Hot slut girl get taped and fucked clip 16

Hot slut girl get taped and fucked clip 16
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There is a blow job describe near the end of this story and there is a clip that inspired the writing of the Shannon series. There are links to the clip at the end of this post, (Shannon II part B) that will direct you to the clip.

To me it is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. Shannon II part B "The anniversary" We were headed in the direction of what looked to be a barn. What confused me was the side walls seem to be constructed of concrete block. I had never seen a CBS barn before, but then again I hadn't seen too many barns. We passed some large dog runs, and the canines yapped at us as we passed. I figured that there were around five or six dogs to a run and there were three runs.

We walked in from the bright sunshine into the cool dim interior of the barn. I took a moment to let my eyes adjust and I heard Mack tell someone to get the cart. I peered through the gloom and saw an old hunched black man turn and walk deeper into the recesses of the building. Moments later I spotted him again pulling a small metal device toward us. I guess you could call it a table even though Mack had called it a cart. It was about a fifteen inches high to the top of the flat table top like surface.

It was about three feet long and two feet wide. It had six inch steel wheels, a lever on the side that looked much like the gear shifter in the truck, only shorter and two foot pedals who's use I had no earthly idea.

There were two wrist straps fastened to the upper edge of the table and a wide leather belt that could be locked down on the side of the table. The old black man dropped the rope he was pulling the cart with and ambled over to one of the pens. If he noticed the naked woman in the barn, he showed no sleeping teen gets fucked first time horny girlgirl teenagers munching each other pussies of it.

The Negro picked up a couple of horse blankets folded them neatly and placed them on top of the table/cart thing. The old man then stepped on one of the pedals several times and the table top began to rise. When it was about two and one half feet high he stopped. Then he just stood there looking over at Mack.

"Git Butch." Mack instructed. And the old man strolled out of the barn, not looking at nor looking away from Shannon. Mack turned to me and said, "While Ole' Joe fetches Butch; ya can git yer camera ready." Then Mack reached out pinched my wife's right nipple and used it to pull her over to the table/cart. By the time she arrived at the table I was documenting the events of our second year wedding anniversary.

The lighting was not very good and I was having trouble getting the image properly focused. I mentioned this to Dave, but he brushed me off and told to shut my cock sucking mouth.

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"Lay down." Mack was a man of few words. Shannon sat on the end of the table and lay back onto the horse blankets. Mack flipped the wide leather belt over her midsection and cinched it down tight. Her ass was hanging off of the end of the table and her legs were dangling down towards the floor. "Pull yer knees up ta yur chess, cunt." Shannon did as she was told. Mack then clasped her right calf in his big hand and forced it up until her knee touched the table next to her head. Shannon groaned but said nothing else.

He then grabbed her right hand pulled it to the inside of her pinned leg, then brought it out and over her thigh and locked her hand in the wrist cuff on the outside edge of the table.

Then he did the same thing to the other leg and arm. I had no idea my wife was that flexible. Of course Mack didn't stop to see if she had come apart anywhere or if he had broken anything.

Then he shoved a small throw pillow under her head, I assume he did this so that she would be able to witness the carnage that were about to wreak upon her body. So here was my wife, trussed up like a Christmas turkey, her black boots were sticking out above her head. Her round ass and smooth pussy were spread, exposed and vulnerable to whatever these two crazy men fucks his aunt playmate and teen cronys on cam amateur cam girls in mind.

About that time Ole' Joe walked in leading a dark brown horse, who's coat seemed a little shaggy and tied it to a post near the wall. It didn't look that big as horses go but it was definitely larger than a pony, yet smaller than a race horse. Not knowing much about horses I was just guessing anyway.

Mack approached Old' Joe and asked him if he washed the horse down and cleaned out the "bean." The old Negro nodded to the affirmative. I had no Idea what a "bean" was in this case but I was glad to know that the horse was clean, Mack told Ole' Joe. "git em up" Ole' Joe went over to Butch, reached under the horses belly and started jacking the horses cock.

Just another day on the farm for Ole' Joe. Mack then went to the horse and put a blind fold of some sort over the horse's olivia puts her holes on the screen. Shannon was looking very worried, her eyes were darting all over the place, and when they found that eighteen inch cock in Ole' Joe's hand.

I thought she was going to piss herself. Her mouth was moving but no sound was coming out.

I wanted to drag her off of that table and get her the fuck out of there, but I didn't. She might have been scared but she wasn't trying to dissuade Dave from continuing and she wasn't struggling against her restraints. So I continued to film the debauchery before me.

By now Ole' Jo had that slab of dark brown meat standing tall. I had never seen an erect horse cock before. It wasn't as big around as I thought it would be. I've seen men with greater girth. The tip of the cock was very oddly shaped. It looked sort of like a mushroom and was slightly bigger than the stalk itself.

Mack rolled the cart with Shannon on it over under the horse. Ole' Joe had greased its long prick with some kind of gel. Then he scooped up two fingers of the same gel and pressed it into Shannon's ass and started finger fucking her brown rose.

Soon he added another finger, then another. With four thick black fingers spreading her anus she started to produce sexy lawyers do oral sex with hung client pornstars and hardcore high pitch wail.

Satisfied with his work, Ole' Joe wiped his hands on his dirty old shirt. Then moved back to the hydraulic foot pedal and raised the table so that Shannon's ass hole was aligned with that long horse cock, then he went to the head of the cart. It just might be another day on the farm for Ole' Joe but the large bulge in his pants indicated otherwise.

Mack moved to the other side of the horse from me. Dave was standing behind me and to my left. Mack supported that horse pole with his right hand then with his left he pulled Shannon toward that monster. Ole' Joe kept the cart on course and when that prick met that puckered rose Shannon's whine got higher. Mack nodded to the old man and Ole Joe pushed the cart away from him and six inches of horse cock wormed its way into my wife's bowels. Her tune had changed and it was a now a steady aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, stopping only to get another breath.

Her eyes were bugged out as she watched that brown snake climb inside of her. Joe pushed again. Her song became louder. The only move from Butch was a nervous twitch in his flank. Again Ole' Joe pushed and a higher octave was reached. My guess was that she had about twelve inches of horse python slithering inside of her. I say that because there was only about six inches of cock remaining outside of her asshole. Mack nodded again at the old man and Joe pulled the cart toward himself.

Mack held up his hand and Joe reversed course. I shifted to the left a little and zoomed in on that stretched nether ring and was amazed that she wasn't screaming her head off. The old man had a steady rhythm now and on each down stroke he would add a fraction more distance to the carts roll. The horse's cock got much bigger the closer it got to where it emanated from Buck's body. Shannon started shaking which signaled that an orgasm was approaching.

The orgasm crashed through her and the shaking increased. Again and again Ole' Joe sawed that cock in and out of her asshole and more and more of that black appendage disappeared up her butt. Shannon now seemed to be cumming continuously and her girl juice literally ran from her cunt.

Joe began pushing harder and harder. She grunted loudly each time she bottomed out. Every fucking inch of that huge cock was now buried in my loving wife's bowels and that dammed old nigger just kept shoving.

Finally the horse whinnied and horse cum blasted violently from Shannon's asshole. I could not believe the volume of viscous fluid that poured out from around that big cock. After a minute or so, Ole' Joe slowly drew the cart away from the shrinking cock. When the shit covered prick fell out of her body a lout fart escaped Shannon's ass and she sounded relived.

I focused on her gaping asshole, I tried to get the best shot that I could, but the light was making it very difficult. It was ashamed too, because it had been a fantastic event and I felt cheated that all of our efforts were not going to be properly preserved.

Cum continued to drain out of her stretched shitter. Ole' Joe untied the horse, took off the blind fold and walked the animal back outside.

The fat old farmer began removing my wife's restraints. "Wall that was a first," Mack said. "What was?" Dave asked rubbing his cock through his shorts. "She's the first cunt to take thet whole thing up'in her ass." I put the camera down and helped Mack unfold Shannon's body.

I appreciated the fact Mack was treating her with gentle care. "This'ens one fine fuckin cunt Dave," Mack observed with a bit of awe in his voice. "Best hang on to this en." I thought, 'I damm sure will'.

Mack and I picked Shan up between us and let her feet drop to the floor. She tried to stand but her legs would not support her. She tried a couple of more times but it was hopeless.

So, I picked Shan up and like a husband with a new bride, began carrying her toward the house. Now, I am thirty five and in pretty good condition. I work out and I'm fairly strong. Shannon probably weighs about one first time and use condom and thirty or forty pounds. I was not even half way to the house and I was out of breath.

Mack saw I was spent and took Shannon from me, turned and took off toward the house. I could not believe that that sixty year old fat man could tote my wife like she was a sack of feathers. I was bent over trying to catching my breath, as I watch farmer Samson carry my wife into the house. Dave was holding the door for him. I looked down at my pants and saw that they were covered in shit and horse cum. So I kicked my loafers off and dropped my pants, stepped out of them and slid my shoes back on.

Then I headed out for the house in my shirt, my shoes and my bvd's. I found an outside water hose and cleaned them up as best as I could and hung them on the clothes line. As I entered the house Dave was sitting at the table drinking a beer. As soon as he saw me he smiled and said, "That's a good look on you." I frowned irritatedly at him and asked, "Where is she?" He tilted his head toward the hallway, "in the bath room with Mack," and took another sip of his beer.

I headed down the dark hall. I found Shannon sitting on the commode. Head down, her hair hiding her face. "Are you all right?" She looked up at me and struggled to produce a tiny smile. "My turd's are pregnant with horses. Where are your pants?" Then grimaced and I heard some shit and liquid splash into the bowl.

"I got something on them, their drying on the line." Mack was running water in the tub. "Call me when yer redy and me n' yer husbun il hep ya in the tub." Then he turned off the water and left the bathroom.

I knelt in front of her and carefully pulled her boots off and set them aside. Then moved over to the tub, sat on it and gently ran my hand up and down her back. She looked at me. "I guess Dave small brother fuck her slipping sister I was constipated." "Fuck that prick." I said vehemently.

"Yeah," she said. "I do occasionally." I laughed at her joke and she smiled at me. She slutty brunette cougar stephanie wylde pumped by huge blackstephanie wylde some paper off the roll and gingerly wiped her butt, got another handful and wiped again. "I think with your help I can make it to the tub." "Want me to call Mack?" "Let me try, if I can't do it we will call him." I got up, went to the other side of her and helped her stand up.

Hunched over she shuffled over to the edge of the tub but could not get her leg up high enough to step into it. So I picked her up, swung her feet into the tub and lowered her into the warm water. She sighed and reclined back against the white porcelain and closed her eyes. I picked up the soap and a wash cloth, lathered it up and commenced to bathe her.

When I finished with what I could reach without disturbing her, I stood and told her that I was going back out to the barn to get my gear and I would be right back.

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She opened her eyes, looked up at me, mouthed the words 'I love you' and let her eye lids slow drift back closed. I turned quickly away from her and rushed out of the door, because I didn't want her to see the tears pouring out of my face. I was sitting at the table with my camera reviewing the video of Shan and Buck. Dave and Mack were there with me. I showed Dave how poorly the images were because of the lack of light. You could tell what was going on but the focus would fade in and out, especially on the close ups.

It was just that the overall quality suffered because of the conditions. Dave said, "Well, I guess we will just have to do it over." I stared him directly in the eye and told him. "I don't think so." He said nothing and continued to drink his beer. I found out eight months later, when I was at work.

Dave took her back and had a John, a friend of mine; shoot the same dammed action all over again. They shot it outside in shaded sunlight, so the shadows would be muted. They even had lights and reflectors to fill in the shadows and brighten johnny sins on pizza delivery close ups.

I wanted to kill Dave, but Shan calmed me down and said what's done is done. It helped that the video came out great and Shannon looked hot as hell. That's when she told me that it was much easier the second time because Dave has gotten her a yoga trainer. She was telling me this while she was lying in our bed; she insisted that she was very limber now.

Then with a grin and a sparkle in her eyes she told me that she could even eat her own pussy. "Wanna watch." Shannon was asleep in Mack's bed; she had been there for the past two and a half hours. She had spent about an hour in the tub, draining and refilling it until the hot water ran out. I had helped her up and helped her keep her balance and she was able to step out of the tub on her own. She was also able to stand by herself while I dried her off. Then Mack directed her to his bed and had her get on it on her hands and knees.

For a second I thought he was going to fuck her and I was ready to knock his lights out. But he pulled a jar of what looked like cold cream all natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment of the pocket of his overalls and proceeded to tenderly swab Shannon's stretched asshole. I was glad, because Mack would have probably kicked my ass had I hit him. When he finished he tossed me the jar. "Apply this three times a day and by Monday night she will be good as new." "Thanks." I said.

Shannon was already asleep and snoring, with her butt stuck up in the air. I gently rolled her over onto her side, places a pillow under her head and covered her with a sheet. Mack put his hand on my shoulder and we walked together back to the breakfast nook where Dave was crushing his empty beer can on his forehead. I had just finished showing the two men the poor quality video of Shannon and Buck when my wife came shuffling up the hallway rubbing sleep from her eyes.

She came over to me, sat gingerly in my lap, hugged me and planted a big fat sloppy kiss on my face. "How yer doin," Mac asked. "Pretty dammed good considering I had a cock in me up to here." She said pointing to a spot on her upper chest between her tits.

"Another six inches and he could have peed out of my mouth and shaken off of the last few drops without getting any on me. My ass hole is sore but the rest of me is fine." Dave said, "Get yourself a beer and bring me one while you are at it." I looked sharply at him and he smiled at me as Shannon got up and walked as she normally would have into the kitchen.

I guess when you're twenty two, you rub some dirt on it and shake it off. But sure as hell, she's going to feel it in the morning. I helped Shannon make sandwiches for lunch.

I call it lunch because it was the second meal of the day even though it was three fifteen in the afternoon. Everyone was hungry especially my wife. She ate three sandwiches and two beers. When we finished I got up to clean up and Shannon got up too. "I got it," I said to her. But she continued to clean up ignoring me. When we finished and returned to the table, Dave pushed back his chair and stood up.

Grab your gear dick head, you got work to do." He announced. "You're kidding," Pretty young blonde going down on you said incredulously. "You know," he said, getting into my face. "You are getting to be a pain in the ass.

I am going to stop bringing you with us if you are going to keep giving me a rash of shit. I am being magnanimous allowing you to be with us while I put my slut through her paces. I don't have to do that. So, if you want to be sitting at home playing with your pencil dick just keep questioning my orders and I will make sure it happens." Shannon touched my arm.

I knew he could do as he threatened. I hated that he had that much power over Shannon and me. I backed up and said. "Yes sir.

I'm sorry." "Damm right you are," and he stomped out of the house. Shannon got her boots and while I was putting them on her she put her single earring back in her left ear.

Once I had the boots on her I leaned in and kissed her pussy. She looked down at me, smiled and said. "Happy anniversary." Then she got up and went to find Dave and I chased after her. We found him in the barn next to Buck and Ole'Joe. "Aff noon mam. sho wus mazin wut yo did thas monin." Ole Joe said looking down at his feet. Shannon blushed and said "Thank you Joe." One more thing I love about my wife. With all the shit she has been through she can still blush sexy leah gotti learning from stepmom eva long compliments.

Mack walked up behind us and I jumped when he said. "Youin warsh thet dick off reel good?" "Yas sar." The black man replied. "tree tines." Dave turned to me, "Where is the best light to shoot a blow job." I looked around and pointed to spot against the wall near the open barn doors.

"Best light is over there. It could be better but there's enough." Joe led Buck over to the block wall and secured his bridal in the wall. Dave pushed Shannon in the back. "Suck the horse off whore." I would have been afraid that the fucking horse would stomp me to death but Shannon crawled under Buck as if she were climbing into a pup tent. She knelt under Buck directly in front of his cock and began jacking it. It had been a little over four hours since Buck had blasted her ass full of cum and I wondered if the shaggy brown horse would be able to get up, but it was soon evident that an erection wasn't going to be a problem for the horse.

And neither was it going to be a problem for the other four males in the barn. All of us were pushing cotton, as Shannon would often say, of men who had boners inside of their pants. My brief's were making things uncomfortable for me, but I ignored the pain and did my job.

I could tell that Shan was uncomfortable under the horse, not from fear, but kneeling like she was, she was too tall and her neck was bent at an awkward angle. She shifted to sitting cross legged under him and that was better, but now she was too low and her neck was bent back. But being the trooper she is she persevered. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ole' Joe ambled off toward the back of the barn. A short time later he returned with a large throw pillow, he bent down under the horse, pushed a little hay against the wall and propped the pillow against the hay and concrete block wall.

"Res agin that missy." Shannon scooted around and put her back to the wall and leaned against the pillow. Joe pushed on Buck's flank and shoved him closer to the wall. Now the horse was parallel to the wall and my wife facing ninety degrees to that dangling mushroom headed prick. I thought this isn't going to work, but I was surprised when she turned her head slightly to the right and bent Buck's cock toward her mouth.

She was able to suck it in to her face and jack that big brown monster with relative comfort. Plus it made a much better shot for the video. If there is one thing Shannon loves to do, is to suck cock.

She once told me that giving blow jobs and gargling cum got her hotter than anything else. And I knew that the depravity of sucking horse meat was going to crank her buzz meter too smoking hot. Shannon was moaning now and sucking hard on Buck.

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Every once and awhile the mushroomed tip would slip from Raw casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck big cock money mouth, but she would quickly jam it back in. While my wife jacked the horse with her right hand she reached down and started rubbing her pussy with her left. Her moaning became louder. Her blond hair was spread across the pillow as she jacked that fucker into her mouth.

Bucks cock was as not as hard as it had been this morning and that made it easier for Shan to get it into her mouth. She leaned forward a little and drew in a little more prick. Her cheeks were hollowed from the suction she was delivering to the end of that meat. Buck almost slipped out but she slurped it back in. I thought I saw a hitch in her stroke and her cheeks bulged a little. Then the horse whinnied and started blasting come in her mouth. At first only a little stream trickled from her lips then a little more, then I could see her swallowing and several more rivulets ran from her mouth.

The amount of cum that escaped her lips was minuscule compared to the amount that shot from her ass this morning. So I knew most of it was making her lunch soggy. She leaned back against the pillow and continued to jack and drain that brown boner. Then she pulled it from her mouth and gasped for breath like someone that had been very thirsty and had taken a long drink without breathing. Now she was rubbing her tits and moaning, drinking that horse cum had really turned her on.

She scooted her butt back against the pillow and she stuck that cock back in her face and tried to drain the last drops from it. The horse picked up his right hoof and bumped Shannon's arm, knocking his cock from her mouth. So she began rubbing the mushroomed head around and over her right breast and nipple.

Both of her nipples looked rock hard and she continued to suck and play with Buck's cock for a few minutes longer. Then she collapsed against the pillow and allowed her pulse to return to something close to normal. "Now suck this cunt." Dave was standing nude from the waist down.

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His shorts puddled at his feet and his cock was pointed strait at her. Shannon scrambled to her feet, raced over to him, dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his wood so fast that I had a hard time keeping her in the frame. Dave deposited his nut along with Buck's in no time and then he nodded to Mack who moved next to Dave and dropped his coveralls.

As soon as Shannon drained Dave he snatched his cock out of her mouth and she knee stepped over and engulfed Mack. "Joe," Dave hollered over to the old negro. "you want some of that mouth?" "Iffin ya don mine suh, I'd luv sum dat fine whit pussy." "Knock yourself out." Dave responded.

"Just leave her asshole alone." Maybe Dave does have a conscious, just not much of one. "Ya suh." The black man confirmed. Joe took Buck back outside and returned just as Mack painted the cunt's face with farmer fuck juice.

The Ole' Joe strolled over to Shan, took her hand and started to lead her to the back of the barn. Dave stopped him, "Joe, if you want that cunt you'll take it over there in the light where dick head can film it." Joe didn't seem happy about this turn of events, but eventually he shrugged and nodded. "wate rit here missy, I be rit beck." A minute later Joe return with a Futon mattress and lay anal cowgirl ass fucking with simony diamond down where she had just gobbled Buck's nut and held his hand out to her.

She came to him and he took a cloth out of his back pocket and gently cleaned Mack's jizim from her face, then tenderly kissed her. My wife lay upon the dusty mattress and Ole' Joe reclined beside her. Mack and Dave left the barn deep in discussion of a topic of which I had no idea. The old Negro began caressing her body. Over the next thirty minutes I watched a very wrinkled and leathered black man make tender love to my wife. It was so intimate that Kinky orgy action with seductive sex bombs cumshot facial was embarrassed filming it.

Shannon was surprised and very turned on by it and came several times. When they had finished, Joe helped Shannon to her feet, thanked and kissed her. Then he returned the mattress to wherever he had found it and we never saw him again. Shannon came over to me and grabbed my cock through my tight-e-white'es. "Dave didn't offer you any did he." She crooned in my ear.

I shook my head no, "I can wait," and I kissed her. "Ole' Joe seems quite the lover." I observed. "Yes," She acknowledged. "It was nice, but I really only want to do that with you. I can fuck the world but I only want to make love to you." I started to pack my gear when Shan grabbed my hand. "God, drinking Buck's cum was soooooo hot. Play it back for me." She said looking up at me, her eyes burning with lust.

I rewound the camera until I reached the spot where she had begun rubbing her pussy. "Oh Fuck, I love that cock." She said practically drooling on my arm. "Shit, Bill, his cum was so good." She babbled excitedly.

"Stop right there. That's where I felt him start to cum." It was where that little hitch was, just before Buck whinnied. "Can you advance the picture a little at a time?" she asked me and started rubbing her pussy.

I nodded and pressed the pause button again and the image jumped forward a couple of frames. Each time I pressed the button it advanced a couple of more frames. "You won't believe what I did." She continued.

"I kept my throat open like I would if I were deep throating a cock and let him shoot his sperm right into my tummy. FUCK I loved it" "Here, right here is where my throat closed and I had to start swallowing. That's why more of his cum ran from my mouth." She was hopping up and down eyes glued to the camera monitor, giggling happily.

God, I don't know how much cum he shot but it sure seemed like a lot. Buck shot more than was in that bucket of pussy juice Dave poured down my throat this morning." I could see her gulping furiously on the monitor.

Fuck, look here, this is where he had mostly stopped cumming and I just had to breathe." We got to the part where the horse bumped her arm with his hoof. "Did that hurt?" I asked. "Dam, I don't even remember that happening." She looked at her right arm, there was a pink scrape on it. "Wow." She said as she rubbed it. I rewound the image and played it at normal speed.

It WAS hot. We ran through that section about fifteen times. Each time it seemed to be hotter. My cock was really aching and Shannon had an orgasm as she rubbed herself off. Finally we packed the camera away, I took her hand and we walked together to hot milf blowjob fat cock and cum in mouth closeup house, my dick pointing the way and nigger sperm running down her leg. On the way in, I retrieved my pants and put them on.

They were a little stained but they didn't smell. Shan took another bath and I coated her asshole with Mack's secrete balm and lubed her cunt with KY that I carried in my camera bag. We collected our stuff, said our good buy's and went out to the black truck. Dave had stuffed my wife's dress into my camera bag, except for the boots and the single earring; she would be naked for the ride home. Dave re-secured the blue pail to the transmission hump and tossed the funnel into the back of anya olsens giving a hot closet deep throat blowjob hardcore bigcock truck.

"Lets roll." He said and got into the truck. We drove back the way we had come with Shannon straddling the shifter, but he only fondled her pussy and did not try to jam the pool ball into her. I thought she might not have to ride that plastic ball at all during the trip back. But when we got to the interstate and started up the ramp, Dave said, "Assume the position." and shifted into fourth gear slamming that black bastard deep into her cunt.

Upon exiting the super highway he jerked the ball from her body and allowed her to ride the rest of the way home with her cunt empty. He pulled into our driveway and we got out. Dave disconnected the pail with about three inches of Shan's cum in it and handed it to me. "Happy anniversary." He laughed, "Make her drink it." He instructed me.

I took the pail and said, "Sure." I would pour it down the sink when I got inside. It felt good to be home. I set my bag down and headed for the kitchen. "Where you going?" Shannon asked. "To dump this shit down the drain," "But Dave said I have to drink it." "Dave ain't here." "Dosen't matter. Come over here and dump it down this drain." She said as she got down on her knees. So I reluctantly stood beside her, she looked up into my eyes, opened her mouth and I slowly poured her girley cum into her open throat.

Here is the clip of Shannon sucking Buck's cock. It is on this site. It is labeled anna 3.mpg I know you will love it. I have heard some say it is fake but I can assure you it is not.