Ennie and kari eating each other pussy

Ennie and kari eating each other pussy
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introduction - i am English, 33 years old, built like a brick shit house ( about 6ft 4in, about 265 lbs ), a gentle giant sometimes, an aggressive, in your face bastard othertimes, always try and see a situation in a humerous way, long, light brown hair, goatee, lovely blue eyes, tattoos, tongue piercing. always wear my leather biker jacket ( with tassels - big Ozzy fan ), leather trousers and boots.


had the nickname "staker" since high school - when my P.E. teacher told me I was the "biggest piss taker he'd ever had the displeasure of knowing", have 2 motorbikes, 1 for work as a courier, and 1 for hanging with the gang evenings and weekends. will always chuck in a heavy metal references ( or variation ) in the mix somewhere for my own amusement.

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am going to write a few stories based on some encounters that have happened to me - some normal(ish) sex stories, some more kinky . a strange request but nevermind, I guess they got a baby ? another £50 to stay and help for half an hour" I thought. "park a street away, enter the house through the backdoor at exactly 11 o'clock, do not announce your arrival and be quiet at all times".

I quietly made my way into the rear of the house, I stopped to read the large note on the door to the living room "sorry for being so precise. I checked your build with your office and you seem ideal. I have set up a little fantasy up for my wife - wendy. she thinks I've gone upstairs, ( I still am, that's why you had to show up at exactly 11 o'clock) to get our box of sex toys.

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this "box" is what you are delivering to us, feel free to open the box and do as you please - we have a varied love life so to speak, I promise that she will love anything you do to her. I have various cameras set up to record this, if you are not ok with the filming please unplug the socket to your left as you enter the room.

remember to keep quiet at all times as she thinks it will be me. one more thing, please don't cum up her as we are trying for a baby and I want it to be mine, have fun ." I opened the box, various vibrators, butt plugs, whips, gags, blindfolds, restraining equipment. a good few hundreds of pounds worth. "ok, let's have a look" I thought. I opened the door to the living room, it creaked, and I stepped inside. then the screeching started " about bloody time you sick pervert.

have you any idea how cold this table is ? I am freezing my bloody tits off ! just hurry up and get this over will you. this is gonna cost you £100's when I go shopping later !" what a voice, it was horrible, clearly she was originally from Liverpool, that dreadfull accent that sounds like they are clearing their throat and are going to spit every few words.

a bleached blonde (more white) skinny bitch (early 30's) in a pink ballerina costume, complete with shoes, pink, glossy tights, even hair virile stud and his hot floozy hardcore blowjob up in a bun on top of her head.

she was blindfolded and bent forwards over the large dining table, her hands extended infront of her and tied to the table legs. her legs were spread open and also tied to the table legs at her knees and ankles. two straps were around her torso keeping her firmly against the table top.

I had to shut up that horrible noise. I found a ball gag, she resisted, but accepted it with a bit of nose pinching. "that's much better" I smirked to myself. I inspected the restraints, was happy with them, took a few pictures on my phone, smiled at the video cameras and stripped.

I remembered her whine about "freezing her tits off". I went to the freezer and emptied all the ice cubes and put them into three bowls, and returned to wendy. I loosened the straps around her torso, grabbed her hair and lifted her just enough to slip a bowl of ice under each tit, pushed her back down and re-tightened the straps. she didn't like that a muffled scream told me. a hard slap on her arse reduced the scream to a whimper. I lifted her tu-tu and and pulled the crutch of her costume to one side and the tights down just enough.

before she realised what was going on I slipped a couple of ice cubes into her arse and plugged it with a medium size butt plug. nina elle and naomi woods amazing threesome on the bed weren't too keen on that either and wiggled around like a fish out of water, moaning into her gag. i have this thing about wet crutches in knickers, so I stood back and waited for the ice cubes to melt.

while waiting for the wet patch to appear, I re-adjusted her tits and applied the nipple clamps that I found in the box, paddled her arse abit and rubbed my hard cock all over her body her moans now becoming moans of pleasure.

when I was happy with the water mark on her bottom, I pulled the crutch of the costume to one side, ripped her tights and I one hard thrust I was in her warm wet cunt.

I could feel the butt plug thru her dividing wall making her cunt tighter. I noticed the time "shit I'd better hurry up" I thought, " don't want to give this bitch too much free fun". I uppped my pace, when I felt myself getting near, I pulled out and positioned my cock near Wendy's face, undid the ball gag and shot my spunk all over her face and into her mouth.

I left the gag off while I got dressed and took the bowls of cold water away. I considered tipping the ice water over her for good measure, but couldn't be bothered. "you tell that pathetic wimp trevor that i'll suck his little cock more often and stop spending so much of his money if he sends you round more often.

" I shrugged my shoulders in contemplation and left.


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