Povlife sexy ass pornstar came to blow and fuck big cock

Povlife sexy ass pornstar came to blow and fuck big cock
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I was taking a coffee break at work and over heard two guys talking about a local carpark that one of them had stopped at after work, parked in front of him were a couple in a car the guy from the car in front got out and asked if he would like to have some fun with his wife, not believing his luck the guy telling the story got out and was sucked off by the woman in the car in front and she swallowed all he shot.


Listening to this l became intrigued so listened closer for the location of the carpark, all afternoon l couldn't think of anything else so decided being self-employed l would finish early and check the carpark out. I have been married for 4 years so a bit amateur blonde riding cock and cum swallow diversity wouldn't go a miss, l got to the carpark and there were cars parked up but they were empty, l needed a piss so took a walk into the wooded area to find a tree to piss behind and since it was a nice day l took a walk along the path between the trees, every so often there were tissues and used condoms.

I came across three guys two were wanking each other while the third was on his knees sucking a cock, they didn't seem to mind l was watching, l found it such a turn on l was close to wanking myself, a guy appeared from nowhere and also began watching he she loves everything from her pussy hardcore fetish he hadn't seen me around before then introduced himself as Jeremy, a retired company director.

He was about 6ft 3inches tall, not muscular just medium build with a bit of a round portly belly, Jeremy was like a giant standing next to me because l'm 5ft 5inches tall, medium build, l told him my name and explained it was my first visit to the carpark then the three guys we were watching spunked almost in succession the guy sucking cock swallowed both loads and looked like he enjoyed all that was shot into his mouth.

After the show l walked back to the carpark with Jeremy, he asked what was l looking for so l replied a bit of excitement, he enquired if l had ever been with a guy as that can be exciting with the right guy, l answered l really wouldn't know what to do then confessed how l would like to try dressing in woman's clothes as l've always liked the feel of the material on my skin, he invited me to his place as he had a wardrobe of woman's clothes because he used to meet someone who also liked to cross-dress and they left the clothes at his place after they moved away.

I had tingles running up my spine with 65% of me saying 'yes' while the other 35% was saying 'no', Jeremy could see l couldn't make up my mind so told me he would be there the next afternoon at 3pm then winked and said he hoped to see me.

That evening in bed with my wife l fucked her with such force and when l shot my load it was so powerful even, she commented on what had happened to me to be so hard l even fucked her again in the morning which l hadn't done in a long time.

At work l couldn't concentrate l had a hard on all morning, l looked at the clock and it was 2.30pm, l was telling myself 'no' then telling myself 'just try it' then at 2.40pm l packed my tools away and drove to the carpark l couldn't see Jeremy's car but dead on 3pm he pulled up and asked me to get into his car and it was like he took control of me, he ordered me to get my cock out and wank myself which l eagerly obeyed then told me to stop and follow him to his place which was a large three-story farmhouse turned into 6 flats, l parked up and we went inside, Jeremy's flat was on the 1st floor.

In the flat he showed me to a room and said this would be my room, on a dresser there were four wigs, he opened a wardrobe full of skirts and dresses then pulled out two drawers filled with knickers and bras another drawer was full of slips, stockings and suspenders Jeremy smiled and said let's get you dressed then he sat on the bed to watch as l stripped, once l was naked he made me do a twirl, he liked what he saw, next Jeremy passed me a pair of red stockings which he helped me put on after that he fitted me with a red suspender belt and matching bra, he asked me to walk around the room and remarked how l looked so good in the underwear, l put on a silky slip, a long sleeve red dress.

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Jeremy sat me in front of the dressing table and fitted a shoulder length ginger wig then did my makeup and to finish me off he told me to put on a pair of glasses without lenses and l have to admit l didn't recognise myself, l tried on a few pairs of shoes but was unable to walk in them so for the time being Jeremy told me not to bother with shoes.

He asked me to go into the kitchen and stand at the sink as if l was washing up as l walked down the hallway he wolf whistled me, the feel of the stockings rubbing together and knickers holding in my cock got me so hard, l stood at the sink, Jeremy came up behind me slapped my bum then gently rubbed it before putting his arms around my waist l watched his hands moulding my tits then one hand began to caress my cock through my dress, he lifted the back of my dress pressed his cock against my bum and whispered 'be my slave' l was trembling as he reached around to the front and slid a hand into my knickers to grasp my cock l thought l was going to spunk but he gripped my balls tight and repeated 'be my slave' l couldn't say no l had found the excitement l was looking for and l knew l would do what ever Jeremy wanted me to do, l was hooked and pink adorable virgin fur pie get screwed out 'yes, l'm your slave' he kissed the back of my neck release the hold on my balls slid my knickers down a little way to sandwich his warm cock between my bum cheeks and softly said 'you are now Danielle, my slave' and asked me to go with him.

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Jeremy took me to his bedroom we stood kissing beside the bed, l wasn't kissing another guy, l was Danielle snugging my master Jeremy, he forced his tongue into my mouth l was about to pull away but Jeremy held my head telling me to relax and we began kissing once more, my heart was pounding.

My dress was lifted up to my waist and my knickers where coming down then l kicked them off, he ordered me to undress him then kneel in front of him and suck his cock Jeremy taught me just how he likes to be wanked and how he loved his cock to be sucked, he had been cut so l slowly rolled what foreskin he had over his cock up and down his shaft till the head of his cock had swollen to a good size then gently lick and kiss the tip before taking it into my mouth to suck making sure l had plenty of saliva in my mouth so his cock was always warm and wet, he would start fucking my mouth just as if it was a wet warm pussy l got to know when he was near to spunking as l always got a salty taste in my mouth, but that first time was different it was all new to me, Jeremy ordered me to lay face down on the bed which l did my cock was so hard, all manner of things were going through my head with what he might be going to do to me, he lifted my dress and lay on my back, l could feel his cock between my bum cheeks it was so warm next he began kissing my neck telling me how he wanted me the first time he saw me standing in the woods, Jeremy knew l was nervous and put me at ease by telling me he wasn't going to fuck me this time but if l was to be his slave then l'd better get used to being fucked whenever he wanted me then began sliding himself up and down as if to be fucking me, it felt so good as his pretend fuck of me got faster l could feel myself cuming my breathing got deeper l couldn't hold back and yelled 'lm cuming', Jeremy stopped and shouted at me 'no!" not until he has shot his load first, l don't know how l did it but l stopped myself from creaming my slip and dress, he started his pretend fucking of me again for a while longer then gripped my hips and cried out 'l'm fucking cuming' l felt his hot sticky spunk gushing from his cock going between my bum cheeks and lower back, Jeremy lay on me for a while then asked 'did you enjoy that Danielle' once l caught my breath l replied "mmm yes", Jeremy said it wasn't over yet as l now had to stand in front of him and wank my cock till l shot my spunk into my hand, it didn't take long before my spunk was gushing from my cock into my hand.

I thought after that Jeremy would tell me to go but he was more than happy to have me stay l even answered the door to Jake, one of his friends, Jeremy introduced me as Danielle his new slave and l felt quite desired after when Jake asked if he could lend me, Jeremy informed him that he hadn't trained me yet but maybe once l knew my place then Jake could borrow me another day, Jake asked if he could steal a kiss for now, Jeremy gave him permission so before he left we had a long snog he had wondering hands, l could taste the coffee he had just drank on his lips.

I told Jeremy l had better be going and went into my bedroom where he took the wig off and cleaned my makeup, l dressed and arranged to come back Thursday afternoon. Thursday came and l went to Jeremy's, he showed me to my room where the clothes he wanted me to wear were laid out, he told me lm going blonde and my training started today also there were two errands l had to do.

I stripped naked then slid on a pair of black lace French knickers and false boobs that fitted like a bib, held together at the back, my false boobs had erect nipples, Jeremy secured a velvet collar to hide the join on my neck next l put on a white see through blouse and white just above the knee skirt, Dirty talk jackoff encouragement with cum countdown fitted my blonde wig and like before he did my make up, also sorted a pair of flat shoes for me to wear.

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I stood up and looked in the mirror. My nipples look so good through my blouse and my black knickers could just be seen, Jeremy remarked l looked sexy we kissed passionately he whispered 'now training' and ordered me to bend over, lifted my skirt lowered my knickers and eased a butt plug into my rear, it felt uncomfortable at first but after about 5- or 10-minutes l had forgotten the plug was inserted.

We sat on the sofa to watch a porno film as we kissed and cuddled, l asked Jeremy about the errands when the whole atmosphere changed he ordered cum on and do that horny chick to stand and lift my skirt then l was ordered to bend over, he stood up and gave me two very hard whacks across my bum, before l could ask what had l done wrong Jeremy yelled, when l was Danielle he was my master and l was to address him as such, l apologised and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock but he wasn't happy.

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Jeremy told me there was a bag of shopping on the kitchen table, l was too take the shopping to flat 2 down stairs he suggested l think about what l had just done, l apologised again and went to the kitchen. I wasn't worried about bumping into anyone for some reason l was nervous that l had upset Jeremy my master, it didn't hit me till the flat downstairs door was opened by an old woman, l stuttered my master sent me with your shopping she politely invited me in and an old man got from his chair to show me to the kitchen when my back was to him, he pinched my bum and told me l was a looker which made me smile then asked if l could pop down when his misses was out as Jeremy's other girl did after another quick feel of my bum l managed to get out the flat with the promise l will ask my master.

I thought when l get back l'll ask my master if he wanted me to give him a long slow cock sucking before he continues with my training as that might put a smile on his face to make up for not calling him my master. Lovely ebony minx simply adores masturbating masturbation and brunette l got to the flat, Jake and another guy name Colin were there Jeremy introduced me as Danielle his sissy slave, Jake grabbed me for another snog causing Colin to point out l was a bit of a slut that needs training as l had let Jake kiss me without asking my master, Jeremy told me to go to the kitchen and sit with Colin's sissy slave Stacy.

Stacy looked like a star her names, hair, clothes everything about her was perfect 'hello, you luscious teen chick gives a good blowob be Danielle' she said, l plonked myself down to explain my training wasn't going to well so she gave me a few tips, first she said if Jeremy slaps me l was to make my eyes watery even cry if l can as that always works to get my own way and if l wanted something new like shoes, makeup, wig anything just mention that their friends slave has got it, Stacy told me an example of when she wanted a new dress then she told her master Colin that his friend Martin's slave had another dress and the next time Stacy went to Colin's place he had brought her a dress and new shoes because the masters hate being out done by one another they want their slaves to look the best.

She was giving me a few more tips when Colin, Stacy's master came into the kitchen to tell her they were going then at the kitchen door Stacy whispered to her master, he turned look down at my shoes, she gave him a passionate kiss then winked at me, it was obvious she was getting a new pair of shoes.


Jeremy called me into the other room and like an obedient slave l asked what my master wanted which scored me a few brownie points then said l would like to suck my masters cock because l had been disobedient he didn't answer just smiled, l knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth, slid my hand down his shaft and kissed the tip of his cock next licked from the bottom of his balls right up to the head of his cock.

Jake was sat in the chair opposite watching me work my mouth on my master's cock and remarked how my sucking looked good, Jeremy assured him that his sissy slave was doing a girl in stockings jumps on a dick job, l could taste Jeremy's pre-cum, he called me his beautiful sissy then told me my training was going to the next level, pulled my head up and told me to go to my room take my knickers off and get on all fours on the bed, l quickly got to my feet and went to my room the adrenalin rush was electric.

I heard the door of my room open and Jeremy's hands gently caressed my bum he took the butt plug out then teased me with his hard-erect cock and softly spoke to tell me he was going to fill my man-pussy, l pulled my bum cheeks apart the head of his warm cock stretched my virgin man-pussy which was a little uncomfortable but once Jeremy had the head of his cock fully inside me it eased, l could feel his warm cock sliding deeper inside me then his balls were between my legs pressing against my balls the sensation was mind blowing l couldn't stop myself from yelling 'fuck me master please, fuck me', Jeremy gripped my hips and eased his cock halfway out of my pussy to thrust himself hard into me he did it again and again, my cock was at bursting point but l knew l wasn't allowed to spunk till after my master.

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Jeremy reached under me and began wanking my cock l begged him to stop as l wanted to shoot my spunk so much, he warned me l wasn't to spunk until he finished with me, l looked behind to see Jake at the door wanking hot lady convinced to fuck with pawn man cock like a madman telling Jeremy to fill that sissy's pussy, Jeremy was fucking me with such force, driving his cock so deep into my pussy, it was fantastic.

He gripped my hips tight l knew what was coming as my master shouted 'lm going to fill your pussy with my seed' and gave a hard thrust into me, held me on his cock, his floodgates opened and l began to feel Jeremy's hot sticky spunk filling me straight from his urethral, xxx sunny lennon sex storys com bit my lips to stop myself from screaming, Jeremy wasn't the only one to shoot his spunk because l heard Jake groaning and not wanting to stain the carpet, shot his load onto the dresser and there was quite a puddle of spunk.

As each gush of Jeremy's spunk shot from his cock l pushed myself onto his hard shaft further then when he began giving short jerks of his cock l shot my spunk onto the bed cover, now Jeremy's balls were empty he slid his cock from my man-pussy and declared he was going to put a baby in me, l was going to be the first sissy to have a baby, it was strange because l didn't feel like a guy as he fucked me l was his bitch but Jeremy's joy at filling me with spunk changed when he saw l had spat my load onto the covers, he shouted 'my sissy's don't spunk' then ordered me to lick my sticky load off the covers and to teach me a lesson l was to lick the dresser clean of Jakes spunk.

After lapping up Jakes sticky cream on the dresser l had to lick Jeremy's cock clean when that was done, he fitted a very thick butt plug into my pussy then told me to change into white bra and knickers with a long silky white nightdress over the top, he and Jake went into the other room. Once l had changed l joined them Jeremy patted the seat next to him on the sofa so l sat down he kissed me his tongue deep in my mouth when we broke from our kiss he said l had a lovely man-pussy and l deserve a present so l asked for some false nails he kissed me again then remarked he will also buy me a cock cage because l've tasty cougar amber jewell gets wet and ready to stop shooting my load, l think he liked it when l replied he gets me so horny l can't help shooting my load, Jeremy promised that he will stop me in some way whether it by tablets or caning because if l was going to carry his baby then the only spunk in my body was going to be his, l rested my head on his lap and he stroked my hair, it felt so right, as l lay there l mentioned about the old man downstairs asking if l could go down when his wife was out like Jeremy's other sissy, Jeremy said he will see then began chatting to Jake, l wondered what Jeremy meant when he said l was going to carry his baby.