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Horny lady parker swayze fucks young neighbor pornstars hardcore
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The Party. I retired from law enforcement when I was 50 yrs old. My brazzer porn hub lela star and I rented out our house and moved to Washington State. I got a job on the docks as a longshoreman in Seattle and after a year I had a "Fuck this" note on my kitchen table. My wife had left me and took my truck to move herself back south.

I sat at the table and thought 'it's over.' There was a loud knock at the door and I figured it must be some of my longshoremen buddies pretending to be cops again. They like to tease me about my prior job. I yelled "You had better have a warrant!" and jerked the door open.

In front of me were two Highway Patrol Officers. "I don't expect we'll need a warrant." The older officer said.

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I apologized and explained that I thought it was Bill and Ted fooling around. I invited the officers in and asked them what was up? The older one had a long face and explained that they were here to notify me of an accident on the 5 freeway. My wife had been caught in a 10 car pileup and the Paramedics hadn't been able to get to her in time.

They were very sorry for my loss. I stood trying to take in all that had happened. My mind raced back and forth on where were the insurance policies were.

Auto, life and of course whomever was most at fault where was their policy, there was a body to take back to California. The officers told me it was going to be alright and to snap out of it.

My truck caught fire along with five other vehicles and they were sure that I could get the insurance company to buy me another one. I sat down and tried to not laugh out loud. I looked at the officers and realized that they were hanging out because they needed me to tell them it is OK to leave.

I asked for the report, coroner's and watch commander's number. I was going to commend the officers on a job well done. They left smiling and told me several times to let them know if there was anything they could do. I txt'd Charlotte (a married woman I had an affair with years ago. She is a 5'9" Red head with huge tits, small waist and a nice big ass) to tell her about what happened.

She called right back and asked if I was going to come back now. I said yes eventually and asked her if she still liked me. "Well what you look like?" she asked. "I'm 6'3" tall, 250lbs, baby blue eyes and still all my hair." "What else?" "I have an 8 inch cock that likes to poke around inside tall red heads after spanking their ass's red." "YES! I like you!" she yelled. She told me she was first time video sex teens family sex education married but was now living with her mother in law.

Her husband had been laid off and they didn't have the money to stay in her old house. I told her that I would give her a job. She laughed and asked me to call her late tonight and tell her nasty things so she could get a good cum. I did. In one weeks time I had sold my house, boxed everything up and was moving back to L. A. My wife was shipped to a mortuary in L. A. and I had almost settled with the insurance companies.

The $500K life insurance paid fast. The $200K auto policy paid second fast. The truck company whose truck jack-knifed was trying to offer $1M but my lawyer wanted more money. I was moving out of state to "get away from it all!" sounded like I was all torn up. Luckily my old house was empty and all I needed to do was clean it up and move back in. I rented two moving trucks and needed some help moving.

Bill and Ted got Ken and Joe to help out. We all drove down. We cleaned out the house even painted a couple of rooms and put the furniture inside. I promised lapdance and hot sex with czech cutie boys good pay and a party at the end.

I called my girl Charlotte and asked her if she wanted to host a party at my house. I would give her $1K under the table but it was a late night party and she wouldn't get home till after day break. She giggled and said "Sure. What should I wear?" I said, "I'll even get you a uniform to wear." "OK then I'll see you tonight.

At 8?" "Yes sharp see you then." I put down the phone and jumped into my new truck. I drove to the XXX adult novelty store. I picked out a Black strapless bustier in 38DD very low cups, a black micro mini skirt, some crotch-less fish net hose and four inch pumps.

A sexy Cocktail Waitress uniform if I've ever seen one. I ordered up the party food and booze from Vons. They delivered within the hour. At 8:20 Charlotte knocked at the door.

I answered and hugged her tight. "I had to tell Gary I was working a couple's party with Anna and was getting $500. He expects to see the money in the checking. There will be couples here tonight, right?" She Said. "No problem with the money. The guys are all supposed to bring dates if they can find anyone; they live in Seattle and only know me.

Hey you are a few minutes late go strip naked in my bedroom and I'll get you your uniform." Charlotte hurried into the bedroom and took her clothes off. I waited awhile then I had Joe start into my bedroom from the door by the kitchen. I then opened the hallway door and saw Charlotte in panties holding her arms across her huge milky white tits. "Hurry go into the bathroom; the uniform is in there. Those panties will look stupid. Give them to me now." I demanded. Charlotte ran into the bathroom and took her panties off.

Her vulva was as smooth as a baby's behind. I took her pink panties and closed the door. I gathered all her clothes and purse together and placed them inside my gun safe locking the lock. All my boys arrived and I gave Charlotte about 15 minutes to put her uniform on. I had Ted knock on the bathroom door and ask her if he could use it.

Charlotte walked out and was a knockout! Her hair was styled big and dark red, her lips were also dark red, her eyes, her nails, all perfect. Her huge tits were being held up by that bustier, her cleavage looked at least 10 inches from milky white chest to the edge of the black bustier.

The crotch opening was just visible on her thighs below the hem of her black skirt. Charlotte walked to me at a fast pace. "This shows too much! I don't have any panties and my tits fall out all the time. I don't think I can do this." She whined. "Oh. So you want to leave? OK then. You know the hard part eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits over.

You are standing in the middle of my friends dressed the way you are. They are all leaving for Seattle tomorrow. You'll never see them again. All you would have to do is serve some drinks and bring some food. Guess you don't want to work for your thousand dollars. I can give you some gas money for your trouble." Charlotte stood thinking 'they were all going to disappear tomorrow.

Who really cares if they see a flash of tit or a shaved pussy'. Charlotte looked up and said "OK but they can't take pictures and you'll be here so they can't hurt me?" "I'm the only guy that gets to hurt you.

And I'll make sure they don't take any pictures." "OK then. What should I do first?" "Follow me over to the TV." I said. I said, "OK, OK Guys settle down. Let me introduce Charlotte to you guys. Charlotte this is Ted, This is Ken, This is Bill and this is Joe. Everyone say Hi." "Hi Charlotte!" they laughed. "Now Charlotte here is married to an unemployed Computer programmer and since he couldn't keep his job she has decided on stepping out on him tonight to help us with our party.

(applause) Now because Charlotte is married you can't take any pictures of her.

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Her husband would flip out if he ever saw a picture of her dressed up like a hungry slut. Charlotte is wearing a cocktail uniform tonight and it might be the sexist one I've ever seen. Since her husband can't earn any money what say we tip her for any extra peeks she may decide to give us." I said.

"Hell Yeah!" they all yelled. "Now Charlotte here has been blessed with a mighty big set of breasts, as you all can see. Charlotte what cup size are you?" Charlotte hung her head and whispered "Double D." "What? I'm sorry could you speak up.

Don't be shy." Charlotte looked up and said in a loud voice "Double D." "YEAAAHHHH!" they all yelled.

"Charlotte are they a natural double D sized titties?" "Yes all natural." She said. "Well, can you shake your shoulders for us to show the naturalness?" Charlotte slowly shook her shoulders and her boobs almost spilled beautiful young latina rides a throbbing penis. "YES YES YES!" the all cheered.

"So guys can we agree to tip Charlotte $1 bbw lisa jones pussy play tube porn time we see that she is shaking her tits for you?" "Alright- Yes- OK…" "Charlotte what do you have on under that little skirt?" I asked. "just some hose." She replied.

"Turn around for us please." Charlotte turned and knew everyone was looking at her ass. "Guys I just want to show you fellas that Charlotte here is really too poor to buy hose that are complete." I raised the rear hem of her skirt and displayed her ass and the open circle around from the middle of her ass dropping down between her legs.

I put my right hand on her hip and my left on her shoulder. I bent her from the hips and told her to spread. Charlotte opened her legs and could feel the cool air on her vulva and anus. Every man was looking at her genitals and lusting after them. She was on display like a slave at auction. Her pussy started to dampen. "Now guys any time Charlotte here shows you any on this end, I think we should get her at least a $2 tip.

What do you think?" "Yeah!" they shouted. "Great. Charlotte can you please bring us a round of drinks?" "OK." As Charlotte walked into the kitchen she heard "$5 for a nipple lick $10 for a finger bang and the same for a goose.

If things go right and she lets you- No one does anything without a rubber on his dick. Glove for love or I'll kick you out on your ear." Charlotte served Bill a beer first. She had a tray and had to lean down as Bill was sitting on the couch. Bill was staring at her tits and licking his lips.

Charlotte started to shake her shoulders but saw Bill bring up a $5 and toss it on the tray. "Can I?" he asked. Charlotte nodded and Bill reached over to her right breast with both hands and pulled it out of its cup. He put the nipple in his mouth and sexy round ass cuban chick sucks and rides huge cock hardcore and handjob lightly and flicked his tongue tip back and forth across it.

Charlotte felt someone raise the hem of her skirt behind her. Her pussy was starting to juice heavily and she knew that any second someone was going to finger her pussy. She wanted to cum but wasn't sure she should be bent over in a room full of strange men having an orgasm for their entertainment. Charlotte saw a $10 land on her tray from the man behind her.

Charlotte felt a cool finger on her labia. The finger quickly dashed between her lips and discovered the hot secretion that was on the brink of dripping to the floor. The finger tip warmed and found her clitoris. It rubbed up and down on her clitoris then side to side.

Charlotte's orgasm shook her like the downward plunge on a roller coaster. Another set of hands appeared and helped the first by pulling her ass cheeks open and exposing her clinched sphincter. "She's cumming! Look at her asshole wink." Charlotte stood, embarrassed, still feeling the roller coaster. Her standing up pulled her nipple out of the mouth sucking on it with a loud plop. Charlotte returned to the kitchen walking slowly to avoid dripping down her legs. She almost made it.

Somehow she had $45 on her tray for the last 5 minutes "work." Charlotte served beer and sandwiches. Both her tits were sucked and she no longer bothered trying to tuck them back inside the bustier. They had swollen so much that they didn't fit anyway. Her hard nipples greeted everyone as she helped serve drinks during the football game.


Her entire crotch area was slick from her pussy juicing again and again. Bill asked "You know what we like Charlotte so what do you like to do?" "Oh, I'm happy the way things are." She replied. "You guys want to know what Charlotte likes. Come here Charlotte." Charlotte walked over to me sitting on my easy chair.

I pulled Charlotte across my lap. I raised her skirt up and pulled her fishnets down. Charlotte said "NO!" but I started to spank her in front of the guests.

The guys circled us as the spanking started. Charlotte started kicking and tried to get up. "Hold her lexi mathews sucks an old guy cock down." One guy each grabbed an ankle and pulled her downward and open.

"You guys hold her down by her tits." The other two men each used both hands on one breast. They pulled them down and away at sharp angles.

Charlotte was unable to do anything except cry and take her ass beating. I slapped her ass for 10 minutes and turned it dark red and extremely hot. I casually rubbed her wet labia and said "Spank her tits guys." "NO! Please NO!" Charlotte said. The guys on her breasts each slapped their tit 5 or 6 times.

Charlotte yelled "Anything! OK I'll do anything!" "OK stop." I demanded. Charlotte rolled on the floor and held her breasts for a couple of minutes. "Charlotte?" I asked.

Charlotte looked up. "We all have these erections. Can you take care of them?" Charlotte nodded but didn't say anything. "Great! OK guys every one put on a condom." Everyone dropped their pants and started rolling up a condom on to their hard cocks.

Bill had a 10 inch monster. Ted was about 8 and big tits bounce on a throbbing shaft blonde and teen, Ken a 7 and poor Joe was a 6. "Bill you sit in my chair. Ted grab that small stool from the closet and put it behind my chair then stand on it.

Charlotte you climb up onto Bill and put his cock in your pussy. Ted you use her mouth Ken and Joe put your cock in her hands." Bill was bottoming out as he fucked her; Ted was able to slide into her throat with no problem. Charlotte was stroking Ken and Joe nicely. I lubed her asshole and slowly pushed my cock into her anus. After I was completely inside her I told her "Charlotte you have about 26 inches of hard cock inside your body right now.

And another 12 inches warming up for your next round. If your husband could only see tinyk dillion harper shows off her skills know." Charlotte started cumming picturing how she must look with all the cocks inside her.

The thought of her being used as cum meat excited her. Having sex with five men all at the same time, being stretched and pushed open for these men. She truly was a total slut. Ted came first. He carefully pulled the condom off and put it on her serving tray. After Ted stepped down Joe was quick to jump up unto the stool.

He put his little member into Charlotte's mouth and used it as a pussy. Bill was next and I could feel his cock throbbing inside her pussy. Charlotte came again and that made me shoot my cum inside her bowels.

I backed away from Charlotte's ass and saw Ken step up. He pushed his hard cock into the same pussy Bill had just pulled out of. Ten minutes later Charlotte had four condoms on her serving tray full of semen. "Charlotte if I tipped you another hundred dollars will you take their baby oil from those rubbers, put it into a shot glass and drink it?" I asked. "No." she said shaking her head. "How about if we all tipped you an extra hundred dollars?" Charlotte let the last drop of cum fall out of the last Trojan into the shot glass.

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The men had all got their own shot glass and filled it with whiskey. "Gentlemen, Here is to Charlotte. The best Host, sex toy, cocksucker, tight puss and assed slut we have ever known!" I said. We drank our whiskey to salute Charlotte. Charlotte said "well here is to you men and to your cocks that sure know how to please a girl." Charlotte lifted her shot glass and drank the semen from the men watching.

The guys said there goodbyes and left around 4:30.


Charlotte asked "Can I get some sleep in your bed without anymore sex work?" "Yes baby. Let's get a shower and get to bed. I may want some pussy in the morning." I replied. "GOOD."