A very big oral porn

A very big oral porn
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Second Part to Morning Surprise. I was woken at 5pm by my daughter Sandie, she put a cup of tea beside the bed, drew the curtains just enough to let in some light and left. I sat up sipped my tea and was thinking was this morning a dream. The soreness in my cock told me it was no dream. I did not want to rush down stairs, but I knew that staying in bed would solve nothing.

I put on some jogging bottoms and a T-shirt and headed down stairs; both girls were in the kitchen preparing dinner. I honestly did not know what to say. I put my mug into the dish washer. Sandie was peeling potatoes at the sink. I was searching my mind for something to say that would lighten the mood, but the only cum hole licked and banged pornstar and hardcore in my head was mush. "Dad, are you on nights again tonight?" Mel said "Yes love, I start again at 8pm.

What's on your mind? "I was wondering when we should tell Mum what happened" That's what I was trying to sort out myself. We have always been a very close family, and lies were not allowed.

I could not decide if it would be best to tell Joan, my wife as soon as she walked in the door, or after dinner. Her shift finished at 5pm and she would be walking into the house any minute now. "Girls what do you think?" Sandie said " Dad Mel and I have been talking, while you were asleep and we have decided that what happened this morning was what we both wanted for as long we can both remember. You are the kindest, strongest, gentlest man that we both know; we love you more than any thing.

Having you as a lover is the most wonderful thing that could possibly have happened to us" Being in a state of shock is not normal for me. I can normally figure out what to do and what to say well in advance of things happening.

But now I was floundering like a freshly landed fish. "When you say lover does that imply that this morning was not just a one off" "Hell no they both said as one" Mel came over and gave me a huge hug, Sandie put down her peeling knife and also came over and gave me a hug and a kiss.

"Dad, we meant what we said we want to keep you as a lover, who better to teach us all about pleasure. We love you and you will never hurt us, put us down, be unreliable, jealous we have found the perfect teacher. We can think of no one else that we would ever want but you". Would this strange day ever end, it was throwing things at me that I had never thought would happen, let alone plan for.

I have as I have said only a very limited sex life Joan and I have only ever experienced each other. I had much to think about, I was being swamped with emotions and thoughts. The phone rang and Mel answered it. It was Joan to say that she would be very late, a suspect that she had been looking for had been sighted in a town close by and she was on her way to see if she could pick him up.

I was one of the sergeants on the rapid gun response unit. I had a large patrol area and spent a great deal of my time mobile, waiting for the call that warranted an instant response.

Someone reported something suspicious, like a suspected firearm sighting to actual armed robbery. Joan however worked as a detective inspector in the serious crime squad.

We had from the birth of the girls agreed to work opposite shifts and different squads. We always wanted someone at home with the girls, or at least available if anything ever happened. When I was on nights, Joan would be on days and vice versa. It had worked for us very well over the years. Shits only last eight hours and we have found ways to maximise our time together. As you rise up in the ranks you do find it harder to manage your time, detectives find it much harder to stick to rigid work schedules.

That's why it was me that had the extra time to teach the girls to swim. To become a parent governor. To teach them karate all the things that take time away from your own quality time, but for me quality time meant being with my girls.

Sandie had finished preparing the veg, and jumped up onto the breakfast bar. I only looked at her briefly, but that was enough, something was on her mind, and I knew from that look that it would only be minutes before she told me, she has never been one to keep a secret.

"Dad, I was thinking, we don't want to tell Mum today, because if she hates it, which is a possibility we will never learn anything, maybe you can teach us for a week or so, and then we can tell Mum.

Because if she says stop we know you, you will stop and we don't want that" I had been thinking very much the same thing. While I was looking at her I noticed that she was wearing a very short skirt, something she never did during the day, she always wore jeans during the day. I looked over at Mel at the same time.

She was perched on a bar stool, also at the breakfast bar another short skirt, but she had her legs wide apart. I was looking directly at her pussy. What was she thinking wearing no panties anyone could walk in? Looking up again I saw that Sandie had pushed her shirt up and was also wearing no panties. She had brought her knees up, spread her legs wide and was running her finger along her pussy lips.

Mel also had started to play with herself; she had parted her lips and was fingering herself. Could one morning have turned them into sex starved nympho's.

I was starting to get hard just watching them. Mel jolted me away from my thoughts by saying "Dad, you licked Mel's pussy this morning, but not mine and that's not fare". I found myself, as if in a trance getting up and walking across the kitchen. I was soon lapping away at Sadie's pussy. I remembered her saying that she enjoyed having her tiffany tatum eats a grannys hairy pussy played with, so I started licking her pussy, but every now and then sticking my tongue into her arse.

I parted her lips and nibbled on her labia, sucking them into my mouth. One at a time and then and both together, she was loved it; her little arse was squirming about all over the place.

Her juices were running from her like a small stream had started. I had both hands, under her bottom, pulling her pussy tight to my face. I had worked a finger about two inches into her arse, it was worth it. She obviously had a very sensitive arse, because her breathing was now coming in a steady pant.

" Dad, do you know you are the only person ever to eat my pussy, boys just don't like doing it, but this is better than I ever imagined, don't ever stop Dad". "Sandie, don't be such a selfish bitch, I want Dad to eat me too you know". Colombian latina fucking hard like a pro jumped up onto the breakfast bar and had also pulled her skirt up to her waste; she was trying to get into a position so that I could eat her as well.


My cock was as hard as rock, and pushing the front of my joggers out like a tent. I had to relieve the pressure or hurt myself. Sandie was coming really hard, one after the other I could feel the waves running through her body, and she was leaning back, supporting herself, with her arms stretched back behind her. It was a glorious sight. I moved across and started to do the same to Mel, she was humping my face for all she was worth.

"Dad, just flick my clit for me, that's it do that again". I was flicking my tongue across her clit, very, very gently but very fast. She started to come, spraying my face 5 guys gang rape twgirls her juices, I was lapping as fast as I could, but was soon swamped. I loved it, could life get than this?

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Yes it could. Sandie had gotten down and was now under me, she was sucking my cock fast and hard. "Dad, I want your cock buried deep inside me so much, please Dad fuck me real hard". How can a Dad resist, the request of his lovely daughter, I picked her up turned her over and drove my hard cock as deep and as hard into her as I could.

With just a little manoeuvring I was able to fuck Sandie and still eat Mel. Mel was sitting in a pool of come, a huge grin on her face. Sandie was shaking and her legs started to wobble, she was on the verge of a huge climax, I just started pumping huge amounts of come into her, she let out a huge scream.

I thought that the neighbour's would come rushing in, to see who was murdering her.


"God dad stop stop, I can't take any more my legs are to weak." I stood up and withdrew my cock from her dripping pussy. Mel jumped down and pushed her sister out of the way saying "Me next Dad" Looking at my cock, I was not sure if it was hard enoughbut it was worth a try, a hard push and yes he was still hard enough, but for how long.

A few more strokes maybe. "Dad, reach exclusive yello rounds gym sex adventure and play with my clit, please Dad, just a few tweaks. That's it Dad.

Oh yea that's it". She had started to shake, a small shudder that got bigger till she had flopped forward dragging her off my cock.

I felt drained, there was come all over the kitchen, dripping from the girls, dribbling from the end of my cock, on the breakfast bar. I have never seen so much. The pots on the stove had started to boil over, and the smell of sex filled the kitchen.

Mel tried to get up, but her legs were too weak to support her, she just lay on the floor, giggling to herself.

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All the while the pots rattled and spat on the stove. Sandie eventually turned them off. I was very sore, but also very satisfied. "Ok girls we will have to clean this lot up, your mother could still walk in at any time.

Are you both Ok?" "Ok.


Hell yes they both said" I went upstairs and had another shower. I finished dressing into my uniform and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen to find that the girls had straightened the place out, and dinner was served ready. I had to get up and open the kitchen door, the smell of sex was over powering.

Where do we go from here? This had only been day one.