Cassie courtland is a lovely chic who has long blo

Cassie courtland is a lovely chic who has long blo
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This isn't a classic sex story, nor is it a true one. Also, I suck at spelling so be nice. My name is Alan, but some of my friends call me Aloe or Aloevera. As of now I'm 16, born in the autumn and live in Limburg, the Netherlands. Up till the age of 16 I never had any real sexual or hot redhead gangbang devils films relationship at all, nothing, not even a first kiss.

I considered myself a nerd, but I had a reputation at school as most people knew who I was (which is different from popular). My story starts in september, on a grey windy day.

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School was supposed to start in two days, and I didn't mind going back. I woke up at 11:30 and opened the blinds of anal submissive fuck slut gags on dicks gangbang blowbang window. I checked my phone, nothing. I went downstairs and played on my PC for a few hours. After a short lunch I checked my phone again, I had a message from Tori, she was a girl that moved in to town a few weeks ago and was a year older. She didn't have any friends yet so she hung out with me for now.

The message said that she was going to watch "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" and wanted me to come with. I messaged back asking for a time, and shortly after that she replied saying to meet her there at 19:00. So at 18:45 I left for the cinema and got there a few minutes before her. Just as I was checking a girl that walked past me who had quite the ass for a teen, when I heard my name being called out.

I turned to see Tori bounce towards me. Tori had a weird personality, almost bipolar, but not really. She would go from high to low energy very quickly and didn't show huge mood changes like most girls, she was often just happy. In terms of her body, she was petite with straight black hair, glasses, her tits were just about an A cup and she had a flat ass. she was wearing a hoodie and a pair of tight jeans. "Hey Tori" I said as she came towards me, "how's it going?" "good" she said, "enjoying the last days of holiday too their fullest.

you?" "not much, don't want to go back to school, but I miss most of my friends. Lets go get tickets?" "sure" she said.


we walked over to the ticket counter and I paid for our tickets before Tori could take out her wallet. The lady asked us where we wanted to sit, Tori looked at the screen and choose 2 seats in an area that was in the back right of the hall.

Not the ideal place to watch the movie, I thought, but it doesn't really matter that much. We bought teen cutie in white stockings fucked on a desk and a shared popcorn and went to our hall. We walked in when the commercials had already started and Tori led the way to our seats.

The seats she had chosen were probably the darkest and most isolated seats in the hall. I thought of asking her if she had chosen these by mistake but decided to just go with it. We settled down and the movie started, the armrest between us was broken so about 15 minutes in we were next to each other. When the main character was talking with his wife about if he should take their son too, and he told her how much he loved her, Tori pressed herself against me and rested her head on my shoulder.

In response I put my hand around her and held her a tiny bit closer. We stayed like this for a while, even though the movie was in no way romantic or scary. Slowly due to the "absence" of the arm rest she moved her hand to my thigh, I barely felt it through my jeans but it still felt good. I was about to move my hand and slowly rub her shoulder when the movie stopped and the light went on.

Intermission. She pulled away and I pretended to stretch my back, she said she needed the bathroom and left, I watched her go. On my right I heard a giggle, I didn't look straight away, I stared at the blank screen for a minute and then slowly turned my head in the direction, it was that girl I had seen earlier with her friend who was ok looking, she was facing me and chatting with her friend. I caught her eye and smiled a friendly smile at her, she smiled back and bit her lower lip.

I lay back in my chair and watched her from the corner of my eye. She half stood up to pull her pants up, giving me a nice look at her ass from the side. When she sat down I made eye contact and melissa moore railed by big black cock while being filmed interracial pornstars nodded in approval.

She broke eye contact as Tori approached, but not before bending over to get her bag from the floor and giving me a glimpse of her developing breasts. Tori settled in again and the movie started. It wasn't long before she was resting on me and I had my arm around her.

Slowly but surely her hand creeped into my inner thigh, then she moved her thumb in circles as if she was massaging me. I moved my hand down towards her hip and pulled her leslie gets fingered before taking a large facial closer so that my head was nuzzling at her neck. Her hand cupped my balls through my pants, slowly feeling them, then she stroked my semi-hard cock and whispered to me "it's so big, bigger than anything I ever felt" I move my head closer and started kissing her on the neck.

She relaxed completely when I did so that she let out a soft moan and started playing with my balls with more passion. I gave her neck asian slut seduced to suck and ride long cock long wet lick which made her shudder. I put my hand on her chin and turned her to face me. In the semi darkness our eyes meet and we leaned forward to kiss, after a few kisses we slowly started to make out, I had one hand behind her head and the other was feeling and massaging her ass while she had one hand on my back and the second one was stroking my hard cock through my pants.

Slowly I lifted her and sat her down on my legs so that she faced me. We continued to make out, our tongues sliding over each others, our lips glued together. I felt her unbuttoning my pants and she slid her hand into my boxer, she grabbed my cock and started stroking it up and down. Her hands felt amazing, soft with long fingers stroking my 6.5" cock at a steady pace, in the background I heard gunshots and explosions from the movie but lick each other real good weren't paying attention.

I slid my hands down the back of her pants feeling her smooth yet flat ass cheeks. As I did so she pulled out my dick and increased tempo and within 2 minutes i was ready to cum. I thought for a second then grabbed the half finished popcorn and came all over it. Tori stroked my cock till it was limp again and then she eyed the popcorn, I whispered to her "cum is salty, it will only have improved the popcorn, try some." Tori took one that had a nice blob of my cum on it and popped it into her mouth.

She munched on it for a few seconds then smiled and whispered back "you're right, I love it!" For the last part of the movie she finished all the cum popcorn while I kept massaging her ass. We made out again and she scooted back to her seat just as the movie was about to finish. When the credits came up and the lights on we both got up and walked out of the hall. "That was fun!" She said "we should meet up again" "yea, maybe" I was unsure if i wanted to even go again, i meant it felt nice but i didn't see any future between us.

She looked at her phone "my dad is a few minutes late, you don't mind waiting do you?" "No, ill be right back, i need to go to the toilet." I started walking towards the toilet, as i approached it i saw the girl that had a good ass. I walked past her and she lashed out and grabbed my wrist. She pulled me towards her and put a hand on my chest. "I dont know what you and your girlfriend have" she whispered in a sexy voice "but I can give you so much more." She kissed me, a plain kiss, and I felt something being pushed in to my mouth.

"Text me if you want more babe." She winked and left. I stood against the wall for a second. I had just had my first experience with a girl with tori, and right after that a really cute girl is into me?! What the hell was going on today?

I pulled out what she pushed into my mouth. It was a piece of paper folded around something. I opened it and found another paper that had her phone number and what I assumed to be her first name; Tes. I walked back to where tori was sitting, Tes' paper now safely in my pocket. We walked outside and her dad was still a few minutes away, so we walked to the part of the cinema that wasn't visible from the road.

I pushed her against the wall and we started making out again. After a few minutes her phone buzzed and we pulled apart. I walked her to her dad's car, kissed her goodbye on the cheek and they rode off. That night I felt no urge to jerk off, I put Tes' number into my phone and found her on whatsapp, sadly the picture wasnt of her but of a piece of paper that read "Nice pants, can i test the zipper?" I decided not to rush it here.

I messaged Tori saying I had a fun time, she said she did to and had something to give me as thanks.

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Shortly after I received a picture of her ass with thin panties on. The caption read: It felt great when you touch it ; ). End of part 1. Please leave a comment and ignore spelling errors