Codi carmichal bounces on a hard cock

Codi carmichal bounces on a hard cock
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As I walked to school the cold nipped my exposed skin from my black mini skirt I pulled my sweater around me tighter and walked faster.Shit I'm gonna be late I thought just as I turned the corner and saw the school I started running towards the torturous prison.Loosen up Alexandra your turned 18 today I smiled at the thought this would be my last year in school.

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I pulled out my mirror and looked at it my silky long black hair was still perfectly smooth and straight I looked at my bright green eyes. Why don't I have a boyfriend? I laughed at the random thought I was goth and childish I even squirm when someone says the word sex. I walked into the school where my friend Sophie ran up squealing "Happy birthday Alexandra Oh My God why aren't you wearing make up" she slowed down from the hug she was trying to give I shrugged and she clucked her tongue.

"Your turning 18 you are not going in plain" she pulled out her make up kit and got to work. She put black lipstick, thick eyeliner, mascara and dark purple eye shadow on me. I smiled and hugged her "thanks Sophie" she let me go and looked at my shirt frowning I was wearing a black crop top with a leather jacket loosely over top.

"Just because your 18 means you need to dress slutty" she murmered I laughed and started walking down the hall I had gym first I thought about what the boys reaction will be when I go gym in a black crop top and matching booty shorts. She turned the corner and walked into the gym slutty emily receives a messy creampie pornstars and brunette straight to the change room she slid off the leather jacket and pulled down the skirt exposing her Lacey black thong to the last stragglers in the girls change room.

Yanking hard she pulled the booty shorts and pulled them on stuffing everything else in her locker as she walked out the guys started hooting staring at her large round ass.


She smiled and waved before running to the girls side of the room. She lined up before her gym teacher Mr. Tulson started attendance when she called her name she yelled " And happy birthday to me!" Everyone laughed and I smiled he finished attendance " Ok ladies today well be doing a combined class of dodgeball" hoots and hollars were all shared across the gym as the boys and girls mingled together. The boys teacher Mrs.Culen started to speak "ok we will have Sophie and Jax as team captains you know how this works" Sophie walked to the front and pointed at me first thing and said "get up here birthday girl" I went up and stood behind her this went on and on until Sophie chose the last person I'd want close to me Jason Angberge.

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My crush. I whispered in Sophie's ear furiously "what are you doing!?! You know I like him!" She smiled at me but didn't respond I leaned back a bit."Ok class Sophie your teams on the left and Max you guys are on the right" I quickly walked up to the teacher "can I hook up my phone to the gym speakers so I can put on some music" she nodded and I hooked it up playing all my fav Melanie Martinez songs. I walked to my team and laid on my belly on the ground smiling as Sippy Cup began playing loudly "go" one of the teachers screamed over the music I ran up grabbed a ball and whipped it at hit home.


"Fuck I just got out by a prissy little goth whore! Carson avenge me!" I ran to the back off the room snickering as carson threw dodgeballs at me trying to hit me this game went on for half an hour before I was the last one left on the team I could feel my crushes icey blue eyes on me as balls were whipped at me I dodged ten and won the game. I laughed and walked into the change room putting on my regular clothes and walking out into the gym again.all the girls and boys who were on my team cheered at me I blushed deep red and walked lonely years old granny pleases a stranger of the gym as I walked by an old abandoned class room myarm has grabbed and I was pulled in the door slamming behind me I turned around to face the culprit "Jason what are you doing?" I asked looking around nervous the room was almost to dark to see and there was a pile of blankets on the floor.

I looked up into his ice blue eyes and he smiled leaning closer "I'm giving you your birthday wish". He kissed me the taste of mint and chocolate filling my mouth he wrapped his armed around my waist pulling me closer well I wrapped my arms around his neck. He swung my legs up and sat on the blankets kissing and holding me I kissed harder and he groaned setting me gently on my back on the blankets. He broke our kiss and I realized he was naked I turned bright red as he pulled of my jacket and started on my shirt.

He chuckled and looked up into my eyes "your a virgin aren't you?" I nodded jerkily and he finally pulled my shirt up showing I had no bra on my C 36 breasts. He kissed and licked each nipple pulling a few moans past my lips before working on my skirt and panties he pulled them both off slowely exposing my little black tuft of hair.

He kissed me dad rapes daughter over and over pornhub and I pushed my body into him wrapping my arms around him well he laid down on top of me. My legs wrapped around him and my pussy was covered in juices as his cock slowly rubbed against the entrance the head felt very big.

He kissed my neck then whispered "this is gonna hurt" hi did a quick thrust into my pussy breaking my hymen and pulling a pained moan from my mouth not only because he broke my hymen but because he was so thick he pulled back till only the head was in then thrust quickly hitting the back of my pussy I moaned loudly and he started sucking on one of my nipples as he started a rythem I moaned as I started building higher and higher in pleasure.

He got faster and turned me over so I was on my hands and knees he grabbed my hips and thrust deeply well rubbing my clit "oh fuck" I said weekly as he fucked faster and harder pulling loud pleasure filled moans out of me he growled out "you like it when I fuck your virgin pussy with my big cock don't you?" I moaned out "yeah" and he got even faster I felt him tense and a hot spurt of his cum hit the back off my pussy harm a deep pleasure overtook me and I cried out arching my back "uh jason!" He kissed me well I orgasmed and he emptied his balls I pulled back "why did you do that I thought you didn't like me?" He smiled and whispered in her ear "I've had a crush on you for a long time".

Hi guys hope you enjoyed this I'll have part two out soon please leave truthful comments so I know how I did so bye till Birthday Fuck Up part 2