Nicole ray is excited at the prospect of fucking some dick

Nicole ray is excited at the prospect of fucking some dick
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Chapter Two-Linda I found another girl, Linda, a very petite little thing, at a local club. She had raven black hair, about shoulder length, nice apple sized tits, and a pretty ass. I soon discovered she was a true Blow-Job Queen.

I mean, this babe could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I liked to get both of us about half drunk, take her home with me, and keep her sucking for as long as I could last. Sometimes, this was a long time. She always wanted me to fuck her, and I did, a few times, but she wasn't Cindy, and the first time I suggested fucking her in the ass, she got dressed and left in a huff.

Said I was weird. Linda came back, after two or three days, and I continued to get great blow-jobs, so-so pussy, and no ass fucking. I missed Cindy, but wasn't about to give in. One day, Linda came over redhead first time with lesbian on cast some pot.

I had smoked before, but was not really into it. She kept on, wanting me to smoke with her, and I finally gave in and toked up with her.

Smoking weed got us teanna kai aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures really, really horny. I sat on the couch, bare-ass naked, and Linda sat on the floor, naked too, and between tokes, I had her head on my dick.

I would cram her head down until her lips were tasting hair, hold it there, and then let her up and give her a toke off a joint. After the joints were smoked, Linda would eat the roach. Then, I would pull her head down in my crotch and throat fuck her some more. Finally, I stood up over her, and with a handful of hair and ears in each hand, face fucked her as rough as I could, until I shot a huge load of cum all the way down her throat. She swallowed every drop.

Later, after we had rested some, Linda told me she didn't mind being throat-fucked, just take it easy on the hair and ears, Okay? I said okay, and she suggested I hold her head with both hands behind her neck, and rape her mouth that way. I said I would try it, and that usually worked out fairly well, but I still got carried away sometimes and got her by the hair.

I did leave her ears alone, though. One night, Linda and I had gotten fairly drunk, and went to my house to smoke pot and give head.

I was fairly high, and she was too, so I managed to go and go and go, without getting off. Finally, Linda came up for air and said we had to do something else, she couldn't handle any more. Since we were already naked, I rolled her over on the floor and started to fuck her doggy style. She moaned and shook, and said that she had never done it that way. I continued to go deep into her from behind, and finally managed to cum.

I don't know how many times Linda got off, but she said she got multiple orgasms. We staggered into the bedroom, and both fell asleep on my bed. Later, I was awakened by the sound of the shower running.


Fully awake, with love juices all over me, I decided to join Linda in the shower. She was pleasantly surprised, and between washing her, and her washing me, I got hard again, and bent her over in the shower. We fucked, with the warm water running over us, for what seemed like a long time. Linda stood up, and I slipped out of her, (she was never the tightest pussy around).

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me, and I started to fuck her up against the tile corner of the shower. She was wet, slippery, still a little soapy, and I had a hard time holding on to her.

Then, my dick slipped out of her, and trying to get back in, I put it in her ass. Now, Linda's asshole was entirely different from her somewhat loose pussy. I mean, it was tight. I was pushing up, and she was coming down, and I was right up her ass before she or I realized it. She bounced up, trying to get off my dick, and I milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy her back down, which put me all the way up her pretty little brown hole.

She kept trying to get off, but all she succeeded in doing was giving both of us a wild butt-fucking ride. After more than a few deep thrusts, she quit struggling to escape, and started to enjoy this new sensation. Her squeals turned into moans, and her protests became: "Don't stop.

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Oh, don't stop. Do me baby, do me deeper. Do my ass. Oh, God that hurts. Don't stop, it hurts so good. Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck me deep." I tried my best to accommodate her. I kept pumping up into her ass until I came, and then for a few more strokes. I just didn't want to quit! Then, I finally had to let her down, and we showered off and went back to bed. She snuggled her cute little body up against me, and we went to sleep with none of her holes still virgin. Later, when we got up and made coffee, she confessed to me that she had always wanted to try anal, but was afraid it would hurt.

She said it did hurt, but wanted to try it again. I said I would be glad to try her little ass again, but we would use KY and I would do her doggy-style next time. She agreed, and even offered to get the KY jelly. How good a little girl is that? A couple of days later, I stopped by to see Linda after work (she was a waitress), and found her with a new, short haircut.

She looked pretty and sexy in her new short style. I asked if she wanted to come over when she got off. She did, and whispered that she had KY and wanted to suck my dick. I got a pretty good hard-on just watching her walk around tables, knowing she was bending over just because my eyes were glued on her ass.

Later that night, after I had throat-fucked Linda long, hard and deep, I also found out her short hair was just french skinny girl fucked by a handsome boyfriend to get hold of in the back, and on top, when I wanted to hold her head down on my dick.

She gave in and said the hair didn't hurt, just don't grab the ears. Okay!

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Later, when we were lying on the couch, I was playing with her nipples and tits. I rubbed her pussy a little bit, and asked her if she had ever thought about shaving her pussy.

She said she hadn't but I could if I liked it that way. I got her up, took her in the bathroom, and after a brief shower and pussy hair wetting, proceeded to shave her completely. She enjoyed being shaved, and really liked being rubbed down and massaged with baby oil after it was done.

One thing led to another, and I took her in the bedroom and started to fuck her doggy-style. After a bit, I started rubbing baby oil on her little brown rosebud, and when I had it lubed up, pulled out and probed her ass with my dick.

She tensed up, and then asked me to go easy. I pushed a little more, and then she relaxed a little, and I was in her. She was incredibly tight back there, and still a little tense, but I kept peculiar czech teen gapes her tight vagina to the special out and pushing in really easy until I finally pushed all the way in, and was right up against her little ass, with my balls slapping her pussy.

I pulled and pushed until she started to relax some, then pulled almost out and shoved right back in. Now Linda was getting into being fucked in the ass, and started to push back against me. What with the earlier blow-job, and the lube in her tight little rosebud, I wasn't about to cum anytime soon.

Linda was babbling and begging; "OH shit stop, no don't stop, fuck my ass, go deeper, Oh God it hurts, fuck me baby, fuck my asshole, Oh my God!" I pounded huge dick for petite teen riley reid her tight little asshole for what seemed like an hour, and several times felt her shudder and moan in orgasm. I finally got my nut, and spewed what felt like a gallon of come into her insides.

One night Linda came over sometime after 11:00, and we took a shower together, and were just lounging around, smoking a joint, letting her relax a little after work. I was drinking red wine, and she was drinking Dr.

Pepper, as she said she had to go home sometime later, and couldn't handle smoking, drinking and driving. She lived quite a ways from my apartment. So, while we were "getting in the mood", I was laid back on the couch, and Linda was all internal kiara lord gets her pussy filled with cum up between my legs while we shared a joint.

I got her to take off my towel and pull out my dick, which was always more fun when she did it than when I did, and she was toking the joint and going down on me while she held the smoke. Not bobbing up and down, just taking most all of my multiples men fuck this bitch and she likes it in her mouth and swirling her tongue around.

Or, just taking in the head, and licking, sucking, swirling that tongue until she had to exhale. I undressed her too, because I always liked to feel her up while she was giving me head, playing with her tits, pulling her nipples, fingering her clit, or her little brown hole, and rubbing between her legs to check out if she need shaving.

This night, after she had smoked her first joint, she continued her oral exploration, holding wife affair with young boys shaft in her hand and running her tongue up and down the underside. Then swirling her tongue around the head some more. Then, she lifted my dick, and started to lick my balls. She had never done that before, but she kept on licking, going lower, then back for a sudden plunge down the shaft, then back under my ball sac.

I raised my ass to give her better access, wanting to see how far this was going. She got lower and lower, finally got down to the point she was licking between my balls and my asshole. She licked that for a while, then took me in her mouth for a few long and slow up and down, deep throating without any help from my hand. Then, back under the ball sac for some more licking. Suddenly, she started licking my asshole, and I nearly popped a nut right then.

No one had ever done that before. I got somewhat under control, determined that when I came, it was going to be down her throat, but then she stuck her tongue in my ass! I thought I was going to shoot off right then, and don't know how I kept from it.

She had her tongue smooth up my asshole, and was frenching it in and out. I wanted to enjoy the sensation, but just could not hold it any longer. I grabbed all of that short black hair I could get in one hand, dragged her head up, and shoved my dick down her hot throat, almost tonsil deep.

I exploded in her mouth like a Fourth of July Roman candle, and just kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting. She was grinning at me when I finally released her hair and let her off my still twitching dick. "I take it you liked that?" she asked. "Oh my Gawd, woman. Where did you learn that?" "I read a lot. I wanted to try it on someone, and you were available." She grinned a pixie grin at me, and I managed to sit up and recover enough to take her in my arms and cuddle her up.

She never made it home that night, and awoke in my arms next morning. I don't know how, but I woke up with a hard-on, and we had a good early morning romp on the couch before she flew out the door. The next night, when Linda came over after work, to unlax and take a shower, I joined her under the spray, soaped her little body down, shampooed her short hair, shaved her legs, pits and pubes, and dried her with a big, fluffy towel.

Then I sat her on the couch, and rubbed her down with baby oil on all he recently shaved areas. She was smoking a joint and purring by the time I was through massaging her. "What part of me do you enjoy the most?" She suddenly asked. Careful of what I said, I fell back on "I dunno. All of you." I really couldn't make a decision between her talented tongue and her tight little ass, but thought I better not say that. "You are an enjoyable little pixie all over." (She loved being called a pixie, but threw a fit about Little Bit, Half Pint, Short Stuff, or Sexy Midget.

Go figure.) "I think you like my super duper, extra special, all the way, extra pickles, blow-job the best." She said. "So&hellip. I'm saving that just for you, since I never did one for anybody else, anyway. But I also think you like filling my little ass up with cum, too. Another thing I never did with anybody else, and I'm saving just for you." This was about the most serious talk Linda and I had ever had, so I wondered where this was leading.

Nowhere, it turned out. She started an oral outrage on my freshly washed dick, which soon turned to an assault on her little brown rosebud, well lubed with baby oil, on the living room carpet. Later, as we were waking up by dawn's early light, she continued her oral antics until I pumped more cum down her throat than I thought possible.

I would have thought I had been drained to the last drop in her asshole the night before. I was fairly well satisfied, rocking along, fucking Linda at every opportunity, and having enough variety to keep me satisfied, but for some insane reason, I still missed Cindy.

I don't know why, but I still thought about her a lot, when not around Linda. One night, I was sitting on the couch, getting a blow-job from Linda. She had just come by after work, said she had to get home, but would give me a quick one.

Then the phone rang. I don't know why I picked that damned thing up, but I did. "Hello." "Just wondered if you might want to make me squeal like a pig?" Cindy asked. "Not tonight. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning." I hung up the phone and re-positioned Linda's hot little mouth onto my unsatisfied hard-on. After I shot off into her mouth, Linda asked "And just who might that have been, at midnight?" She was really pissed.

"Just an old ex, drunk and wanting something she can't have, because I've got you, Pixie." I said, even though I was mentally cursing Cindy's timing. "She better stay sober and off the phone, is all I have to say." Linda was still pissy, gathering up and re-arranging her waitress uniform.

"I will pull that bitch's hair out." She glared at me! "Hey, Half-Pint!


I can't control who calls, or when. Ain't my fault." Still glaring, Linda departed in a huff. Oh well, she will cool down in a day or two, I thought. Or I will go see her and beg forgiveness, when I get horny again. Then Cindy called again. "Good Morning! I took the two aspirin, and they didn't do a thing for being horny." Cindy was in a flippant mood, apparently. "So, what would?" I asked. "You could. Spank my butt and make me squeal like a pig.

I miss that." Now she sounds a little wistful. "I thought you were the one that wanted two at a time. One in each hole, and get it on." "That didn't work out so well." She tells me. "I really don't care to hear the dirty details." I said.

"But…did you really try that?" "Yes. I won't tell you the who part, but I will tell you that it wasn't what I thought it would be. I got fucked in both holes at once, and I've had better sex with my fingers. They just fucked me and left me, no frills, NO after play, and not much foreplay. I won't make that mistake again." (She later married one of the guys that double teamed her, years afterward.) "So, why are you calling me?" I asked. "I won't do a double team, and I found a new girl that gives blow-jobs.

All the way." "Oh." Now she really sounds wistful. "Does she like to be tied up? Or spanked? Is there anything you miss that we used to do?" Actually, there were a few things, but I was not about to make this easy for Cindy. I was twitching a little bit, thinking about spanking her ass, and how hot her front and rear holes were, and how tight.

"Don't know. This is a different relationship, different deal, you know." "Think about this." She said. "If you want to try me again, anything goes. Even that." "I'll think about it." I said. Really I was getting a semi-boner at the idea. I wanted to mouth fuck her because I never had. Just one time. "Please,… Sweet sinner sex mobi zoye think too long.

I really need my ass blistered, and other things. Call it guilt, or just because I like it and no one else ever did it, I want that. Call me." And with that, she hung up. Linda didn't show up that night, and didn't answer her phone, either. I thought about calling Cindy, then said to hell with it, and slept a restless sleep until time to go to work. After I got off, I stopped in to drink a cup of coffee with Linda, and she was her usual cheerful self, flirting and bending over, rubbing her apple tits on my arm, and whispering about coming over when she got off at eleven o'clock.

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Linda showed up about eleven fifteen, and I all but dragged her through the door, kissed her all over as I undressed her, and carried her into the bedroom. She sucked on my dick for a few minutes, then, I bundled her into the bed, pushed a pillow under her ass, and slowly fucked her to several orgasms.

I cuddled her up, and we went to sleep in each other's arms. She woke me about three o'clock, dressed and ready to go. Said she would see me tomorrow night. The next night, Linda showed up about 11:30, and was already pretty well stoned, from an after work joint with the night crew.

After a little show of reluctance, and a brief wrestling match, we ended up with her on her knees in a corner and me with my dick in her mouth, and two handfuls of short black hair. I face-fucked her for a long time, ignoring garbled protests, and would stop, without pulling out of her mouth, when I got close to teen latino local whore fuck and facial off.

I finally couldn't stand it anymore, and Linda started in with some tongue action, so I pushed down her throat as far as I could get, and spurted in her mouth until I was drained. I staggered off to bed, and Linda stayed around long enough to bitch at me about "just using her." I tried to call Linda the next morning, but got no answer. Same thing that afternoon, and when I called her at work, heard her tell someone that she was "too busy to talk." OK, &hellip.I can take a hint.