Testing new pinky toy on friend tight pussy

Testing new pinky toy on friend tight pussy
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Slave Of A Sith Chapter 4 Hello everybody this is the fourth chapter of my series "Slave Of A Sith" In this chapter I make some progress with the storyline as I was recommended to do. And I also try to add more detail. Make sure to let me know what you think! I woke up the next morning. Master must have been already up. Rose out of bed and made my way to the showers.

I arrived at the showers, there were sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen signs of master "I wonder where she is?" I thought. I finished my shower and went to my room where there was a fresh pair of robes and slutty clothes for me to ware. I made sure I had my butt plug inserted.

I went to the kitchens where there was food waiting for me in my bowl I ate it up quickly and decided to go practice some meditating. I had been meditating for a few hours when my collar zapped me and I made my way down to the training room. I found master waiting there for me "Good morning slave.

Today I will be sending you one your first mission. A recruitment mission. You will be traveling to Genoisis and kidnapping Jedi apprentice Barris offee.

She will become your personal slave. This does not mean you will stop being my slave but you will have your own slave to follow your orders. You will knock her out and bring her back to your ship where you will penetrate her in her ass hole and pussy multiple times. Then bring her back to here. Do you understand?" She explained, "Yes. Thank you very much master" Before I left Master Gave me two new light sabers of the color red.


I was not a true sith apprentice. I found my ship and set the cords for Genosis. I had a multiple hour ride ahead of me with a wet pussy. I took one of my sabers and started urging it inside of my soaking twat.

"ummmmmmmm" I moaned. I started moving the saber around my pussy enjoying the sensations. I took my other saber and prodded my ass with it. I stuck my second saber up deep in my ass.

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I leaned over on the ground and started moving both the sabers in and out of my twat and ass hole. I felt an orgasm building up deep inside me.

I started thrusting as hard as I could. Moaning very loudly. "AHHHHH!!!" I yelled as I experienced a major orgasm. I passed out of pure pleasure. I woke up multiple hours later as I approached my destination.

I removed the two sabers out of my hole and attached them back to my belt. I soon landed on top of a big mountain. Master had taught me about clones and everything there is to know about them. I was looking for a type of machine that moved on wheels. That was the command base. I took out my binoculars and peered through them. I spotted the machine about five clicks north of where I currently am. I had brought a speeder along slut latina hungry for her mans dick me to travel a long distance if I had to.

Master had warned me that I should not be seen by anyone by Barris. I was still masters secret weapon. I approached the rolling machine quickly and within 5 minutes I was only a few hundred meters away. I got off my speeder and walked the rest of the way. No one was guarding the entrance of the machine so I just walked right in.

I looked around no one was seen. I began my search for my soon to be slave. I found Barris meditating in the room over. As I walked in she opened her eyes "Ah…Ahsok&hellip.Ahshoka?" that was the only words she could get out of her mouth before she was down on the ground passed out from a whack in the head from the hilt of my saber.

I carried her out of the machine still totally unseen and back to my speeder. I loaded her up on the speeder right behind me. I rode my speeder all the way back to my ship.

I loaded Barris onto my ship and tied her up hanging from the wall, and put a gag into her mouth. I set my cords for back home and took off. Once we were out of the atmosphere I brought the meanness out of me and slapped barris hard across the face to wake her up.

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She slowly became aware of her surroundings "Wake up bitch. Guess what you get to be for the rest of your life? You get to be my new personal slave!" I ripped her clothes off and started rubbing her clit. She was screaming and yelling behind her gag "Shut up bitch you're a racquet" Blonde bdsm sub whipped till she squirts I continued rubbing her wetting cunt I attached the collar master had given me.

The same one I had on. I went back to fingering and rubbing her cunt. While I was doing so I explained what was going to happen to her. "You are going to become my personal sex slave and serve under me and my master Assji Ventress. You will call me mistress, and I will call you whore" I took her saber and without no warning and shoved it up her pussy. She freaked and continued yelling and screaming behind her gag. "You are soon going to be mine you will do everything I say and love it" In record speed I shoved my own saber right up her ass and she passed out with juices flowing down her legs.

All of this sexual torture had turned me on. I untied Barris and let her fall to the ground. I started grinding on her pussy and rubbing my cunt on hers. It made me feel so hot and sexy Next I started scissoring her and humping her cunt.

Continued repeating until I reached another orgasm. We had returned to the mansion and I had brought Barris to Master. She had done a secret Sith trick to clear her memory of being part of the bright side. Master had given me the next few days off to begin slave training with Barris. Unlike Master my whore would be with me all the time always under pain or being used sexually by either a toy or something real.

She woke up to me sticking my tongue down her throat and tasting her juices. "Good morning whore. Let my explain. You have forgotten the rest of your life you server my master and I from now on.

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You will call me mistress and I will call you whore. You will keep this butt plug stuck up your tight little ass you bitch for as long as I tell you to. You will never leave my side and do every single thing I tell you to. Do you understand?" Barris nodded "Ok whore we will start with basic training" I Went and retrieved rope and dildos.

I came back and tied her arms and legs to the bed posts I hoped on her and started grinding her. I stuck one of the dildos in her mouth and made her start to suck it without me helping. Then I started work on her wet cunt. "mmmm" I'm going asian money and sperm for anal specialist love this. I attacked her pussy like a dog digging a hole. I sucked, licked, fingered and everything to her pussy as she went through many orgasms.

Before I stopped sexually pleasing her. I did the same thing my master did to me. I started to slip two fingers in her pussy and attempted to widen her hole so I could fit a third. I squeezed my third finger in and began moving my fingers around to attempt to fit a fourth. I now had all of my fingers but my thumb finger fucking her soaking wet pussy. At this time my whore was barely awake so I gave her a hard slap on her ass to bring her back.

With my other free hand I took the dildo she had been sucking out of her mouth and moved it towards her ass. Using the force I began fucking her ass with the dildo. "AHHHH!" barris screamed as both of her whole were filled. I had finally fit all my fingers into her gaping whole. I began thrashing my hand in and out with all the force I could manage.

She was now being fisted and fucked. I leaned up towards her mouth and started exploring her mouth with my tongue while still fucking her other two holes. "You look like you really love being a true whore.

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Get used to it this will be very often" I said as I pulled away from her mouth. I continued on for a little while longer. But she couldn't take any more.

She had passed out. I take my hand and the dildo out of her pussy and ass and fall asleep laying on top of her.

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I woke up. It was later in the evening now and Barris was still asleep. I untied her form the posts and went to find master. I found her eating dinner in the hall all alone. I went to my bowl and started eating next to her.

"Ahh hello slut. How goes training with your little cunt?" Master asked. "Very good.


I put her through a test to she how long she could last without passing out. The results were not the greatest but I will work on that. She will wear a large butt plug for a while to stretch out her little rosebud" I replied. "Slut while your hear stop eating and put on a show for me. There are some toys for you to play with over there" Master ordered. I followed her directions, went and retrieved a few toys, climbed up on the table, and began swaying my hips side to side.

I slowly slipped off my robe, busty trixie cas enjoys riding long cock in bedroom pornstars hardcore tube shirt, With a pair of short shorts still on I slipped off my panties under them.

I then removed my bra and started massaging my petit breasts. I moved my head down to them and started licking my breasts. I Began the slow process of removing my panties and as hotly as I could.

Once all my clothes were off I asked for permission to removed my butt plug. Master gave me permission to. I spread my self out on the table facing my master and began to massage the outer lips of my pussy. I Stuck two of my fingers into my pussy then took them out and inserted them into my mouth. "Wow I taste so good!" I thought to my self as my juices ran around my mouth.

I had brought two toys with me. I fucking machine, which I had never used before. It was a machine that was basically a mechanical dick that moved very fast in and out of my pussy. And a ball gag to muffle my screams. I strap the ball gag around my mouth and hand the machine controller over to master. She starts the machine and a slow pace and I feel a dick start to move in and out of me "Ohhhh fuck" I say behind my gag as I start to massage my breasts.

I could feel the twelve-inch mechanical dick penetrating me deeper and deeper each time. Causing a beautiful feeling to build up deep inside me.

Master began to make the machine move faster. I now have juices flowing out of my pussy at a fast rate. Master stopped the machine. She told me to position it towards my asshole. I move it away from my used cunt and to my small rosebud. With no warning she turns the machine to the fastest possible speed. I am screaming and moaning behind my ball gag. Master begins to climb up on the table and starts rubbing my clit extremely fast.


She continues doing that and with the force of the machine in my ass it causes me to squirt juices all over her face. She was not pleased at all with juices on her face.

She stands up over me and while I'm still being fucked. She begins pissing on my body around my boobs and my stomach. "This is what you get bitch for squirting on me" Master sneered. She emptied the rest of her piss on me then walked off as I was continued to be fucked in the ass by the machine. As the machine continued fucking me I decided I would try and enjoy it and started fingering my clit again and massaging my boobs. I went thorough many more orgasms before master finally came back and unhooked me from the machine.

"That should teach you not to squirt on my face slut" She smacked me across the face and I went back to my room. Barris had woken up but still looked exhausted. "Whore come here and lick the piss off my body. Make sure to get it all" I ordered as a got down on the ground. Barris climbed over me and started sexy teen squirting for her coach vision entertainment licking around my face, then down to my neck, where she began to make me feel horny.

Then she went down to around my boobs and belly. And finally reached my now very horny pussy. She began to lick right around the lips and my patch of hair right above.

"Mmmm" I said as a let out a moan. She began lightly poking her tongue with my pussy, which made me release another moan. "Stick I finger in my ass while your doing this slut" I ordered. She did as I told her to.

The feeling was much better than just being licked. "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, AHHHH" I yelled as I reached my climax and released what was left of my juices onto Barris mouth. It had been a good first day with my new slave. I sent her off to eat and sat back in bed ready to fall asleep. That is the end of chapter four. I hope you all enjoyed. Next chapter you are in for a great suprisde. Feedback is appreciated!