Tight pussy mother id like to fuck likes vibrators japanese and hardcore

Tight pussy mother id like to fuck likes vibrators japanese and hardcore
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It started early Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend when I got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. We were renting a beach house in the Outer Banks and I was really thirsty from the veggie pizza we had for dinner. I slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I heard the living room TV on and assumed the two girls had come back late from their meet up with the boys they earlier teased at the beach, watched some TV and had left it on.

I caught a glimpse of the TV from the space between the kitchen and living room and it looked like a Skinamax late night soft porn was playing. I kept going past the kitchen to turn off the TV, caught sight of movement on the couch and stopped. I saw my girlfriend's eighteen-year-old daughter Maria, laying on her back, eyes closed, and her blonde friend Anna was on top of her, had pushed up Maria's top and was sucking Maria's firm, perky, B-cup tits.

Maria was whispering quietly and making little "mmmm" sounds as Anna worked her mouth over those hard, perky nipples. Both girls were into it and I stayed rooted at passed out milf fucked by friend japanese edge of the room watching Anna suck on Maria's perfectly firm tits.

Anna also had a hand between the two of them and was rubbing herself or maybe Maria. It was pretty damn hot to see the two of them having a little girl-on-girl action. Maria had long, gel-manicured nails like her mom and was running them through Anna's blonde hair when suddenly Maria opened her eyes and focused them on me. "Oh my god!" Maria said.

And tried to push Anna off her. "He's been here for a passed out milf fucked by friend japanese or more. Watching us. It's ok." Anna said and held Maria down and sucked on her nipple again. "It's not ok. He's mom's boyfriend." Maria hissed. "Shush girl. I'm sure he's seen two girls having fun before." Anna giggled and took a big slurp on Maria's nipple. "Let him perv us for a little bit.

It makes me really wet. Lets give him a bit more of a show. Then he can go wake up your mom and give it to her good." Anna said lightly as she reached behind herself and tugged her green miniskirt hem up over her ass cheeks and bared her thong-covered, ultra firm and small teen ass before sliding further down Maria's body, pushing Maria's short skirt up and tugging her bright pink thong aside.

I had seen both of them earlier today in revealing bikinis, but Anna's slim ass and sleek, cross-country trained legs looked even better with her platform wedges still on and that little skirt up around her waist. "God no." Maria said as she struggled to push Anna off her, but Anna stayed put, used her wiry body like a wrestler, held Maria's hips down, pushed her head low and burrowed her tongue between Anna's thighs. Maria stopped struggling a few moments after, and spread her legs even wider, giving Anna full access.

I slowly realized Anna must have known Maria would stop struggling and let her go down on her. I was quickly figuring out who called the shots between them and I wondered if Maria was like her mom. Maria looked right at me. "You can't tell her." she said, meaning I couldn't tell her mom. "He won't." Anna quipped. "Not if he wants to see this again." and Teen blonde and blacks mens hard anal gape dp creampie interracial and hardcore pulled her thong aside and spread her pussy open with her fingers for only me to see.

Maria thought Anna meant them together, but I had the feeling that Anna meant that and her pink, juicy pussy that she spread wide open with her long, canary yellow nails and looked so damn good. "Look, he's rock hard." Anna said and made sure Maria looked at my underwear bulge. "Oh, you are terrible. Making me look at my mom's boyfriend's package." Maria said as she humped her hips against Anna's probing, caressing fingers.

"You said you thought he was hot." Anna divulged and then buried her tongue into Maria's shaved pussy. "Oh my god!." and I knew Maria was embarrassed at this revelation and at the same time getting her clit slurped ny the sounds coming from Anna's mouth.

I stepped a bit further into the room to get a better view and watched as Maria had her thighs pushed apart into a T shape by Anna's slim fingers and Anna face-dove into Maria's wet delight. "Ohhh, god. You are so bad." Maria whispered as Anna licked and sucked. Anna seemed to know what Maria liked and I wondered how long the two of them had been doing this. "Come closer." Anna urged. "God no. He's already seen too much." Maria pleaded.

"Go back to bed. Please?" "Watch this Mr. G. She thrashes about when she cums." Anna said and patted the foot stool with her hand, an obvious invitation to move five feet closer and have a ringside seat. I crept closer and sat on the edge of the footstool and Anna quickly reached out with her left hand and gave my bulge a quick squeeze.

"He's big. Your mom's boyfriend has a nice-sized tool." Anna said. "Anna, stop." Maria said and then started moaning as Anna pushed her fingers deep into Maria's snug little pussy and finger fucked her good. "Listen, I'll grab his cock and suck it and ignore your needy little pussy right now if you don't stop complaining. I know you think he's hot. You told me so again on the beach today. So look at his damn cock." Anna hissed.

"Show it to her, Mr. G. Show her the cock that her mom gets to suck." Anna said. I knew I shouldn't, but I did. I took my hand and pulled my cock from the waistband of my boxer briefs and showed both girls my circumsized dick. "Looks yummy Mr. G. Doesn't it Maria? She thinks you are hot, Mr. G. I do too, but Maria has a big, teenaged, heart-hurting crush on her Mom's boyfriend. Don't you Maria? She told me when she hears you fucking her mom, she wishes she was getting fucked by your tool." Maria was still silent, Anna had her fingers buried inside Maria's pussy and Maria was close to cumming.

"Tell him.

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Or I'm going to suck your mom's boyfriend's cock. And he will cheat on your mom and fuck your friend's mouth and cum on my face while you watch." Anna said. "Oh fuck. Yes. I have a crush on you." Maria said. "Good girl. Now cum while he watches." Anna said and dove into Maria's pussy and spun the secret padlock dial code quickly and unlocked Maria's orgasm.

Maria did shudder and shake and came like an earthquake. Anna whispered "shhhhh" to remind Maria to stay quiet and I watched Maria cum the exact same way that Maria's mom,Carmen came when I got her off like this. It was like a time machine, like watching a young Carmen cum from Anna's expert touch. "Thanks Mr. G. Now you can go back to bed. Unless you want Maria to see me slobber all over that big cock and beg you to fuck me." Anna said with a smile. "Tempting, but not tonight, Anna." I said.

"Ok Mr. G. I think Maria and I have seen enough of that yummy cock to pretend we are getting fucked by it for the rest of the weekend." I reluctantly left them and slipped back into bed, completely forgetting my water. I got back up, got a sip of room temperature water from the bathroom sink and laid back down.

I had disturbed Carmen, getting up and then down again and she rolled into my side and I slid my hand to her perfectly round, fake, 34DD tit and gave it a squeeze.

Her hand ran down my stomach and found my cock already stiff. "Someone had a good dream." She purred as she gently ran her fingers along the shaft and then caressed my balls gently with her long nails. "I hope I was part of your dream." She said as she softly kissed my neck with her pouty, soft lips. "Can I help you get back to sleep? I know you can't sleep with this." She teased, using our little private joke that got her lips onto my cock so many nights. "Yes baby.

Help me sleep." I said as I ran my fingers through her long, dark brown hair and felt her head go under the sheet and her lips make a kissing trail to the head of my cock. She took me in her mouth and I groaned and pushed down on the top of her head. She knew what I wanted, to be engulfed, and she took me deeper. After watching Anna and Maria, I needed Carmen's mouth down all the way.

She took me deep then slowly withdrew her lips from it and kissed the tip lightly. "Must have been a very dirty dream. Did you have a harem?" She teased and then swirled her tongue around the helmet and took the head back in her warm mouth. I heard and saw movement outside the bedroom door and saw the hallway light shadowed under the door. Someone or two someones were outside the door, listening. "Fuck! Soooo good baby. Feels so good in your mouth." I said in a loud whisper.

Carmen paused and giggled, "baby, keep it down, don't wake the girls.". "They are dead asleep, I looked in on them." I sort of lied, and pushed on the back of her head, causing her lips to sink deep onto my shaft and her tongue to rub against the underside of my cock.

"Suck my big cock baby. You have such a sweet mouth." I said, hoping I was loud enough for the girls standing outside to hear. "Fuck your girl's mouth, Papi. Fuck it with your big, strong cock" Carmen urged, slipping into her Latina slang as I grabbed hard onto her round, bolted-on tits that she was so proud to show off in skin-tight tops and little bikini triangles. squeezed them hard and tugged on her nipples as she bobbed deeply on my steel-hardened shaft.

"Love these big tits baby. You have perfect tits. Uhhhh." I said, tugging on her nipples harder as she washed her tongue back and forth along the underside of old mature milf young and of my dreams halloween special with a threesome cock and held the head of my cock deep within her mouth.

I was close, but knowing the girls were just outside the door, I wanted to make it last and for them to hear who was the boss in the bedroom.

I gripped a handful of her dark hair and tugged up on her head gently, watching and feeling her lips slide up the shaft of my cock. I held her head steady when her lips reached the corona and she tongued the head and sucked on the tip, repeatedly hollowing her cheeks and sucking hard on it. She had been a good cocksucker from the first time we hooked up. That was the night we first met after being introduced to each other at a charity event by Jenna, the charity chapter President.

I was drawn to Carmen's sexy style and took her home that night. She admitted that first night that she had a bit of an 'oral fixation' as she put it while she was unzipping my pants and extracting my cock from my underwear. She was even better at giving me blowjobs now that we had been together a while and she knew exactly what I liked most. I held onto her head and let her focus on the helmet of my cock because she was especially skilled at using her lips and tongue to love that sensitive end.

An orally fixated girl was a perfect fit for me, a guy who thought that being sucked was hotter and more intimate than intercourse. I I knew I would cum soon if I didn't take a pause and I also knew what might show the girls outside how easily Carmen agreed to my demands. I pulled her by the hair a sex movie story mom son real more until the tip of my dick popped from her pouty lips.


She grabbed the base and lightly slapped the tip against her cheek as she looked up. "I wanna fuck my Carmen slut." I said, looking into her brown eyes. She nodded, still looking at me. "Did sexy stepmom kendra lust horny threesome with cute teen young old pornstars bring some shoes?" I asked, knowing she always brought a couple pairs of platform pumps on any trip we took and had even worn one pair to the pizza restaurant we all went to for dinner.

It was nearly 2AM but Carmen was ready to play along. "Yes Papi. You want me to find them and wear them for you? So you can fuck your Carmen slut with her shoes on, don't you Papi?" she cooed. Besides her perfect tits, the next thing I noticed about Carmen when I first met her were the shoes she was standing in. They were silver pumps with enormously high stiletto heels and two and a half inch platform soles. I didn't know it at the time but it was her favorite look, big, skyscraper heels, usually with 1-3" platforms.

I learned later that she wore them because she felt tall and sexy and hot in them. And her legs were her best natural feature and seemingly made just for wearing shoes like that.

Her stems were long, lean and a light to medium brown color, depending on her level of tan. She wore platform pumps with the casual ease of a pole dancer and had just the right 'walk' for stiletto heels. She scurried off the bed and dug into her suitcase and held up two pairs, I pointed at the brand new ones that just came from ShoeDazzle, plaid cloth covered pumps that looked like the Burberry plaid pattern but with predominantly red, with black and pink.

Schoolgirl colors. She smiled as she set them brazzer porn hub lela star on the carpet, stepped into them and got back up on the bed and stuck her feet right at me.

"Can you buckle them, Papi?" She said with a mischievous grin as I took the delicate strap of the Mary-Jane detailing and buckled the thin strap over her forefoot and then did the same with the other. She turned around, kneeling on the bed, heels behind her, ass up, head down and put her hand between her legs and spread open her snug, wet pussy. "Like it Papi? Like what you see? Show me how you fucked the girl in your dream. Fuck your high heeled slut. Give it all to me." She said as I moved behind her and rubbed the head of my cock through her soaking wet, waxed-smooth pussy.

"So smooth for you Papi. I got it waxed for the beach. Take it Papi. Make it yours." she cooed and I did, shoving it deep and knowing it would probably only go in halfway. She was so wet, but had a naturally small, tight hole and I always had to work her open before I could bottom out inside her warm, slick pussy. "Oh Papi. Give it to your girl. Give it all. My new heels are on for you Papi. Do I look like a schoolgirl Papi? In my plaid fuck-me pumps? Fuck me Papi, don't slow down. Just fuck me hard and cum when you are ready.

I wanna swallow you. Taste your treat. When you are close, finish in my mouth, Papi." I was concentrating so hard that I couldn't talk, slamming it in and out of her warm, tight cunt.

That little talk of hers and everything else pretty much ended my control and I felt my balls tighten and I pulled out of her tight pussy and she turned around, grabbed the shaft and jerked the base while sucking hard on the tip and I pumped my load into her waiting mouth. "Gonna cum, yes baby, uhhhh, uhhh, you are such a sexy fuck! Such a dirty little schoolgirl slut! Damn! Ugggg! Suck it baby! I babbled as I creamed into her mouth.

It was a good volley and then four or six more before I was spent and drained. I saw the shadows move away from the door as Carmen swallowed me after savoring my flavor. I washed up a bit and we fell asleep quickly in each others arms. I got up the next morning and left Carmen sleeping in the master bedroom and tried to pretend I didn't see Anna and Maria last night or that they hadn't stood outside the bedroom door and hear me fuck Carmen's eager mouth and snug, spicy pussy.

Anna and Maria were both up, drinking coffee and looked up when I came in. Anna gave me a grin and a golf clap. "Impressive Mr. G. Maria was so worked up she chewed my pussy raw after you finished with her mom.

And I thought about sucking your big cock as she was licking my little clitty and my tight teen pussy." Anna said, stirring the pot further.

We all heard Carmen flush the toilet and changed the subject before she came into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. Carmen kissed my cheek and said, "Good morning, Tiger." and I saw Anna raise an eyebrow and Maria keep her eyes looking down at the table. I slid my hand along her leg and then got up to take a shower. After I toweled off and put on a bathing suit, Carmen went in for her shower.

When I came out of the bedroom, Anna was the hallway wearing her bikini bathing suit also and peered into the bedroom. "Those the shoes?" She said pointing at the plaid platforms Carmen wore last night that were laying near each other on the floor.

I nodded and watched her smirk. Schoolgirl slutty, Mr. G. Maria wants you bad now. After last night, she'll agree to anything you want her to do." "Anna. No more. Last night was fun. But lets leave that alone. We all had our fun." I said. "Sure, Mr. G. But I know you want this." She said as she tugged her small bottom up into her ass crack and grabbed her cheeks with both hands. "And you get it only after you fuck Maria with that yummy cock." She said quietly and then pulled her bottoms back in place.

"And you can fuck that big cock up my ass Mr. G. I'd do anal with you." She admitted. I heard the water turn off and headed out to the outside deck to gather towels and other beach items for the trek to the beach. Soon all four of us were packed up and walking to the beach together.

Carmen looked luscious in a bright yellow bikini that was low on her hips and covered most of her fit, firm ass. Maria was wearing the same brand of suit as Anna, both had tiny triangles in front that required lots of waxing.


Anna's white bikini had a Brazilian scrunch back that showed off her ass while Maria was wearing a lime green suit with an American back style to her bottoms. Both of their asses were looking just about perfect, but Anna's suit coverage was a bit smaller and the scrunch back hugged her ass better. I tried not to stare at the two girls and so I stayed slightly ahead of them as we went to the beach.

Anna was determined to tease me, asking me to apply sunscreen to her back but I suggested Maria do it. Then she asked me if I would throw the frisbee with her and I did, allowing her to stretch for catches and bend over to pick up the dropped frisbee. Maria joined us, and then so did Carmen, her fake tits standing straight out from her chest and filling out and slightly overflowing the small, snug, flower print triangle top of her suit. Anna smiled when she caught me staring right at her little ass, displayed in the bikini bottom and deliberately ran her hand over it, pretending to brush off sand.

Carmen was in a great mood also and the four of us went into the ocean to cool off. Small waves hit us as we got out to almost waist level with the occasional bigger wave striking us a little off balance. Anna grabbed Maria and dunked her and the two of them hugged and I saw Maria look over at me as Carmen wrapped her hand around my waist and kissed my salty neck.

"Thanks for bringing all of us to the beach this week." Carmen said. "I want to give you a big reward tonight for being so nice." She said and kissed me again. "What did you have in mind?" I asked, knowing Carmen usually knew that my favorite reward from her was usually some some sort of sex fantasy. "Slave-girl. Your harem whore." She whispered in my ear. That made my cock jump. Carmen trimmed pussy impaled on knob pornstar hardcore to play dress up more than other women I had dated.

She confided to me one night that she was in her 30s, acting out her late teens. Carmen got pregnant and had Maria at a young age and then was a very responsible, slightly pudgy and boring single mom. Then when Maria turned 15, Carmen felt fat and had begun to workout. She bought the P90X program and had been one of those that went from flab to fabulous in six months.

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She said she lost more than 20 pounds the first 6 months and actually gained 5 pounds the second 90 days but that second five sunny leone porn move xxx movi free download was lean, strong muscle in her ass, core and legs.

She lost so much weight that she told me she was flat and a saggy up top so she had implants put in to go with her tight, slim ass and perfect legs. After that she dated a jerk for about 18 months and then was pretty much single until we met, which Maria confirmed Carmen looked to be the older sister of Maria with her slim, athletically trained body and was making up for lost time at age 36.

We had a fun day at the beach and didn't leave until 5PM. Somehow it seems easier to carry the stuff to the beach than it does to carry it back. I ended up carrying three beach chairs in one hand and a beach bag full of damp towels in the other. Carmen had little in her hands and Maria held her chair.

Anna carried the frisbee and a bag of essentials like sunscreen and iPhones. Anna and I showered in the two bathrooms first. I was drying off in my bedroom when Anna walked in, hair damp, tiny minidress on and asking me to tie up the halter back. She pulled her hair up and I tied the strings quickly and she turned around and kissed me full on the lips.

"Thanks Mr. G." she said as I tried to process that wet kiss and she then spied Carmem's shoes, strode over, tipped them upright and stepped into them. "Will you buckle them for me?" She teased and when I glared at her and refused, she bent at the waist and buckled the thin strap over each forefoot and gave me an uninstructed view of her bare, perfect ass and cleft of pussy.

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"Whoops? Did Anna give you a peek Mr. G?" she said as she brought her fingers to her mouth in mock surprise. "So sorry about that. I haven't decided which panties to wear for you tonight. These shoes fit perfect. I'm going to ask Carmem if I can rock them with my dress tonight.

What do you think? The white and pink dress would sort of go with the heels. "Don't." I warned. "Don't worry, Carmen told me what she is wearing for you tonight. You are one lucky dude." She said. "I'll have to settle for wrapping these heels around Maria's neck instead of yours tonight." I heard the water turn off in the bathroom and Anna walked to the closed bathroom door.

Carmen, can I wear these plaid shoes? They go perfect with my dress." "If they fit. And if you can walk in them." Carmen challenged. "Thanks! They fit and I've been practicing." Anna said through the closed bathroom door.

"See ya!" Anna said with a smirk and walked out, shaking her ass as much as she could until she turned the corner. Everyone got dressed and ready and when the three women emerged from the bedrooms they looked like models. Anna's blonde hair hung down in soft curls and she just had the white and pink mini and those ultra high Mary-Jane heels on with silver jewelry. Maria was in a bright blue stretch mini that was rouched on both sides and hugged her ass like paint.

Maria paired it with a see-through white top that hung off her shoulders and draped along her sides and a cobalt blue bra style top that was all sequins in the bust. She wore a pair of blue sequined pumps that I knew were Carmen's. Like all of Carmen's heels, these ones added 6" of height to Maria. Carmen was wearing a white vinyl/pleather minidress that had a choker collar, white mesh top that showed off the tops of her perfectly spherical tits and then the vinyl portion narrowed and the exciting a lewd phallus gloryhole and hardcore went on either side of a 4" wide strip until the vinyl widened out at below her sofia leon and suny leon ones to wrap nearly around her ass like a shiny, white glove but with 3" mesh panels on each hip.

The dress was backless but for three metal chains that tied it together and she accented the dress with giant silver hoop earrings and white suede booties with 6" spike heels and 2" platforms. I was blown away and tried to police group and redhead glory hole cumshot i will catch any perp with a immense black on Carmen as we stood in the kitchen and all had a drink.

Carmen and I knew Maria and her friends drank when they could, so we let Anna and Maria mix their own drinks and enjoy a few cocktails. By the time we were ready to leave, the two girls had good buzzes going on by the way they were giggling. I drove and we went out to the center of the beach town and ate dinner at the nicest restaurant at the beach. The girls ordered steak and shrimp and Carmen and I shared a salad, lobster and filet minion. We were all happy and except for the male attention my companions got, it was a fun, uneventful night.

We finished with coffee and shared dessert and finally paid the bill and headed home. The drinks Carmen had were making her a little horny and as we got up to leave, she whispered in my ear how she was going to be a good Harem princess for me.

Anna looked at the two of us and whispered something to Maria. As soon as we got into the house, Carmen took my hand, told the girls goodnight and led me to our bedroom. She had set up the room before I left with candles, scarf-like ties and a tableful of lotions and toys.

She walked around the room and lit about thirty candles. I stood in the center of the room and watched. When she finished, she came up to me and hugged me tight and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips. "I am yours to command. Your harem girl. You are my king and master, I will do as you say." she said with a big smile. "What is your first wish." Pull the top of your dress down and show me your tits." I said and watched as she flashed a big smile and revealed her perfect tits and then grabbed them with both hands and rubbed them.

"Would you like to suck them or feel them, or have me rub them against my Master's cock? Or do you want to see more of your slave girl's body?" "Kneel. Rub your face on my xxx sex stories story download snyy leon I said and she quickly dropped to her knees and caressed my bulge against her cheek. The door to the bedroom opened and Anna looked right at me as she strolled in, holding Carmen's shoes in one hand.

"I have her shoes Mr. G." Anna said. Carmen started to stand but Anna placed her hand on Carmen's shoulder. "Don't get up. Harem girl." Anna teased. Carmen looked up at me with big, brown eyes, a little ashamed that she had told Anna what was planned. "Nice toys." Anna said, nodding at the nightstand and continuing to keep her hand on Carmen's shoulder.

"Where is Maria?" I asked. "On the couch. Passed out. She's a lightweight." Anna said. "Ok. Put the shoes down and go get her to bed." I said, using the same tone I had been using with Carmen. "Then I can come back and watch?" Anna teased. "I'll bet she sucks it good." "Go put Maria to bed." I said and pointed. "Yes sir. Be good to him little slave girl." Anna said as she patted Carmen on the shoulder and quickly left. "Oh my god.

I can't believe that girl." Carmen said as she began to get up. "Stay right where you are. You aren't going anywhere. You promised to be my slave." I said, she shook her head. "But I have to check on." Carmen protested.

"She will be fine." I told her. Anna will take care of her." I said, thinking back to the previous night. I caressed her cheek. "Unzip my pants, take it out." I said. "But what if she." Carmen started to say. "She won't, and so what. She isn't naive. She knows we are having naughty, fun sex." I said as I slipped my thumb into her mouth and she sucked on it.

"That's my good little slave girl. Take it out, and slip it into your warm mouth." I told her as I caressed her hair and felt her long nails deftly unzipping and unbuttoning.

She reached in and sprung my cock free and I waved it in front of her face.


"Suck it harem girl. Show your Master your special talent." Carmen practically inhaled my big cock and I was feeling amazing. I rocked my hips forward and back and then saw the handle of the bedroom door turn. I grabbed Carmen's head with both hands. Anna opened the door, stuck her head in. "I put her to bed Mr. G. God that's hot. Can I watch a little?" Anna asked. Carmen had her back to the door and was looking to, shaking her head, but I knew her well enough to tell she wasn't vehemently opposed, so I looked right down at her.

"You told me you would do anything slave. Are you breaking your word?" I asked quietly. Carmen shook her head slightly. She might let this game continue. hot russian aunt seducing nephew blonde wants to stay. I want you to show her how you suck my cock so perfectly." I said as I stroked her face. Is that ok? Will you show her how good you are at making your king happy?" I said and I could tell she was going to go along with it.

She nodded and sucked on the head, hollowing her cheeks. "Anna. If you want to stay, it's my rules. You don't listen, you are gone and we won't have you over to the house again. EVER.

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Am I clear?" "Yes Mr. G. Clear. Carmen, you are so lucky. That thing is so perfect." Anna said as she pointed at my cock. Carmen smiled and ran her tongue over the head as if teasing and fucking in boots and fishnet stockings say, 'and it's mine'. "Baby, give Anna some lessons on how to suck a perfect cock perfectly." I said and Carmen looked up at me and began to suck on the tip with her pouty mouth.

Anna stared at Carmen, then looked at me. "Cool, Mr. G. Must feel good." she remarked as she watched me reach down and play with Carmen's round tits. "I'll bet that feels good. Doesn't it, harem slave. All blissed out and getting your big tits played with and your mouth filled. Fuck! Can I borrow a toy?" Anna asked and looked at me.

I looked down at Carmen and she shrugged and nodded. "Yes Anna. But if you take a toy, you are part of the harem." I said and both Anna and Carmen raised their eyebrows. "Fuck Mr. G. Your harem? That's pretty kinky. And pretty hot." She said with a smirk as she grabbed a small vibe and looked it over.

"I guess I'm in." She said and tugged up on her little dress and pulled it around her waist and pov babe cockriding before doggystyle big tits and amateur her legs open.

"I gotta do it Mr. G. Watching Carmen suck you is driving me crazy. Plus she looks like she loves that thing. I would too. It's the nicest cock I've seen in person." Anna admitted and rubbed the vibe into her bare slit. "Carmen, help Anna with your toy." I said and pulled Carmen up from the rug gently by a handful of her hair.

I knew Anna had been with Maria and that Carmen had played with one girl before I met her and after she got her tits. Carmen looked at me funny but slid up to the bed and rubbed the small vibe against Anna and then turned it on and slid it back and forth between Anna's smooth, pink lips. "Now turn your head." I said as I turned Carmen's face and slapped my cock against her lips. "So pretty, and such good girl." I said as I fed the tip of my nicock back into Carmen's mouth and she started slurping the head and shaft eagerly as she watched Anna from the corner of her eye.

"That's a good girl. I see you watching Anna. Does her pussy look good to you?" "Uh huh." Carmem admitted. "I think she likes girls, a lot. I've seen that look before." Anna admitted and I thought she was going to talk about Carmen's daughter.

Anna looked at me and somehow I got the message through to her that Carmen wasn't quite ready to hear that. Instead, she put her hand on Carmen's head and talked in her ear, "Suck that big, thick cock. It looks so yummy. Suck it good for him, harem girl, slave, cock slut. Rub his balls for him too, while your toy buzzes my pussy. Are you going to share that big cock? Are you going to let the new girl get her lips around it? Or should I tongue his balls and help him cum while you take that nice cock down your throat?".

"Carmen, tell the new harem girl what to do.". I said. "No Master. We are yours. You command her. I will do as you say." She said as she laid back and spread her pussy wide open with her fingers. "Anna, lick Carmen's pussy for her like a good slave would." I said and Anna put her mouth to Carmen's brown pussy lips and licked her.

I took the toy that was still in Anna's sweet, bare cunt and worked it in and out of her gently as I stretched her pink hole and got her squirming as she ate Carmen. "Oh fuck!" Carmen said as Anna slurped Carmen's clit into her mouth. "She sucks pussy really well." Carmen admitted. Anna paused a moment. "I fuck cock like a porn star from "germanyy.xxx" too ." She said and wiggled her ass at me as she went back to eating Carmen. It was the start of a great night.