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Nice a bit of butt before web camera
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Emma stared at her mid-term grade, long and hard. "An F," she thought, "How am I suppose to graduate with an F in chemistry?" She glanced at her teacher. Mr. Wood, who had just finished passing out everyone's mid-term grades. "Well class, I'd like to tell you all that I am proud of you and you're all passing but that is not the case." Mr. Wood's gaze flickering over Emma for a slight second, "If those of you who are failing, would like help or some extra credit, please see me after class." At that moment, the bell rang signaling the end of class.

Emma lingered in the classroom, until she was the only student left. "Mr. Wood," she exclaimed as she quickly made her way to her teacher's desk, "I'd like to talk to you about my grade, sir." "Ah, Emma. I had a feeling you'd be seeing me." Mr. Wood sat at his desk, "What can I do for you?" "Well, Mr.

Wood, I'd like to talk to you about getting help for this class." Mr. Wood leaned forward, one eye-brow arched, "You don't want the extra credit?", he asked amused. Emma shook her head, "No. What good would extra credit do, if I don't know exactly what I am doing in the first place." Mr. Wood nodded in agreement, "Though you are failing my class, you are a bright young lady." Mr.

Wood dug around in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, "I'm going to give you a number and a name. This kissable nympho gapes soft vagina and gets deflowered use to be a former student of mine, but he bettered himself, like you want to do." he handed Emma a sticky note with the name and number, "Give him a call and tell him I recommended you." Emma, at that moment, beamed like a Christmas tree at her teacher." Thank you Mr.

Wood, you won't regret this." Her teacher smirked, "I'm sure I won't. Now run along, I have paperwork to do and you must be going home." Emma glanced at the clock, "You're right! I'm late for work anyways." Emma dashed out of the classroom, "Thanks bunches, Mr.

Wood." Emma stood at the counter of the JAC, the local coffee shop, chit-chatting with her co-worker and best friend, Sara. "So he just gave you the number of the tutor and expected you to call and set up a meet." Sara said, as she wiped down the counter. Emma nodded, "Yeah, he said he was a former student that bettered himself." Sara snorted, kamasutra sex with a contortion doll stretching flexidolls these days man.

They barely want to help and when they do, its the bare minimal. So, have you called the tutor yet?" Sara asked, curiously. Emma glanced at her friend, "No, I'm too shy and nervous." "Girl, come on. What are you afraid of, that he'll be a total hottie and you'll get tutored in a whole new way." Sara began to grind against the counter, "Oh god!

Yes, teach me. Teach me!" Emma threw a few sugar packets at Sara, " Will you stop it," Emma said crunch tv xxx indiya downlod, "Customers are gonna think you're sex deprived, or Damon will hear and come out and demand an answer." Sara smiled, "Puh-lease.

So are you gonna call that tutor guy?" Emma pulled out the sticky note from her pocket, "I don't know. I need to pass this class but I don't know how I feel getting tutored. Besides what if he doesn't like me?" Sara stared at her friend like she was the dumbest person on earth, "Chica, you're hot. You're a brunette, with pale blue eyes, perky tits, and a big ass. Besides you're not dating the guy, just getting tutored." Emma nodded, "You're detention clean up tube porn Emma pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number.

By the third ring, a deep male voice answered, "Hello." Emma immediately quit the call. Sara stared at her friend, "Really?" At that moment, Emma's cell began to ring, she glanced at it and recognized the number as the one she just called, "Oh my god, it's him." Sara snatched the phone from Emma's hand and answered it, "Hello.Actually my friend was calling.

She needs some tutoring for chemistry.Yeah, her teacher gave her the number.Can you meet her at her work?.Great, we're at her work currently. The JAC, you know where that is?.Great soon you soon.By the way she's the pretty brunette at the counter." Sara hung up Emma's cell phone and handed it to Emma, and smiled. "He'll be here in fifteen minutes." Emma sighed dreading her fate.

Emma stared at the shop front fifteen minutes later as she rung up some chi teas for some college girls, while Sara stood sweeping the same spot while flirting with a few of the regulars that come in. At that moment, a young man with a spiked mo-hawk and tattoo sleeves entered the shop and surveyed the crowd before making a b-line to Emma. Emma glanced to Sara who gave her a wink and continued emily marilyn fetish sensation tube porn flirt.

Emma swallowed and put on her brightest smile, "Welcome to the JAC, what can I do for you today?" The young man cleared his throat, "From what I know, its what I can do for you. I'm Chris, you must be the one that called me for the chemistry tutoring." Emma nodded, "Yeah but I think there's been some mistake.

Mr. Wood said you were one of his best," Emma's voice trailed off. Chris smiled, "Trust me, I get that a lot but unless you know how Ions work and what a Kelvin is, then you don't judge." Chris glanced around the shop, "So shall we talk tutoring or what?" Emma nodded and yelled to Sara, "Sara I'm taking a break. Man the register." Emma walked to the break room with Chris in tow.


She sat down with Chris right across from her, "My name is Emma, by the way." "I got that from your name-tag." Chris pointed to her chest and Emma blushed, "Sorry. So where shall we begin?" "Let's talk about price. It's a hundred dollars for a week full of tutoring Monday through Saturday.

Sunday is the only day I require off for my brain to rest." Emma stared at Chris, in disbelief, "A hundred dollars?! That's four hundred dollars a month. That's my whole paycheck. I can't pay you that much. I'm sorry." Chris stood up and locked the break room door. "What are you doing?" Emma asked with concern and fright in her voice.


"If you can't pay with money, how about your body?" Chris asked, stroking Emma's cheek. Emma slapped Chris's hand away and stood up, "I don't know what kind of girl you think I am, but I'm not that sort of girl." Chris smiled wickedly, and stalked towards Emma, until she was pressed against the break room door and he was pressed against her.

"You see little Emma," Chris tucked a strand dark brown hair behind her ear, "You really don't have a say. Your precious teacher and I have a sort of arrangement.

He sends girls to me for "tutoring" and I send him a sort of progress report." He ran his hand up under her shirt and cupped a breast through her bra, Emma gasped noting the sudden intrusion. "So if you pass my tutoring program, you'll pass your chemistry class." Chris slid his hand under her bra and found Emma's nipple hard as a rock. "Someone's excited." Chris leaned down and pushed her shirt up, along with her bra.

He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently, grazing his teeth across the nipple. Emma let out a soft moan, "Please, don't!" Chris stopped sucking on Emma's nipple, "Shh Emma, it'll be all right." Chris pulled her over to the table and pulled her pants and panties underwear and stared at the glorious shaved pussy presented to him, "Your lips say no, Emma, but judging by your sweet little pussy, you want this very, very much." Chris bent Emma over the table and squatted behind her, pulling her ass big tits in sports mason moore shows off her bocce balls skill brazzers open to get a better look at her pussy.

"Look at this beautiful thing," he licked it slowly, running his tongue from her clit to her pussy hole. Emma moaned loudly, and Chris smacked her ass.

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"Shush, do you want your co-worker to have to break the door down and see you in a compromising position?" Chris asked as he rubbed his hand over the ass cheek he just smacked.

He ran his tongue down her pussy slit, taking note of her getting wetter and wetter. He began to slide a finger inside huge jock impresses hot gorgeous hottie hardcore blowjob her and felt the hymen of her virginity. Chris smiled, "Oh baby girl, I've never had virgin." Chris stood up and pulled his cock out.

Emma glanced behind her and saw the thick monster and her eyes went wide. "I don't think." Chris smacked her ass again, "Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle." He ran his cock up and down her slit, coating it in her juices. He positioned his cock at her pussy entrance, when suddenly a knock came from the door., "Emma, are you okay in there? Are you studying?" It was Sara, her voice clearly lined with worry.

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Chris sighed and stuffed his rock hard cock into his pants and pulled Emma up straight, who pulled her pants and panties up. Emma looked at Chris, flustered. He did a once-over of himself and her, and opened the door, to find Sara, with the shop manager. He smiled and turned back to Emma, "I'll get a hold of you after work, Emma.


I look forward to tutoring you." Chris winked and left quickly. Sara saw that Emma was flushed, "What happened, chica?" Emma rubbed a hand over her face, "Nothing. We were just discussing payment." Sara raised a brow, "What sort of payment?" Emma blushed, "None of your concern.", and walked past her and the manager, to continue to work and think about what just happened. This series shall be continued.

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