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Rough anal sex in the bathroom free milf porn xhamster anal abuser tube porn
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Michael arrived home at seven o clock, having left Rose's pretty teen floozy likes handjobs a lot at six fifteen. The dusk around him was cool on his skin as he opened the door to his house and entered. His parents were both sitting at the dinner table, his father peering at the city newspaper through a pair of reading glasses, sipping a glass of wine and picking at a dinner of leftover meatloaf.

His mother sat leaning precariously back in her chair, sipping on a much larger glass of wine than her spouse and eating a diet meal. She read a book on finances and realtors, though somehow Michael supposed that she was reading it simply to read something. He slouched, assuming his defeated 'high-schooler' attitude.

He moved as quickly as he could, but just as his foot hit the stairs his father, the only person in the house who cared anything for his existence, stopped him. "How was school today Michael? Did you have detention again?" His mother looked up from her book and smiled at him before returning to her 'reading'. He stepped off the stairs, desperately thinking of how close he was to being safe in his room. He moved slowly over to the table and sat down next to his father.

"No, I was at a friend's house. We had a project." He thought of the 'project' that he and Rose had actually worked on, and instantly a hard-on began to form in his pants. Luckily he was back in his tight boxers, so there was no immediate threat of anyone noticing.

His father nodded and smiled at him while his mother made something of a snort. "Sounds good. You should work on something over here one night, I'm sure we could all use the company. You know that your friends are welcome here?" His father meant it. Michael could tell he genuinely meant it. That made Michael smile. He would never actually bring Rose to this hellhole but the sentiment was well received.

"Yeah Dad, I know. Thanks. Maybe soon, we've got a lot of stuff coming up." He shouldered his backpack and stood. "I've got some reading to do for English, I'm gonna go up to my room.

G'night Dad." His father reached out an arm and patted Michael on the arm. Michael just smiled a rueful smile that no one saw. He walked up to his room, counting the steps and moving as quietly as possible. Suddenly Dana ran from the bathroom to her room and slammed the door screaming, "MOOOM!

Michael just walked into the bathroom while I was in the shower! You little pervert!" Michael just sighed and went towards his room, knowing that was the only safe place in the world for him. He locked the door from the inside and got on his computer, drowning out the sound of his mother knocking furiously on the door with a shuffled iPod.

The night passed with almost no incident besides. Michael was at school at seven o'clock, early as usual. If he avoided the commotion of breakfast things were much easier on him and on the entire household. He sat on the edge of one the flower gardens, eating an apple and reflecting on the day before. Just thinking about the hole in the wall of the bathroom and his hour with Rose was enough to start the tent in his jeans. He smiled, a rare sight to be seen by the school.

He finished his apple and made a shot over his head towards the trashcan at the opening of the gym, hearing the bouncing of the core telling him that he had made it. He swung his legs up onto the wide concrete barrier between the garden and the walkway.


As he shut his eyes he thought of the peephole, and what wonders it could bring to him. Rose was the only girl who knew it existed… or so Michael had hoped. Suddenly a hand landed on his crotch and started to feel up his flaccid penis, something that caused him to start up and grab the hand. He looked straight into the eyes of Rose, the adorable freshman he was now, he thought, in a relationship with. She sat on his lap and encircled his neck with one arm, pulling him to son attacking stepmom in kitchen lips and kissing him gently.

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He reciprocated happily. Wrapping his arms around her he pulled her back down on top of him so that they were laying together on the boundary, her head on his shoulder and his hand around her waist. "I thought we agreed not to act differently around school?" Michael looked at her with feeling, though what it was he wasn't sure. "They never get here early unless it's for class me girls xxx storys school and we never finished our session yesterday." She looked up at him as he attempted to figure out what she meant, before rolling so that her entire body was on top of him and her head was just above his.

After he couldn't figure it out she leaned down and kissed him, lighter and more gently than before, and whispered in his ear, "I'm still a virgin…" Michael wrapped his arms around her waist, checking to make sure that no one was around before dropping his hand to her ass and squeezing one cheek through her short shorts. He grinned and kissed her as normally as any high school couple would, before breaking off and getting up. He reached out a hand to her and pulled her to him, hugging her hard as her hand dropped down to trace the outline of his cock on his shorts.

Suddenly she pushed him off of her and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the school. They ran through the halls towards the restrooms. He pulled her into the guy's bathroom, making his way to the last stall.


Once they were in and the door was locked, the two were undressed and desperately clutching at the other. Michael picked Rose up and pressed her against the wall, kissing her hard and playing with her pussy lips as she clawed at his back.

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Finally she pushed him away and sat him down on the toilet, positioning herself over his cock and slowly lowering herself. He grabbed her head and kissed her hard as his cock poked into her vagina, the purple head desperate to be inside of her. She gasped and cried out as she began to spear herself on his cock, the nine and half inches of man piercing her and splitting her in half.

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Michael was halfway inside of her when he remembered the hymen. "Fuccccckkkk… Rose, your maidenhead!" She grunted as she continued to drive herself down further and further.

"I… I broke it… doing gymnastics… one competition… I'm fine… ugh!" Michael felt his hips touch her thighs as he finished, realizing that he could feel her cervix with his tip.

He grunted and pushed up against her, pushing the head of his cock up against her canadian brunette amateur babe fucked in casual date i met her on. She moaned and hugged him to her, the feeling for both of them a thousand times greater than the experience of oral. Rose began to bounce on his cock as Michael playing with her tits, wanting her to go her own speed. She hadn't gone far when she began to cum.

"AAAAH… Fuck YES, fuck my tight little cunt… ohhhh, FUCK Yes" She dropped back down onto him and stayed as her cunt convulsed on his thick cock. Knowing that they didn't have time to waste Michael grabbed her and began to move her up and down on his dick. After she was done she put her hands on his shoulders and let him have her, moaning as loud as she dared.

She didn't have to wait long before he came and filled her with his seed. "Oh… FUCK… ROSE!" At his muffled yell she kissed him, feeling his arms hug her hard against him as he filled her. She began to cum as she felt it happen, screaming herself as he dumped a massive load into her virgin cervix.

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Michael left Rose passed out, dressed, on the toilet and went to class. He somehow felt that today would be a very different day.