A boy fuk his mother

A boy fuk his mother
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I had been dating my girlfriend (Louise)for about two weeks and I've met her parents her dad is a bit of an old fashioned fart, his way of thinking is that sex should only be done by married couples and we weren't married he forbidden it. But her mother was more relaxed than that. One grateful night (one I will never forget), Louise and I were out for a romantic meal and later went for a drink.

I drove her home and walked her to the front door. We started French kissing, when she stopped and said "Dad's away for a couple of days, Mums out with the girls from work and wont be year old creampie pov missionary sex after school fucking her teen pussy for a while" I didn't need a second invitation when she opened the door, no sooner had the door closed she was already half way up the stairs and said "If you want me, you better catch me." So I chased her into her room, she spun round flung her arms around my neck and smash her lips to mine and darted her tongue in my mouth and then the tonsil tennis championship began, I started to unzip her dress as it fell took a step back to see her hot marysol flashing ass on live webcam 36c-24-36 figure she was wearing a half cupped bra and matching French knicker.

I just had to say "You are fucking sexy." at which point she proceed to take my clothes off. Then went back to kissing, then took each other underwear off and laid on the bed with Louise with one leg draped over my hips and her left hand on my right cheek as we were kissing, then she started kissing my chest, then licked my nipples which made me go nuts.

She then went further down kissing my six pack. Then she kinda blew me away when she kissed the end of my now rock hard 10 inch by 8inch cock, I let out "Ooohh&hellip.feels good" then she took it her mouth and started to suck me off, (I gotta tell you this felt fucking great) After plenty of ooh's and aah's she stopped, I said "Don't stop that felt fantastic" needless to say she didn't answer, then about 15 seconds of silence she started again but, it felt different, better, she had taken the whole of it in right up to my balls and then started massaging my balls, I immediately thought I'm gonna marry this girl.

Then she withdraw my cock from her mouth then started licking my helmet I was in heaven. I then became puzzled when another tongue running up and down my shaft, I looked up to find that her sexy 42 year old mother was licking my bell end.

What had happened (when I found out afterwards)was that her mum Vickie had came home early as was extremely pissed and was driven home by one of her work mates, when she came in she had heard a noise coming from Louise's room went to investigate, when she opened the door she saw sucking on my human python, she was getting turned on from the sight of her daughter giving head and when Louise had noticed we we're being watched, she looked up and saw Vickie standing there not two metre's away and slowly took my cock out of her mouth and when the whole thing came into view, her mum licked her lips gave a silent gasp, looked at Louise, then at my cock, then at Louise again.

Louise knew what her mother wanted and offered my cock to her. Vickie walked towards us dropped to her knees took all off my cock in her mouth, at which point Louise was shocked and yet turned on at the same time seeing her mother sucking my cock.


She thought "fuck it" and joined in. Once I had realized I was being given a blowjob by two gorgeous women, I just gasped "Fantasy One come true." They kept sucking and licking me for a good 10 minutes, when Louise swung her leg over me and plunged her know dripping wet pussy on my face, I thought "this one's horny as fuck" then I heard her said "Since your married mum, you can fuck him first." Then Vickie stopped sucking me, then I heard clothes being dumped onto the floor.


Then I heard Louise say "I know which side of the family I get my body from." The next thing I know, I feel a soaking wet pussy sliding down my cock, then her mum moaning, which made me suck on Louise clitoris harder at which point she came, then what with Vickie sliding up and down my cock and moaning like crazy and Louise cumming all over my face, I thought I died and going to heaven, then moans stopped, I thought "What fucks going has someone else come in the room, has one of Vickie's work mates come in to make sure she was ok" alas no, but what did shock me was that I heard kissing.

Then it dawned on me that these two Mother and daughter were kissing, I went to grab Louise tit's a give nipples a tweek I found her mother's hands were already there, I thought "Bonus, I getting a combo" on realising this, I couldn't hold back any longer I felt my balls tighten and shot my wad right into Vickie's womb, I could also her cumming too.

After my orgasm subsided Louise and Vickie both got off me, and Vickie collapsed by me and Louise said to her Mother "That's my boyfriends cum in you, I wanna know what tastes like." Then within a flash she opened her mother's legs and plunged her face in the cum dripping cunt and licked her mum dry of my cum, in doing so she her mother to another orgasm.

I saw her mothers 38d tits and slammed mouth on her fully erected nipples they felt ½ an inch long and I swear you could hang a wet rain coat on them after about of sucking her nipples and her daughter licking her out, Vickie whispered in my ear and slurred "I give you permission to fuck my daughter whilst she is sucking my clit" thinking I was gonnna fuck her sophia milk tits petite story with or without her permission, but to fuck a woman whilst she's sucking another woman's clit is any red blooded man's fantasy, but with very hot secretary fucks boss pussyfucking and bigass mother and daughter take's it a all new level and didn't need any prompting.

Got up and took Louise by the arse lifted it up and rammed my cock straight in her wet pussy, which she yell "faaaaaahhhhcking hell" then moaned a bit and continued sucking her mother. I started pumping my cock in her tight twat, I looked up at Vickie, she winked at me and said "Your welcome in his family any time&hellip.mmmm…suck your momma's clit and put your finger in my soaking wet pussy" at which point Louise obliged and brought her mother to another big orgasm.

I was in a daze as I fucking my girlfriend whilst she licking and making her mother cum.

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I couldn't take any more and shouted "I'm gonna cum in your hot incestuous pussy." I felt Louise push back, not letting me pull out, then I thought "You've asked for this" and shot my hot sticky cum in her, it fabulous, I'd never had an orgasm like it. I felt Louise cum as well, I collapsed by them. I looked over at Louise and saw her mouth dripping with her mother's cum, licked her lips and gave a cheeky grin, rose up and Frenched her mother, then climbed over to me and did the same to me.

When we had finished Louise collapsed the other side of me, they had both their arms draped over my chest. After we had calmed down Vickie said "That was the best fucking orgasm I have ever had" looked at me in the eye, smiled "you deserve a gift from me." She just grabbed my semi and sucked it hard again and went to work on it, I looked over at Louise she had her fingers on her clit watching her mother suck me off for a bit then joined in.

Once again Skinny teen drilled hard by her stepdad on the couch had both sucking, licking my cock, now again they wrap their tongues around my cock in a way that their both sucking my cock and kissing each other at the same time.

They took it in turns taking my cock all the way down to my balls and would come up and lick down the side as the other would lick up my cock take it all in, it was as though they've done this before (which they hadn't).

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Both of them were stroking balls at the same time, I knew then I wouldn't last long and when Vickie took me in, I erupted in her and she swallowed it all, nearly choking on both my cock and cum, some it spilled down my cock, didn't matter, because Louise was there on hand to licked it all up, her mother had finished swallowing all of my cum, as she was finished, Louise followed my cock up to her mothers mouth and licked her lips, shoved her tongue again in her mothers mouth, if I had more cum in me I would shot it, all in their faces, unfortunately I didn't, I was fucked(if you pardon the expression) Once my was gone from Vickie's mouth, both Louise and Vickie collapsed beside me and said exhaustedly "That was the fucking sex session since I was at Uni.

20 nasty teen webcam strip and play no study tonight for this cutie years ago, I tell you both something now. I wont forget this, Louise you've got a good thing going there, so I wont tell your father that you've fucked him, cause I enjoyed it to, as for you (looking at me) if ever you want, you can have a threesome me and Louise anytime you like." Then Louise piped up "You can fuck mum, when ever you like, when I go to Uni." I looked at her puzzled, she said "do worry, as long as I know your fucking someone I know and watched you fuck, its ok with me." I thought "Cool!!!" Then Vickie kissed passionately, then Louise and said "This bed isn't big enough for all three of us, so I bid you goodnight and see you in the morning." Louise and I woke up at about 10 in the morning, had a quick fuck and went and showered together and went down to the kitchen to find Vickie slumped over the table nursing a hangover, saying "I'm never gonna drink again, want did I do last night." Louise & I looked at each other and giggled and I said "Do you wanna tell her or shall I." We told her, then she looked shocked and denied it, you could see her trying to rack her brains then we heard her whisper "That's why my pussy feels wet and tingly." Then the reality kicked in the memories came flooding back and she had a mini orgasm in front of us and sat us down and said "I think we should defiantly keep this from your father Louise." Louise nodded, I said "As long as you keep your end of the bargain up" there was irsquom so over guys bubble butt fingering, she mouthed "What?" then realized what she had promised when Louise went to Uni.

Then said "OK." Louise and I dated for another year, before she went to Uni. and about once a month up until then, we'd indulged in a threesome with her mother, then when Louise was at Uni.


I'd get a phone call from Vickie to say her husband was gone for a couple of days and invited me over for dinner and a fuck, this went on for a while, then I managed to get her pregnant, which baffled and her dad no end, but Vickie would fuck him when he got back from conferences, after she'd fuck me to cover her tracks just in case.(she had a boy called Thomas) When Louise had finished Uni we celebrated by having a foursome with her mum and a female work colleague of her mums.

got married and had two kids Michael and Jessica which are now in their teens, which I caught them fucking each other, but that's another story.

This is my first story, please be gentle.

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I also like to know if there are any celeb's who partake in incest, I've got a few suspicions. If you got any pic's I would be grateful. Thanks