Orgy au nightclub real amateur cum in mouth

Orgy au nightclub real amateur cum in mouth
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This weekend was Jen's hen party. She was travelling to Scotland with 13 others for her last weekend of freedom as a single woman. I wanted to make sure that she had a weekend to remember so I made a few plans of my own to make sure she would have a weekend she would never forget. Jen has always been faithful to me and has never been with any other man since we started going out 8 years ago.

However, I know that she is curious and has been tempted on many occasions to be with another man. She has had no shortage of opportunities and gets chatted up every time she goes out with the girls. Jen is 5'6", about 130lbs with 32DD tits and shoulder length black hair. She turns heads everywhere she goes and still turns mine every time I see her.

The first part of my plan was to sabotage her luggage. After she had packed all her clothes for the weekend and put the suit case granny enjoys public sex at the basketball court the side, I switched it with the identical suit case that I had packed for her.

She was going to be gone for 2 nights and I packed accordingly. Her new suitcase had been separated into 2 compartments, one for Friday night and one for Saturday night. I also included a note that would be on top when she opened the suitcase. The note simply said "This is your last weekend as a single woman so I want you to act like a single woman.

I have a few surprises organised for you and the only thing you can't do this weekend is say NO.

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Regardless of what you are faced with, you have to go with it and do whatever you are told. You have to tell me every detail of what happens. Have fun!!!" Friday night I let her have her night out with the group she travelled with. I had packed her a nice fitted short blue dress that accentuated every curve of her stunning figure and a tiny blue thong.

I knew that she would be getting plenty of attention from all the guys over there, while also wondering about my note. I had hoped that she would get a bit of action of her own that night from the "can't say no" part of my note. I eagerly awaited her phone call on the Saturday morning to see how Friday night went.

Saturday morning came and she at home with russian webcam phenomenon vickie me, I could tell she was a bit nervous on the phone so I asked her how her night went.

She told me "I had a good night with the girls, we went for a meal and then headed to a bar. A lot of guys were chatting to us in the bar and we were getting fairly drunk.

When I went to the bathroom one of the guys followed me and told me I was beautiful and asked if he could kiss me. I remembered your note so I said ok. He pulled me into the cubicle and started kissing me and before long he hitched up my dress and pulled down by thong. He slipped his finger into my pussy. I couldn't believe how wet I was.

It has been so long since I have been with anyone other than you. I was so horny. I opened his pants and felt his rock hard cock. I got on my knees and sucked him until he came. I removed my thong and handed it to him as a souvenir. Oh baby, are you mad at me?" I replied that I was not mad at her and that I meant what I said on the note. I told her that this was a weekend she would never forget. Have fun today I told her and told her how much I loved her and reminded her to go with the flow no matter what she was faced with.

I knew that her group of friends had things planned for the day but I had already cleared an hour during the day with them for Jen to get a massage. What her friends did not know was what kind of massage. Her friends agreed to have Jen back at the hotel for 3pm which they did. Jen was told to wait in her hotel room. About 5 minutes later Jen would get a knock on her hotel door and when she opened it she was faced with a 6ft tanned, muscular masseuse.

He walked into the room and wasted no time stripping Jen naked and lying her face down on the bed. He began massaging her back and sensually rubbed every inch of her naked body.

He then told Jen to turn around and when she did he was standing naked in front of her with a video camera set up. "I was told to tell you that this is your first surprise" he told her "This camera is on a live feed to you husband to be". He then lay her down on her back on the bed and massaged her with just his lips and tongue. Jen could not help but moan as his lips kissed her erect nipples, he then slowly kissed down along her stomach as he breathing became heavier. I was loving every minute of watching this guy getting Jen so excited.

He continued down to her shaven pussy and began to work her clit with his tongue. Her moaning became louder as she grabbed him by the hair and pushed his mouth onto her wet pussy.

Jen suddenly stood up and looked straight into the camera. "Hey baby, are you ready to see you wife to be take a strange cock? Because I am so hot right now that I need his cock inside me" With that she climbed on top of the masseuse and with her eyes firmly looking into the camera she lowered herself onto his hard cock. I will never forget that look on her face as his cock. She fucked his cock hard, moaning loudly and kept her eyes firmly fixed on the camera the whole time.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Before long she reached orgasm with loud moans as he pumped his load deep inside her. When he was finished she grabbed the camera and lay back on the bed. "Look what I got" she said as she put the camera between pretty inked and a massive comic lover elouise is enough to get anyo legs to show me the cum flowing out of her swollen pussy. "I really enjoyed your surprise, I hope you enjoyed it too, bye bye".

With that the camera was turned off. That night when Jen opened the second compartment with the clothes I had packed for her she got a bit of a surprise. I had packed a really short red mini dress for her and 5" high karen natsuhara gets her twat rubbed and nailed. The surprise for her was that there was no underwear. There was also another note for her. "By now you will have noticed that there is no underwear packed for you, that is because you are not going to wear any!!!

I also have a few challenges for you and if you complete all 3 challenges and text me photographic proof of each then you will get a reward. 1. Have someone take a photo of you in a bar with you dress hitched up so I can see your shaved pussy.

2. As above only with a guy's hand on your pussy. 3. On a packed street remove your dress completely and have someone take a photo. Best of luck and have fun." As the night went on I waited to see of any of these photos would be sent to me.

At about 10pm my phone beeped and challenge 1 was complete. Seconds later another beep and challenge 2 was complete. About an hour later my phone beeped for the third time and to my delight challenge 3 was completed with a photo of Jen naked on a packed street with about 10 guys around her smiling and "so, what is my reward" on the text.

I replied "wait and see but I think you will like it". Jen waited in anticipation for her reward from me. As she waited on the side of the street a limo pulled mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins next to her and the window opened.


"Limo for Jen" the driver called. Jen was a bit surprised but got into the limo.

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In the back of the limo was a parcel for Jen. She opened it and inside was a hotel key. The limo pulled up outside the hotel. Jen went up to the room and was slightly apprehensive as she turned the key.

She walked into the room and was met by 3 naked guys with the biggest cocks she had ever seen.


They walked over to her and pulled her dress off over her head. Jen wasted no time in grabbing a cock on each hand and took the third in her mouth. She took it in turns sucking each cock. The 3 guys then lifted Jen up and lay her on the bed. The first guy quickly got between her legs and pushed his cock into her wanton pussy.

They took it in turns fucking her as the hours passed. Jen had never got fucked like this dani daniels sex in outdoor she was thrown around from cock to cock having orgasm after orgasm. She could not get enough cock. After the guys left she rang me and thanked me for her reward. I asked her what it felt like to be single for the weekend and to have got fucked by so many strange guys. She told me that she couldn't believe how horny it made her and how the fact that I was ok with it made it even better.

"I have a confession to make" I said "that was not your reward. I have always fantasised about you with other guys and I used this weekend as a test to see if you would be willing to lose your inhibitions and be sexually adventurous.

You exceeded all my expectations this weekend so if you are willing to accept this as a reward I propose that this weekend not be a once only and that you become a hotwife and continue to fuck other guys as well as me." "I have a confession to make as well" said Jen "I have wanted to fuck other guys for a long time but didn't act on it because I didn't want to hurt you." I think we are in for an adventurous married life.