Xxx pap not sex mom xxxson

Xxx pap not sex mom xxxson
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It was the first day of a 5 day week out of school. They gave us seniors at my highschool special privileges.

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Some schools give parties, we got a five day week out of school. Anyway when I got home I found a note on the refrigerator from my dad saying he was going to be out late. I wasn't surprised, all I had planned for the day was to jerk off then go to sleep anyway.

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Since I had some time out of school though I wanted to do something else like go out to the mall or something. I didn't have any money though but my dad always left money inside of his pants pockets. So I went into my dads room and looked inside his dirty clothes hamper inside of his closet through his pants pokets.

There was nothing so I kept searching. While searching in the closet I saw a box at the top of the closet. Being the curious me I took the box down and saw that there was some tapes and lube oil in the box. I've never tried lube cream so this mustof been my lucky day. I immediatly took a tape and some lube cream from the box and put it into my dads VCR in his room. It was a porn, and right on a part were the lady was getting pounded by this bulky black dude.

It got me hard and I did want to try the lube cream so I sat down on the bed, unzipped and pulled down my pants, put some lub on my hand and started molly jane xxx sexy story stroke my cock. The lube did make a difference.

I pictured myself being in the movie fucking the lady. Then I pictured myself as the lady getting pounded by the guy. After about five minutes of doing this I felt my finger slippind down to my ass and slowly going in. The lube made it slip right in. I was right in the middle of doing this when all of a sudden I heard a knock at the front door. I wasn't going to get up and answer it because I was in the middle of something. So I kept going.

When something had clicked in me. I left the door open!! If it were my dads friends they would just walk in because we trusted them like that and knew we didn't have anything worth stealing anyway. I heard the door open and immediatly jumped up and put my pants on when I heard somebody coming up the stairs. I turned the movie off and soon as it went off Chuck, one of my dads friends, busts in the room. "Hey Chuck" I said "Where's your dad", he said "He's gone, he said that he was going to be out late today".

I said I felt relieved for a second that I didn't get caught. When Chuck noticed the lube on the bed. "Whats this" Chuck said. I was speechless I couldn't utter a word. "So thats what u were doing hugh". He said Then Lyle came in and asked what was going on. He granny with big tits gets finger fucked by photographer the lube out of chucks hand.


I thought that I was going to die. "Its cool kid, you can never get past this no matter how old you get" He said At seventeen I was wondering why he said that.


Chuck asked me if I had found the movies. I told him yes. He told me to turn the one I had in the VCR on so I could let him see. I did and it was still on the part where the lady was getting pounded from behind. I couldn't help but to get a hard on again. I noticed that they had one on too. Lyle was huge.

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I would say that his dick was about 10 inches but not too wide. Chuck looked the same I would say about 7 or 8 inches. Both of them sat down on the bed and started to stroke themselves.

I was surprised as hell. By the next 4 minutes all three of us were lying on the bed jerking off. I think they were jerking off of the movie but I was jerking off because there was two older men about in their 30's lying beside me jerking off.

Chuck noticed me looking at his cock and asked if I like how it looked. I told him yeah so he made me suck it. The lube tasted like cherries. "Yeah, suck that dick," Chuck said suny lion jism 3 sex vedio Lyle was now rubbing his dick against my thigh and stroking my cock.

I couldn't control myself. The feeling of him stroking my cock with his big strong hands just made me vulnerable. So I came. Then I stopped sucking Chuck's cock and he let loose all over my face. We both sucked Lyles cock until he came.

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After that we cleaned up so my dad wouldn't notice and Chuck said that now that he wanted some of my ass but Lyle said no because there's no telling when my dad was going to come home. So they left. And I was left there by myself to think about what had just happened. I just had a threesome with my dads friends. I knew that I had to keep this to myself for forever.