School girls hostel xxx story download

School girls hostel xxx story download
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Back in 1991, a baby girl was born at Mount Saint John's General Hospital. Her name was Judy. Her parents were Dante and Saya. They were proud parents and loved Judy very much. Her mother knew, after she spent 19 hours in labor and finally getting to hold her in her arms, that she was something special. If only she had a clue. Well she actually did, to an extent. See Saya is actually a demon and her husband Dante is an angel. Now I know you're thinking, an angel and a demon, falling in love and having children?

How trifling?


Well it happened. They knew the risks and consequences, but it happened anyway. Against all odds, their families, friends, comrades and respective lords, they fell in love. Knowing the courtship would cause mass war between sides; they fled to the human world, in tiny Silver Spring, Maryland and decided they'd live the rest of their days together in hiding.

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And I bet from there you can figure out the rest. Got married, had kids and lived happily ever after, right? Well, if you'd guess the first two, then yeah. The happily ever after, not so much. About a week after Judy was born, the couple and newborn girl were able to go home.


Oh, they were so excited to finally leave the hospital and begin their lives as young parents. Dante, the young, black, handsome angel, opened the door to his '89 Green Toyota Camry to let Saya in as he took the child and strapped her in the back seat.

After everyone was situated, they took off for home. It wasn't far, about 30 minutes. During that time the young couple started their journey. "Tey, isn't she sweet?" said Saya, the sexy, young, oriental demon "Yeah she is.

We did good work. That's to be expected of a man of my caliber," he said with bravado Saya slighty smiled and shook her head. "I guess WE really means ME since your actually low caliber" "Oooh, nice one. Go head and eat this dick" Both of them falling into hysterical fits With a devilish grin, no pun intended she reached across the driver's seat and gently rubbed byron long and emma cummings get laid together big dick and big cock thighs up and down.

This was starting to affect him in ways he shouldn't be feeling while driving. "Baby, really?Right now?" Half aroused and half serious "Well you said eat this dick. You know I can't resist you," still with that same grin she's had the past few minutes. "Yeah but I'm driving and the kid's in the back and aren't you still recov…" he was cut off as she had engulfed his dick halfway down.

He hadn't noticed as he was concentrating on the road. Now it was all pretty much on his sexy wife and her head going up and down in his lap. "Damn! Been looking forward to this the last three months. Sorry for not taking care of you for so long. I just wasn't in the mood. You know how pregnancy can be. Well probably not." Giggling sweetly.

"Ahhh! It's okay. I… under…stan…understand. I'm just glad you're belly is empty now,uhhh! So I can fill it back up, Holy shit!" It was becoming almost unbearable now. Luckily they were a few feet from their house. He drove as swiftly as he could to the garage to park. Once he put the car in park, he took his hands off the wheel and smashed them down on the back of Saya's head. This caught her off guard. She started to choke and gag. He didn't like to be rough with her, but she understood that when he was close, there was no stopping him.

He was so close now and was really hammering down on her head. "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Here I come baby! TAKE. THIS. MILK.

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AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Her mouth was loaded with his angelic cream. Being an angel gives you a lot more strength and stamina then regular humans. He's also a lot more potent. She found that out the hard the first time she went down on him. Now she was a pro. She had practiced chugging a gallon of milk to learn how to swallow his load back then. She loved the heavenly taste that came from him. As he was finishing his release, Judy had woken up.

"Dammit, sorry hun." He said apologetically She was wiping the last of his cum off when she said, "Don't worry. Had to begin my motherly duties eventually." "Hey, hey. It's okay babygirl, shh." She whispered as she took the bag and car seat inside Dante stayed behind a few minutes to reflect on his past and bask in his present fortune.

He had a beautiful wife, now a precious new daughter. He felt like he had toronto mayoral candidate nikki benz gets banged doggy style he needed in life.

Two individuals that he could love unconditionally and take care. And two people who would love him for the man he was and respect and take care of him. Hey everyone who read this.

Thanks for taking the time to do so. I really don't know where to go from here. Hopefully I'll get an idea from anime or manga or something. Anyway, please comment, subscribe and thumbs up if you like, lol. I could really use some suggestions, so if you got any cool ideas I can use, pm me and I will try to use them to the best of my abilities.

Loved this site since '12 and I've read a helluva lot of good stories and thought I'd give it a shot. I'm Dante from the inferno and I'll hopefully see you next time. Peace.