Dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone

Dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone
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It's Not A Handicap part 1 Joe drove a truck for a delivery company. He and his family moved into my neighborhood four years ago, right after Liz had her stroke, at the age of thirty-one. The stroke had left her right side paralyzed, at first, but with her determination and therapy, only her arm remained useless. Their two daughters graduated, one last year and the other just a few months ago. Joe had depended on the girls to help with their blonde haired, brown eyed mother. Liz was a small woman, so either of them could help her get dressed, bathe, go shopping…whatever needed to be done.

Now they were mom home working angry son forced attack fucking rape going off to college. As a 'goodbye' celebration, the family hosted a big cookout, in their back yard, two doors down from my house. When I arrived, my cock hardened immediately. Both girls and Liz were wearing bikinis, as well as some of their friends. The only clothes I had ever seen Liz wear, were blue jeans and shirts. ----"Mother fucker", I thought to myself, "that little bitch looks better than most of the young cunts here, in spite of her limp arm and crooked leg.

I gotta figure out a way to fuck that woman, no question about it."---- I'm sure many comments were made amongst the females that evening, about all the stiff dicks that were bulging in their swim trunks, especially when a man got out of the pool. How could you blame us, some of those bikinis became nearly transparent, when they were wet, too. Finally, I got up enough nerve to say something to Joe, "I'm not sure I could handle three hot females, like that, around my house all the time.

I'd be killing every fucking boy that drove up in front of the house, rather than let them touch one of my girls. Of course, I've never had any children, but I think boys would be a safer bet." I was careful not to make a comment about Liz, but Joe shot right back, "As much as I love fucking my wife, if I were a young man I'd be pounding Dee & Chris' pussies every chance I could.


I'm sure neither of them are still virgin, too. I know daddys aren't supposed to think that way, but…well, you can see what I look at every day. The little shits still run around the house in their panties and t-shirt. Sometimes I wonder if they're trying to get me to hit on them.it ain't happenin' though." He continued as Liz pulled her self up the pool ladder, and shook a little water off her awesome body, "Look at Liz, Don," (he didn't have to tell me, I was stripping her bathing suit off, in my mind, already) "Can you believe a thirty five year old woman still has tits that high and firm?

Especially after all she's been through? She says her arm and leg aren't handicaps, they're just a couple of bumps, that make everything else work better. I can tell you this, since she's taken that attitude, she likes sex better than we ever had it, before her stroke." When I looked at Joe, I could tell he was wanting to see what kind of reaction he would get from me.

"Joe, all I'm gonna say is, that you're a very lucky man. Liz is a beautiful woman, and if I were twenty years younger, I'd be working on becoming your son-in-law, with either of your girls." "Hell, Don, you think everybody here hasn't noticed your hard-on? I don't think marrying is on your mind, I think it's fucking.

You see the tall brunette, the one with the blue bathing suit? She's one of Casual teen sex my best one time sex ever friends.

Her car was broke down a couple of months ago. Dee called me because I always come right by that spot on my way home. I picked her up, just as the tow truck was hooking up her car.

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I nearly wrecked my pickup when she laid her head on my lap and unzipped my pants. Long story short… that seventeen year-old gave the best blow job of my life. I've been meeting her every week since. Damn good pussy, but she'll be leaving for college, too. I guess Liz is going to have to take up the slack." I never took my eyes off Liz as he was talking.

The more I looked at her, the more I wanted her. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and jacked a batch of cum into the toilet. What a relief!


A half hour later, I sat drinking a cold one, when Liz limped over and sat beside me. "This party has been so much fun," she said, "I told Joe we need to do it more often. Maybe each time the girls come home, what do you think, would you like to do it?" ----"Would I like to do it?" I thought to myself, "Did she just ask me that?

What the fuck did she mean? Would I like to do it? Fuck yes I'd like to do it.right in that gorgeous mouth of yours.your pussy, too, and that tight ass. Maybe even a tit fuck. I'm gonna fuck you, Liz, I'm gonna fuck your Goddamn brains out, you just don't know it yet…do you?"---- My girlfriend got some extra cock for the next three weeks. She thought she was son ripe mom italian sleeping turning me on, but every time I slid my seven inches into her cunt, it was Liz, I was seeing in my mind.

Finally, this day came.

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It was going to happen. Joe had gone to work, the girls had left for San Diego State University, and Liz was home&hellip.alone. I knew, through conversations with Joe, that she took her morning bath right after he left for work. When his pickup got out of sight, I stepped out the back door. The gate to the privacy fence wasn't locked.

My thin blade pocket knife and a piece of piano wire easily unlocked the glass patio door. I undressed in the living room, so no trace of blood would be found on them, in case I had to kill her…after the rape. I sat on their king-sized bed, waiting for her splashing to stop.

Her fine ass was the first thing I saw when I pushed the bathroom door open a little wider. As she bent to dry her legs, I could see her protruding pussy, just below her asshole.

The agility and flexibility of her left arm amazed me, as she was able to dry her back. Then she turned&hellip."Don!" She tried to cover herself, but was also staring at my cock, "What are you doing here? Get out! Get out of here." I jerked the towel from her hand, and told her, "I came to get some of your pussy, and I'm going to get it, too. You can make as hard or as easy as you want, but you're gonna get fucked." The scream surprised me, but it stopped quickly when I backhanded her right cheek.

If she hadn't grabbed the edge of the counter, she would have fallen. I knew she couldn't stand on her right leg, to place an effective kick with her left. Nor could she use both hands to fend teencurves round ass babe scarlette sawyer deepthroats and rides big schlong mine. I grabbed her hair in one hand, and her left wrist in the other.

I was caught off guard with the strength of Liz's left arm. A smaller man would have had a tough time holding her. Some of her blonde hair was pulled out, as I threw her on the bed, but I knew better than to let her good hand get free. She squirmed and kicked at me, but I managed to position myself between her legs, and forced them high, near her fantastic tits.

"Goddamn you, woman," I slapped her face again, "I told you.you're gonna get fucked." The third slap brought another scream, but my free hand clamped over her mouth and nostrils. Without air, she began calming down, so I took advantage of the moment. On the second push, I hit her opening. The third resulted in my dick being half way in. I sank in to my balls with the next thrust, and held still. Her eyes were full of tears, and getting wider, so I let her breathe.

"Why, Don?" she asked, between sobs and catching her breath, "Why are you (sniff) doing this (sniff)? I thought we were friends (sniff).

Please stop, please. If you stop now, I won't tell Joe, or anybody else…just stop." Without saying a word, I started moving, slowly.

She thought I was pulling out, but when all but my cock head was out, I rammed her hard, causing her to wince in pain. Lesbian dreams with loud music in nature was tight. Joe hadn't ruined this pussy at all. I repeated my actions, every few seconds until she quit jerking with pain. Then I went to work. I began stroking slow, then increased, then slowed again. Her warm tunnel was getting wetter. I could tell she had never had this much inside her before.

I had jacked-off at home, this morning, so I wouldn't be apt to cum too quickly, the first time. It was working. As I fucked in and out, Liz finally quit crying. After several minutes, I could detect a welcome push, coming up to meet me as I forced my shaft into her.

----"My God," I thought, "she's fucking me back. She's liking this."---- Liz began panting, like she was going to have an orgasm, soon.

I stopped my pumping, pulled out, and told her, "Get on your fucking hands and knees, bitch." As she was repositioning herself, she whined, "No, Don. Please don't.

Please stop now, you're hurting me. Pleeeeeeease stop." Although the words were coming out of her mouth, she stuck her ass in the air. I had temporarily forgotten about her useless right arm, but realized it when she laid her head all the way down on the bed. Ol' Fat Boy found his way back, all the way in, immediately. Again, I stopped my prodding and held her hips tight, my dick as deep as it would go.

About fifteen seconds later, Liz began to wriggle backwards, trying to make me start moving. Her cunt walls started squeezing, trying to milk my cum. Then she yelled at me, "You sorry son-of-a-bitch! Joe's gonna kill you for this! You already stopped me from cumming once, fuck me now, and don't you dare stop, either, you bastard!" When I started moving, slowly again, she swatted at me with her good arm, "Dammit!

If you're going to fuck me, then fuck me hard. Quit your playing around and give it to me." When her orders turned to pleading, I pumped her pussy like an old dog would, ramming as hard and fast as I had ever fucked in my life.

Her mewling noises changed to moans of pleasure, then to an excited outburst, "Oh, my God…Oh my God…Yes, Yes, Yessssss!" Liz's first orgasm lasted for half a minute, or so, then she relaxed, totally enjoying the feel of my pounding cock. As she began to feel another coming on, she groaned, "Oh…Oh…I'm going to cum again." I stopped.

"Why did you stop?", she looked over shoulder, with a puzzled look, "You keep fucking me 'til I cum again." I pulled my rock hard shaft out, jerked her up by the hair, clamped my teeth on her ear, and told her not to be giving me any orders, "I'm the one who gives brunette shoplifter gets her cavities searched by horny investigator fucking orders, bitch.

I'll fuck you when I want, I'll stop when I want, I'll cum in you whenever, and wherever, I want, do you understand?" She tried to nod, but it just made my teeth sink deeper into her ear.

"Okay, You give the orders. Please, Don, my ear hurts. I'll do anything you say." I rolled onto my back, and told Liz to mount my cock, facing me. She never hesitated. As soon as she was saddled, she took her right hand in her left one, and forced it between her clit and my pubic bone. As she rocked back and forth, it seemed as if she went into a trance.

Her keening would have awakened the neighbors, if any of them had been at home. The shrill "Yee, yee, yee, yee…" continued until felt my own surge coming. I slapped her face, and told her, "Shut the fucking noise up!

Just ride my cock hard, now, I'm gonna give you my load. She began shuddering at the same time I grabbed her shoulders, forcing her whole body down, tighter to mine. I'm not really sure what all kinds of sounds the two of us made, as we both came at the same time.

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I could hear moans, screams, the words 'fuck', 'yes', 'Goddamn', 'oh shit', and more, but I'm still not sure who yelled what. I filled her tight pussy full of my seed, which began squirting back out as she continued to slide up and down on my dick.

Liz and I laid side-by-side on the queen size bed, for thirty minutes or more. She would smile, then she would cry, then smile again. Finally, she spoke, "I was raped once before, Don.

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On my third date with Joe, he slid his hand under my top and into my bra. I was fifteen. I told him he could feel my tits, but nothing else. He slapped me, told me he'd kill me, then undressed me. He fucked me three times that night.


When I told my mother, she just said that women are made to pleasure men. Joe and I had sex on every date after that, and I learned to like it. He has never hit me, again. Thank you, Don, for giving me the best, most exciting, fuck of my life." "There'll be more," I responded, "much more…and often. It's ten o'clock, now, you need to get this bed cleaned up, and your body, too.

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I know that Joe has people check mom gangbanged at all holes you during the day, and Bertha, the mail carrier, will be stopping before long.

I'll be back tomorrow, but you won't know what time. Before I go, though, give me a blow job." Eight minutes later, my cock was lodged in the back of Liz's mouth, spouting cum down her throat.

She was beginning to struggle for air, when I finished and released the back of her head, "Damn," she panted, "Thank you again. I've always wanted to try a deep throat, but I was scared to do it. Thanks to you, now I can…and I will, anytime you want." She raised up to my face, looked deeply into my eyes, kissed my lips and said, "You won't have to pick the door lock anymore, I'll never lock it." That all happened this morning, and tomorrow I'll give Liz a good pounding in the asshole.

That woman's got one fine little ass on her. I admired it while I was fucking her doggy style, and decided that her sphincter would get reamed next.

Wait&hellip.it's only three, now, and Joe won't be home 'til shortly after six. Heh, heh, heh. I think I'll interrupt her nap.