Hot maddy receives a sensual anal plowing pornstars brunette

Hot maddy receives a sensual anal plowing pornstars brunette
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please excuse any grammatical/punctual errors as English is my second language. Names have been changed for the safety of people featured in this article this article has underage sex and if you are not into it G.T.F.O! ----------- Soon after we were laying next to one another gazing as if we had been lovers for 20 years, we soon fell asleep while cuddling and fondling each other. the next morning I awoke to a loud scream.


"WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?!" The only thing i could see through my unfocused eyes was a womanly figure. ----------------------------- I had soon focused my eyes to see it was Tommy's mom, Ms.

Baxter, she was wearing a light grey suit that had fit tightly onto her slim body. Her breasts were quite large, possibly being a large C-cup and they sure did look great with the large amount of cleavage with the top of her suit, going down the hourglass shape of this nearly middle aged women, you are greeted by extravagant curves that any man (or women) would take a second look at. I then saw a tight fitting skirt that stopped right above her knee caps and then down her long, slim, and tanned legs, to meet a sexy pair of 4" high heels.

"Why are you two naked?" she asked "We had sex mom!" Tommy blurted before i could get a word out "WHAT?!" She screamed in her 'motherly' tone. Before I could do anything she had picked me up by my hair, and slammed me against the nicely painted baby blue wall, "How fucking dare you touch my son, you are a dirty tramp!".

"Sit right here, and do not go anywhere! I will give you your fucking punishment" she walked out of the room, and did not come back for what seemed like a half-hour, when she walked back in she was wearing a latex outfit that had holes where both of the nipples stick out, and a whole for her vagina.

"Lean over the FUCKING bed you whore" she screamed. She went over to a trunk in the corner of the room and pulled out a wood paddle with six tiny holes in it, she walked around the corner of the bed and sat down to my right.

The next thing I knew she threw up her tiny petite arm and slammed down the paddle as hard as she could onto my ass, her slamming went on for what seemed like hours. Finally she threw one more, extremely hard smack, on my dark red ass, she then grabbed the side of my naked stomach and flipped me over on my back.

"Tommy, Shove your cock down this whore's throat" she said Tommy climbed up onto my chest and laid his cock right above my face, his cock was rock 197480 brazilian black whore 4 blowjob amp cumshot tube porn, and it's obvious sex smell.

As soon as Tommy shoved his cock in my mouth, his mom (Samantha Baxter) dived right into my pussy with her tongue, licking and pinching my clit, Tommy smashing his cock down my throat, this was almost paradise.

My pussy was now soaked and Samantha was driving her finger into my pussy like a jackhammer and sent me into an orgasm I thought I would never recover from!

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My back arched like a rollercoaster almost throwing Tommy off me, When i (finally) recovered Samantha pulled my legs up into the air, and got on top of me right between my legs. She put her pussy right above mine and started to grind back and forth, you could hear our wet pussy juices slurping and mixing she took the pussy juices running down my ass, and lubed up her index finger, and drove right into my asshole. "FUCK!" I screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Now I alluring slut rides a big cock for a wad of cash lapping Tommys balls while Samantha was sucking his cock, my whole lower stomach and shaved pussy mound were covered in a mixture of mine and Samanthas pussy juices. She then erupted into an orgasm and she squirted her cum all over my face and chest, and my already soaked stomach, she then got off me and said "I'll be right back!" she said.

She came back with a strap-on around her waist, she flipped me on all fours and stuck the full length of the 8" strap-on up my ass. Tommy was know laying under me, sticking his cock into my pussy, I was know getting double penetrated, I could feel the strap on and Tommys cock through my thin walls separating both of my holes. "FUCK!

SHIT! OHHHH!" I screamed as I erupted into my third straight orgasm. Just then Tommy blew his load into my pussy, and Samantha started screaming as she also had a great orgasm. They both pulled out and I layed there, exhausted, a mixture of my juices and Tommys cum running down my legs. As soon as we got enough energy to get up, we all took a shower together and have a little bit more fun, Samantha made us all breakfast.

"So how did it happen?" Samantha asked "How did what happen?" I asked "You and Tommy fucking each other!


Duh!" she blurted. "Well, It was a few hours after you left, I forgot to tell Tommy to brush his teeth, so I walked upstairs to get him and caught him 'choking the chicken', he had some questions, and one thing led to another".as I continued to finish the story of what had happened.

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I went home and I saw my dad sitting on the couch watching a Saints V.S. Falcons Game, and apparently the saints had just scored, he stood up and cheered, after he sat down I leaned back on to the couch next to him. "What perfume are you wearing?" He asked i didn't answer, I was focusing on what had happened earlier.


"CHELSEA" He yelled. "What?" I said "What perfume are you wearing? "I'm not wearing any, dad" I said "Well whatever you're wearing I love the muskiness of it!" he said with a wink as he ran his hand across my thigh. I do not know what it was but the way he said that, it caught my money for beautys skillful oral pleasure hardcore european, and it stuck like fucking glue!

And what was that wink about? Maybe he knew what I had done with Tommy and Samantha? Come to think of it, there was not that much 'cleaning' in the shower the three of us took. ------------------ part 4?

yes or no? I would like constructive comments, and things I can improve on. :) but as most of us know, theres haters out there, that like to talk shit about everything and everything! Anyways thanks for reading :D