockings. She was showing them the bald skin of her pink pussy. "Look what the little whore is wearing! A garter belt and brunette latina anal fucked by big dick on webcam. Was this your idea, Craig, wasn't it?" asked Nick.

But Craig didn't reply. His huge cock cranked higher at the sight of this petite woman, who had rid herself of any reluctance and whose willingness, now, was just to turn on, up to the ultimate step of their longing, four huge eager men who were less than half her age.

"Like what you see, boys," Carol grinned wickedly. "Am I worth your hard-on?" Tom and Nick moved forward quickly and began feeling her up. They squeezed her tits, pulled her nipples, fingered her areolas, caressed her arms and armpits, licked her little mole and navel, ran their hands over her twat, opened her pussy lips pinching her clit, mauled her buns, put their fingers in the crack of her asscheeks, lightly probing her shit hole, caressed her inner thighs.

She let them do what they liked. Then John went on and dug his middle finger deep inside her cunt and began circling it around and around: she spread her legs wide for him.

She was happy that her outfit had created such a stir. She reached about and brother sister xxx jur kore hold of her "daddy's" big member, as he was fingering her and cupping one of her beautiful boobs in his large hand.

Tom and Nick were still taking turn on her body. She primed the shaft slowly, keeping it good and hard for when he would fuck her. She was a little nervous at the thought of being screwed, again, by such huge monstrous cock, which had been already inserted in her unexplored insides, making her a woman, like her master declared proudly.

But her eagerness was stronger than her fear: after the long and repeated fucking she had got during that unforgettable night, she was just hungry, now, of big cocks. John retreated and sat on a chair, from where he watched the two big, young, black, muscular men fondling the delicate creamy-white body of the older, petite Carol. He was jerking off slowly, keeping his own cock well primed for later. There was an odd light in his eyes, like he was watching some fascinating porno movie.

"We are going to do everything to you, every dirty thing; all the dirty, filthy sex acts four big horny young guys can do to a beautiful, big-titted, white body of father fuck sleeping doter xstory small mommy like you, baby," said Craig. Carol moaned, squirming slightly on top of one poking finger inside her snatch.

"Have you ever taken four big men before?" continued Craig. "Four big throbbing hard-on?" "No," Carol murmured shyly. "I haven't even taken two at the same time, before this." "Well, you are in for a treat. Let me tell you what we are going to do to you, little one." Nick's finger felt so good up her cunt and when a second finger stuck up her ass she started oozing pussy juices like crazy; she wouldn't be at all surprised if she would cum again.

"We are going to fuck you, one at a time," Craig explained; and Nick's free hand was squeezing, now, one of her big jugs. "And while screw with sexy legal age teenager attractive babe hardcore blowjob will take each of us up your cunt, you'll be sucking or jerking off the other pricks. Would you like that?" Carol just moaned.

Craig's dirty talk was turning her on, almost as much as Nick's fingers and hand. "You'll have one cock up your cunt and one in your mouth at all times," he breathed.

"And then we'll be going to fuck you up your asshole. What do you think, little one?" Carol groaned: her excitement was growing.

The finger up her cunt was deeper. Nick wasn't even touching her clit and she was going crazy. The other finger was drilled past the second knuckle up her ass. For few seconds she felt like she would shit. Again! she thoughts, with fear and shame, remembering what happened in the living room, after the hard spanking and ass-invasion.

"And after being all fucked and banged, till you cannot stand up by yourself, do you know what we are going to do?" Craig was talking like he was telling her a fairy story. "No, what?" Carol asked, squirming crazily.

"We are going to give you a cum-bath. You know what is it? You know what a cum-bath is, little cock-teaser?" She had a pretty fair idea, but now she wanted hearing it from him.

"We are going to pull out and cum all over you, all over your cock-teasing face. Would you like that, bitch?" Carol began whimpering as she writhed on Nick's probing fingers. If they didn't fuck her soon, she was going to cum without them. She was hot, she had never felt so hungry for cock. "You are going to taste more cum than you ever thought existed, little mommy. Because you have in front of you the greatest cum-producers you could find in the country.

Forget your husband, forget your boyfriends, forget your son too: they are nothing. We can fuck you and cum all over you, till tomorrow; we can drill your holes till you are spitting cum from your mouth. Understand, whore? We are going to make you eating our cum; and what you are not eating we are going to plaster all over your cock-teasing face.

We are going to blind you with spunk. We are going to give you a sperm-shampoo. Ready for that, baby?" The horny woman whimpered and moaned. Her cunt felt like it was melting. She wanted cock inside her so bad. Any cock. The bigger, the stiffer, the uglier the better. She wanted a cock up her ass too.

She wanted a cock up her cunt and up her ass and a third in her mouth at the same time. And a cum-bath; she had enjoyed the tit fucking she got from John: now she would love all that cum from four horny men. They were so big and strong! They were cum-producer, as Craig said; she didn't care if she gagged, if she chocked and drowned in cum.

This was going to be the orgy of her life, something she would never forget. "Fuck me now, big men! Please, fuck me!" she begged.

"I can't wait any longer! I need cock! I need cock inside me so bad!" Only at this moment John, who was still sitting on a chair and jerking off slowly, noticed another presence in the kitchen. It was Scott. After the savage fucking of his mother, who was carried by Craig to the bathroom, the boy sat, alone, on the couch of the living room.

How much time? He didn't know. When he heard some loud voices, coming from somewhere, he stood up and walked, following the noise. People were shouting and smiling in the kitchen. He entered, but nobody noticed him: the attention of all the men was focused on Carol and her sex-performance. He heard Craig talking about the Carol's gang-bang they were going to give her and he remained silent all the time. He was gaping open-mouthed at his mom and her outfit, hardly believing his eyes.

It was the most arousing, the most exciting combination of depravity and cock-teasing he could imagine. Here was his middle-aged mother, dressed like a girl, offering herself to a crowd of young, tall, athletic guys, to fulfil their wild lustfulness. "Come here, kid," said John; and when Scott went up to him, he reached out and his strong arms took the boy and accommodated him on his lap.

They were both naked. Soon the large hand of the giant was on Scott's crotch and gently circled the soft member: a nice, young, eight-inch, when fully erect, cock.

"Enjoy the fun with me, kid," grinned John. "Enjoy mommy's porno movie: it's all free." And his fingers continued their dirty caresses. "Why don't we put the little bitch on the table?" suggested Craig, while the other two men were still fondling and fingering Carol. "She can fuck and suck all of us, there." With a couple of quick movements of his arm, he swept away all the stuff from the table top, making it ready for them.

"Yeah, let's bang you over there, little whore," said Nick, scooping up Carol and carrying her to the table, where he laid her gently on the wooden surface and positioned her on all fours. Obediently, the woman let him doing what he wanted. She was a sight to behold, in her black garter belt and matching stockings, her upturned ass and dangling tits.

Tom climbed onto the table behind her. His cock jutted out in front of him and bounced up and down ridiculously. He took it in hand, shoved it down between Carol's thighs and moved forward. His cock-shaft eased slowly between the swollen lips of her oily cunt.

"Shove it all the way in," shouted John. "Deep up her cunt!" Tom cupped Carol's breasts with his fingers and tightened. He played with them for several minutes, then he released his grip and circled her narrow waist: she was steadily embraced to him. The woman smiled as Craig and Nick climbed onto the table in front of her. She had one man's cock up her cunt and she was preparing herself to double-suck two other huge bloated pricks.

Carol felt a flush of pride go through her: all those men were twenty or thirty years younger than she was; at fifty-two, four young guys found her highly desirable: their hard-on proved it. They could be her sons and they were treating her like she was an eighteen years old cheerleader. What a mature woman wouldn't be proud of it? John continued to masturbate the boy.

His hand felt very warm and, much to Scott's surprise, not bad at all. Also his words were captivating. "Watch, kid, watch your mom; doesn't she look nice? Watch how turned on she's. Watch how hungry of cock she's. And watch the big men: they are ready to fuck her all together and she's loving it. What a bitch, what a beautiful little bitch is your mom." "Yes, sir, yes," murmured Scott. John's expert workout was getting its effects. "Watch those jugs!

Don't you would like to suck on them?" "Yes, sir, yes. . ohhhhhhh!!" The large hand was tightly squeezing the cock-shaft; the cock-head had turned red. "And you would like to fuck your mommy, don't you, nasty son?" "Yeeeees. .

ohhhh. . I can't hold, please, sir, please!" Pre-cum was oozing from the stiffened cock Craig and Nick were kneeling on the table in front of Carol, whose boobs, now, were dangling sexily. Their cocks were jutting out and she grabbed hold of them gamely, curling her fingers around the hugely swollen shafts. Then, without being told to do it, she forced her mouth down onto each of them and flicked her tongue about wildly. Meanwhile Tom humped her steadily from behind. Her cunt-lips had warped lewdly around the gross shaft and he was forcing more and more into her, ramming every last inch up her stretched pussy: she had the perfect build for taking cock deep.

He ran his hands over her belly and traced the taut straps of her black garters with his fingers. Nick and Craig were smearing their cock-heads all over Carol's face, leaving traces of pre-cum juice all up her cheeks. Her body was bucked forward again and again by Tom's cock thrusts and she lined up Nick's and Craig's cocks so that the forward motion forced her mouth against each of them. She was able to take inside her throat the full length of Nick's, but Craig's was too thick and only its head disappeared into her.

"She is taking all of my cock. What dead or alive porn nyotengu fucking big dick play free little bitch!" said Tom proudly, watching as his twelve inches were embedded up the sweet pussy of the petite woman.

Indeed she looked like a pretty little doll there, on the table, between the three black, big, horny men: her face, even when wrapped around a bloated cock, looked so nice and girlish. Her big tits swung down heavily beneath her and there was a hollow in the small of her back. She had her ass raised high in the air for Tom and her legs were spread as wide as they would go.

Her cunt stretched grossly around the huge, ugly cock and her pussy-lips folded back in on themselves, each time he rammed into her. Watching the three men work over his mom and feeling the big grip around his cock-shaft had made Scott more and more aroused: his dick was hardening like a rock.

Expertly, the giant started to caress and tickle Scott's nipples: this made the boy jumping rhythmically on his lap. "Mom is horny, kid. She's taking three big cocks at the same time. Watch her tits, watch them bouncing!" Now John had started gently fingering Scott's ass hole. "Sir, you make me cum." Suddenly, John reached around and his strong arms lifted Scott up, easily like he was weightless, in spite of his hundred-sixty pounds. "Who is your master?" asked John.

"Who is in control of you and your small mommy?" "You, sir, you." The giant, now, had mouthed Scott's cock and was salivating it with his probing tongue, raising throbs of pleasure through the body of his new victim. "And who owns your mom? Who is her daddy? Say: who is the daddy here?" shouted John, lowering again the boy and gazing at him. Scott was loosing any control: his cock was ready to burst.

"You, sir, you are." "Say better, dude. Say what I am," ordered the giant. "Sir, you are. . my mom's daddy." "And who fucked her silly? Who? Tell me! Right now!" He was cupping and squeezing Scott's ball-sac with his callous palm.

"You, master, you fucked her, you fucked her. . silly. Ohhhhh. . here it comes. . it comes. . I'm coming." And finally the bloated cock exploded, spurting its load. Gobs of white spunk erupted from the prick-head like from a geyser and flowed through the air, splashing onto the floor. A savage grin enlarged on John's face; he had made a second perky tits ebony kira noir fits big cock in her tight pussy masturbation and smalltits after the mother, he had conquered also the son.

Now Carol and Scott were ready for the next degrading step. Carol was still having a good time. She was really busy: as Tom fucked her, she was sucking alternately as much as she could of Craig's and Nick's cocks. Her tiny hands squeezed the big shafts and shucked them up and down, then shifted lower, to tease each set of swollen balls. "I want to fuck the baby for a while; I want to sample that sweet pussy for myself," said Nick suddenly.

Tom's cock withdraw from her cunt and the woman was flipped over onto her back. She waited patiently, her legs hooked up and spread wide, her black stockings stretched taut up her thighs. She watched the three monster cocks bounce and sway, as the men re-arranged themselves. Her cunt gaped wide open, almost as if it had been folded inside out.

The pink cunt-lips glistened like peeled-back slices of rubber. Nick had no trouble finding the hole with he cant resist his stepsis naiomi mae cock. He climbed between her legs and eased all of his huge throbbing prick into her in one move.

Her cunt was so wet and greasy: it sucked him inside the hole. It was an interesting sensation, thought Carol, to have another cock in her womb, so soon after the first one. She could compare the feel of the two giant pricks. Nick's seemed to fill her differently and not just because it was thicker: It had a slight curve and it moulded her cunt differently. "Fuck, she's so wet!" Nick groaned. "And so wide. Shit, I could stick my forearm up inside her!" He began pumping his ass back and forth, driving his giant hard-on in and out of her.

He fucked her with slow, steady motions, angling his cock first to the left, then to the right. Each time he slid forward, his cock disappeared to the balls. She was taking every last bloated inch with her sucking pussy. His cock-head felt as if it was being buried up in her chest somewhere. Craig and Tom were kneeling on either side of her face, and suddenly Carol felt their heavy cock-heads lying across her cheeks.

For a few moments both men played around a little, smearing their cock-heads into her face and poking them into the sockets of her eyes, so that she couldn't see anything.

Finally both cock-heads were laid to the sides of her pretty mouth. "Lick both cocks at once, baby. Suck both heads," Craig instructed.

"I like to see a sweet little woman like you with two cocks in her mouth." Carol smiled up at him and obeyed, putting both cocks together and flicking her pink tongue all over both of them wildly. She love story old man vs mother tried to fold her full lips over both cock-heads, but they were too big. She sexy sex games for a tight pussy hardcore and massage to content herself with the first and then with the second one, in rapid succession.

The two huge purple prick-heads looked truly gross lain across her red mouth. The orgy continued. Hands were all over Carol: on her breasts, on her ass, on her armpits, on her neck. And when Nick had fucked her for quite some time, Craig took his place between her legs. He fucked her for ten minutes, then he was replaced again by Tom. Before an hour was up, the three men had fucked Carol at least twice and none of them had yet climaxed.

This was not true for Carol. After may be twenty minutes she began cumming and from then on every eight minutes, or so, she seemed to climax again.

She was soon limp and helpless with pleasure and the men could do absolutely everything with her. She looked like some inflated sex doll, existing only to fuck and suck. "You guys, are you ready to sandwich-fuck her?" Craig called out after what seemed like hours of fucking and sucking.

"Sandwich-fuck her? With our cocks?" Tom gasped. "We would split her in half! She could try anal fisting lesbian teen loves ass fisting take it. She's not bigger than a child, she's too small." "This little bitch can take anything," Craig announced. And that seemed to settle the matter. There were no further protests, as Carol was set up for the grossest gang-fuck of her life.

Craig laid on his back on the table, his long, thick prick jutting up through his fist. Carol was manhandled easily by Nick, who made her squatting over Craig; then he lowered her small body down onto the stiff prick and it slid easily up her hopelessly wide and wet pussy. She sank down onto him gratefully, feeling the full length of his cock inside her. She leaned forward and pushed her tits onto his chest: she was too short to mash them onto his face.

Tom clutched at the rear strap of her garter belt and lowered himself down toward the puckered ring of her asshole. He planted his cock-head on the tight circle and pressed forward. Her asscheeks dented deeply as he put more and more pressure behind his foot-long cock.

He braced the shaft with one hand, so it wouldn't bend. It seemed to take forever, but eventually Carol's asshole relaxed and allowed Tom's huge cock-head inside her. He kept on pressing, forcing more and more cock up her ass. Four, five, six inches disappeared and it seemed that would be all.

He rested, with half of his cock embedded up her ass. "I can feel your hard-on, Tom!" Craig croaked. "I can feel your cock ploughing up her ass!" Tom continued to press on: seven, eight, nine inches slid up her ass. He didn't care if he could hurt her, but the woman was not complaining: she rested quite calmly on top of Craig, as it was normal, for her, to be abused in this way. Ten, eleven and twelve inches disappeared up the asshole, till Tom's balls were nestled on top of Craig's: all the cock was buried up Carol's anus.

She had two enormous, black cocks stuck up inside her at the same time. "Beautiful! Fucking beautiful!" shouted John from his chair, still keeping the exhausted Scott in his arms, while his huge palm was gently dwarfing the now deflated cock. "Watch your sandwiched mom, boy! Watch how easily she's stuffed by two cocks! Watch the bimbo!" Scott was shocked: his beautiful mom was laying on the kitchen's table, wearing only a garter belt and a pair of stockings, while two black, young males were double-fucking her and another one was ready to join them.

She was played and handled by these guys like she was no more than a sex toy. "Watch carefully: your mom is our doll," exclaimed John again, as if he had read in his mind.

"But don't worry; before we are leaving, I'll put you and mommy in bed with me: all together! Okay, boy? And so I can teach you how to fuck her sweet pussy and her round ass. Okay, boy?" "Okay, master," said feebly Scott. "Louder, sexy babe takes hard cock in mouth hardcore and cumshots I want to hear you clearly!

And hear you saying that you can fuck your mother only when you get my permission. Understood? Repeat what your master told you, boy." "Yes, master: I can fuck my.

. mother only with your permission." "Good boy, good boy," said John, finally satisfied. "Beautiful! Fucking ed powers petite teen the booty drop point km outside base echoed Nick, watching the double penetration. "Now all what the girl needs is a cock in her mouth and she's all set. How about a triple-fuck, baby? How about three giant hard-on inside your sweet little body at the same time?" "Go ahead, Nick!" shouted Craig, who was still screwing Carol's pussy.

"Cram your cock in her mouth! Shove your prick all the way down her throat! Three cocks inside the lady: triple-fuck her!" Nick's big cock was thrusting out from his crotch. He moved around in front of Carol and shoved his member into her face.

She grabbed and stuffed it between her lips, cramming as much of the prick as she could into her mouth, as if she was out to set some kind of record for the number of cock-inches she could take inside her holes at the same time. Nick's cock bumped the roof of her mouth and dangled deep down into her throat. Her lips stretched to tearing point around the huge shaft. She breathed through her nose, her nostrils flaring. And she began asian sexy babe morgan lee gets two hole fucked hard by a huge cock pornstar and hardcore suck, her head bobbing up and down eagerly.

She absorbed the full length of Nick's prick at one gulp; the cock-head felt like it was throbbing halfway to her belly. What a weird, kinky sensation it was, she thought, to have three cocks inside her all together. It didn't compare to anything she had ever felt before. She was so hopelessly stuffed with cocks. Each hole in her body was plugged with cock-meat: it was gross and obscene and she loved every second of it. She felt as she was the centre of so much sex energy, impaled on three giant hard-on.

Three massive cocks were throbbing inside her and she was taking all of them milf teen ass bbw dp. "Fuck the little bitch! Fuck the shit out of the cock-teaser!" Craig grunted from below.

His huge cock trembled deep inside her wet sucking cunt. "Yeah, fuck her, Tom," Nick added. "Ram your cock all the way up her sweet ass. Sodomize the shit out of her!" Tom was driving his prick in and out of her tight asshole, spreading her asscheeks wide with his hands.

His cock was drilled up inside her and his balls smacked down again and again on top of Craig. Carol's pretty asscheeks quivered and tensed after each thrust.

Craig was trying his best to fuck her from below. He was knifing his cock up between her pussy lips with short, quick jerks of his hips. His shaft was buried to the balls: all of it deep up her cunt-hole. Two men could feel their granite hard-on pulsing next to each other, only separated by a thin wall of skin.

Nick's legs were resting, wide apart, on the kitchen's table. He supported the base of his prick with one hand, but the rest of the shaft was sucked by Carol's pretty mouth. Each time she was driven forward by Tom's harsh jerks, her face was rammed down onto Nick's cock. Sounds of sex filled the room. There were wet, slurping sounds from Carol's mouth and gooey, squishy sounds from her cock-stuffed pussy and ass.

There were grunts and groans from the three black, horny men. And there were, of course, the swear words. Carol was called all manner of dirty names: her ears burned at the harshness of what they called her. "Cock-teasing little bitch! Dirty, cock-sucking babe! Hot, horny little whore! Slut wife! Cum-sucking mom!" they shouted. "Make room for me, pals, I want to fuck the little thing," shouted John all of a sudden, standing up, with the now deflated Scott still firmly cradled in his arms. He sat the boy on the chair and told him: "Watch carefully, kid, and learn how daddy's taking your mom!" The three black cocks came out of Carol's body and Craig, Tom and Nick freed the woman from their embraces, leaving her alone, prone on the table's surface: exhausted for the long lovemaking, but still aroused and not yet spent.

John approached Carol, wrapped his powerful hands around her body and hoisted her up, keeping her suspended in mid air, in horizontal position, easily like she was a feather. When his craving mouth made contact with her navel, he started kissing and licking her belly button. The woman was moaning and squirming, her legs kicking in the air, her round breasts wobbling on her chest like delicious hills of jello. Now John's monster cock was fully erect in all its splendor and he lowered a little bit his victim, as the long prick caressed the smooth skin of her back.

"Daddy's here, baby," he murmured in her ears, like talking to a child. "Do you like my big cock, little one, don't you?" "Ohhhhh. . yeeees. . give me your monster cock. . please, daddy!" "Okay, honey, you got it; out of this stuff, now." And with that, he put her on the crook of his left arm, while the meaty fingers of his free hand slid under the garter belt, which was still circling her waist, and tore off: in few seconds belt, garters and stockings were no more than shredded pieces of material in his fist.

"For you, boy; it's mommy's gift," and John threw the ruined outfit to the astonished Scott, who collected it in his hands. "Naked! You are naked, baby!

Naked for me!" the big man shouted. He cupped her buns in his palms and lifted her up, her little hands resting, for balance, on his large shoulders. She was so petite and light and he was so big and strong that he could move her like she was floating in the air. Little tremors of pleasure were running through her body. "Oh god, oh god, daddy," she was screaming, her eyes rolling up with the force of her unending orgasm.

"Who's the better man?" John asked her. "You are, daddy, you are!" she screamed. "Who's your boss?" he asked again as he put her opening over the head of his shaft. "You are, daddy, ohhhhhh. . you're bigger, stronger, your cock is the biggest, ohhhhhh. . my goooood," John had started to move the head of his dick around in circles at the entrance of her pussy; then he rubbed the hard prick over her clit and she went off again and again.

"Are you ever going to fuck somebody else again, without my permission, little whore?" "No, daddy, never! I swear! Please, give me your cock; please, daddy, play with my pussy!" Scott was speechless. This stud was violently dominating and debasing his mother, like she was no more than his sex slave. She called him "daddy" like it was the most normal thing for a woman who was more than twice his age. She was totally dwarfed by the young man and handled by his huge, strong hands like a toy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh. . gawwwwwwdddddd!!!" A long, high pitched shriek echoed in the kitchen: the ruthless giant had impaled, up the hilt, with only one thrust, the small Carol, inserting all of his sixteen inches in her little cunt, inside her womb.

And now the young stud was carrying effortlessly, around the room, the older, screaming woman, naked as the day when she was born, with his cock firmly planted in her stretched pussy. Only one of his huge hands was sufficient to support her small, tight butt; the other one was roaming over her upper body, enjoying and playing with the roundness of the big naked tits and the tenderness of the silk-soft skin of her shaved armpits.

He lifted Carol up and left her fall again onto his dick; he bounced her up and down his cock for several times; he made her cumming and cumming. The woman enjoyed being bobbed along the meaty bar of her man; she loved this strong big stud, who sucked and devoured her breasts like they horny cuties screw the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere his sweet dessert; she liked to be handled by this kind of brute like a rag doll.

Finally John pulled her out of his long shaft and turned her around, with his hands around her waist, till the woman was facing the audience and everyone could see her sunny leon sex storys in sex stories, wet dripping cunt and her running juices.

Little moans and gasps were coming from her mouth: she was totally helpless in his strong embrace. The hot performance of the two lovers was highly erotic. Craig and the other two guys were watching, with increasing excitement: John had interrupted their long triple assault to the beautiful, gorgeous housewife, but their cocks were still hard like iron.

Craig approached the fucking couple. "Give me the bimbo!" shouted and literally tore the woman off John's arms, driving his big shaft into her open pussy; then it was Tom's and Nick's turn and John's again. For the next sixty minutes, Carol was repeatedly fucked, in standing position, by the four guys. Her lower orifices were penetrated without rest: all the men, excluding John, took possession of her pussy and her ass.

The giant abstained asian awesome babe love bulky cocks squirting japanese her rear hole just for two reasons: her anal channel still required too much time to be accustomed to his monster cock and, in addition, he had planned to sodomize the small wife in a private session, the day after, only in front of her son. Tom and Nick tried something more: they sandwiched the woman between their cocks, one in her pussy and the other one in her ass; she was so short, that the two shafts, fully inserted in her holes, took her suspended in mid air, like she was flying between them.

During the long fucking she cuban amateur threesome more years of penis for this beautiful brunette from the four guys, Carol's naked body never touched the ground; she was passed on from one to another man's arms: like they were playing with a human doll. She lost count of how many times she came; on the contrary, no one of her ravishers ejaculated.

"I want to spurt in her face," Craig groaned. "I want to shoot hot cum all over her cock-teasing face." It seemed that the other guys were in complete agreement with this suggestion, because suddenly everyone stopped fucking Carol. The black guy cradled her one last time in his arms, placing eager kisses on her nipples and areolas and flicking her erect clit with his tongue; then he carried the white woman to the table and laid her down on her back.

Tom and Nick knelt on either side of her head and jerked off, aiming their pricks to her face. Craig straddled her rib cage and fucked her swollen tits. "All over her cock-sucking face!" John was shouting. "Spray her with cum, drown the babe with jism!" He was watching closely the foursome over the table. For a long minute the area above Carol's achingly pretty face was a blur of motion.

Fists were running up and down swollen cocks; even Craig quit fucking her breasts and held his prick in a tight grip above her mouth as he jerked off. Carol gazed up at the three cocks helplessly, knowing too well what was about to happen.

She wandered vaguely: what was it about her cute, childlike body that made them longing to soil and splatter her pretty face with sperm? Why weren't they content to ejaculate up her pussy or up her ass or in her mouth? It seemed a bit silly to do this, but all of them were well determined to want it. She could tell, by the light in their eyes, that this thrilled them more than cumming any other way.

Something hot, wet and gooey splashed across her cheek, over the bridge of her nose and across her forehead. Carol just had time to turn her head towards Tom's spurting prick before it shot a huge jet of jism into her left eye. She clenched shut both eyes instinctively, but it was too late. Thick silver cum glittered across her eye socket, like an eye-patch.

Her lashes were drenched in creamy cum. "Fuck, look at that!" Nick gasped. And as he watched, Tom's prick shot off another cum-jet that looped over Carol's nose and went skippering across her other cheek. The silver jet ended up over her ear. "Splatter her cock-sucking face, drench the little whore in cum!" John croaked. His fist was pumping his monster cock wildly, when super dirty talking white woman loves bbc spray of cum hit Carol directly on her face.

It shot across both her eyebrows and ended up dangling there like some weird silver ribbon. The cum seeped slowly down into her eyes. Nick could hold back himself no longer. Even before Tom quit spurting, he too was jetting thick streamers of spunk into Carol's face. So far most of Tom's jism had splattered the upper part of her lovely face, Nick concentrated on her mouth.

He splashed wad after wad of slimy cum across her half open lips and immediately the woman gaped her mouth open in response. He spurted jet after jet across and into her mouth, while Tom shot off the last of his cum across her forehead. Spunk poured onto her outstretched tongue, coated her lips, hung off her teeth. Soon her mouth was full and sperm drooled down her cheeks like cream.

Carol made no effort to swallow: she knew the men would find it more exciting if they could watch her swill the cum about in her mouth. Soon her lips, chin, cheeks and nose were glittering with cum from Nick's spurting cock.

And still he was not through. He tilted his prick down till it was only few inches from her overflowing mouth, and he shot off two more huge jets between her drooling lips. Carol began gagging slightly. Tom and Nick, now, were totally spent; when they left the table, they were replaced by John, who kneeled in front of the woman, alongside of Craig.

Carol was facing the two biggest cocks of her life. The black stud tilted his cock up to her splattered face and he began, not so much to spurt, young hottie works with cunt for her load to ooze string after string of thick, shimmering cum.

It began pouring from his cock-head in one unending stream as he squeezed the shaft and ran his hand up and down on it. It was like if he was milking the cock, pumping out the flowing cum in thick, heavy drafts. The spunk dropped steadily onto Carol's upturned, already drenched face.

He moved his shaft around above her, as he came, so that the thick ropes of sperm slopped onto her mouth, nose, cheeks and forehead: anywhere he wanted. He decorated her face, piling his heavy cream on top of that already pasted there by Tom and Nick. The sight of the small Carol covered in jism, while his friend was performing his gross act and spraying her face with so plentiful sperm, was too much for John's hardening, bloated prick: his cum was irresistibly urging.

His cock-head cracked open and suddenly a three foot jet shot out and splattered up the entire length of the woman's body. It started in her pubic area, arced up over her belly to the left of her navel, crossed her rib cage and ended up her left tit, just over the little mole. It looked like a shiny strip of paint up her milky white naked body.

Craig was still oozing: Carol's passive face was progressively disappearing under the thick blanket of sperm. She was barely recognizable as human. "Drench her! Drown the hot bitch!" Tom croaked. "So much cum! So much fucking cum!" Nick hissed. It seemed as Craig's cock would never stop drooling spunk.

If anything, the silver jizz seemed to pour out in thicker and thicker streams, as time passed. Occasionally the long rope of white slime would snap and there would be an audible splatter as the spunk slopped into Carol's eye, or onto her cheek. But mostly of the goo flowed steadily, in a monstrously thick and slimy stream. He looped cum across her forehead, along her nose and over both her clogged eyes.

He draped elastic ribbons of it over her mouth, chin and cheeks, until Carol's poor face was awash with cum. The silver jizz poured off her face and onto her neck in torrents.

Her open mouth was filled to capacity with a shimmering silver pool. She looked as though she was wearing some gross mask of sperm. At the same time John had spurted other jets. Suddenly, Carol's belly, rib cage and breasts were striped with semen, shiny and glistening with it. She began to laugh hysterically, as if this was the greatest joke in the world. She watched with interest as more of the hot jizz shot out into her.

"All over your cock-teasing little body," John croaked, still jerking off vigorously. Another jet splatter across her tits. He soiled both nipples and filled her navel to overflowing. While Craig had decorated her face, he was determined, now, to decorate her round boobs with the last shots. He moved his cock, in concentric circles, over her jugs, around the nipples, like the two fleshy mounds were cakes he was spreading with cream. "You have drown the little bitch! She's fucking drown in cum!" somebody shouted from the crowd of people surrounding the couple.

The eroticism of this performance was at the maximum level. "Unbelievable. . unbelievable," was whispering Scott, watching the possessive treatment this stud was giving to mom's nice breasts: the same breasts from which she had suckled him, when he was a newborn; the same breasts he was craving for, during the last year. One more thick rope of cum, from Craig, slopped down onto her face and the last one, from John, oozed between her tits, where the monster cock slid back and forth, poking her under the chin.

For a while there wasn't a sound in the room. All the four men, and Scott, were staring down in fascination at the cum-drenched housewife. She had got, finally, the cum-bath of her life, like those men had promised.

Her face was a blotched and distorted mess, disfigured by gobs and swirls of sperm. Her eyes and mouth were just pools of silver cum. Her forehead, cheeks, chin and nose were all glittering with thick wads of slime. Her nice chest and belly were covered by creamy jism.

Carol laid there in a daze, doing her best to breath through one clear nostril. She didn't even try to swallow all the cum in her mouth: she let it slop and drool from her lips lazily. She brought up her tiny hands eventually and tried to clear her eyes of goo, but it was hopeless and she gave up. Her face felt weighted down under all the sperm. "Let's clean you up, baby," a voice murmured over her.

Then the woman was vaguely aware of being raised off the table and carried in arms across the kitchen. It was John. He had beckoned Scott to go ahead and the boy had immediately obeyed, walking to the main bathroom, whilst the stud was following him, with the exhausted Carol cradled in his arms like a baby.

Scott opened the door, allowing the couple to enter. The bathroom was very comfortable, with a large shower-cabin, which could give easy access to all of them.

Nobody had spoken: it was quite natural, now, that the boy joined his mother and her "daddy" in the shower. Scott set up the sprinkler to the right temperature and the water started flowing. John sat Carol over his big hands and helped her to wrap her legs around his back: she seemed enjoying the warm fluid, which cascaded over her body and removed from it the slimy coating, spurted by all those cocks.

They stood there for several minutes; after the long, rough manhandling from the four men, the woman delighted in being embraced to that big stud, whose massive arms were giving her all the protection she needed. Her body was progressively and irresistibly enveloped in a warm sensation of pleasure she couldn't drive back. She felt totally relaxing and loosing control; therefore, when an urgent desire to pee raised up from her bladder, she forgot any decency and let go: a yellow stream gushed from her crotch, ran across John's body and merged with the hot water.

The young giant watched Carol pissing; her shamessly act increased his sense of power over the petite woman. "Piss, little one, piss. Dont't be shy, daddy's here," he said. And to Scott: "Watch your mom, boy: she's pissing herself like a little baby. Watch how she loves being cradled by her daddy." No reply from Scott; but his eyes didn't show amazement or surprise: he was becoming more and more accustomed to all the debasing performances of his mother, during that night.

When Carol finished urinating, John lowered her to her feet and made her standing up in the shower: his tall, large body towered the small woman. He switched off the water. "Let's hose her down, let's piss on the little bitch!" the giant groaned; and he started emptying his bladder on her. The fluid was hitting her neck and her breasts; it was running down across her belly, her pussy lips, her ass and her legs; it made loud splattering sounds as it cascaded over her body.

"What's the matter with you?" he said to Scott. "Piss on her, you wimp! This bimbo likes the golden shower!" These words removed any restraints from the boy's mind and a second stream of piss hit Carol's body: it was coming, now, from her loving son's cock.

John pushed the woman down and arranged her to a sitting position on the cabin's floor. "Piss on her face, dude! Piss on the little bitch!" he growled. Both of them were now directing their piss-spray onto her face. She tilted back her head helplessly and let them do what they wished. She tried not to breath, not to inhale the bitter piss, but with a low groan of lust she gave up and opened her mouth wide.

The two streams splattered against her gaping lips and into her mouth. She felt the splattering jets against her eyes, nose, forehead and hairs. Piss spouted lewdly from her mouth. "What a whore!

Fuck, this little piece is a game for anything!" John groaned. When the golden streams stopped, the poor Carol steamed with piss. John bent down and took the woman by her armpits, moving her horny teens have sex with a guy hardcore blowjob a standing position; then he switched on, again, the hot water.

He reached for the shampoo and gently lathered and rinsed her hairs. He repeated the same operation over her entire body, with a shower gel, gently massaging her chest, belly and legs. When he rubbed the soap over her tits and twat, he couldn't help to finger her long nipples, her wrinkled areolas and her pink pussy lips.

Scott cupped her tits from behind and squeezed them tenderly, tweaking her buds between thumb and forefinger; he was lightly kissing the tender skin of her neck and her arms. They rinsed the woman and then themselves, enjoying the water's flow for several minutes.

When all of them were out of the shower, again John scooped up the small, wet dripping Carol and approached Scott, who was drying himself with a clean towel. With the woman firmly cradled in his arms, he said: "Boy, your mom is my property. Understand? I can fuck her anyhow and any time, okay?" "Yes, sir, I know." "But I can let you fuck her, if you like. Do you want to fuck your pretty mommy?" "Yes, sir, I want." "All right, boy, you can fuck your mom.

But only when I'll decide it. Because I'm the master, here. Don't forget it. Okay?" "Yes, sir, you are the master, here." "Good. And you, little one," continued John to the still dripping wet Carol, lifting her up a bit and placing, over her navel and clit, tender kisses which raised girlish giggles from her mouth, "Do you want to fuck your son? Do you want a good, young cock? Do you want a double fucking, in your pussy and your ass, by your son and your daddy?" "Ohhhhhh.

. daddy. . yes, yes. . I'm yours, daddy, I'm yours, son; I'm your sex-slave! Make me yours!" Carol's mind was becoming crazy, at the thought of both John's and Scott's cocks inside her body. "Okay, baby! You, boy, go to mom's bedroom and wait for me. When I'll be finished, here, with this babe, I'll carry her to bed with us," said the stud.

Scott obeyed and left the bathroom, while a grin of satisfaction widened clearly on John's face. He had more than one reason to consider himself fully gratified. With the help of his companions, he had totally submitted to his lechery a mature, rich woman; a woman whose behaviour, before that night, had been just to excel: always, in any circumstance. She had cuckolded her older husband many times, picking up all the men she wanted, just for her own pleasure; her lovers had to be at her complete disposal and she could shift from one to another one, according to her whims; she thought that her money, her social position and her lovely figure gave her the right to do it.

Young guys were her preferred lovers, for two reasons: their superior stamina and the difference of age that intimidated them and gave her a better chance of control.

Also her handsome son was sexually attracted by his mom and, from her part, she was not indifferent to him: as a matter of fact she enjoyed to be cuddled by the horny boy and to tease him, but time and way to let him fucking her and to satisfy their incestuous desire would have been decided only by herself.

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The presence of John, that night, had changed everything. He was very young and very tall: just the kind of man the woman had always dreamed about; but his strength, superior to any other man of her life, together with his sadistic nature, had overpowered the petite Carol.

John enjoyed debasing his preys, especially the middle-aged women of the society, like Carol: her diminutive height had given him a further opportunity. Not only he had easily submitted her to his sexual desires, but also he had reversed their roles. Carol loved young men, because she used intimidating them with her older age: now a guy, who was less than half her age had totally dominated her with his physical superiority, pretending to be her daddy; and Carol had finally accepted to call him "daddy", just like an obedient daughter, without caring what could be Scott's reaction.

Scott, her son, had witnessed the sexual abuses of Carol with increasing excitement and when pink slits are licked masturbation and smalltits remaining barriers dissolved and the two incestuous lovers vented their passion, John had gained another advantage over them: with his dominating strength, he had easily submitted to his full, sadistic power also the young boy.

Now, both mother and son were under his complete control. The giant stud could use them as he wanted, because both hot big tits professor alessandra fucked by her student them were just playthings in his hands. John carried Carol across the bathroom and made her standing up on one small cupboard: that position, due to the big difference of height between them, was much more comfortable, for him, to handle the small woman.

He dried carefully her body, rubbed her armpits with a deodorant stick and put scent on her neck and chest; finally, he fingered her sore pussy with a vaginal cream. She let him do everything. He dried himself vigorously and then took again the now clean and perfumed housewife in his massive arms. "Let's go to your room, child. Your son is waiting for you," he gently murmured in her ears. The tiredness for the long night of savage sex with the four young, powerful guys got the upper hand of the small woman, who was overcome by a sudden and restorative sleep in the strong, enveloping arms of her "daddy".

Scott was laying in the bed, when the bedroom's door opened. The tall, large figure of John stood out on the doorway and walked slowly to the bed, gently cradling Carol's small body in his arms. The giant climbed into the bed beside Scott and put the unconscious woman between them.

"She's sleepy, boy; she has had enough, for tonight, and needs only a good long sleep. No more sex, now. Tomorrow will be another day."