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Hot ebony interracial handjob whitedick and big dick
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Chapter 12 Case Study 301: My daddy told katja kassin 02 tube porn to push his salty white pee back and forth between our mouths. Welcome back for yet another addition. Before we begin I just want to warn you that there are incest themes in this chapter with younger females.

If this bothers you then please leave now as there are over 100 new selections that are submitted everyday on this site. This chapter will be just a little longer than usual but I couldn't break it up to make sense in the following chapters. Thank you. Meanwhile back in New Mexico at the Camelot clinic: Miles returned to his office feeling conflicted about his work place situation because of his patient Kristen Foster as well as his new emerging situation at home.

It seems that every woman that he's involved with seems to be some sort of sexual vamp. Over the weekend so many new revelations had developed at home that even with Miles' well trained mind as a psychiatrist he seemed to be treading water in the deep end of the pool. His girlfriend revealed a shocking revelation that rocked Miles to his very core. She admitted that over the past several years she has been participating in an ongoing sexual love affair with her own renowned psychiatrist of a father.

He couldn't believe that his girlfriend who is in her mid-thirties was having sexual dalliances slutty sweeties screw the biggest strapon dildos and spray cum everywhere her father.

It seems that her infatuation with her father stems from pity after her fathers and mothers horrible break-up then the blood bath of a divorce. It looks as if her father has been utterly lonely ever since the divorce. Then somehow or someway he used his overwhelming powers of suggestion to either convince her or seduce his fully grown daughter, who happens to be a well trained psychiatrist as well, into having a sexual love affair with him.

Then to make matters worse Miles accidently opened a can of worms with his flesh and blood that led him down that very same path with his very own daughter. He was baited by his own little Jezebel to do things he should have never done. He unsuspectingly used his daughter as a base control for his new theory that young females could develop into seductresses before their teenage years. Miles asked some very poignant questions about the ideas of incest that was supposed to be for informational purposes only.

He just wanted to get her opinion being a brand new teenager about her views on sex, as well as, if there was any inclination on her part of having any kind of fantasies of a sexual dalliance in her mind with any close family members.

The enlightenment of the, incest dynamic, seemed to empower his daughter to reveal her most intimate secret to her father. That desire was Amy's, wanting sexual sexy lesbian girlfriends having real sex on webcam of fucking Miles. She fantasizes about him during her myriad of masturbation sessions that she has had over the past few years.

Then somewhere during the weekend Amy's fantasies of her father began to actually play out in real life. Miles and his daughter found themselves engaged in several differing acts of sexual congress that a daughter and a father shouldn't be taking part in. As Miles sat behind his desk he was leaning backwards in his chair with his feet up on his credenza looking out his bay window at the Black Range Mountains smoking his pipe contemplating his unusual situations with the women that he loves the most in the whole wide.

His cock began to grow under his pants as he reminisced how his daughter's powerful mouth felt as she sucked his cock in his Mercedes in the back church parking lot right after they left mass Sunday morning. He closed his eyes and began to tease his shaft over his pants at how electrifying it was that their priest almost caught them in the act.

Then he thought about her animalistic prowess as she knelt before him and in a shocking exhibition his thirteen-year-old daughter engulfed his entire cock on the stone deck of their home as the morning sun was cresting over the Black Mountains in the background. As his penis throbbed under the palm of his hand he could clearly hear the howls of his young sensual daughter that sparked in his brain as he recollected how he consummated their new intimacy of their father and daughter relationship inside of his private office at their home.

Miles mind was racing as his thoughts ran to all the differing sexual escapades with his three women and then he came to one conclusion. His reasoning as to why he had sex with his own daughter was that it linked directly from his patient Kristen Foster.

It seems that during their therapy sessions she has gotten into his brain and has somehow taken it over and submerged the idea of lust for juvenile girls. Kristen innocently had planted her own seeds of incest that have now begun to grow and flourish not only in his thoughts but also into action in his real life.

He's been having ongoing illicit encounters with Kristen during their therapy sessions while she has been hypnotized. She made him play the male role in all her real life recollections.

It has been her steady stream of lurid tales of sexual impropriety with her own father and family members that has stirred some kind of sick lustful fire deep down in his loins that has led him to this new ghastly and twisted relationship with his own juvenile daughter.

Miles' next session for the day just happens with that same Kristen Foster.

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He has so many reservations about hypnotizing her again and yet he felt exuberant at the opportunity to see what she has in-store for him today. You see each session that he uses hypnosis and then the technique known as regression that taps straight into her subconscious so that he can actually communicate with her. You see Kristen in her conscious state has remained in a stone like Catatonic state as if she is in an awake sorta coma. Kristen has led Miles down a dark and scary path in which she openly confesses all her obscene sexual dalliances that have taken place in her very young life.

The problem he was having was he knew that if he was going to truly help this young co-ed he was going to have to journey down that passage way with her yet again and do the unthinkable and hypnotize her hopefully to find the answers he so desperately needs to fix her.

Miles was going to employ the technique of regression with Kristen today but his plan was to try and shake things up a bit. Now that he is armed with his new theory in which he believes, some incestuous affairs are sometimes instigated from the adolescent child from time to time. He knows this first hand that a kid can be the aggressor because of his new found incestuous affair with his teenage daughter Amy.

She was definitely the aggressor this past weekend and his theory that fuck that white thick booty bange that pussy child that has engaged in sexual contact at a very young age tend become sexually aggressive at the first chance they get.

They also exhibit signs that they desire to be with a person they care for the most like a boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, brother, sister, aunt or uncle. Miles prepared his self as he really wanted to nail down once and for all if Kristen was a seductress. Lustrous brunette vanessa decker gets fucked by a random stranger cock was still throbbing under his khakis as he began to flitter around his office like a fly setting a calming atmosphere for Kristen's regression.

Using soft lighting, soft orchestra music playing in the background, he even brought in scented vanilla candles to create a soft warm and welcoming ambience to set the right mood for her. Miles knew the next few sessions are going to be critical for his theory to have some form of believability in the Psychiatry circles. Kristen was ushered into Miles' office by her orderly and seated comfortably on the couch. As usual she was wearing one of her thin and very sheer almost see-thru sundresses.

Miles thought to his self as he gazed upon her face that for some odd reason she appeared to be somehow ~ 'surprisingly happy ~ if that were at all possible in her catatonic state.' Kristen sat on the couch staring forward at Miles what seemed to be a timeless fixation of something behind him from the moment she was brought to the clinic a couple of months ago. Sitting stoically her face appeared as if it was chiseled from white marble. Miles began the session as he usually does by asking Kristen a baseline set of questions to trying to achieve a response from her while she is in her normal conscious state.

Miles reluctantly was met with her sheer silence and inactivity on her part. So after several grueling minutes of utter silence Miles began to put her under hypnosis. With each session it was becoming easier and easier to put her under and the quicker her transformations became. Kristen's face slowly softened and it was as if her blue eyes somehow flickered to life, like a switch had been turned on and her eyes lit up from inside of her.

She smiled at Miles and like so many times before she raised her knees and her thin sundress slipped down her silky smooth and opal colored thighs.

Once again she sat Indian style on the couch and today she was wearing a light pink colored thong. Kristen smiled as she noticed Miles' eyes scanning her face teen couple make a homemade sex tape down to her breasts and then became fixated on her light pink thong that was once again barely covering her outer lips of her pussy, "Good morning Doctor Spencer, how are you today?" Miles smiled back at her, "I'm doing just fine Kristen.

I see that you still have the desire to show me your thong. Doesn't it bother you ~ that you put the most intimate part of your body on display for me every day?" Kristen shrugged her shoulders, smiling at him and said, "Well, like you once told me ~ whatever I say or do in here ~ stays in here ~ with you ~ right? I mean if I were at home right now with my mommy and daddy I wouldn't be wearing anything at all under my dress ~ just like the way my daddy likes it.

Besides you told me a long time ago that you liked looking at my kitty cat. You know ~ if you were like an Uncle in my family ~ I could definitely see us like ~ maybe having ~ you know ~ fun ~ like I do with my daddy." An alarm went off schoolgirl force fuck by teachers Miles' head and he thought to his self, 'there it is ~ by god she just offered herself to me sexually in her subconscious without any sort of prompting.

Amazing ~ I just hope she isn't making this stuff up I could possibly win a Nobel Prize for all the work on this one case.' Kristen's showed her true colors of being a seductress. She moved her forefinger to her lips and sucked on the tip of her finger provocatively moving her tongue around it. She tilted her head to the side and shot him wanting look with her eyes. With her other hand she moved her thong to the side giving Miles a perfect view of her pink rosebud and she said, "You know about me and my family Doctor Spencer and what we do together right?

I've been here for what ~ four long years now? You have no idea how much I miss having sex everyday with my daddy or one of my loving grandfathers. I miss their big hands running all over my body and squeezing all my naughty spots making me feel so good." Miles noticed that her fur box has been cleanly shaven ever since her arrival at the clinic.

He wondered who was shaving her labia on a daily basis. He knew he couldn't ask anyone that question without revealing that he has seen her camel toe first hand and that would raise too many questions about his therapy techniques and he blurted out, "What do you miss the most about the men in your family?" Kristen shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes upwards and pursed her lips together and said, "I think ~ I miss them playing their games with me.

I miss them rubbing and kissing my honey pot. But I think most of all I miss them kissing me the French way with their tongues and just ~ sorta like ~ holding me and having all kinds of special moments together." Then she focused back on Miles and shot him a sultry look and said, "You know maybe one day ~ once everything is okay with my brain again ~ you know ~ when I can start to remember the things I have forgotten about ~ just maybe I can let you do the same things to me that my daddy and grandfather's do with me at home?" She winked at him sucking her full finger now while she put her middle finger from her other hand inside of her tiny treasure chest and said, "You know something Doctor Spencer you are a pretty man ~ do you think that I'm pretty Doctor Spencer?

I mean all the long hours that we have spent together alone in this big office of yours, you've never thought what it would be like to be inside of this (she pointed to her vagina) Doctor Spencer?" Miles thought to his self, 'She has no recollection that she has been here only a couple of months and in her mind she feels she's been here for years.

Not only is my hypnosis working she doesn't realize that she has already given me her twenty-year-old cock sock several times already during that time.' Miles looked deep in her eyes and said, "Well, Kristen I am absolutely flattered that you would like to do the same things with me that you do with your male family members.

The only problem is that I don't belong to your special family and if anyone were to find out I would be arrested and thrown into jail. I need to think about my daughter and girlfriend's well being. So while I think that you're very attractive for such a young lady my answer would have to be no." Kristen giggled and said, "You are a liar Doctor Spencer.

I sunny leone all xxxx story new 2019 downlod the way you look at me ~ the way you stare at my precious little kitty cat ~ please ~ don't lie to me. You look at me like all the other men that are friends with my daddy do.

You stare at me the exact same way that they do. I know you want to do the same things to me that they get to do all the time. So, why torture yourself? Come over here and just take it Doctor Spencer it's all yours just for the asking." Miles saw that there was a new sexual aggressiveness today that she has not exhibited before in any of her previous sessions.

It's sort of challenging and her tone was never displayed like this before. It reminded him of his own daughter Amy's actions over the last couple of days that led to him to actually having incestuous relations with her. "Well Kristen it is kind of hard not to look at you when you sit with your legs spread wide open." Kristen said, "So, you don't like it when I sit with my legs open ~ like this?" She opened her legs real wide then she giggled at him and then grabbed the ends of her thong with both hands and pulled it tight right between her pussy lips revealing the fresh shaved and tightest camel toe yet that she has put on parade for him over the past couple of months and she said, "And you don't like to look at my kitty cat?

I do remember a year or two ago you told me that I had a pretty kitty cat and it was a good kitty cat ~ not a bad one.

Are you sure you don't want to know what my daddy feels when he pushes his privates all the way up here ~ inside of me?" She was pointing at her bare bellybutton. Miles mouth began to water and he swallowed hard as he knew exactly how good it felt between her legs but he doesn't want any residual memories that may be floating around inside of her scrambled brain to put two and two together and realize that he's already been fucking her for over two months now, "Kristen do you realize how old you are?" Kristen said, "Well, yes Doctor Spencer, I am twelve now.

Why?" Miles wanted her to realize that the actions of her family are wrong and said, "Don't you feel that your parents are asking you to grow up a lot faster than you should be? Don't you want to be like your other girlfriends and just be a kid ~ you know ~ instead of playing a role of a grown woman like your mother?" Kristen was now toying with her clit using her twat juices as lube that had excreted from her mound.

The young co-ed was using her finger in front of her therapist trying to get some sort of rise from him and asked, "Ooh my finger feels so good Doctor Spencer!

Don't you wish it was your finger that could be right ~ here ~ ooh on my nubbin' button ~ it feels soooo good? But I don't understand what you mean Doctor Spencer by ~ a role like my mother?" Miles' eyes were glued to her co-ed cock squeezer and the way she was working her fingers in and around it.

It took him a few seconds to regain his thought process and said, "It is very enticing Kristen but like I've told you touching you that way ~ it can cost me my medical license. So I'm going to have to decline." Miles wanted to tap in to her 12 year-old subconscious and asked, "Don't you want to have like sleepovers or slumber parties with your girlfriends?

Don't you want to talk about boys your own age and try to have boyfriends your own age? You should be with a boy your age instead of your father who is twenty or so years older than you.

Also making it worse your grandfather's are like over forty years older than you? Doesn't that bother you?" Kristen using her fingers opened her slit as she continued to try to entice her therapist and said, "But I do have slumber parties and all." Then she put on a pouty face and continued, "But the boys at my school are just ~ oh I don't know ~ their like jerks Doctor Spencer. I like older boys that are at least in high school ~ I just don't think the boys my age they can't do the same things with me that my daddy and my grandfather's can do with me." She thru her hands up in the air while shrugging her shoulders and said, "I just know what it feels like to have a real man's ~ you know ~ I like the bigger sizes inside of my kitty cat because their things ~ are like ~ big yellow ripe bananas if you know what I mean?" Then she slipped her middle finger inside of her glistening vagina as her thumb tickled her clit as her body shivered several times and she never broke her train of thought, "I really like that hot feeling when older men put their wieners inside of me Doctor Spencer.

I like the feeling of older men putting their thick hot sausages deep crazy exhibition on snapchat ad kat aluna of me and make me feel like ~ so like electric ~ because it so much fun and all." She then moved a second finger inside of her tight co-ed cock warmer as she was describing her like and dislikes, "I like it when they push it deep and then deeper still inside of me and making that special ~ like busty tattooed teen destroyed by a huge black cock feeling ~ like that tingly feeling that goes all over my body and all." She was now masturbating with her eyes closed right there on the couch and Miles tilted his video camera to capture the whole thing, "I just feel so ~ full is the only way I can tell you ~ and they can make me tingle from the tips of my toes all the way to the top of my head." Kristen moved her free hand under her buttocks and she began to rim her asshole with the tip of her forefinger and said, "And boys my age just can't do that for me.

Besides I like the way older men talk to me when they have sex with me. I like it when they tell me that I am so pretty ~ that I make them feel wonderful and I don't want them to stop ~ it is nice when they talk about my privates and how tight I am and wet for them all the time.

I like it when they tell me that I feel better than their wives or their girlfriends." Miles sat intently watching her stimulating both of her tiny holes while she spoke to him in her 12 year-old subconscious realizing that she is a full blown seductress.

He replayed what she had just told him and he blinked a few times and shook his head to try and break her witch like incantations of sexual contact with her and asked, "Whose girlfriends are you talking about?" Kristen said, "Like I've told you before Doctor Spencer, I belong to a very special kinda family. My parents have like these special parties with other special families that are just like mine.

And well like ~ every now and then some of the younger men or teenage boys will like bring their girlfriends from other special families with them. The other families ~ their sons are like ~ all different ages and all ~ it's a whole lotta fun picking the one you want to ~ you know ~ sorta fool around with or just like have sex with. But it's like ~ so way cool ~ when like ~ one of the older college boys ~ they smile at you and he holds out his hand to you and takes you somewhere special to ~ you know.

So when we go to their parties or they come to ours the rule is you can have sex with anyone you want to. What I like the most about our parties is that the daddies like to take all kinds of sexy nude photos i love college interracial cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in me and the other younger girls.

They like ~ make us play with each other ~ take each other's close off. They like it when we kiss each other and play with each other's privates for the camera but for me I like pretending that I'm a supermodel………" Miles jumped right in and wanted to challenge her and especially her family's way of life, "Kristen, are you telling me that there are photos of you at these parties naked having sex with boys, girls and other adults?" Kristen smiled as she giggled at him, "Yeah, my family has like tons of whole photo albums of me and our family over the years at these parties.

Heck there is like hundreds of videos that my daddy has of all the parties and everything that happens there. He keeps them locked up in his office safe at home." Miles could not believe the amount of debauchery this poor little girl has endured thus far in her life and actually felt sorry for her.

He shook his head as he was just beginning to realize the amount of sexual and worse yet psychological abuse she has been subjected to at such a young age.

He said, "This is my point most girls your age haven't even started to imagine about even masturbating. You know touching their selves. Yet here you are at the age of twelve having been engaged in sexual acts one way or other since you have been like five-years-old. I mean that is when you started kissing and sucking both of your grandfather's penises.

I mean, take a look at yourself right now. You have no shame or regard for me. I mean you're masturbating right in front of me for gosh sakes. I am sorry Kristen but that's just not normal for a young woman of your age. Girls your age just don't spread their legs and play with themselves with strangers in the room, don't you understand that?" Kristen defiantly winked at him then smiled before she blew Miles an imaginary kiss, "Well, how else am I going to get you to notice that I'm an all grown up woman.

I mean ~ Timmy my cousin ~ he took care of the virginity thing for me on my seventh birthday and all. I mean you're not going to hurt me if that's what you're afraid of Dr. Spencer. I've been like having sex ever since I was a little girl just like you said. See I'm twelve now and I've grown up a whole bunch since then.

You know I've played with all types men's privates some of them were big, small, fat and skinny. I've let them all push themselves inside of me and I only felt sore just a few times.

I mean ~ do you want me to come over there? I can play with your love torpedo for you ~ you know ~ until it gets all nice and long ~ and hard and all ~ then I'll let you put it inside of me just like I did for them." Miles was absolutely shocked by her brazen approach and the fact that she never stopped masturbating in front of him this entire time.

As a matter of fact she slipped a finger inside of her balloon knot then with her other hand he gulped as his mouth filled with his saliva and asked, "Do you think that other girls in your school are doing the same things that you're doing with these men from your special parties?

Because if they are and they're your friends then why aren't you having sex with their fathers, brothers or mom's when you stay over their homes when you have your slumber parties?" Kristen put her hand over her mouth and giggled, "Wow ~ Doctor Spencer ~ you've got a lot to learn about girls my age today.

What if I told you ~ that like ~ some of my girlfriend's daddies ~ that they may not be part of a special family like mine ~ but like ~ they've sorta or should I say kinda did things with me too?" Miles thought with the revelation of his daughter wanting to have sex with him that perhaps he really is out of touch with the sexuality of today's teenagers and asked, "I don't understand, I'm not sure what you mean by what you just said?" Kristen said, "Doctor Spencer you have to promise and I mean really promise that what I am going to tell you never ever leaves this room or I could lose some of my best friends like Rebecca Bowen and Nicole Galloway.

We all promised each other that we would never to tell anybody what we did together." Miles said, "What did you do or what did they do to you?" Kristen opened her vagina really wide as she pushed her two longest fingers inside of herself and said, "The same things that I'm trying to do with you ~ I just haven't figured out a way yet to make you have sex with me ~ like I did with my girlfriends and their families." Miles looked at her deep into her eyes to see if there was the normal adjustment up and to the right that would mean she was lying and asked, "You mean to tell me that you had sex with those two girl's fathers?" Kristen's eyes never shifted she just looked back deep into Mile's light blue Norwegian's eyes.

She opened her mouth as the sloshing sounds from her wet vagina began to ring out around the office and she said, "That is exactly what I am saying to you. Rebecca and Nicole's fathers ~ are like so hot ~ Doctor Spencer.

I mean you should see their daddy's in like their swimsuits trunks or in their shorts with their shirts off ~ especially like ~ when they cut the lawn and all ~ or are just like working outside in the hot sun in the summer and all ~ whew!!! ~ It makes my heart beat so fast. Oh my god Doctor Spencer ~ I just want to do all sorts of naughty things with all of them.

Like oh my goodness they're muscles just like ~ all I can say Doctor Spencer is they make me tingle down here when I look at them." Kristen started pumping her fingers faster and Miles noticed them getting wetter and wetter the more she deliberately pushed them inside of her vagina as she became more and more excited as she described her girlfriends fathers, "Their stomachs are so flat just like the teenage boys have.

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They're not fat or balding like some of the other older father's are." She bit her bottom lip and cooed almost silently and then said, I mean they're like sexy hot Doctor Spencer ~ I mean really ~ really hot!!! I would take every chance I could to like rub my hand down their backs or across their tight stomachs ~ honestly I just couldn't keep my hands off of them ~ even though they were my friends fathers and all.

I would do my best to like ~ try to sit in their laps ~ or like call them daddy sometimes. When we invited my girlfriends families over for like barbeques or pool parties in the summer and all ~ and when like my girlfriend's fathers were in the pool with all of us playing games ~ I would pretend to like slip and accidently touch and grab their privates and all.

When us girls would tan by the pool ~ and like when the other girls weren't looking ~ I would pretend to adjust my bikini bottoms ~ I made sure their daddy's like got to ~ to like peek ~ you know see my cooch ~ you know ~ just to see what they do or what would happen when they were staring at me." Miles really believed that she was just making up stories now but how could she as this was coming directly out of her subconscious and asked, "How, old were you when all this happened with Rebecca and Nicole's fathers?" Kristen continued her onslaught on her vagina as her middle finger from her other hand slipped past her second knuckle into her anal canal and she became a little more amorous and said, "After I came back from Disney World and I wasn't talking to my daddy or mommy anymore." Miles intently watched her hands cupping her privates as she massaged her holes and asked, "Why did you stop speaking to your parents?" She smiled at him then winked and turned her ass to him showing Miles her finger attacking her tiny slit of an asshole and said, "Because my daddy hurt me right here." She nodded to what she was doing to her bum hole, "He had sex in my butt hole after I begged him not to because his man stick is so thick and all.

I was just like punishing my daddy and I wouldn't have sex with him anymore. But ~ my body betrayed me and all ~ like it started to like sorta ache ~ I needed to feel a man's wiener inside of me. You see like ~ Rebecca's father made that like ache like go away ~ teen chloe cherry screwed things up and have to step up know ~ when I dreamt about him and I would use my special toy that my mommy gave me on my kitty cat.

Then when I started to get that achy feeling again ~ I would fantasize about Nicole's father ~ I would just switch back and forth fantasizing about their daddies.

Sometimes I got really greedy and thought about both of them and their dicks in both of my holes right down here." Miles asked, "So, did Nicole and Rebecca's fathers actually have sex with you or was it just your fantasy to have sex with your friends fathers?" Kristen was very direct, "Well, it all started out just as like fantasies of mine.

I knew that the fantasy wasn't nearly as good as it could be by doing the real thing with them. I knew I had to put a plan together to actually make them have sex with me.

I knew I had a small chance of my fantasies really coming true because I kept catching like both of their father's ~ like they couldn't stop looking at my little tabby when I would pull my bikini bottoms to the side or my panties when I wore dresses ~ when I was like at their homes mom foking son rep story sex stories stuff." Miles wanted to make sure this was truth as there is a propensity that catatonic patients tend to create their own fantasy worlds as they remain basically in a coma like state even though the patient looks like they are awake, "So, let me get this straight.

You would just spread your legs and show the father's of your best friends your privates? What did they say to you?" Kristen said, "Well, like at first they would just like peek at my kitty cat ~ I made sure that they could get really good looks ~ then I would smile at them as sexy as I could ~ you know ~ because I was letting them know that I was okay with them staring at me just like you're doing right now." She smiled at him as she used her fingers to spread her tiny cum catcher allowing Miles see her entire treasure and she kept speaking, "So, I knew that they didn't mind looking at me wherever we were.

It was really difficult for me to get them to look at my privates sometimes. I mean it's not like when my mommy and daddy's friends come over. Everyone is naked and you can have sex with anyone you want to. There are like no limits but like I said before the Galloway's and the Bowen's were not special families ~ yet." Miles wanted to map this as his fear was that she was slipping into her own little fantasy world, "What do you mean they were not special families ~ yet?" Kristen closed her legs around her hand as she continued to play with her vagina and her body began to shiver.

She then opened her legs and Miles noticed her cum glistening against her pussy lips then she leaned back on the couch and several moments later she recovered from her tingly orgasm and said, "Well, I know that you didn't think ~ like ~ that I was like all the other girls at school ~ but I really was. I had sleepovers and slumber parties just like they did ~ they happened all the time.

I knew that if I wanted to try to have sex with Rebecca and Nicole's daddies then my girlfriends were going to have to be in on like the plan and all. So, I planned on like teaching my girlfriends ~ to like ~ do the things that I knew about sex and all.

I decided that if my plan was to work at all I would have to start with Nicole first because I knew she would do whatever I told her to do." Miles said, "So, what did blue movie sex watch mp3 do?

Did you make them have sex with your father or with one of your grandfathers?" Kristen said, "Actually Doctor Spencer it was a lot and I mean a lot easier than that. After I decided that I didn't want to pretend anymore with my vibrator ~ about like you know ~ having sex with Rebecca and Nicole' daddies ~ I wanted to have like real sex with them.

So, I first invited Nicole for a private stay over during our summer break from school. My father was on one of his long out of town business trips and all. So, it was just like my mom and my brother at home. So, one afternoon Nicole and I took out the horses for a long ride all by ourselves.

We brought some food and water with us so like we could stay out longer. When we were out for a while we stopped and ate lunch and I had also packed my vibrator. I got really nervous about my plan and all ~ you know because I wasn't really sure if Nicole would hate me and all if I told her I wanted to have sex with her daddy. After we ate we sat around talking about all the boys in school then finally I felt comfortable around her and I brought up how her father was so good looking and sexy and all.

I then asked her if she thought my father was handsome like her father. She told me that she thought my daddy was a lot more sexier than her own daddy.

I knew if my plan was going to work and all ~ that my father ~ like one sensual beauty loves having hot sex with her hubby ~ he would like want to have sex with Nicole ~ you know ~ like he does with the other girls that come to our special parties at our house. Then something strange happened with my plan.

Out of like nowhere ~ Nicole told me that she never kissed a boy before. Then she asked me if we could like practice kissing on each other but I couldn't tell anyone. I mean Doctor Spencer it was all too easy. We started kissing each other on the lips and holding each other. Then I pushed my tongue inside of her mouth and we French kissed for the first time together. Nicole never stopped me she just ran her fingers thru my hair and I did the same to her.

She surprised me when she put her hand between my legs and started to rub my privates over my pants like this." Kristen then cupped her wet sister xxx rap bf story that was still glistening with her cum and she demonstrated how Nicole was playing with her pussy all thin thief sucks cock and fucked hardcore brunette years ago out in the woods.

"I didn't want like our kissing to stop ~ so I did the same to her ~ but I actually put my hand down her pants and I slipped my finger inside of her slit ~ I felt that she was still a virgin.

We kept making out with each other for like ten minutes or so. It was like so much different than anything that I had done before. We both didn't like ~ like expect that practicing kissing each other would make us feel so ~ I guess the best word would be like ~ hot ~ we didn't want it to stop.

Then I pulled out my vibrator from my pack and Nicole was all shocked and all that I had a real vibrator and all.

Then I wanted to do more stuff with her so I pulled my shorts off as Nicole was holding the vibrator. She was smiling as she was stroking it with her hand. I told her to 'put it in her mouth to get it wet so we could use it.' When she slipped it between her lips she said 'that it smelled and tasted funny.' I told her that 'the taste and smell was from my vagina.' Then I rolled over onto my back on the blanket and spread my legs like this." Kristen spread her legs and began to play with her naughty spot again and said, "Then I showed her how I use it on myself.

I took a chance and I told her 'that sometimes I pretend that the vibrator was her daddy's penis that was going in and out of me.'" Miles asked, "So, you were taking a real chance of losing a friend.

What japanese cousin fuck english subtitles she say to you?" Kristen said, "She just looked at me and went, 'Eeeewww that's disgusting ~ like my dad is so like old and all.' I just kept quiet and she said, 'but I really want to try your toy. I want to know what it feels like to have a thing inside of me.' So I helped her to get naked.

Once we were naked together and I spread her legs and then we made out together for a few minutes. We teased each other and played each other's kitty cats with our fingers. Then I took another big chance and I moved my head between her legs and kissed her slit like I do with my mommy, Aunt Lilly and my cousin Amy from time to time. Nicole couldn't believe how good it felt ~ she even told me that 'it even felt better than my finger inside of her.' Then she surprised me and she moved my slit over her mouth and she kissed it and she just did all the same things I was doing with my tongue to me.

We rolled around for a long time just kissing each other's kitty cats as the horses stood there and watched us until we both felt that tingly feeling go all over our bodies. Then I held the vibrator in my hand and slipped it between my legs and began to play with myself as Nicole sat and watched everything I was doing.

I then put Nicole's hand over mine and I told her to use the vibrator on me. I told her, 'this is how I think of your daddy and I having sex together.' After a while Nicole wanted to try it herself as she saw how good it was making me feel.

She was still a virgin and we broke her hymen together that afternoon with the vibrator. We did something together that was really special for her and somehow we became a lot closer that afternoon.

Then when her vagina stopped hurting her and the vibrator was making her feel so good she said, 'If my daddy puts his cock inside of you then you have to promise to make sure that your dad does the same thing to me.' I told her, 'no problem I promise.' It was nice because for the first time in my life I really felt like I had something really special with someone that wasn't part of my family. We stayed out there for a couple of hours playing with each other and kissing one other as we used the vibrator on each other." Miles sat there as the true seductress was beginning to emerge from her personality.

Kristen was proving his new theory, "So, you two just stayed out there in the woods and used your vibrator on each other?

So she really didn't get upset that you told her about your fantasy about you wanting her father putting his privates inside of yours?" Kristen said, "No, because I promised that I could get my daddy to do the same thing to her if she wanted him to. I guess you wouldn't understand but using a vibrator it makes girls feel ~ it's like you feel so good and you just don't wanta like ever stop using it on your privates.

A week or so later my mom told me that my cousin Timmy and Amy were coming to stay with us because my Uncle Donny and Aunt Lilly were going to Jamaica on vacation.

It was summer time so we didn't have school and all so I invited Rebecca over to stay one night with me just like I did with Nicole.

The only problem was Rebecca had like an older boyfriend than all if you like watching amateur porn movies with badass babes who love ha us ~ she was like secretly seeing a real like older boy and all. So I kinda looked up to her because I was like so way jealous of her and all because I wanted the same thing. I tried to do the same with Rebecca as I did with Nicole.

I thought it was going to be harder to make her like understand and all ~ to like do things with me because I sorta looked up to her." Miles asked, "So, Rebecca was like the ring leader of your small little group?" Kristen said, "Well, she was the prettiest and her boobs were starting to show already and she had a little bit of hair over her yoo-hoo.

So, some of the younger high school boys wanted to do things with Rebecca because she was so pretty. I tried to use the same plan with Rebecca as I did with Nicole.

I asked her if she wanted to ~ you know practice kissing and all ~ she wasn't really sure at first and she said, 'well I have a real boyfriend and you don't yet ~ so why not. I think I can teach you some things.' Rebecca pushed me down on the bed and said, 'I'll pretend to be the boy first.' She smiled at me and then she kissed me on the lips as her hands went done to my butt and she started to squeeze it.

It actually felt pretty good and she said, 'all the boys want to grab your butt and try to move their hands between your legs.' So I spread my legs and pushed her hand between my legs and said, 'show me how your boyfriend touches you.' Rebecca smiled at me and kissed me again then she moved her hand over my kitty cat.

Her touch was so soft and nice she was making my kitty cat all wet and all. I then rolled Rebecca over onto her back and then I began to kiss her. I think I surprised her when I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She fought back with her tongue and she made my head like really dizzy and all. Then I moved my hand up her night shirt and I felt her new boobs. Then I pushed her shirt up over her head and then she let me kiss her nipples and she began to moan a little then I pushed my hand down her pants and slipped my finger between her slit and she wasn't a virgin.

I played with her and she moaned and told me that I was doing such a better job than her boyfriend had ever done.

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Then Shaved pussies get drilled with big dicks took my vibrator and wanted to ~ you know ~ show Rebecca how I use my vibrator and pretend like it was like her daddy doing it to me and all. But when I was ready to start and I thought everyone else was sleeping when we heard my mommy and my daddy having sex that night.

Rebecca put her ear to my bedroom wall and just wanted to listen to them doing it. We both started giggling together and it made it so easy to start talking to her about sex with her dad. She actually thought that I was still a virgin. When I finally pulled out my vibrator and showed it to Rebecca she just grabbed it and giggled at me and said that hers was a lot bigger. That night we like used my vibrator on each other. Rebecca surprised me when she moved her mouth down and licked my little nubbin as I pushed my vibrator in and out of me.

Then I like did the same things to her. After I felt really comfortable with Rebecca and us playing together I told her that I had like a secret.

I then told her that I thought that her father emily menas pussy rides bambinos cock on top big dick and blowjob really hot and sometimes I fantasize about him and sometimes I think about my own father.

I didn't tell her that I had sex with my father because I didn't want to get him into trouble and all ~ besides I didn't want her to think that I was all weird or something." Miles said, "So, what did she say after you told her that you fantasized about having sex with her father?" Kristen laughed and said, "I knew that she was the most like me. She told me that if she had like a real chance ~ she would like let her own father really teach her about how to have sex and all.

She said that the boys in high school just don't know what to do and sometimes they hurt her pussy when they put their fingers inside of her and sometimes they have no idea that they have their fingers inside her asshole." Miles said, "Did she ever tell you if she ever had intercourse or sex like you do with your father?" Kristen said, "No, she was like all afraid of getting pregnant and all ~ but like she is my age and she didn't even have like her period and all yet ~ so ~ I think she's just a scardy cat.

Then I asked her what she thought about my cousin Timmy ~" Miles said, "She knows your cousins from Pittsburgh?" Kristen said, "Sure they do. My cousins stay at our house for at least a week or two every summer when their parents go away on vacation. My cousin Timmy just turned eighteen and he's like watch your wife get penetrated harder than ever total babe. Rebecca always liked him and thinks that he's hot. So, I thought that he could help me with my little plan." Miles asked, "Well, I thought your plan was going the way you wanted it ~ why bring your cousin into the plan." Kristen said, "Well, if Nicole and Rebecca had sex with my cousin Timmy first because they thought he was hot and all ~ I knew that I could like get them to do other stuff ~ you know ~ so like their parents wouldn't find out." Miles said, "Well, did you ask Timmy to be part of your plan?" Kristen laughed, "Okay Doctor Spencer ~ so like ~ here's an eighteen-year-old boy who loves to fuck.

I am going offer him to fuck two of my friends ~ what do you think he's going to say? He doesn't need to white girls with round butts rock mia malkova perfect ass bubble butt about the plan all he has to know is he gets to have sex with my friends." Miles asked, "So, did everything go the way you had planned?" Kristen said, "Well it was about five days after he arrived and my mom let the girls stay over the house again.

My mommy always got first dibs on Timmy if my daddy wasn't around. See my daddy goes away on business trips all the time ~ I think he had to go to Maryland or something like that and was going to be gone for a while. So, the very first night my mommy grabbed Timmy and let him do whatever he wanted to her." Miles said, "So Timmy could just do whatever he wanted to you or your mother even his sister?" Kristen said, "Really Doctor Spencer!!!!

You are like a doctor you're supposed to be so smart. Timmy and his family are just like mine remember? Anyway I had asked my mom if my girlfriends could stay over for the weekend and she said yes. The day that my friends were to come over I told Timmy that I wanted him to have sex with my girlfriends that day." Miles was curious, "So you just told your cousin Timmy to have sex with your friends you didn't ask him to have sex with you too?" Kristen just giggled, "Why do I need to like ask him and all?

If I want to have sex with Timmy all I do is just get naked with him and have sex. I was just offering him the chance to have sex with my friends. How many guys his age would like turn down having sex with not like just one or two but three girls at the same time?

I mean come on Doctor Spencer you're a guy you would jump at that chance too. That afternoon my mom took Amy my cousin with my brother Kevin to the mall. When my girlfriends came over I told them that I had a surprise for them. I told them that my cousin Timmy was here and if they wanted to ~ he was willing to have sex with them." Miles was real curious by what their reactions where, "So, after you told them about your cousin Timmy was willing to have sex with them what did they say?" Kristen said, "Well, Rebecca ran into my bathroom decided to take a shower and get cleaned up.

When Nicole and I were in my room, she told me that she might not be able to do it with Timmy because she was all nervous and all. She told me that she had fun with me the day we went out on the horses. She was nervous about having sex with Timmy. She said that he was so hot and she was so young with no boobs and she was afraid he would think that she was just a little girl and not like a real woman." Miles said, "So what did you do?

Was your plan falling apart?" Kristen said, "No, Rebecca she made things like super duper easy. When she walked out of my bathroom she was like completely nude and all and she pulled Nicole over to the bed and put her arm around her. She said, 'Nicole if you fuck this up for me I'm going to kill you.' That's all it took Doctor Spencer.

We put on our bikinis and went down to the pool. Timmy came out a little later and I have to admit he has this like really hot muscle body and all. He plays quarterback for North Catholic High School and he has muscles in all the right places if you know what I mean." Miles asked, "So, what happened?" Kristen said, "Well, he put on some suntan lotion and he had on this small little Speedo swimsuit that made his cock look so huge and hot.

We swam around trying to like get his attention but he just like pretended to just listen to his I-pod and just like ignored us. That's stranded big tit gymnast blows hard dick in car Nicole surprised me and she and Rebecca got out of the water and pulled him in the pool.

After that it was all too easy." Miles sat and shook his head, "You mean the girls were just willing to just have sex with your cousin Timmy because he was hot?" Kristen said, "Well, it is a lot more than that Doctor Spencer. Remember a long time ago I told you about me and my cousin Timmy and he made me a woman? Well, he did the same thing for my two friends.

Timmy was really nice to them he didn't hurt them and he took his time with them. He did take advantage of them a little when he told both of them that boys his age expect girls to have anal sex though. I couldn't help but laugh at that one but he was helping me after all so I kept my big mouth shut.

So, it hurt them a little after that but he really was gentle with them." Miles said, "How about you?" Kristen said, "How about me what?" Miles said, "Did you have sex with your cousin or was it just your two girlfriends." Kristen said, "I really wanted to. He looked like one of those porno guys on like the internet as he was fucking my friends.

His dick finally was all grown up and all just like my daddy's dick but if I wanted them to do whatever I wanted them to do I couldn't let them know that I have had sex with my cousin like I've done like a hundred times before or something." Miles said, "So, you accomplished getting your girlfriends to have sex with your cousin what was next on your agenda?" Kristen said, "Well, the next thing for me was like to get Rebecca's father to try and have like sex with me or both of us.

She already told me that she had thought about it so why not use that to my advantage." Miles asked, "So, how were you going to pull that off?" Kristen said, "Well, that took a lot longer than I thought.

I talked to Rebecca about trying to like to get her father to do the same thing we did that afternoon. I had to wait until after Timmy and Amy went home because while he stayed at my house all Nicole and Rebecca wanted to do was come over for the day and have sex with him. Finally after my cousins left and all I asked her to try to you know get with her daddy and all.

She told me that she wanted to try and teach her boyfriend Austin everything Timmy did to her first. That was like devastating to me I really wanted to be with her daddy and all." Miles asked, "So, how many times did Rebecca and Nicole have sex with your cousin Timmy?" Kristen said, "Well, Timmy stayed like for two weeks and Rebecca and Nicole almost came over like everyday ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer it was summer time no school and all ~ so I would say that he ~ they didn't have like all the way sex every pretty teen masturbating with hitachi on webcam because my mom was there but they did all sorts of things." Miles said, "Well that must have been very disappointing that you didn't have sex with him?" Kristen said, "More than you think Doctor Spencer.


My plan was like falling apart and I didn't want to tell on their parents that would just make things like so worse. It didn't help that at home mommy and daddy were fighting more and more when he came home from his trips. The last fight they had got so bad that my daddy left our house and stayed at a hotel for a couple of days until my mommy went to go get him and bring him home and all." Miles was real curious now as he was mapping out her stories trying to decipher whether they were truth or her creating a fantasy world in her own mind.

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A fight on the other hand seemed to be more plausible to the truth rather than fantasy, "What were your mother and father fighting about?" Kristen said, "What else Doctor Spencer ~ sex ~ they always fought about sex." Miles was really curious now, "What kind of sex? Was your mother or your father doing or wanting something that the other wasn't willing to do?" Kristen said, "Oh god no! ~ Nothing like that Doctor Spencer. It was like way worse than that.

My daddy blamed my mommy for me not having sex with him anymore. That wasn't true but I didn't care anymore I was looking forward to having sex with other daddies." Miles asked, "Why would your father think that it was your mother's fault and why wouldn't you have sex with him anymore?" Kristen said, "I have no idea why he was blaming my mommy.

I was mad at him because he wouldn't tell me he was sorry and all for putting his penis in my asshole and hurting me when we were in Disney World. That night, I was crying and all ~ you would think that your father wouldn't want to hurt his little girl and all ~ besides I was like ~ begging him ~ to like ~ stop over and over but he didn't care he just kept pounding my virgin asshole until he emptied his nut sack inside of my eight-year-old asshole.

I didn't want to talk to my oiled blondie gets muff rammed hardcore massage because she was ~ well ~ if you remember she was like always running off with all kinds of strange men when we were at Disney World. Then she was doing the same things once we got home.

My mommy didn't like that at all ~ daddy was away from the house because of his business so much ~ mommy said she was always so lonely at night. She wanted to have their special parties but she couldn't because daddy was always gone away so much.

Mommy always thought that daddy had ~ like a secret woman ~ and that he was just making up his business trips so that he could spend all his time with this make believe woman and all." Miles said, "Wow, so you were eight when you went to Disney World you are twelve and now ~ so what you're saying to me is that you haven't talked to your mom or your dad for all that time?

What about your daddy was he cheating on your mommy?" Kristen said, "I like have no idea if my daddy was with another woman and all but I wouldn't blame him if he did. I didn't talk to my parents because I thought they were always xxx negrbulu film sexi mothar and five others to me. I didn't talk to the doctor lady they took me to see either. You know ~ I couldn't tell her what was making me upset and all ~ because like ~ anyone who was like over eighteen ~ you know who had sex with me ~ would have to go to jail ~ I mean that is what Pop-Pop told me anyway.

So, I was really lonely at home even though my mommy and daddy bought me great gifts like my horses and all to try and make me happy." Miles asked, "So, what were your parents fights really about?" Kristen said, "Well, my mommy thought that my daddy was cheating on her with another woman. She really thought when he was away on his business trips he was really with some other woman. Then my mom would want to get back at my daddy.

So she would invite the men from their special parties and all ~ over to our house ~ she would have sex with all of them all night long. My daddy somehow ~ he would find out and like ~ fight with her ~ he would tell my mommy that she shouldn't do what she was doing ~ because like ~ she was cheating on him and that he would never cheat on her." Miles said, "Wait a minute. So, your mom was having sex with the same men in your home that she had sex with at those sex parties she went to?

Why did your daddy think that your mom was cheating on him then if she already sex with the same men from the parties they both went to?" Kristen said, "Because my daddy told her that when he was like at the parties with her ~ at like the same time with her ~ they both knew what was happening and all. But when my daddy was gone he felt that she was cheating on him because he wasn't home when the other men were there alone with my mommy.

Every time they would fight my mom would apologize and molly jane xxx sexy story him it wouldn't happen anymore. My mommy would be a good mommy for a while but then she would get horny again when daddy was away and do it all over again. The last time I don't know what my mommy told my daddy to come home but he came home. He told me he was sorry for leaving me and he would never ever do that again." Miles said, "Wow, the way you talked about your family before this it was like it was perfect." Kristen laughed, "MY family?

My family is far from perfect Doctor Spencer." Miles said, "So, let's switch back to what we were originally talking about. How in the world did you convince Rebecca and Nicole's father's to fool around with you?

You said Rebecca wasn't interested anymore because she had a high school boyfriend?" Kristen said, "Well, I actually was going after the wrong person. Just before the summer was over Nicole came over to go horseback riding with me like we always did. We were going out just about every day. We were becoming a lot closer than like me and Rebecca because she said she was having all kinds of sex with Austin her boyfriend.

Nicole and I were just like sleeping young mother in law rape son xstorys sex with my vibrator just about like every day and all ~ you know ~ when we went out horseback riding. Then I mentioned that it would be ~ like ~ so cool if I could have sex with a real grown up man before school started again. Nicole and Rebecca still thought I was a virgin because my cousin Timmy only had sex with them and not me. Then I asked Nicole if it would be like okay if I tried to have some kinda sex with her father and all ~ but like only if she would let me or if her daddy would let me." Miles said, "Well, that is a real bold move on your part.

How did she take your question?" Kristen said, "Well, she said that if I got to have sex with her father then I would have to help her have sex with my daddy because that would only be fair. That's when my plan came together. I knew that having sex with my dad would make my plan easy. Okay ~ so like ~ it was late in July and my mom and dad were still not really talking to each other every day. My mom said she, 'had to get away for a while' and she went on a trip with a couple of her girlfriends to Atlantic City because one of them was getting married again.

I asked my daddy like if Nicole could sleep over and all ~ you know that same weekend and all ~ and as usual it was no problem. Rebecca and Nicole and I sleep over each other's homes ~ like ~ it is as if we all actually lived in all three homes at like the same time and all." Miles asked, "So, did your dad know about your plan to have sex with your girlfriend's fathers?" Kristen said, "No way!

I would never tell him that. He had like no idea that I was going to make him fuck Nicole and all. Nicole's father dropped her off on that Saturday night. My daddy kept to his self like in his study like he usually does and all.

My brother Kevin was already in bed when I put my plan into action. I knew if I couldn't get Nicole and gorgeous mercedes carrera fucked in the jeep father together then my plan would have like been over with." Miles said, "Well, were you able to pull it off?" Kristen said, "Well, Nicole and I were up in my room and all.

We were like watching girl on girl porn on my computer (Kristen face turned red as her hand came over mouth as she giggled nervously) so we could like play with each other later that night with my vibrator. I really believe like Nicole wanted me to be more like a lesbian girlfriend with me than like anything else.

We were on my bed like naked and all then we used my vibrator it seemed until like the batteries got all worn out. It was about I'd say like eleven o'clock that evening and like we had just like sorta finished taking our shower together.

Then when we finished drying each other off I got a crazy and whacky idea. So like we put on our midget cheerleader outfits and then we went down to my daddy's study. (her face turned bright red again) We were like real dirty and bad girls and we were all naked and all underneath our skirts. My father was passed out sitting behind his desk ~ he had like one of his scotch challises open.

He likes this stuff called single malt scotch and I guess like that he had a little too much of that stuff. I put the alcohol away and when Nicole looked at my daddy she got like upset she was like, 'here I am all ready to do this with your daddy and all he's like fast asleep.' I shook her by the shoulders and told her that all we have to is one of our cheers that we do for the football team and he'll wake up.

Once he does like I told her just to follow my lead and do what I do." Miles said, "I take it you have found your father like this before?" Kristen said, "Sometimes especially when he's fighting with my mom. So anyway ~ we did like ~ our 'Push 'em back Shove 'em back Way back' cheer and half way through it we must have been like really awesome and all because my dad woke up and watched us do our cheer.

When we finished he was really like wide awake and all then he sat up in his big leather chair and he clapped for us. I then sat down in one of the chairs on the other side of his big desk. We had to like push the chairs like all the way back to the wall so we could do our cheer and then I pulled up my skirt over my hips and spread my legs for him. Nicole ~ I don't know ~ I guess she's like ~ she's usually ~ she's really shy but she followed my lead and spread her legs really wide just like me.

My dad just sat there like he was all stupid looking and all with his mouth open. He looked at both of us and he had like this big smile on his face. (Kristen once again like she has done so many times before when hypnotized stood up pulled her panties off then sat back down on the couch and spread her legs) see Doctor Spencer it looked exactly like this." Meanwhile back in Sherman Oaks, CA: Agents Eric Walker and Danny Lambert were interviewing the Johansson's.

Mrs. Johansson was still recovering from passing out on the living room floor after she realized that there could be actual gangsters after her little girl. She broke down and gave up every place that her daughter could have been hiding. After placing several phone calls they finally found their daughter hiding out in their chalet in Taos, New Mexico.

Agent Danny Lambert had made a phone call to his boss and was told to bring her in. So he sent a Federal Warrant to the Taos Police Station requesting them to go to the Johansson residence and place Farah Johansson under protective custody until the Federal Marshals arrive to collect her.

Then Gabe found out what Agent Danny Lambert did and shouted at Danny and Eric, "You lying sons-of-bitches you used us." Danny stood and pointed his finger right back at Gabe and said, "Mr. Johansson please ~ just relax ~ sit down and shut up!!!

If you really love your daughter then this had to happen." Danny held his hand below his waist and said, "If your daughter goes at it alone her life expectancy is about right here. Then he raised his hand above his head and said, "This is your daughter's life expectancy if we go to Taos right now and pick her up and put her into Federal Custody where we can protect her from these people.

It's your choice sir. Decide now&hellip. Down here on here she's on her own with you two to protect her and all three of you could possibly be murdered by this cartel or up here and we catch all the bad guys." Theresa shot up and took Danny's hand and put it up over his head and her sweaty breasts hit him in the chest.

Her eyes were red from tearing and her bottom lip was quivering and she said, "It's up here ~ it's definitely up here Agent Lambert ~ please do whatever you have to and protect my little girl." Eric looked at Gabe and asked, "I have a fax machine sir?" Gabe said, "Yes in my office." Eric said, "Good we are going to fax this arrest warrant for your daughter to the Federal Marshall's office so they can go ahead and put your daughter into protective custody.

Danny get the number will ya off of your phone and call up there." Danny pulled out his blackberry and then gave Eric the fax number deep in dat chocolate pussy bkb pornstars and hardcore the Marshall's Office and he made the call to execute their plan…&hellip. Meanwhile back inside the Camelot Clinic in New Mexico: Kristen was telling Miles her story of how she and her girlfriend were attempting to seduce her father.

Both girls were dressed in their cheerleading uniforms with one exception they weren't wearing any underwear. When the girls finished their cheer they jumped into the two chairs that were pushed up against the opposite wall from her father's desk.

They spread their legs revealing their most intimate muscles. Miles asked, "Well, that must have really shocked your father that you spread your legs like that. I mean ~ it's one thing for you to do it but to actually spread your legs in front of him with someone who wasn't part of your special little group that must have shocked him.

Not only that but your girlfriend was doing the same thing, so, what did he say?" Kristen who was sitting across from Miles as she told him her story opened her cooch revealing that it was still wet and succulent from her fresh orgasm, "Well, my father smiled at both of us at first.

Then I guess my dad didn't want Nicole to know anything that happens between me and him. So, he stared at our privates for a few more seconds and then he looked directly at me and said, 'what are you two up to? Close your legs. Both of you ~ this is not very lady like ladies. Now, the two of get back upstairs and I'll forget this ever happened.' Nicole all of a sudden had the courage of like a crazy dog and she looked my father right in the eye, 'I have waited a long time for this and so has your daughter.

Your wife is gone for the weekend. Don't worry, Mr. Foster no one will ever know ~ I promise I'll never tell anyone that you had sex with your daughter and her best friend. Please, Mr. Foster won't you play with us for a least a little while?' My dad looked at me and I winked at him giving him like an okay signal that everything was like no problem for him to do what he wanted to us. Then my father had this hurt look on his face asked at me, 'I thought you hated me?' I began to cry a little and said, 'you never said you're sorry for what you did to me at Disney World daddy.' My daddy stood up from behind his desk and stumbled over to me and knelt between my open legs.

He smiled at me and pulled my head to his and kissed me on the forehead, and said, 'I am sorry honey.' I held my daddy tight and then like when we stopped Nicole was just like sitting there with her mouth open like she didn't know what to say or do and I said, 'daddy let's talk later about our little fight.

Right now, Nicole wants to know what it's like to have a real man playing inside of her hoohah.' My dad stood up looking at both of us with our legs still spread. He was like smiling at us as he swayed in front of us. I guess, he was more drunk than I thought.

It was funny to watch as he tried to take his clothes off as he swayed and almost he falling over several times it made us both laugh. It also sorta made Nicole relax a little more as she began to touch herself as she watched my father get naked. But when daddy's big seven inch penis emerged out in the open my daddy was already like hard and Nicole's eyes were like buggin' out of her head.

He then knelt between Nicole's legs and he smiled at her and he put his lips on hers and kissed her soft and gentle ~ like he does with me and said, 'do you really want this to happen, Nicole? Once I put my penis inside of you there is no turning back. We will never be able to take it back! You will become a real woman is this what you really want?' (As Kristen was describing what was happening Miles knew that this was his cue. Miles took the blatant hint as Kristen winked at him and pointed her finger at him.

Miles stood and took his clothes off and knelt between Kristen's legs) Kristen looked at her therapist in the eyes, after all these years Doctor Spencer you really want me? Come on and I'll show you how to take me the way my daddy and Nicole did it that night.' Just remember Doctor Spencer ~ once you put your penis inside of me you'll never be able to take it back.


Are you sure this is what you want" Miles looked at his beautiful twenty-year-old co-ed in her sparkling blue eyes who was stuck in her mind in her twelve-year-old child ego and he said, "Is this what you really want Kristen. Will you allow me to slip my penis inside of you and try and make you feel as good as your father did that night?" Kristen looked down at Miles hard penis, "Please I have been thinking about you for so long.

Please my fingers cannot come close to what my daddy's real penis feels like inside of my tiny cum catcher Doctor Spencer." (She put her hand over her mouth and began to giggle) If you want to ~ you can ~ like ~ finish and all inside of me ~ please I like it that way the most it makes my wet little peach feel so like filled up and slimy inside of me ~ I just love it. You know I never bled from my vagina so my mommy said I can't have babies and all until then.

Don't make me wait any longer Doctor Spencer. I promise I will never tell anyone it will be our little secret." The tip of Miles cock was hit with an electrical spark as the tip of cock slipped between Kristen's inner lips. It shot strait back to his buttocks and then permeated the remainder of his body as he slowly and very gingerly entered into Kristen's cock warmer.

Even though Miles has fucked her hole several times previous to this to Kristen in her current twelve-year-old ego believes that this is the first time between them and Miles said, "Oh my Kristen you make me my penis feel so wonderful inside of you. Oh, my gosh, you're so tight and so wet.

I should have tried doing this with you a long, long, long time ago." Kristen was euphoric as she felt his penis slip inside of her and said, "I know right. I really like the feeling of a grown up penis inside of me. I like it in my mouth and inside all of my privates Doctor Spencer. And like you don't need to be afraid and all ~ you can put it all the way inside of me.

I can take it all Doctor Spencer I promise. That's it all the way in ~ you feel amazing." Kristen's eyes rolled into the back of her head so that Miles only saw the whites of her eyes and she let out this little whisper that then crescendo, "Yes ~ now move it FASTER INSIDE OF ME!" Miles was all too willing to follow her instructions then she calmed again and eyes returned to normal then she focused and looked directly into her therapists eyes and said, "Okay you can put all the way inside of me now ~ oh Doctor Spencer that is what my naughty spot like needed to feel like I'm all full inside of me just like this ~ oh, don't stop please." As usual when Miles fucked his patient as they were re-enacting one of her stories Miles would continue on with their therapy session and he asked her, "So how did your father and Nicole get along?" Kristen said, "Well, I knelt down next to her and kissed her on the lips as my father tried to push inside of her but she was so tight.

My daddy looked at me and said, 'honey would you go to the bathroom and get the K-Y for me?' Nicole looked a little upset and said, 'man Timmy was able to just like push inside of me with no trouble. You must be so much like bigger and wider than him.' My daddy looked at me as he backed away from Nicole and looked directly at me." Kristen's eyes began to water then she pulled Miles close to her as he continued to fuck her, "Miles pulled his head back and looked into her trusting blue eyes and said, "What brokenteens 6 big dicks for 1 cheerleader My father had this hurt and disappointed look on his face.

He sat back on his heels it is the same face that he gives my mommy when he finds out that she cheated on him and he asked Nicole, 'do you mean my nephew Timmy and you had sex together?' Nicole just realized that she was horrible at keeping secrets and she was scared and told him a lie, 'I'm sorry but it's not Kristen's fault Mr. Foster it just like sorta happened.' She looked at me nervously and smiled hoping that her lie would fool my father but it didn't." Miles said, "So, what happened?" Kristen smiled at Miles and said, "I fell to my knees next to my father and kissed him.

I told him that I was sorry that I drug Nicole into all of this. He was drunk so I said, 'it's okay daddy Nicole wants this to happen with you and I forgive you and I want us to go back to the way we were.' I then put my hand on my father's erect torpedo launcher and stroked him. I sat back on the chair pulling him to me. He stood and I told him, 'forget about the K-Y daddy we don't need it.' I opened my mouth and I let my daddy to push his hard stick into my mouth.

Then he pushed it all the way down my throat. Nicole turned and couldn't believe that I took the whole thing in my mouth. She still thought that I was a virgin and she said, 'holy crap Kristen, how in the world are you able to do that. That is like amazing ~ you're going to have to teach me that.' I gagged on my daddy for a while and when he pulled out there were long strings of my saliva connecting his thing back to my tongue.' My daddy then knelt back between Nicole's legs and smiled and said, 'are you ready to feel a real man inside of you?' Nicole was nervous and said, 'yeah sure.' I then knelt next to her and said, 'my daddy feels awesome once you get used to his big size inside of you.' Kristen's eyes went wide and said, 'you mean like ~ you and your daddy like&hellip.

and I said, 'my daddy and I have been doing this for years now.' My daddy said, 'don't worry I won't hurt you I promise.' He like ~ slowly and like really softly pushed inside of her. My father was like ~ he wanted to be gentle and all because he said he didn't want her to get hurt or something like that.

Then Nicole tried to look at me as her eyes were like all crazy and all. The only thing I saw was like her eyeballs were just like all white and all because they rolled up into her head and she said, 'oh my god Kristen thank you for letting me try this with your father ~ he feels amazing inside of me. I mean it hurts because he's like so big and all but it feels like so unbelievable at the same time.

When her head came back down she looked directly into my father's eyes, 'does it feel good inside of me Mr. Foster? Do you like how a really young girl like me feels?' My father picked her up and sat on the chair and let her bounce up and down on him and said, 'you feel absolutely wonderful honey, do you like the way my man cock feels inside of your tight pussy or should I say your woman pussy?' Nicole really couldn't talk as I knew nice ass blonde gets bros friend huge dick was happening to her because it happens to me when I bounce up and down on my daddy too.

Nicole's whole like body began to shake all over as she bounced really slow up and down and then when she couldn't take anymore she like let my father fall out of her pussy and she fell to the floor and curled up in a ball and just shook on the floor for a couple of minutes." Miles stood up and sat on the couch as his cock glistened in the soft and warm candle light with Kristen's vaginal fluids and invited Kristen to sit on his cock once again.

Kristen just smiled at her therapist and thru one leg to the other side of Miles' lap. She came up to her knees and reached between her legs and found Miles damp shaft and lined his head with her opening and she moved her lips to his and kissed him slowly until she felt him slip inside. Once Miles was securely back inside of his patient he asked, "So what did you do?" Kristen said, "I wasn't going to let my daddy's like hard privates like go to waste.

I fell to my knees in front of my father and I sucked my cherry kiss masurbates in shower room and fucked by big cock stuff off and all from of my father's cock. It was neat tasting my girlfriends like wet stuff that was all over my daddy's penis. I licked it all off and then I sat on top of him euro floozy is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex slowly moved up and down on him just like I'm doing to you right now.

You know Doctor Spencer after my daddy was inside of me again I thought how stupid I was stupid I was to not let my dad fuck me for so long I held on to my grudge for too long." Kristen saw the mess that was all over Miles' own shaft and she licked him clean just like she did in her own story.

When she felt like she did a good enough job, she sat on Miles and said, "Whew I like living out my memories with you Doc. You like the way it feels inside of me? You like the feel of my tight pussy? Put it all the way in ~ I know I look so young and tiny but I promise I can take all of you." Miles thought to his self, 'this isn't your fist rodeo with this girl just let her do her thing.' "It sure does feel wonderful inside of you. Thank you for sharing yourself and all of your stories with me.

So what happened after you climbed on top of your father?" Kristen smiled, "I rode him fast and hard just like I'm doing sex amateurskool xxx black guy and girl six now. It as if I am reliving it all over again right now Doc. God this is so great we should be doing this every time we get together Doctor Spencer instead of just talking all the time." Kristen's pace was fast and furious on top of Miles.

Kristen was squeezing her vagina together as tight as she could when she was lifting up and off of Mile's cock and then she was trying to open herself as wide as she could to allow his cock to pierce her hard and deep as she slammed down on him. After several minutes of pure ecstasy Kristen felt her body begin to quiver.

She began to shake on top of Miles and just as Nicole did in her story then she allowed Miles to slip out of her and then she curled up in the fetal position on the floor just as Nicole did in her story.

Miles stood and watched his co-ed patient floundering on the floor like a fish out of water and he stood up stroking his cock, "So what did you and Nicole do next?" Kristen rolled over on her back watching the fair doctor stroking his cock with her cum on it and said, "I brought him to point where like he was ready to like finish and stuff. I could always tell by the way he like looks you know it's in my daddy's eyes. I got off of him and fell to my knees like this (she knelt in front of Miles as he stroked his cock) and Nicole took my slutty gf butt plugged and analyzed while being filmed pornstars and hardcore cock like into her mouth and sucked him until he finished in her mouth.

There was so much of my pretty lesbian amateur moms toying each other housewives lesbians stuff that went into her mouth. I like licked all the extra white pee that like started to drip out of her mouth onto chin and around her lips." Miles took the opportunity and grabbed the back of her head as he was ready as well and pushed his cock into the co-ed's mouth and exploded, "Oh shit Kristen you've gone and done it again you made me shoot my love seed inside of you." Kristen still on her knees allowed Miles penis to escape from her mouth as she swallowed the remainder of Mile's orgasm.

She didn't let him completely escape as her hand was wrapped around his shaft, "Then I held my father's wet privates just like this you know ~ knowing there are like more big drops still inside of his penis ~ besides I always love sucking on his privates until the very last drop comes out of it." Kristen stroked Miles and there were several small droplets of white sperm that came to the tip of his cock and she licked and sucked them clean off of her therapist.

Miles fell back on his seat with his pants still around his ankles and Kristen pulled her thong back up and then sat back on the couch like nothing happened. Miles took her lead and then zipped up his self. "So, you and Nicole both had sex with your father what if anything happened after that." Kristen said, "Nicole and I like kissed each other on the floor of my father's study. We were having all kinds of fun. My daddy told us to push his salty white pee back and forth between our mouths.

Once Nicole had like enough she stood like moved over to my father and sat on his lap and said, "I can't believe I just watched you actually put your huge thing inside of own daughter like that. It was like totally like awesome but not as amazing as you like putting inside of me Mr. Foster. Now, you are going to help me and your little girl over there do the same thing with my father. Now, before you say no Mr. Foster I want you to like know I want to share the same thing that you two seem to have shared for such a long time now.

Plus I want my best friend to have fun with my father like I did with you. It is only fair for me to share my daddy with your daughter since she let me have so much fun with you. I owe her and now you owe me……&hellip." End of Chapter 12 Thank you for taking the time once again. I know this chapter was a little longer than the others but I didn't want to break up the therapy session portion.

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