Yujizz pinay student high school

Yujizz pinay student high school
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Okay, this is my first attempt at writing anything like this so I decided to keep it short.

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Apologies for any bad spelling or grammar, and I hope you enjoy it. I lay awake on my bed deep into the Friday night staring at the ceiling. Today had been a hard day for me, I'm a 17-year-old who has always found it hard to fit in at school but today had been particularly bad. Fear of what the following week would bring for me had kept me awake for hours and self-pity had only made it worse. Just before I closed my eyes to finally sleep I whispered futilely "I wish things could be easier" So be it Ignoring the whispered response as a feature of exhaustion I closed my eyes and drifted off.

I would soon learn that the response had been all too real. Saturday's sunlight poured gloriously through the window tearing me from my much needed sleep.

Slowly I opened my eyes and hauled myself groggily from my bed. I felt unsteady on my ella and ava started out jerking then pounding their pussies hard and immediately knew that something was weird.

Looking down I was shocked to see my view of my feet completely blocked by a pair of large breasts. "WHAT THE FUCK!" but instead of my own voice as I expected, the voice that formed the words was much more delicate and of a higher pitch.


Thinking that I must still be partially asleep I stumbled out of my room and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Instead of my own slightly nerdy self peering back I was instead greeted by the eyes of an incredibly attractive 17-year-old girl. She had a pale face with voluptuous lips and brown olive-shaped eyes, her nose sat delicately on her face and her brow (although currently creased with confusion) seemed jovial and light hearted.

Hot sarah gets fucked in various positions black hair cascaded over her dainty shoulders and lay on her large, firm breasts. Her body seemed athletic and her slight waist gave way to rounded hips supported by firm buttocks. Her legs were long and well toned and finished admirably her beautifully proportioned body.

My sleep addled eyes finally raised from their caressing of her body and rested once again on her face. Her brow furrowed slightly as I began to doubt that this had in fact ever been a dream. An expression of absolute horror and shock weighed down her gorgeous features as I realised what was going on.

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Somehow instead of residing in the body of a scrawny guy (the body I had grown-up in), I was now in the body of a teenage bombshell. The girl's eyes flew wide open- I mean my eyes flew wide open- as my hand flew to my crotch. My dick was gone. My one pride and joy had disappeared from my life. Instead there was nothingness.

Well not quite nothingness, my fingers found the puckered lips of a teenage pussy. Jumping from horror to joy faster than a roadrunner on steroids my hand dove inside my boxers for a closer feel. Jolts of electricity ran through my body as my fingers brushed the exposed skin.

I tore my clothes from my body, revealing the gently toned snow white body underneath. My tits- MY tits- stood firm and round in the cool air, the nipples already standing proud at the centre of the dark areolas that were such a sharp contrast to the pale white sea surrounding them.

Tentatively I brought my fingers down to the lips of my pussy and began to gently massage my clit as I caressed my firm breasts with the other hand. My body immediately reacted and my fingers became wet as my juices started to flow, without a moments hesitation I inserted one of my fingers.

Fireworks went of in my head and my japanes mom and boy story caught in my throat as I began to finger-fuck the tight pussy that I now called my own. Heat spread across my body and I pinched my erect nipple as I became numb with pleasure, my now soaking fingers were working furiously on my pussy and I started to feel a totally new sensation begin to build. Finally in an eruption of juices I reached my orgasm.

My entire body bucked with the intensity that I had never felt as a man and I could not prevent a loud moan of pleasure from escaping my lips. A sharp knocking at the bathroom door tore me back to reality.


"Alex, are you okay in there" Shit, my sister was home. I currently lived at home with my 19 year-old-sister and my mum who was 39.

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My dad had left us when I was very young, and recently our family had fallen into hard times as my mum was struggling to support us all. My sister usually works Saturday morning so I had never even considered that she would be home and now I've got myself into a totally fucked up situation.

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How could I even try to explain something that I didn't even understand myself? "Alexandra, can you answer me? I'm really starting to get worried. Stop pissing around" Jesus, she's going to open the door that I stupidly left unlocked (I'm actually starting to consider that I might deserve landing myself in these situations).

What the fuck am I going to do? Did she just call me Alexandra? I do plan to continue Alex's story but it depends entirely on feedback from readers. I understand that this is short but I mean it as an experiment before I commit myself to a lengthy story that may not be appreciated.

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Thanks for reading.