Voluptuous pretty girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob

Voluptuous pretty girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob
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Horny Wives By Blueheatt &hellip.We now had 5 of us. We met every Wednesday at 10am. We just called it 'The Wives Club'. No bra or panties allowed. We traded sex stories, "true or made up". As each one told their sex tale, we all masturbated while one told her story. It was VERY top secret and we kept it that way. What a turn on to watch other women, and myself, finger us all to orgasm as we heard a hot sex story. Five women all having an orgasm in one room was a new thrill for all of us. There were…No limits on the story subject.

&hellip.I might tell a made up story of how I fucked my neighbor Gina's husband, in their own bed, while she was gone. Ruby might tell a hot true story about how she fucked her son in the shower while her husband was taking a nap.

Lynn told of how she let her dog fuck her one lonely night. No limits meant…no limits! &hellip.It started with just my neighbor Gina and I when she started coming over in the mornings for coffee.

&hellip.After the first few mornings and all the 'girl' talk, I noticed she gazed out the window and slowly started to smile. "Gina, your thinking something naughty, aren't you." She looked at me and grinned real big. &hellip.I had a secret is was dying to tell… but yet it was so thrilling, I wanted to just keep it to myself and not share it with anyone. It was on my mind 24/7. I used it to just make me feel good, anytime I thought of it. I went back and forth whether to tell the right person, all the glorious details.

If I never told it, that would be the 'safe' way to do it&hellip.but&hellip.it felt like it wanted to burst out and let her enjoy it with me. Gina was holding something secret back, I redhead teen alaina dawson swallow a meaty cock just tell. "Gina…oh Gina"&hellip.I said as she day dreamed looking out my window into space…"Tell Becky what your hiding in that little head of yours&hellip.come on now." She smiled with a blush, but said nothing.

&hellip.OK&hellip.I decided to tell her my naughty secret…but…only if she would tell me xxl cock mom son reo afterwards.

&hellip."Gina…I have a top secret I'm dying to tell someone. That snapped her right out of her daydream. "OH&hellip.Really?…oh tell me, your secret will be safe with me." she said. "Ok…but YOU have to tell me yours when I finish…deal?" I said. She said: "Well&hellip.oh my god&hellip.well. &hellip.OK…but!…you must keep it secret, I could get in a lot of trouble if it ever got out&hellip.deal?" We agreed to not share our stories with anyone.

I too could get in real trouble also if mine got out. &hellip.We scooted our chairs close and talked low. &hellip.I quietly started in telling her&hellip. &hellip.It started out as a sex game my husband and I began to play for fun. We decide that once a month we would have one night out by ourselves&hellip.or… with our girlfriend.

Him or with his buddy's would do the same. We would PRETEND to have had a sexual affair, NO LIMITS… we agreed. We would come home and tell in detail how it was. It was great and he and I described in detail how we snuck out in a car, behind a building, in a back room or wherever and had hot sex.

I fucked his brothers, his dad, his boss and men he knew. He fucked our daughters, my mom, my sisters and just strangers too. He might fuck the lady next door, and I might fuck the mail man, or pizza delivery boy. We didn't tell anyone about our game. These stories made us very hot and we always had great sex afterwards. &hellip.One night I went first, telling how I had just came from a 7 man gang bang.

I said "You were there too dear, I recognized you behind that mask. You were the best fuck of all. Front, back and in my mouth. You shot me with your hot cum all over my face. I went on to describe all the vivid details. I finished my very hot story and we were really hot for each other now. &hellip. I asked: "How was your evening dear?" He said: "I went to a gang bang!…and you were the girl, and we all fucked you for hours!" &hellip.We both laughed over that one.

He went on to describe how he fucked his boss's wife, right in the back room during work, with all the juicy details of how they fucked like teenagers. He just lifted her dress and fuck her against the wall. That afternoon they went back for more. She dropped to her knees and sucked him off, covering her face with his cum.

&hellip. We had great sex afterwards as the stories really got us both hot. &hellip.Our next monthly night out, I went to the mall to shop. I was thinking about a good hot story to tell that night. &hellip.This was the night everything gloriously changed&hellip.

…I saw a guy I had had the hots for from school. Berry Miller. For a long time I wanted him, but we just never made it. He was sitting on a bench and I snuck up and sat by him.

He was more handsome that ever. &hellip.I thought, I'll pretend I fucked Berry good, when I get home tonight and tell my pretend adventure. &hellip.He slowly looked at me and said quietly: "…Becky.is that you?" "Yes Berry Miller, it's me. You look great Berry, I…" &hellip.When our eyes locked on… it was just like before&hellip. in school…but much more intense. Gina leaned in and listened very intently. &hellip.He said: "I've dreamed of someday of seeing you again, I'm still so hot for you, it never stopped, I…opps sorry I didn't see your wedding rings." We talked for a while, our eyes locked on us and tingles running through my body.

He tried to hide his erection, but it just stayed bulging in his pants the whole time. I thought what a hot story this will make when I get home…oh my. Then I felt the warm wetness in my pussy as just the thought how to get in a movie stardust industries having are 'real' affair with him dominated my mind. Out of my mouth came the words:…"Let's go talk privately in my car, Berry."… We walked slowly to my car. My heart was beating so fast, I was losing my breath.

We both checked to make sure no one saw us. I started my mini van up and drove under some trees by the woods. &hellip.

It just happened. Next thing we knew we were in the back softly kissing and feeling our bodies. I felt his strong arms as they went around my back. His hands drifted around to the front and his fingers traced my tits.

I showed no resistance at all. My hand slowly felt his leg and that big erection I had been looking at all evening. It felt so warm and I wanted to feel the bare skin of it so bad.

He had his hand under strapon loving babes ruling over their sub blouse now and lifted up my unhooked bra.

Our soft kisses tingled my whole body. I had fantasized about Berry since school. He liked me to, but we just never seemed to get free at the same time to advance our feelings. Now I had him in my arms for the first time. His hands excited me to new highs. I loved the feel of his fingers moving up my skirt and feeling inside my panties. I shivered as he felt my damp pussy at last.

The same pussy I fingered to orgasm while thinking about him, many many times. He just didn't know the extent of my crush on him, and I really didn't realize it either, until now&hellip.

&hellip.Now he revealed his hidden want of me for so long. I felt like I was young again, and the guy I wanted so bad had appeared out of nowhere, wanting me bad also. I swallowed hard&hellip.this was my first ever affair. I was a highly charged and the naughty excitement was at it's peak. I couldn't think clear&hellip.what am I doing…I don't seem to care about anything but xxx fulle sex stories story beak to have sex with Berry.

&hellip.This had consumed me and I wanted our bodies to blend and have glorious sex together. &hellip.He slowly pulled me on top of him, never letting go of a long lasting kiss. I wiggled my pussy in place over his big hard on. He broke our kiss as we gasp for breath. "Becky, I have to explain now, how long I've wanted to have sex with you. I never got the chance to show you, or even tell you how much. " he said. He ran his fingers thru my hair as he talked as we shifted our bodies to get the maximum feel of each other.

He unbuttoned blouse and lifted my bra up. I had unbuttoned his shirt and didn't even realize it. My tits rested on his bare chest, so warm and our hearts were beating hard. His big warm hands felt my back and then my tits so good as he talked and kissed little kisses all over my face.

I was in heaven for sure&hellip. He didn't need mature vixen nina elle gets shared by plumbers say anymore as our lips did the talking for us. My tongue went crazy tracing his mouth and his tongue felt mine, like two new teen lovers.

I began to moan without even realizing it. I started unzipping his pants and he inched up my skirt. It was really going to happen, I finally got a hand on the cock I had dreamed about. I felt my panties being slipped down and off. His hand went between my legs from behind. I spread my legs all I could. I stroked his cock and put it between my hot legs at my pussy.

I brought my legs together and held it tight. I slow fucked his cock with my inner thighs. My hands felt his face and his chest. Damn, he sure knew how to massage a woman's tits. We slowly started getting hyper and I moaned more.


I slowly inched up, and placed his cock to rub on my clit. We began such a natural rhythm, nothing like I had ever felt before. We just rocked a while as the tension climbed. The head of his cock was getting closer with each stroke to going in me. My head was spinning with excitement as I let out an…"OH…oooooo" when his cock slid in my wet pussy&hellip. I trembled as it slowly slid in an inch at time with each stroke… deep and wonderful&hellip.

&hellip.Gina stopped me, then whispered: ("…damn you Becky, I've got soaking wet panties now!) We both giggled. Gina said she hoped I didn't mind…but…I watched her slip her hand down in her shorts and close her eyes&hellip.(".ok.go on Becky") I could see she had her fingers in her pussy …hmmm…good idea.and I put my hand under my skirt and slipped a finger down my panties.

My pussy was wet also…It was a turn on to watch Gina breathe heavy and fingered herself as I did the same. &hellip.I continued… &hellip.His cock was so hot in me like I had pictured it so many times as a young girl. I was finally having hot sex with Berry, the curvy bigtitted cougar enjoys cock and pussy of my dreams.

It was the hottest thing I had ever done. I was really sneaking sex with him and I was really excited. My pussy felt so damn good with him in me. Being on top I knew just how to slide his dick in me and hit my G spot just right.

I moaned with each stroke as his big hands felt my body. Our thrusts got stronger and so did our moans.

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I loved the little slapping noise our bodies made, it just added to the thrill. I kept up a steady fuck as I felt a huge feeling coming. It started taking my breath away as I moaned out&hellip."oh god Berry.Oh Berry!" He started to moan and stiffen extreme teen melissa moore begs for rough sex. He shook and pushed his cock high in my slick pussy&hellip."Eeeeeeee" he yelled out as I yelled: "Oh God!

Yesss baby…YES!" and climaxed a shaking, moaning high like no other. "OH JEZZZ" I yelled and we fucked as fast as we could an then&hellip.we shuddered …we both moaned a long moan……as he squeezed and pulled on my butt cheeks.

I was shook up with pleasure as I gasp over and over in euphoria. I hadn't expected I would get a feeling like this. Our hands went crazy feeling us&hellip.I wanted to just stay with his cock still shooting the last shots of cum in me. I was so dizzy as I saw nothing but steamed up windows in my van. Our moans finally died down and it was quiet except for our breathing. Oh damn Berry, your beautiful… I had to have more of this…… Berry tried to talk… &hellip."Damn damn damn!

That was the best sex I can ever remember! I wanted you way back when and I just knew, we'd have great sex, even then. I'm so lucky&hellip.running into you like this.

We're going to do a lot more things now, to make up for all the time we didn't, in the past&hellip.man, what a wild girl you are Becky"&hellip.

&hellip.I realized I had orgasmed while telling my secret story. Gina had too, as she lay back in her chair smiling.


We were both real spent. Gina said, out of breath, "Oh damn Becky! That made me orgasm so good&hellip.but my story is a good one too! Tomorrow she had to be somewhere&hellip. &hellip.but she would let me know when the next time she would come over. &hellip.She went home, and I waited to hear 'her' story.

&hellip. It was about a week later and Gina called and said she could come over. I thought great!, now to hear her secret story finally. &hellip.She came in with a sly smile on her face and sat down. She scooted up real close and reminded me never to repeat what she was about to tell me.

"You may want to take a deep breath Becky, fate has stepped in on us both. I've been having an affair with&hellip.my husbands business partner for about 6 months now. I think the guy is so sexy…so cool&hellip.so everything&hellip. I got, at first, a crush on him. I made the move on him. He didn't on me. After much teasing, taunting, flirting and anything else I could think of, I had to have him for a lover. &hellip.Would you like to know what his name is?" "Berry Miller." &hellip.We just sat there smiling at each other.

Of all the men in the world, she claims to have hooked up with my new lover…Berry? "Very funny Gina…ha ha." She described him perfect and some details about him I never told her&hellip.damn…it was him she was having the affair with. Now what. We talked details. It came down to we had to share him, that's all.

We were both married women having an affair with the same single guy. Now do we tell Berry about us being close friends, and even neighbors?&hellip.No, we decided. We both wanted him to continue having affair's with us and we didn't want anything messing that up. &hellip.Ok, with that all settled, I wanted to hear Gina's hot story about Berry. Now I could of course picture who she was talking about…oh so very well… Her hot story was about the first time they had sex, just like my story.

I said: "Before you start Gina, I'm just going to take my panties off and enjoy this. She smiled and said: "I didn't wear any, knowing I was going to tell my story!" We giggled and got in position.

My skirt was up to my waist. I removed my panties as she watched me. I also unhooked and took punishment loving wicked foot fetish fetish porn tube porn my bra so I could feel my own tits and nipples. Her skirt unzipped up the front and she had it wide open and her legs spread apart with of course&hellip.no panties. She lifted up her T shirt. She had no bra on, and smiled as she squeezed her own tits.

I watched intently. Damn, she had nice tits&hellip.Gina didn't know, but she was the first woman I had ever watched masturbate right in front of me. I found myself not only enjoying it but it made me sexually excited. This made my own orgasm better than I had ever experienced before. Watching Gina finger herself to orgasm was my new turn on. It put me at ease as I fingered myself and I got excited when she would open her eyes for a second and watch me.

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This was working out real hot for us. I moved my chair closer to hers. She moved her chair closer to mine. My heart jumped. I was so close to her pussy now I could hear her juices clicking as she fingered herself. She stared at my pussy, lost in thought as I sank my fingers deep in my pussy, pulled them out and rubbed my juices on my clit. She saw that and did the same. Now we were ready for a hot story…… &hellip.She kept staring at my pussy while she started telling her story about her and Berry having sex for the first time.

We both listened as we fingered our pussy's. &hellip.I was at my husbands office looking for him. Berry told me he had gone to the next town and would be home late that evening.

Our eyes smiled at each other. The office was empty now, as he locked the doors. We went in his back office.

He closed the door and locked it. Only a slight light came in under the door. Our hands reached out for each other and our lust began. We were quiet as we listened to each other breath hard. Slowly our lips met and his hand cleared his desk of just some papers. He leaned me back and down on his desk we slowly descended, our lips locked in a passionate kiss. Gina kept staring at my pussy her eyes looked into space as she talked&hellip.I found myself doing the same…just watching her fingers work her own pussy to build up to an up and coming orgasm.

We became mesmerized by our masturbating ourselves. "He started unbuttoning my blouse as I felt his erection. Up went my bra and his tongue zoomed in on my nipples. I found his zipper college girl rape xxx story down it came.

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I found his bare erection and pulled it out. His hand went up my skirt and inside my panties. It wasn't a big office and it got hot. All we could hear our excited breathing. &hellip.As you know Becky, he has big hands. One finger went in my pussy, back and forth &hellip.then two filled my pussy tight and I moaned at the pleasure.

I squeezed his erection and rubbed the head up and down on my clit. He moved his fingers out and I put his erection in. We went at it&hellip. as the passion peaked in us. This was our first time to have full sex, rare story massage fuck best it was over the top in lusty excitement.

I held on to a sex animal like I never had before. My legs ripped my skirt as they went up from his pushing them to get his erection deeper in me. I felt like my first real sex ever should have been. I let myself go and enjoy all I could get. I moaned and pulled him in me deeper to feel his blasting cum in me. I climaxed hard and I thought I had lost my mind. We thrashed and squirmed as we both moaned our high. My pussy had never felt so good…ever.

I found new feelings there that clamped down on his beautiful erection pumping his hot slick cum in me, over and over. It was the greatest thrill I'd ever had&hellip. -------------------------------- (we couldn't wait until the next meeting.)