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Watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana
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Rapist at 14 #8 I would like to first apologize to the readers of this series. When I first wrote it I also wrote to many other stories that didn't have and ending yet and this one got lost in the shuffle. Prologue: As you will remember in my last two stories I had been hit by a car by a women named Carol Woods which ruined my football career and thereby losing my scholarship.

I moved back home to my mothers house and waited two years before I wet back and raped Carol Wood plus making her fuck her son and suck his cock. When I left her son was still fucking her. During the following year I was still pretty upset in loosing my scholarship and any chance I had to being an FBI Agent.

In that year I raped five women. Also readers I am not a rapist this series is my imagination at to what a rapist could be like. CONTINUING THE STORY; I stayed around the house for about a week doing nothing but fucking my sister. I had lost all interest in fucking my Mother and was glad she had found someone. I got a job with an insurance company as a fraud investigator so I got to travel a lot which kept my mind off what happened to me a little bit.

I"m getting a little ahead of myself hear. The first week I was home I took my sister Sara to a concert in the lesbian karlie montana and sasha heart playing a dildo on couch pornstars fingering. It was a music festival with a lot of semi known as well as some local bands.

We had been there about an hour and a half when we decided to get something to eat and watch one of the Rock Bands. They were at the bottom of the hill and a lot of people were sitting up there listening to them.

I noticed a woman in her early 30's I think sitting on the hill with her legs a little apart and she had no underwear on. You could see her shaved pussy and occasionally she would turn and open her legs wide.

I could see that all the members of the band had hard-on's. Just as Sara told me she had to pee the woman got up and started walking up into the trees. Now the bathrooms which were outhouses were on the other side of the field about a ¼ mile from us.

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I told Sara to go ahead and I'd wait here, but if I wasn't here when she got back to wait. I might go look at some of the booths that were on the fringe and were made up of a lot of kinds of Art work. As soon as she left I got up and headed into bendy teen jizzed by bbc interracial and pornstars woods in a round about way so I could approach the area she was headed without being seen by anyone below.

I always had my back pack with me that contained my mask, surgery gloves and masking tape as well as some pieces of rope. I circled around the top of the hill and started down in the general direction I thought she would be in. I put on my gloves and took two strips of masking tape and tape their ends to my belt. I could see her sitting on a log just below me taking a shit. I hid behind the nearest tree to her and waited for her to finish shitting. As she began wiping herself with some tissue's she had I snuck up behind her and put one piece of tape over her mouth and then grabbed her around the throat and told her if she struggled I would cut her throat.

I had her put her hands in the air and I pulled off her t-shirt but wasn't surprised to see she had no bra on. I taped her arms to her side and then bent her over the far end of the log she had been shitting on dropping my pants as I shoved my cock into her pussy. Her cunt took my cock as if it belonged there and I fucked her real hard for a long time. She tried to turn to see who I was but with my mask on she couldn't see my face. I pulled out of her pussy and without any preperation I shoved my cock in her Ass and fucked her there.

Her Ass had been fucked before and I slid in easily. For about thirty minutes I took turns fucking her Ass and her pussy finally driving deep inside her now totally wet hole and came. I took her over to a skinny tree and had her put her arms around it and I taped her hands so that she had enough room to not be totally against the tree and left going back up the hill removing my mask and gloves.

I stopped at a booth and bought a cheap pair of ear rings before going back to where we had been sitting. Sara was waiting and was thrilled with the ear rings.

We wondered around listening to several bands when two squad cars showed up and four policemen got out and ran up the hill. They soon came down with the women and four boys. It turned out that the boys all about fourteen were hiking on the hill and found her bound to the tree and decided to take turns fucking her.

From what I could hear each one had fucked her at least twice. Someone I guest saw what was going on and called the police on their cell phone. The woman was sitting with her legs wide open and her head down.

I noticed the police and everyone else was having trouble not looking at her stretched out pussy. I watched a couple of women jerked their men away when they saw them looking at her pussy. On the way home Sara kept talking about the woman and her dripping pussy. She said she got turned on looking at it and gave me a blow job on the way home.

She has become real good at it. She stopped after sucking me a short time and asked me "Who have you been fucking." Shit I thought I should have washed myself off. Only you sweet one, I guess I should have taken a shower before we left this morning. "I don't remember ever smelling this strong," She said. It's hot out there, what do you expect I told her. That seemed to do the trick and she resumed sucking me. It took us an hour to get home and I didn't cum until we were a block from the house.

When we got home she said, "Mom won't be home tonight so I want you to take a nice long shower after dinner because I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight.

She dammed near did. My next rape came about three weeks later. I was investigating a woman who had made a claim that she had severely hurt her neck when a large ice chest fell off a shelf and hit her in a major sporting chain store. She was suing for two million dollars plus punitive damages. Our company was paying for her doctor bills but when the original doctor who examined her and took x-rays said it didn't seem to be that bad. The company asked me to investigate the case.

When I interviewed her in her home she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Each time she would spread her legs just enough so that I got a good look at her hairy crotch and of course she didn't have any undies on. In the inter view I learned that she was divorced and living alone. She had a daughter age 18 away at college and was 42., not bad looking but a little skinny.

I judged her to be about a 33b or maybe a "C" cup 5'6' and about 105 lbs and was wearing a big neck brace. I told her what a nice home she had and complimented her on how neat it was. "Would you like to see the rest of the house," she said with a big smile on her face giving me another look at her hairy cunt.

As we walked through the house and got to her bedroom that had a big four poster bed she asked me how long it would take to process her claim.

I told her about six months. "Dam, that long? If you could find your way to hurry it along I could really show you my appreciation," she said and gave me a sexy smile while glancing toward the bed.

Now that was not a very subtle invitation I thought. I followed her for two days but couldn't tell if she was faking or tattoed blonde wanna please you and to fulfill your fantasy.


Then one nigh I put on my dark clothes and snuck into her back yard. The curtains were drawn but you could see in through a split where the sliding glass doors were. She was in the middle of the floor exercising without the neck brace. I had brought along a camera so I took pictures as I watched her do jumping jacks, and was she limber, she got on her stomach and bent her back so that her feet came back over her head and settled on the floor by her ears.

In so doing you could see a large camel toe between her legs as her tights were stretched to their limit. But when she sat on the floor and took her leg and put it by the side of her head with her foot behind her neck that was all I needed I took three pictures doing that. Just as I started to leave she stood and turned off the lights and went into her bedroom. I tried the slider and I could see it was one of those old cheap locks. I took out a credit card and flipper the catch and it worked.

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I put the camera in my blonde teen pov creamed cumshot and blowjob pack and took out the gloves mask and tape. I wiped the tape clean of my prints and put the two strips, a short and a long piece, and taped the ends to my left arm. Leabing the pack outside I put on the mask and gloves before slipping into the house.

I softly walked down the dark hall. I could hear water running and peeked into her bedroom where I could see her in the shower through the glazzed glass. I slipped over to the walk in closet and went in and waited. Several minutes later I heard the water turn off and she walked into the bedroom drying her head with a towel. The towel covered her head completely so I walked up behind her and quickly placed the tape over her mouth. I took my arm and placed it around her throat and told her in my low growly voice that if she struggled I would cut her face and throat.

Seems women become terrified when they think their face will be disfigured.

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I told her to place her arms at her side and I taped them to her. She smelled nice as I taped her. I threw her onto the bed and took a good look at her. I was right she was pretty skinny but her tits were nice even though they were sagging some but were stil firm enough. She was small boned with a nice firm Ass. Her eyes were like saucers but when I dropped my sweat pants and she saw the size of my hard on they go even bigger. She tried to kick me in the balls when I started to lay down beside her.

I leaned over and began to tongue her nipples and suck them as she squirmed and tried to move away from me but I put my arm around her neck and prevented her from moving. I continued kissing licking and sucking her nipples.

I slid my hand between her tightly held legs mom and son porn storyd pushed my fingers into the top portion of her hole. I began to gently rub her clit area and it took a little while before I felt her legs relax some. When she did that I was better able to take my forefinger and circle her tiny nub. I wanted to see if I could get her to want me to fuck her. As I lightly circled and rubbed her clit I could feel her pussy begin to moisten.

She parted her legs a little more so I began truning my finger up and down her slit ever so gently just inside her vulva all the while I continued sucking on her nipples. I could see her breathing was beginning to go faster and she was lying very still. I looked into her eyes and she quickley closed hers very tight. I'm sure she didn't want me to see that I was getting to her. She tensed up again but soon she relaxed was beginning to move her pussy to let my fingers enter her vagina.

I teased her a little longer and then slid two fingers inside her, slowly finger fucking her. I slid down between her legs and took my tongue and started circling her clit like I had with my finger. I heard her suck in her breath. I found her little bubble at the top front portion of her vagina and began to rub her "G" spot as My tongue slid into her pussy very slowly and deep as I could and began to tongue fuck her.

She was now breathing very rabidly and she gave a little moan every time my tongue came out and over her clit area. I new she was close to cumming because she kept shoving her pussy up into my face over and over.

When I began to suck her clit she raised her Ass and moaned through her tape Ahhhhhhhhhh. As I continued to suck her clit and rub her "G" spot. She began to violently shove her pussy into my face just before she flung her legs around my head and reared her Ass while squeezing my head with her legs and came. Boy did she cum, she shot a load of water into my mouth and chest causing me to choke.

I swallowed some but most of it went on the bed. At the same time she let out an AHHHHHGG, that if the tape hadn't been on her mouth you would have heard it all over the neighborhood BEFORE collapsing.

While she lay there I spread her legs wide and took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her opening and shoving it in about three inches. She had a small pussy and fake mom cherie deville in impregnated by my stepcronys son a 42 year old was really tight.

I didn't think it had been fucked very much. I lifted her Ass a little and shoved my cock deep inside her hot well lubricated cunt and began to fuck her. It took about a minute before she began throwing her pussy hard into me on my down stroke. She wasn't very deep and I kept hitting the bottom of her vagina and cervix. I was really enjoying her pussy and was driving my cock fast and deep into her hot hole.

I felt that old familiar feeling as my cock got a little larger. I slowed to prolong my fucking but when I knew I was going to blow I lifted her Ass up high and drove my cock deep and exploded into her cervix.

I heard her screaming and it sounded like a muffled nooo, please nooo but it was too late I filled her cervix and pussy full of my warm sperm. I rolled off her and when I looked at her she was rolling her head hard from side to side and she had a wild eyed look.

I smiled at her under my mask as she kept shoving her dani daniel behind the scene from side to side with her eyes still very wide.

I went over and took my knife out and sat on her chest. I placed the point next to her neck and pulled the tape off. Using my practiced low growl I asked her what was the matter. "OH god I didn't want you to cum in me I'm right at the prime time of my cycle and could get pregnant. I don't have a man so I'm not on the pill. I placed the tape back over her mouth and told her that was not any of my concern.

I rested for awhile and then took the knife and placed it at her throat as I sat back on her chest. I took the tape off and put my cock tip to her lips and at the same time I let the point o the knife nick her neck.

She opened her mouth and I shoved my cock in. She had a very small mouth and could just barely get her mouth around my cock. She wasn't bad, what she lacked in experience she made up with enthusiasm. I knew there was no use in trying to jam my cock into her throat so I just let her suck.

When I was good and hard I turned her over and pulled her Ass cheeks apart. I inserted two fingers into her wet pussy and then tried to put them into her Ass.

Her Ass was too tight. She was tighter than my sister the first time. I went into the bathroom and found some KY Jelly that looked like it hadn't been opened in years. I took a goodly amount of it and applied it into her Asshole. I worked her sphincter muscle for quite a while before I could get two fingers in. I finger fucked her Ass until it could take both fingers clear up to the third knuckle before shoving my cock deep inside her Ass.

I fucked her Ass hard for awhile and then I pulled out of her and lifted her up, I was wrong I don't think she weighed a hundred lbs. I sat on the bed and I turned her so she faced me eased her Ass back down on my cock. I laid back and looked at her. There were tears in her eyes but she began to move her Ass up and down my shaft. I steadied her because of her arms being taped to her side as she moved herself up bootylicious babe strips off her bikini smalltits and hardcore down.

Her Ass was so tight and I could really feel the inside of her Ass wall as it slid up and down my cock. It took her about twenty minutes before I blew my nuts deep into her Ass tunnel. We slept for a couple of hours before I fucked her twice again and left.

As I walked back to the car I thought wow she was a real good fuck. The third one was almost a disaster. I jog almost every morning before going to work. I had noticed this women about in her early thirty's would just be finishing her run as I started. This meant she had to hot big tits teen loves my cum started just at sunup.

She had one hell of a body with great muscle tone. I decided I wanted her. The park is very woodsy so as I ran I looked for places that might be a good place to grab her. I found two places where the path narrowed between two trees. I liked the second one best because it was deeper into the park and there was large bush behind one of the trees and when I walked behind it I could see it was hard to see the path.

Even though I had never seen anyone else on the path that early except her I didn't want to take any unnecessary chances. I didn't run for a couple of days but sat in my car and timed her movements. She came every morning Monday through Friday just before sunup and did some exercises and then started her run. She would return in forty five minutes give or take a minute.

I returned to running like I always did so not to let her notice a change. I also noted that she did not run on the week ends or on rainy days. So this particular day I got up at five am and drove to the park.

I parked so that you couldn't see the car from the path. I walked to the spot I chose and took out my mask gloves and tape and put them on. I put the strips of tape on the tree I would be hiding behind and waited behind the big bush and. let her run on by because I decided I would do it on her way back when she would be a little winded. I got behind the tree and as she jogged by I reached out and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to me. I tried to spin her around and grab her around the neck like I usually did but she was quick and stronger than I anticipated.

She xxx story blood nikalna bur se me by surprise as she tried to knee me in the balls.

Luckily she hit my upper leg. Big rump african hard xxx grabbed at my masked so I hit her hard on the chin and knocked her out.

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I dragged her behind the bush and took her running clothes bra and panties off. I taped her hands to her side and got between her legs and began to fuck her. She came to as I was fucking her. I fucked her hard and deep and shot a deep load into her pussy. When I got up she tried to kick me so Amazing milfs sharing one big boner and riding blowjob flipped her onto her stomach.

I laid on top of her with my cock between her wife affair with young boys. It took about fifteen minutes before I started to get hard again.

I shoved my cock into her pussy and fucked her for a short time before I removed it and jammed it into her Ass. I had intended to be gentle with her but the scare she gave me when she tried to kick me made me angry. I fucked her Ass hard and it took me about twenty minutes before I came again.

Surprisingly I was still hard so I jammed my cock back into her pussy and fucked her until it began to soften. I took a piece of rope I had brought and tied her ankles. I drug her until she was in a position to be seen from the path if someone came along. I picked up my back pack putting the gloves in and I ran a little ways before I took the mask off and ran back to the car.

I took off my black sweats and put them in the pack and placed the pack into my trunk. I put on my jogging shorts and just as I started to drive away I thought wait a minute. She is used to seeing me hear every morning. It would be pretty suspicious if I suddenly didn't show. I drove quickly to my house, threw the pack in the garage and hurried back to the park.

I was about twenty minutes past my usual time for being here. I sprinted down the path until I new I was close I stopped to get my breath and then I began to jog like I usually did along the path when I got to the area where I could see she had rolled herself close to the path I stopped and pretended to look around as if I thought someone might still be around.

She was trying to holler at me through the tape. I couldn't help but admire her gorgeous body as I took the tape off her mouth. I got another good look and her nice hairless pussy as I untied the rope.

I thought I sure would have liked to have eaten some of that. I stood her up and unwound the tape holding her arms. She pulled me close and was sobbing. I could feel her tits against my chest and I started to get hard. She pushed herself away and went behind the bush and put her clothes on.

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As she was putting her shoes on she finally spoke between sobs. Some cock starved teen shows off her ass and pussy then nailed of a bitch raped me. Did you see anyone when you came? Well I did see and older car going the other way as I came to the park but couldn't see who was inside. I wasn't paying any attention to it. I asked her where she lived and she said just a block from hear so I drove her home.

I gave her my name, address and phone number of the office and left. About eleven o'clock I got a call from the police and was told an officer was on his way to talk to me about the incident that morning.

When he got there I told him what I knew and then ask the officer, you know in the excitement I didn't even ask her name, would you have it? He told me that if the women wanted me to know she would be the one to tell me. This incident happened about three weeks after the previous one I metioned above and I was still investigating the women claiming neck and back injuries.

I had not wanted to expose those pictures I took so close to my raping her. So two days after the park rape and on the same day as I had seen her exercising before I went to her house at about the same time as before. Like most creatures of habit there she was exercising.

The curtains were only drawn about ¾'s. I noticed there was a new latch on the slider. I was glad she had on the same sweats so I waited until she was almost through when I knocked on the glass and when she looked up I gave her a thumb's up and pointed to my camera and mouthed thank you.

When she came in to settle her claim with her attorney she glared at me but I just smiled at her.


As she left she leaned over and whispered, "You missed a good opportunity you son of a bitch." I just smiled and thought no I didn't sweet heart. I ran into her about six months later in a grocery store and could see she was pregnant. I said hello, and looked at her belly. She just lifted up her nose and walked off.

Seeing her like that reminded me of my son and daughter so I went to the restaurant where I first saw Marian if maybe she and her mother Lettie might be there. I got lucky they were with the kids except there were now three. Based on the time element it looked like she was right when she said she hoped she was pregnant again.

The boy looked to be a little over a year and was just like the other two. I was glad I brought my sister along because I didn't want to raise any suspicions. I smiled at Marion and said, I see you have added another since I was last here, your husband must be very proud.

She looked at me kind of funny and hesitated before she said, "Yes, I think he is." A week later I went by there house late, I knew it was the older kid's birthday in a day or so and left a large anya olsens giving a hot closet deep throat blowjob hardcore bigcock and a truck on the rear porch. I lifted up the mat and the key was still there.

Maybe I thought, I don't know why but I always felt at home and at peace when I was here. Continued, all rights reserved to the Author.