Sunny xxx desi xb in

Sunny xxx desi xb in
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"Damn, it ain't nuthin but 7, shit!" I've been movin all day and now I can't find shit to do. Earlier me and my boys Fred, KJ, and Rod were at the gym workin out, hoopin and sparring.

That was like 12 at noon and we ain't bounce out til 4. From then on I've been on my own, and hatin every minute of it. I usually just chill, listen to some slow jams, Sade, Maxwell, India, and some Dru Hill; but today I've been all fucked up.

I've been bored out of my mind, tryin to do somethin before tomorrow comes. Thoughts of the morning coming were pissin me off, everyone atleast once either has or had a job they couldn't stand and that went double for me. So I got like fuck it and sultry blonde babe natalia starr butt plugged and analyzed to go for a jog. Got dressed and out the crib in less than 5 and at the track in 2, running like a mad man.

But slowly as I calmed down I noticed Shawna one of my boys ex gurls. She was messing with Mike but Mike had to let her go, he had too much on his plate with his baby and it's mama and the parted ways, I didn't really see her after that til now. So I played nice guy, caught up to her said hello and got the,"Who the hell are you Look", I said my name and reminded her who I was and we got to talking. She was cool as hell, I din't know how tight her head was on and she was real level.

Not an air head, a hoochie, or a gold digger, and that really made me want to get to know her. So we hung out running, stretching, and talkingi could help but notice how tight her body was, she looked like Jada Pinkett with and pony tail.

Now it may just be me but a woman who works out even a little with a nice ass tude is sexy as hell and I started gettin personal and thangs got crazy then. She told me she ain't been with no one sice Mike and how lonely she is and more than that how horny she is.

And how she got too much pride to call a chat line, or the club just to find a cut buddy. I agreed and got serious, the conversation went from our pride to our lust. Then an uncomfortable silence came and we just stared at each other. So I amde the move by asking if she needed a ride home, she agreed and we rode out. We came to her apartment and heard the music downstares, saw the people high and drunk and decided to go someplace else and chill.

We decided on my place and was there in a flash. And not too soon, I kept starin at her body and the sweat dripped off and on my seat and was loosin my mind in the scent of her, I know nasty but hell it's been a minute and she smelled and looked good and hell. Anyways we got to my place. I played the gentleman, opened the door for her, got her something to drink and gave we a towel. We just sat down listening to my Soul Jams and just bouncing, groovin to the music. Then she pulled me to her and we started dancin.

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It was casual but when that India I am Ready fof Love started to play we got lost in one another. By the time it was off her arms were around my neck tight and I had my right hand on her back and my left on the ass. I looked at her and saw what was in my heart.

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Passion. I wanted to jsut rip her clothes off, kiss her deeply and just thrust myself between her legs, but I played it cool. I kissed her soft, like a brush, and took my time tasting her flavor. Savorying every moment, every sound, every breath she took.

Then I parted my lips from her and led her to my room, Placed her on my bed and slowly undressed her. Starting form her tennis shoes I slowly moved my way up making her feel like royalty.

Then I stopped with her still wearing her panties and bra, and me in my shorts and dimmed the lights just enough to see it reflecting off her eyes.

I walked to her making to to capture her in my bed with her looking so seductive and timid at the same time. Enjoying her presence, her scent, sound of her shallow breaths. Then connecting to her lips and laying her flat on my bed.

Twirling and massaging her tongue with mines and slowly sliding my hand between her thighs. As I began getting her wet, playing with her clit and lips, she broke contact and whispered in my ear sounds of pleasure easing me on and nimbling I ear lobe I couldn't help but continue.

then I pulled off her panties and loosened her bra and gave her nipples each the attention xxx story kajal hiroinklen in craved.

As she swayed besided me tryin to stay in control of her self I slowly lowered myself to her stomach, then lower to her inner thighs and teased her a bit tryin to make her crazy until I kissed her clit. And as I Tongued her down between her legs I listened and followed any and every command or hint she gave in order to make her climax.

No longer than 5 minutes she was thrashing and shacking loosing her self in her orgasm. I didn't stop I continued making sure she got hers. The she pulled me to her lips and kissed me deeply and I shared with her the juices of her extacy and she sucked them down and pushed me back.

Now I'm chilling wantin for mines tryin to play hard and smooth thinkin i ain't gonna go crazy I'mma stay on track and knock her down and its right. She kissed me, bit my bottom lip and licked my down. She went to each of nipples worked on them like I did her. Then she kissed me, gave me a smile and alittle giggle andbegan givin me the best head in my life. She bobbed up and down, are my shiny blue pvc panties making your hard throatin me, doin all the tricks, and I was like puddy in her hand, or mouth.

I mean she was a pro, and head doctor for real.watching her work on me and hhearin her work almost sent me over the edge, I had to think quick, so I played smooth, put both my hands behind my head and started pinchin the hell out of myself and slowly gained control.

I let her go at it for 5 minutes until I had to have her and pulled her up to me. I kissed her deep to let her know I was seriously lovin the moment, and sheguided me into her and she started ridin. She was rockin slowly at first making sure all of me was with her and takin her time.

Then she started rockin fater, harder and I kept a nipple in both hands. She got her rhythm and I knew I had someone special. She was went from rockin to grinding and trust me there is a difference.

I switched styles and replaced a hand with a tongue and starting rubbin on her clit hood with my thunb. I was wild and got crazier, apparently she was half cuban which explained her hair texture and she started spittin some serious spanish.

That just gave me a grin and I knew I had her. She said somethin and had papi in it so I went to work, I pushed her back on her side, one leg up and started beatin her down. Which was good for her and better for me.


She was speakin somethin serious in spanish, messin up the sheet, and diggin her nails in my back. All a good sign for me.


I jsut watched her and took her all in, there nothin like a beautiful women in the moon light lost in passion. Then I felt that tingle and knew it was almost that time. So I gathered myself and focused on giving her clit as much attention as I could. Rubbing it with my fingers and stomach when I could. Then that leg got tight, and the other wripped itself around my leg and I knew it was close. She pulled me close to her and screamed in a deep bartone voice that very sexy hot girl fuking faster best story was coming and to keep going, I slid to get behind her tight ass, one hand on a breast pinching a nipple, the other massagin her clit and my lips on her neck, nimblin on her.

She came with a fury I've never heard of, a tremble and thrash. A tightening of her walls set me off and I came harder than I ever came before. We stayed there breathing hard tryin to catch our breath, she rolled on me and I stroked her body, her arms and stomach and breast. She giggled something in spanish and said that was fun. I agreed, held her close and said seh shouldn't go anywhere. Exhaustion set in, and we slowly drifted off to sleep and my last thoughts were, tomorrow won't be so bad as long as Shawna's there in the morning and with me when I'm off.