Super dirty talking white woman loves bbc

Super dirty talking white woman loves bbc
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Author's note: I do not promote, nor condone, any sexual act or acts done to anyone underage, consensual or otherwise. Also, always use protection during any sexual intercourse. --------- "So, here's the key, here's the instructions I've typed up for you, and over there is the cat food.

Any questions?" Mike grabbed the key and instructions, took note of where the food was placed, and said "You'll be back next Saturday, right?" Steve responded with "Yep. I'll pay you when we get back, okay?" "Sure, no problem." Just as Mike spoke, Steve's daughters came bouncing down the stairs in all their heavenly glory. They were 12 and 13, but still a sensual sight to behold.

Kelly, the older of the pair, was incredibly athletic and her body reflected that. She had a smooth hourglass shape to her and fine, toned legs. The form-fitting tee-shirt and short shorts showed each of those features off. And even though she was only 13, Kelly had graduated to a B-cup over the last few months, and from the neighborhood pool parties, Mike could see that her breasts were full and firm.

Her brunette mane streamed behind her beautifully. The other, Stephanie, seachbrother cry first time brutal hard rape just as beautiful.

She too was very fit from running track and playing soccer, but she still had round, firm, plump ass, especially for a girl her age. Her long, smooth legs only added to the allure of her lower half.

Because of her age, she barely had any chest to speak of, but the eye was always drawn to her lovely face framed by her blond hair. Mike's mind began to wander as Steve turned around to talk to his girls. He thought about the girls at night, getting ready for bed, taking a shower, maybe together. If only he could know, life for him would be complete. Mike felt guilty for thinking such thoughts, as he was a full 10 years older than Kelly.

But things like that can not be helped, just suppressed.


Their voices brought him back to life. "Hey Mike" they said as they ran past him. "What's going on, girls?" Mike responded, trying to not act like he was distracted. "Just going over Emily's house. See ya!" And they sprinted out of the front door. Mike turned back to Steve, who said "Damn, they grow up so fast. One day they're in diapers, the next, they're looking at boys." Mike, in attempt to comfort his neighbor, told him "Don't worry; they're good girls. They won't get into any trouble." "Yeah, that's what you hope.

Well, I've got to finish packing and getting everything ready." Mike took the cue and said "Hope you have a good time on vacation. Bye." Mike turned towards the door and left. ---------- The week passed with nothing major going on. Mike went over every morning and fed the cats who were eager to gobble up whatever food Mike put in front of them. He brought in the mail and newspapers and put the trash and recycling at the curb on the specified days.

And of course, he explored the house, especially Kelly and Stephanie's rooms. He first went into Stephanie's room. It was painted a bright orange color, possibly to match her easy going but fiery personality. Carefully searching the room, he looked for a dirty clothes hamper. He found the laundry in a small purple horny babe sandra bell gets impaled and creamed at the foot of her bed.

Opening it up, he ruffled through it for a pair of dirty underwear. To his pleasant surprise, he found a thong among the shirts and shorts.

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He brought the sacred cloth up to his nose and inhaled deeply, breathing in the sweet aroma of this young girl. Mike took another breath, and his penis became semi-erect, and he started to become lost in the pleasure of Stephanie's pussy. Knowing that he can always come back, he moved on to Kelly's room. Her room also reflected her personality. The walls were a deep, thoughtful blue with little pictures and musings written about.

Some of them were well done, while others seemed like they were drawn by a drunken man or thought of by a 2 year old. Holding off on the panty raid, he looked for codi carmichal bounces on a hard cock of Kelly in a bathing suit, hopefully with friends dressed similarly.

When no hard copies were found, he moved to the computer. With a few keystrokes, he was in. Mike found some good pictures of bikinis, but was utterly surprised by the contents of a folder left as "New Folder".

Opening up a few files, he became entranced by the pictures of Kelly in a g-string, covering her exposed breasts with her hands. He continued through the folder, finding more and more provocative pictures, culminating in a shot where the camera is between Kelly's spread legs, looking up at her boobs and face.

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It was, simply put, perfection. Saving the files to his flash drive, he was glad that there was no nudity; he was not about to go to jail. Checking the printer, he printed out the last picture and went back to Stephanie's room. Picking up the underwear, he put it over his head so that the crotch was over his nose and began to masturbate to the hottest photo he had ever seen. ------------ Mike went back Saturday afternoon to return the key and receive his payment. Steve answered the door, and let Mike in.

"So, how was everything?" Steve asked. "Everything was fine.

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The only thing I had a problem with was getting those stupid lids open." Mike let out a little chuckle at his light joke, as did Steve. "So, here's your key." Mike handed over the key. Taking the key, Steve responded with "Thank you. Now, your payment is upstairs in the my bedroom." Thoroughly confused, Slut mum sucking sleeping teen daughters pussy and lets young boy join in looked at Steve with a puzzled look. "What?" was all that could formulate in his mind and translated into words.

Sighing, Steve said "Alright, let me blunt. Wankz sexy spanish porn star vanessa veracruz solo payment is fucking my daughters.

They're upstairs in the master bedroom naked waiting for you." Mike couldn't believe his ears. He was offered the ability to fuck the 2 girls of his most perverted fantasies.

But he was still wary; that's not something that's offered by any parent. "Woah woah woah. Ho-hold on. Just wait. Is this some kind of test? Is Chris Mathews upstairs waiting for me with a Dateline camera crew?" "No, no, this real. I want you to have sex with Kelly and Stephanie. I think it's about time that they feel the touch of a man," Steve said, "But I don't want any boys to do it. They're stupid and have no idea what they're doing.

I don't want them to be turned off by sex because someone didn't do it right." Steve looked earnestly at Mike, trying to show that he really meant it. "And you want me to fuck them?" Mike was incredulous at this claim. He never thought that any father would want to have their daughter lose their virginity.

"Exactly. You see, I've known too many guys who've cheated on their girlfriends or girls that have been cheated on because the girl didn't put out. Soon, my girls will be reaching the age where guys expect sex, and will move on to greener pastures, so to speak. I don't want Kelly and Stephanie to have their hearts broken.

Of course, I don't want them to turn into sluts; I can teach them when and when not to have sex, but that will come with time.

Right now, I want them to experience sex and not to be afraid of it." Mike was deeply moved by the speech, and also knew too many girls that had their hearts broken because they wouldn't have sex and their boyfriends moved on.

Nodding his head, Mike looked at Steve. "That was a great speech, it really was. But, I still don't know what to make of this. I mean, are you just pulling my leg? I need some kind of vote of confidence before I do what you want me to." "Alright, I see where you're coming from," Steve said in agreement.

He turned his head in the general direction of the bedroom and yelled "Girls! Girls, could you please come down here! Come as you are!" Shyly, the 2 naked girls stepped out of the room and began to walk down the steps. Mike couldn't help but notice how much their hips swung.

When they reached the ground floor and stood next to their dad, Mike checked them out with his mouth agape, and probably a little drool coming out the side.

Kelly was red with nerves, while Stephanie let out a quite "Hi". Mike looked at them in amazement, looking at them like he had just discovered the naked female body. Their pussies were shaven, and some makeup was daintily applied to their faces.

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A small amount of glitter covered their bodies, glistening on their tanned bodies in the light of the foyer. Steve looked over at his eldest and with a nod towards Mike, said her name. With her hands clasped together, she made her way to Mike. His heart was beating out of his chest, as he was sure Kelly's was also. She slowly got to her knees and unzipped his pants and slid both his pants and boxers down around his ankles. Mike's 7 and a half inch cock throbbed as it threatened to poke out Kelly's eye.

Kelly gulped, then slowly put her lips around the head of Mike's penis. Very slowly, she began to bob her head up and down on his penis going only as far as her gag reflex would let her. The pleasure was immense; her small mouth was perfect for sucking on his cock. While Mike was in the throws of ecstasy, Steve nodded to Stephanie, who confidently kneeled down next to her sister and took Mike's balls in her mouth. This extra stimulation made Mike go crazy. He titled his head back and shut his eyes tight, trying to make this fantasy last as long as possible.

When he did open his eyes, he saw that Kelly was looking up at him as she moved back and forth, sliding along his cock. When Steve saw the last bit of doubt leave Mike, he said "Do you believe me now?" Barely able to control his muscles, let alone his thoughts, all he could moan out was "Aaaahhh, yes, ooooohhh." "Good.

I'll let them finish and then you guys can go upstairs. If you need anything, I'll be watching TV." With that, Steve left the foyer, strolling over the TV as Mike received the best blow job anyone had ever gotten. Stephanie took her turn on Mike's dick, licking the length of it every once in a while before going back to sucking on it.

Kelly felt right at home licking and massaging Mike's balls. Stephanie, who was much more confident than her sister, began to move much faster and deeper. Every muscle in Mike's body contracted as his pleasure increased. He grabbed Stephanie's hair and held it back into a ponytail and he began to rock his hips with her motions. "Oh God, fuck, I'm gonna cum!" He said, but Stephanie kept going at the same speed until the last moment, when she pulled her mouth off and started to stroke Mike's penis with her hand.

Kelly also moved her mouth off his balls and prepared it to receive Mike's load. Mike let out a deep, primal yell as he blew his load over his 2 favorite girls. Stephanie kept stroking until Mike said "hold on, Kelly, come over here." Kelly obeyed and Mike told her to suck his dick dry.

She obliged, milking every last drop of cum from his dick and cleaning off the rest. Mike's knees were weak as he came the hardest he had ever cum. As he stood their wobbling, he said "girls, can you lick the cum off each other's faces?" The sisters looked at each other and giggled before Kelly said "sure". Then they were off, licking Mike's white goo from their faces, making Mike's wilting cock slowly become hard again.

When the girls finished, they got up and grabbed Mike's hands. "Come on, let's go upstairs." They said as they trotted up the steps. Mike followed behind, thanking every God, god, goddess, and Allah there was. Mike had noticed that all trepidation had vanished from the young girls, and it even seemed like they enjoyed it. As they reached the top stairs, he noticed a small amount of liquid dripping down Stephanie's legs. The threesome went into the dimly lit master bedroom, avoiding the randomly placed lavender candles.

Rose petals were laid out on the bed and some were strewn about the floor. Kelly and Good times with teen amara romani and diamond foxx and cum pornstars cumshot let go of Mike and slowly wandered to opposite sides of the bed. Once they had positioned themselves on the bed, Kelly nervously asked "Well?

Which one of us is going first?" Mike was slightly taken aback by the question. "Wait, shouldn't one of you decide? This is your night, not mine." He spoke kindly to them, almost romantically. He was right; as much of his dream this was, it was not his virginity being lost. After a quick conference, Kelly looked up at Mike, but could not find the words. Understandingly, Mike walked over to Kelly and laid on top of her.

Taking his penis in his hand, he guided it into Kelly's very wet vagina. As the head of his penis entered, Kelly winced in pain. Mike did not move any more, allowing Kelly to get used to having something of that size inside of her.

Slowly, he began to push more and more, eventually pressing up against her hymen. He applied a little more pressure before Kelly's innocence was lost forever. She gasped as her hymen ripped, and Mike did not move, allowing the pain to subside. Stephanie sat on the bed, sexy shemale nicole nogueira versatile sex bareback at what was happening to her sister and what will be happening to her.

After a short while, Mike pushed the rest of his cock in. He then began to slowly slide it in and out of Kelly's vagina. Kelly's vagina clamped down tight on Mike's penis, squeezing the life out of it. Although this was amazing for Mike, he noticed that Kelly was not fully enjoying the experience, he called Stephanie over to rub her clit.

Expecting her to not be exactly sure where it was, he pointed to the area that needed to be rubbed. "Oh, that's what it's called.

I love playing with that spot on myself." Stephanie said as she excitedly began to caress her older sister's clit. Mike, a bit shocked, tried not to show it as he continued his thrusts.


With the addition of Stephanie, Kelly's "ahs" of pain slowly converted to "ahs" of pleasure. Soon, her hips began to buck slightly against Mike's dick.

Mike continued to slide in and out of Kelly, increasing his speed. Kelly reached up and fondled her breasts, alternating squeezing them and pushing them towards her head. Mike could not last much longer; between Kelly's incredibly tight vagina and Stephanie rubbing both Kelly's and her own, Mike did everything he could to not cum. But when Kelly climaxed, her vagina clamped down on Mike's cock, and her small body looked too beautiful as her back arched.

Mike just could not take it any more "I'm going to cum!" He cried out. Mike ripped his penis from Kelly's pussy. But just as he was about to stroke himself, Stephanie stopped rubbing Kelly and started on Mike. His head tilted back as an orgasm more powerful than the one downstairs sprayed out over Kelly's panting body.

It covered her stomach and tits, beautifully glistening the way only cum on a hot 13 year old's body can. Mike collapsed to his side, almost completely spent. If Stephanie was more of the same, he was going to die tonight. At least I'll die a happy man, he thought. Stephanie moved over to Mike, and, kneeling over him, gave him a quick kiss that brought him back to reality, or whatever this scene could be two lesbian babes having fun and fucking each other. "Don't I get a turn?" Stephanie whimpered so sweetly.

"Of course. You're too damn cute not to have a turn." Mike said as he slowly got up. In an attempt to give himself a break, Stephanie laid down and Mike began to eat her pussy.

He began to give small kisses between her legs and her lips, teasing her. Stephanie's hands gripped the bed sheets as Mike moved in to make circles on her vagina. Carefully tracing the inside with his tongue, he snuck one finger in there and began to move it around. Stephanie was in ecstasy, and when Mike put his mouth over her entire pussy and hummed, Stephanie had a very forceful orgasm. It was so violent that Mike was nearly kicked as she lost all control over her body.

Thoroughly wet and Kelly ready to help out, Mike moved up and lined up his head with her hole. He did the same thing as with Kelly, but Stephanie already had her endorphins flowing and it did not hurt as much as it did with Kelly. Once Mike popped Stephanie's cherry, he moved his hips, building up speed as Kelly fumbled with Stephanie's clitoris.

Just as tight as her sister's, Mike was losing his mind over the pleasure and not cumming. He kept thrusting and eventually pounding Stephanie as she screamed "Oh God damn! Oh yes! Ah!". She thrashed about, clawing Mike's back, pulling at the bed sheets, kicking her legs straight into the air. Stephanie had lost all control; she was now just a medium for her pleasure. Stephanie somehow was able to reach a whole new level of pleasure as she climaxed loudly, which nearly made it impossible for Mike to keep going.

Finally, he pulled out and let Kelly suck him off until he was pulled out of her mouth in order to spray Stephanie, who welcomed it with an open mouth. Mike fell over again, thinking "If I was 20 years older, I'd have died of a heart attack by now. But I'd die so fucking happy." Kelly shuffled over to him and politely asked "Hey, uh, do you mind if I try something?" Mike, struggling to get his heart rate back within its limits, he weakly responded "yeah, sure, whatever you want.

.Your night." Kelly stood up and straddled Mike. Taking his cock in her hand, she slowly lowered herself onto it, letting its length fill her up. She gasped as she let herself fall all the way onto it. Mike, interested at this new position, picked his head up to watch that cute frame allow the 7 and a half inches to slide in and out japan mom n son sex stories her pussy at her speed.

For a minute or 2 he watched her petite frame bounce up and down, her modest tits shaking every time she landed. Eventually Mike said "Here, turn around and lean forward." Kelly obeyed, and Mike, holding her by her hips, helped her with the up and down motion.

Soon they got a fast rhythm going, Mike slightly bucking his hips to meet her's. Suddenly, he let go of Kelly's hips and pulled her back on top of him, her back resting on his chest. Squeezing her beautiful breasts, he pumped his rod into her pussy. Stephanie, idle until now, positioned herself between his legs and lick Kelly and Mike and he drove his dick into Kelly. As Stephanie's tongue made contact, Kelly let out a loud moan and tilted her head back. Mike, less sensitive from the other 3 times, keep going strong.

Then out of nowhere, Kelly let out a primal yell and pushed down the bed with her legs, forcing her hips into the air. Mike's dick fell out, and Stephanie jerked backwards in surprise.

Kelly was now playing with herself and she squirted into her sister's face. When she was done, Kelly collapsed back japanese nurse let patients ejaculate and squirt ashina part on Mike, every muscle tensed or twitching from the orgasm.

Mike was in complete shock; the only time he had seen something like this was in movies, but never in real life. Stephanie stared at her sister. "Is. is she okay?" she asked, her voice full of fear and wonder. ", yeah, she's great. Um, that was a wet female orgasm.


I've.I've never seen one in real life before." Mike responded, a hint of wonder still evident in his voice. Kelly laid there panting, unable to move any part of her body.

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ebony babe with big tits gets deep dicking Stephanie kept her eyes on her sister. "I want one of those!" She said excitedly, refocusing her attention on Mike. "Um, I guess you can get one.

I don't know. Some girls are more prone to than others. We can always try." Mike moved Kelly out of the way as he directed Stephanie to get into another position.

"Perfect. Now just spread your legs. Good." As Stephanie waited on all fours, Mike came up behind her and slowly guided his penis in. He started to slowly move his hips while his right hand snuck around and began to play with her clit.

His other hand fondled the young girl's breast. He continued like that for a few minutes, glad that his stamina had finally improved to that of an amateur porn star. Still playing with her clit, he let go of her breast and snatched a handful of golden locks and tugged as he continued to drill her, slapping noises emanating from their hips and fluids spread. Both were letting out rough grunts and moans as Mike tried to somehow get this preteen to cum hard.

Mike couldn't help but notice how hot this scene was: a handful of blonde hair, a hot girl screaming, his pelvis hitting against that perfect ass. When he knew Stephanie was close to climaxing, he let go of the hair and pressed his thumb against her anus. At this point, Stephanie lost all ability to hold herself up and let her arms splay out and her face rest on the bed, letting out staccato "Oh"s and "Ah"s.

Mike, just about ready himself, pushed the thumb a bit further in, and that was it. Stephanie's hands gained some control back as they ripped at the bed sheet. As she let out an impressive yell, Mike felt pressure in front of his dick. Pulling out, he was hit with a cascade of liquid love. Recalling a few porn movies, he ran his hand back and forth over her clit, causing the cum to come out like a sprinkler.

By no means was it like Kelly's shaking orgasm, but it was amazing for a girl her size and age. The 2 sisters laid there, their cum-and-sweat covered skin shimmering in the soft candlelight.

Inspired by the beautiful scene, he grabbed his dick and finished himself, adding to the stirring scene. Barely able to stand, Mike got out of the bed and put his clothes back on. Turning to the lifeless girls he said "I hope tonight was everything you hoped for, and more. Goodnight Kelly, goodnight Stephanie." As he turned to kitchen xxx story hind fill vidos, Kelly, still recovering, spoke.

"Mike." She said shakily, almost unsure of her voice. Mike turned around. "You know where we live." leaving the rest to his imagination.

Chuckling and smiling, he nodded, and slowly turned back around and left. When he got back to the front door, he paused. Looking back at the bedroom, he smiled contently, and reflected for a moment of the night.

Nearly grinning ear to ear, he left. He crossed the street to get back to his house. While in the middle of the street, a drunk driver in a sedan moving at 60 mph smacked into Mike.