Nataly von wild dp double penetration and natural tits

Nataly von wild dp double penetration and natural tits
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In my family, we have something called the initiation into adulthood. This is not an initiation like a barmitzvah or something like that, but very different. It goes like this: on the 13th birthday of a child in our family, the parent of the opposite sex will join the child in a log night of sex, in which the parent will not only give the child their first sexual experience, but teach the child everything they know about sex so that someday they might teach their own children.

Another thing I forget to mention, the parent does not tell the child until the night of the initiation. It was my thirteenth birthday and so far everything was going great.

I had gotten nearly everything I had asked for and then some. Baseball cards, action figures, and all my friends had come to the party. We played in the backyard and ate hotdogs and set off fireworks. All in all it was a great time. So of course, when everybody started living I got kind of depressed. Afterward me and my parents cleaned up the mess and then I went upstairs to take a shower. I was hot and sweaty from the running around. I was in the shower and I started thinking about this girl i had a crush on.

She was my age and very well developed for a 13 year old. She very nice, perky breasts and I often thought about touching them and her. So I was in the shower and thinking about this girl and i started to rub masturbate. I was getting kind of close to cumming and then all of a sudden I heard the bathroom door open and close. Horny teen and step mom hot teens fucking cocks trade twins to forgive sins immediately stopped and peeked my head and my jaw dropped.

My mom was standing there in the hottest outfit I had ever seen.

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I had always kind of noticed that my mom was attractive but now I couldn't believe what I had missed. She was about 5'7 and 115 lbs.

She had a very nice body and was just a little bit overweight but in all the right places with huge DD tits.


She was standing there in a lacy black bra and black panties with stockings on. My erection which had gone down when the door opened came back in full force and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

When she realized that I was attracted to her she took off her underwear and got in the shower with me. She had a shaved pussy and very pink full nipples. I was standing there and she reached down and grabbed my completely hard cock and started rubbing.

At this point I was having completely mixed emotions and didn't know what to do. But within a couple of minutes I let go completely and gave in to whatever she wanted to do.

She continued to rub my cock and asked me if it felt good. "Oh yeah," I said.

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"Do you want to touch me?" Instead of answering I reached out and began rubbing her pussy. As soon as I touched it everything else went away and I knew that I had to have her. I bent my head down and started sucking on her breasts and she started to moan.

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After licking her hard nipples for awhile I moved down to my knees and put my head in her japan is biutifull girl xxx vidio. I had seen a couple of porno movies so I kind of knew what to do, but wasn't really sure what would make her feel good.

I was just kissing around her pussy and then she grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her. At first was afraid I was going to suffocate but then i began to greedily munch on her clit and her pussy and she responded with loud sighs and moans. After a few minutes she had a loud orgasm and then pulled me up so that I was face to face with her.

"Now I want you to fuck me, very, very hard." With that she grabbed my cock and literally stuck it inside her pussy.

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She was very tight and it was the most amazing feeling. After getting a feel for what i was doing i began going at her fast and hard. I was sliding in and out of her and she was rubbing her clit and kissing me with her tongue. I think she could taste the juices from her pussy and she liked it.

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She then moved around and told me to fuck her doggy style which I did. I had two handfuls of her big ass in my hands I was ramming the hell out of her pussy. After just a short while I felt my orgasm building and then I let loose and my hot cum flooded her pussy. I pulled out of her and backed up to lean against the wall. Caught jerking off in yoga class walked up to me and pushed a finger in her pussy.

When she pulled it out I noticed it had some of my white cum on it and she started licking it off. "Did you like that?" "God yes," I said. "Good, follow me." She then took me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. Out of nowhere she produced a tape and stuck it in the VCR in her bedroom. "What if Dad walks in us?" I asked. "Don't worry, your dad is staying in a motel tonight." She pressed play on the VCR and a picture of two people fucking came on the screen. "We are going to do everything that they do on the tape," she told me.

On the tape a hot young girl was giving a guy a blowjob and so my mom kneeled down on the bed and took my deflated cock in her mouth.

After very little prodding my dick was hard again and me moved into a 69 position which is what they were doing on the tape. My mom stuck her hard clit right in my mouth and I began tonguing it frantically. Our bodies were writhing together because everything I did to her pussy made her move and she would suck my cock even harder.

Eventually the couple on the tape began fucking doggy style so my mom got off of me and got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass skin diamond asphyxia noir bonnie rotten meet bonnie rotten the air for me.

I moved up behind her and slid my cock into her drenched pussy and began fucking her. While I was fucking her I stuck a finger in her ass and began to finger like the guy on the tape was doing. When I did this she responded and pushed back on my cock. The guy then did two fingers and eventually three and then he started to fuck her in the asshole, and so did I.

I had to go very slowly and I could tell that it hurt her, but she had said we had to do everything on the tape. The juices from her pussy acted as lubricate and after a slow start I got going fast and was ramming her ass with everything I had. At this point it was getting hard not to cum. My mom had orgasmed twice now(once when I stuck a second finger up her ass) and I was ready to burst.


Right as I was ready to cum the guy on the tape moved around and masturbated right on the girls tits and face. I then turned my mom over and straddled her belly so my balls were hanging down and touching, and I jacked my cock off and shot cum all over my mom's tits and a little in her mouth. She was rubbing it around and licking it off her lips and sat up to lick it off my cock.

I collapsed back on the bed and thought that we were done because the tape had ended, but my mom wasn't finished quite yet. She went to the closet and pulled a 12 inch black vibrator which she immediately turned on and started rubbing on her clit.

She then crawled up on the bed and straddled my face so that she was facing my feet. "Stick your tongue up my butt." I wasn't to sure about this but she had done a lot for me so far so I stuck out my tongue and began licking her asshole.

At first I held back but then I realized it was kind of nice and went at her ass. While I was doing this she was ramming french housewife with pretty face and sexy accent vibrator in her pussy and moaning and screaming. It didn't take long before she came again and then she collapsed on me. "You are now a man," she said to me. I held her in my arms and we went to sleep. Me and my mom never had sex again and we never really talked about what happened, but I will never forget that night.