Mature slut gets tied up and gives great head

Mature slut gets tied up and gives great head
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Samantha screamed and fought against the deformed man. He had a huge head that had bulges of skin and huge looking pimples on his rather large face. Large purplish lips that drooled over her. The man, she thought his name was John but couldn't be sure, was very strong she didn't have a chance against this man; but she fought all the same.

Samantha was thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, her ass next to his face. His large mammoth like hands roughly rubbing her upturned ass and fingering her asshole, sometimes moving to trace the lips of her clit; laughing like a mad scientist all the while. Tears raced down her face, and she tried wriggling and to kick out at the man, but he ignored her and finally succeeded in getting one of his large fat fingers into her ass, she screamed out in pain, but the sound muffled against the tape.

"You're so pretty…so soft…I want your ass. I like your ass." The man gurgled through his drool. Although much to John's disappointment they had made it to room one. He withdrew his finger with a resounding 'pop' and another muffled scream from the woman; pushing the door open he walked inside. The room was already set up, so he didn't have to do much other then lock the woman into place.

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John shrugged, and walked up to the wooden 'X' that was in the center of the room. Dropping the woman to the floor with out a care he walked to one of the tables and got a knife. He turned back to the woman, she had curled up in the fetal position, and laughing again he kneeled at her back. Cutting the bindings and tossing the knife aside, he quickly picked her back up.

Placing one hand sporty legal age teenager gets a fuck her stomach to keep her against the 'X' he chained her hands high above her head and then kneeled to lock her ankles into play.

She had tried to kick him, but once again John didn't register the pain and he was just too strong for her. John stumbled back and glowered at the woman. She was beautiful. Her breasts here heaving in her sobs, and her cunt was fully exposed. Drooling some more he felt his massively large cock begging for entrance, he quickly rushed out of the room seeking out Jason to get permission to have fun with one of the other girls in the room.

On the way he passed Mark who was heading into Room 1.

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"Where are you off to?" Mark asked his brother. "I need to have fun, Mark." John pleaded. "Fine. Find another girl." Mark nodded and waved his brother off, he knew that Jason would give John the permission so there was no fear in giving it to him. John clapped his hands and raced off towards the other rooms in the deserted mansion.


Mark shook his head and watched his brother race off. Sighing he set off once again towards Room 1. He pushed the door open. The woman was up on the 'X' like always. Ass fucked by huge african mandingdick head hung, blond hair falling forward. She didn't even bother looking up to see him enter.

Shrugging, he walked over and picked up the knife John had discarded and placed it on the table. Behind the girl a fire had been started in the fire place, so he went to one of the tables and picked up two barbell piercings, with medium sized gold bells; for her nipples. There was one other on the table but that one would wait. Mark licked his lips and moved over to stand in front of the woman.

Finally she lifted her head and looked at him. "Greetings." Mark laughed at her face, anger simmered in her eyes.

But there was also pleading as if she was begging him to let her go. "I'm going to mark you as a sex slave now. The Boss is very excited about getting to work on your beautiful body." She screamed against the tape, and shook her head, her whole body trembling in fear. "I'm going to start with your nipples; I'll pierce both of them with these bar bells. Once they heal rings will be placed inside of them so you can be lead about by your beautiful breasts." Mark reached out and traced the outline of her coral nipples.

"I'll also be placing a bar bell into your clit.

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Here, on the inside of your thigh I'll Brand you with the numbers '221'." He had ran his fingers down her thigh, and back up to her clit, then up further to her nipples again, pinching and rolling them making them hard. Mark leaned down and licked one of them biting harshly. She screamed and thrashed. Mark took one of the bar bell off revealing a sharp point, this was made to pierce by someone the Boss knew.

It made piercing easier. Pulling on her nipple, elongating it, he pressed the point of the earring to it and after only a little pressing it eased its way through the tender skin. Samantha screamed, throwing her head back. Her breast felt like it was fire, finally it was over, a small amount of burning remained and she breathed heavily, her head falling forward, small cry's escaped her group of babes has fun at the party. "Only one more, then on your clit." Mark taunted.

The woman looked at him, shaking her head wildly. He reached out and flicked the bell, making it ring its gentle sound, she screamed out.

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"Oh yes. You will learn to like your marks." Samantha screamed yelling something from behind her tape. Mark laughed and once again bent licking and biting the other nipple, making it long and hard.

This time without ceremony he pierced it, shoving it roughly through the tender skin. With a scream, Samantha passed out. Mark laughed, shaking his head. She had lasted longer then he thought she would have, he'd give her that. This one was going to fun to see trained. Well she was passed out Mark quickly made quick work out of piercing her clit, and branding the inside of her thigh.

Turning he heard the door squeak open. "She is passed out?" Jason asked walking into the room with his red robe hanging open. His medium sized dick waving gently with his walk. "Yeah, during the second bell." Mark nodded, and laughed as he flicked the bell. "She should wake up shortly. Make sure it is soon. I'll prepare her gifts." Jason said shaking his head and moving towards one of the covered tables.

"Is she virgin?" "Not in the pussy. But her ass, possibly." Mark answered. "Interesting. I have heard a rumor that, this Samantha Lockhart has a sister that just turned 18." Jason said making conversation and also giving a hint towards his solider. "Don't blond sexgroup free sex storys free black pussy amateur homegrown storys nude live think it would be interesting, to perhaps have a sister act, or perhaps even a mother and two daughter act?" "That would be very interesting." Mark agreed.

"Have you seen the mother is she worthy?" "Very worthy. She has worked hard in retaining her youth, long black hair and brilliant green eyes. Her chest has got to be at a D-cup.


I'm going to assume that she has been well used, but that will only make her training easier. Now Samantha's sister on the other hand, she was sent off to a Catholic school. I'm sure she still has all her cherries." Jason said walking up to the woman, holding a large spiked green dildo.

"Take the tape off. I want to hear her beg for her life." Mark reached forward and ripped off the duct tape throwing it aside and leaning against the wall, Jason would ask for help if he needed it. Jason lifted her head and eyed his new prize. Her eyes were fluttering open, showing that nice shade of green, her eyes were the first thing to capture Jason's imagination, and they were perhaps her downfall.

"What are you please let me go?" Samantha rasped her throat dry. "Oh, no. My Darling. You are mine now. Until you finish your training, then I'll sell you off or perhaps I'll keep you around who knows.

I'm going to use you and abuse you when ever I feel like it." Jason replied lovingly, for he did in fact love each and every woman he captured and trained, they just never could hold his fancy for long.

"My family will pay…" Samantha cried out begging. "I am your family now." Jason leaned down and licked at her tears, she tried to escape his grip.

Jason reared back and slapped her hard across the face. The woman cried out in pain, and went slack. Mark came forward with a buck of water and splashed Samantha with cold ice water; bringing her back from the sleep.

She screamed in surprise and looked at them with wide fear filled eyes. "Here is the rule, every male is Master. You will learn to address us as such. If you come across a female is Mistress." Jason said toying with the dildo in his hand. "Here is another, never and I do mean never try redhead mommy fuck hole doctor role play speculum and medical escape a touch that someone is about to bestow on you.

If you are receiving attention from someone it is a gift, a treasure you will enjoy it and thank them after they are done with you." "W-what? You're crazy!" Samantha shook her head. "I think not. Perhaps Mark's brother is crazy. But I am not." Jason laughed. "Now, do you want this dildo in your ass, between your lips, or deep inside your pussy?" "You can't do this! You won't get away with this! My family will hunt you down! My father is the police chief!

You don't know what you have gotten into" She trailed off as Jason pushed the large dildo up inside her dry pussy. Luckily, he had been kind enough to place some lube on it before forcing it inside. Samantha screamed. "It did not appear you were going to choose so I did." Jason shrugged.

He flicked a switch on the bottom of the dildo and a soft humming came from it. "Mark ensure this won't come out of her. I'd hate for her to not get the full experience." Mark came forward holding a leather strap that connected low on her hips, and went between her legs, securing the dildo deep inside.

Although for right now he just held the dildo inside her, enjoying moving it ever so slightly, watching Samantha try to fight the pleasure it was giving her. "No. No." She moaned, panting heavily. "I can't…no…" "Ride it darling. You are my pet. Good things can come of this arrangement. Or bad." Jason said flippantly.

"Now, pet. Do you want this one in your ass, or in your mouth?" Samantha, could barely open her eyes, the pleasure the dildo was giving her was to immense, she continued to try and fight the feelings. But it did no good. Soon a climax was rushing over her, and she threw her head back and screamed.

"Ass it is." Jason shrugged again. This time he held an even bigger dildo, inside of spikes this one had ridges. Walking behind her, just as another climax racked her body he shoved the dildo into her ass, taking her cherry ass with a large ribbed purple dildo. Mark laughed, as she screamed. Tears streaked down her body, and her firm body jerked and wriggled. "Mark, do it." Mark quickly pulled the leather between her legs and secured it with a gold chain low on her hips.

Ensuring the dildos wouldn't fall out, no matter what the woman did to get them out of her. "Just stop! Please&hellip.Let me go&hellip.I-I won't tell anyone what you've done. Please." Samantha shook watching both men. "Now you only have one more." Jason said picking up a dildo gag; it had a smaller dick on the ring gag.

"This one I'm afraid you don't have a choice, it has to go into your mouth. Seeing as how all your other holes are filled, quite beautifully I might mention. Mark would you like the honors?" "Would I ever?" Mark grinned and took the gag from Jason walking towards the woman. ~~~~~~~****~~~~~~~ John had picked a beautiful tiny Asian woman and a fiery red head, to play with.

Both of these women had already been broke, and were waiting to fulfill his every desire. He connected the leash to their collars and they crawled on all fours behind him up to his room.

Not that his room was all that impressive, just a rather large bed to accommodate his size and a wall sized mirror to view the things happening on the bed. The Asian woman was number 195 and the fiery one was 197. John didn't know either of their names nor did he care to, sometimes Mark could call them by name; but John just didn't see the point in all that. "Up on the bed both of you." John ordered and unchained the leashes. Both girls murmured.

"Yes Master." In unison and climbed on the bed, both naked. Number 197 had been picked by John before, he liked the red head.

She was still soft, not marked as much as some of the other girls. She had quickly taken to this life, almost as if she found pleasure in it.

He would miss her when she left. John quickly shed his clothes. His large, massively large, heavily veined and almost rimmed cock sprang forward. It was almost deformed, on one side was a rather large lump that was a purple color, and the other side had many smaller lumps.

The red head placed her hands above her head thrusting her breasts forward, jingling the bells that were pierced into her nipples. The Asian followed her lead, knowing that she had been picked before. Neither of them cringed from his monstrous dick.

They had been trained well. "Lick it both of you." John said walking up to the bed and presenting his dick to them. Both women took their places on either side of John's dick and began licking and sucking, stroking it in turn. Soon slime began oozing from the tip, almost green in color. 197 immediately began lapping it up, moaning and thanking him for his gift for her.

Not to be left out 195 also tried to get her share. John, moaning reaching down and took a tits that nice deserve a load czechsuperstars full of the 197's breast. Twisting and turning it in his mindless, pleasure she uttered not a word of complaint, offering up her own moans of pleasure; however fake they were. She knew better then to displease the man. "No, I'll not blow my seed dark sweetie desires for fuck girlfriend and hardcore John jerked his dick out of their mouths, leaving the women, with a trail of his slim leading from the tip of his to their mouths.

"Kiss each other." John knew that the one thing the red head hated was to be kissing or touching another woman. He loved watching her do the deed. Both women leaned in and kissed each other, sloppily. Open mouths, crushing chest to chest, hands running over the other's hair. John slipped onto the bed watching them make out. Moans escaped their mouths, as their tongues danced together in unison.

He stroked his dick watching them, wanting to feel the power he had over the girls. The Asian was tiny, he wondered if his dick would even fit inside her, let alone her ass. He would try it before the night was over. Her breasts were small, not even a handful. Her skin was bronze and pussy shaven clean. Even now that pussy was wet he could see the glisten of her juices running.

Her hair was black and cut short, to right below her ears. The red head was magnificent he fancied himself in love with her. Her hair was wild, curls in every direction and emerald green eyes. Skin a pale white, her lips which were now crushed against the Asians, a deep red without lipstick.

Her boobs were large, large enough to more then fill up his large hands. Her ass would take his dick, he knew he had used her before, and her pussy would cling and beg for more once he shoved inside of it. "Enough!" John almost shouted, he wanted feel his dick inside one of them, which one? "Yes, master." Both said softly, the Asian had a slight accent. "You, 195, on all fours." John pointed to the Asian.

She nodded and crawled on the bed hovering over John. He leaned up and kissed her nipple, sucking the piercing into his mouth. Finally moaning, and feeling his dick throbbing and twitching at her pussy he rolled out from beneath of her and gripped her waist, forcing her down on her elbows. She moaned but did not fight. "197 get under her, lick her pussy, while I fuck her ass." John groaned out as he spread her little ass apart and stared down at the tiny dark hole.

Immediately the other woman crawled between John's spread legs and under the smaller woman. Flicking the woman's click with her tongue she began eating her out with a gusto. John moaned the slurping sounds and sucking sounds coming from the red head was enough to drive him over the edge, after seeing that new slave and all he was ready. He drove into 195's ass without forgiveness, but she didn't cry out, only gave a moan that could have been pleasure or pain.

Her ass wouldn't accept all of him, but he gave her all that she could withstand, and then began thrusting. Holding her hips, forcing her to stay where he wanted her. In and out, he drove her riding her hard. 197 easily kept up with the tempo he set, driving the other woman to a climax, knowing that is what John wanted. He loved for a woman to be brought to climax with him inside their ass. It felt like a miracle to him. Their body convulsing and his dick inside their ass, it clinging and trying to milk all of his life out of him through his dick.

Finally she did. The Asian would have collapsed but John held on to her hips, holding that portion of her up, feeling her body shake and shudder as she rode the climax. The red head continued licking and sucking, John hadn't told her to stop yet.

Pulling out of the ass he was in, John dropped the woman, so her pussy fell onto the face of the other one.

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He parted her ass and looked at the once tiny hole, which was now twitching against the invasion. Smiling he licked at it and heard the woman moan. He saw her ass twitch up towards his face, almost asking for more. But no, he now wanted the red head, he wanted inside her pussy. "197 get on top of me. You 195 lick me as she rides me." John was in heaven. ~~~~~~~~****~~~~~~