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Teen masturbating using dildo watch more of her at ulacamcom
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After a great deal of thought, I felt that this story just wasn't complete and the ending I had given it just didn't work. But, my quandary was, just how do I finish it? I came up with three scenarios and big love bubbles get involved in rough fucking naturaltits hardcore decide which to use.

So here they are, in no particular order. ----------------------------------------------------- HAUNTED HOUSE IV: the end Number 1: I felt myself drifting further into the mirror world. Kelly pulled hard, saying, "I love you! She only wants you to play with! Come back! Please? I don't want to lose you!" I had two women fighting over me! What do I do? Hearing Kelly's words, I hesitated for a moment, looking back at my wife.

Then I felt the warm touch of my spirit mistress as she caressed my balls and stroked my shaft. "I will give you an orgasm, the likes of which you have never experienced!" she cooed, as she pulled me in deeper. I heard Kelly cry, "Noooooo!" as I slipped into the nether world with my ghostly lover. She pushed me to the floor and straddled my face with her still leaking cunt as she commenced sucking on my still rampant cock.

Between sucks she urged my to suck the juices from her slit, telling me it would give me more strength.

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Sucking on the moist lips of her sex, I greedily drank the copious amounts of musky fluid emanating from within. She moved her hips back and forth, smearing the mixture of cunt honey and cum all over my lips and chin. "Make me cum lover!" she moaned, "Fuck me with your face!" Following her directive I extended my tongue, sliding it up inside the puffy outer lips of her oily gash. "Ahhh!

Yes! That's it!" she cried. At this moment I felt as if her cunt lips were growing, swallowing my head. The scent of her sex was almost overwhelming.

Blinking, to clear my head, I watched as her wet cuntwalls slid over my head., the warm pink flesh rubbing against my cheeks. I heard the distant echoes of my lover as she began the throes of an orgasm.

I felt the walls of her cooze expand and contract around my head, rubbing against my cheeks and making it hard to breathe. Next came a gush of heavy sticky passenger shows off her incredible boobs and pounded as it poured over me. She pulled me out, begging me to drink her cum. I sucked as much of her sauce as I could before latching onto her engorged clit, which was now the size of a small cock.

All the while I felt her lips sliding up and down my prick, her tongue tickling the slit in my helmet. I felt her fingernails as they grazed the skin behind my nut sac. Letting my cock go with an audible 'plop', she alternately sucked on each of my testicles. Returning to my cock, she urged me to come in her mouth, enveloping it with her warm lips and tongue. She wormed a finger into my ass which sent me over the edge.

My pleasure grunts were muffled by the lips of her twat as I spewed three great gobs of sperm into her greedily sucking mouth. Without saying a word she spun around, impaling herself on my still stiff manhood, and leaning over to give me a deep spermy kiss as her cunt worked feverishly to draw more of my cum out of me and in to her. Alternately, drooling and sucking on the mouthful of cum, she rode me until I could no longer hold back. The intensity of my orgasm was beyond words!

It felt as if I was giving her every ounce of semen left in my body! I grunted loud and long as I kept pumping her full of me. Her cunt milked my shaft of every ounce. Breaking our kiss she stood up. Walked over my face, still smiling. Looking up I glanced at her dripping vagina, then her face, then back again, watching her scoop some of the cum from her legs and lick it from her fingers. "Thank you for freeing me from this prison." "What?

What do you mean?" I weakly whispered, not comprehending much, weak as I was from exhaustion. "You have freed me from the curse of sexy preggy karla kush pussy nailed good mirror.

I have been here over 100 years, trying to lure someone in here to take my place." "You mean I'm stuck here?" "That's exactly what I mean. Your only means of escape is to lure someone else in here to take your place." "But! But, I thought you loved me?" "Silly man! I loved the sex! And the more you came in me the more alive I became.

But, love you? No way! Your too weak! Goodbye lover!" she said as she squatted over my face and drooled out a wad of sperm and cunt juice onto my face. Then she walked away. Leaving me there alone inside the mirror.


Number 2: I felt myself drifting further into the mirror world. Kelly pulled hard saying, "I love you! She only wants you to play with! Come back! Please? I don't want to lose you!" I had two women fighting over me! What do I do? Looking back at Kelly, I decided who I wanted to be with and we pulled free of the spirits grasp, falling in a heap on the attic floor.

Helping each other to stand, we headed for the door, leaving the ghost behind as she screamed curse after curse at us. Kelly locked the door, saying "We must never go up here again!" Entering the bedroom we collapsed onto the queen size bed. It was then that I joi fishnet jerk off instructions with lola that I had no clothes on! Slightly embarrassed, I tried covering up. Kelly grabbed the sheet from me and, as she gazed upon my manhood, "I'd forgotten how good you looked naked!" Reaching out and fondling my semi-erect cock, she added, "Do you know where I've been the past three days?" "No.

I just assumed you had left me. Because of her." "You're right! I did leave because of her. But I went to a sex clinic. I knew I had some deep seeded problems that had to be solved. Now I need to put into practice what I learned there." Lowering her head into my crotch, I watched her tongue as it traced a line around the deep pink crown of my now fully erect penis.

What was going on? Here I was in bed with Kelly, who NEVER allowed my cock to touch her lips, watching as she opened her mouth to let me in. I horny elsa fucks her roomate lexi lore had to pinch myself to make sure this was not a dream!

The warmth of her tongue on the underside of my prick was heavenly. I moaned loudly as she slurped and sucked on my pole. My hips thrust up against her face as she deep throated me.

I noticed that as she sucked, she was shedding her jeans and panties. Suddenly, she pulled off with a loud plop, and climbed up my prone body. "I need to feel your hardness inside me!" she throatily whispered as she guided me inside her very wet, very warm cooze. "Ohhh! God! That feels sooo good!" she groaned as she sank down on me until my our hips met. Slowly rising and falling she babbled about how wonderful it felt to have a man inside her as she pulled off her shirt and invited me to unsnap her bra.

"Suck on my nipples! Please?" she asked leaning over, offering them to me. "Tell me what she did to you! What you want to do to me!" she pleaded as her cunt muscles caressed and squeezed my cock shaft. "You're doing just fine, Kelly. Just don't stop!" I said between nips at her extended nipple, my tongue drawing circles around the tip before devouring the dark pink bud. Moving to the other side, I teased her left nipple with the tip of my tongue. "Ohhhh! God! That feels sooo fucking good!

She cried, as she pulled me closer to her small but full breasts. "I wish I had milk to give you. To make you stronger." Nuzzling into her breast, I sucked as if it were possible to get milk as my hands moved down to her ass gents origins mein gana marwadi, pulling them apart, and plunging deeper inside her, making her pussy fart with each stroke.

The middle sunny leone chut marathi xx movie we of my left hand sought the little brown bud of her asshole, worming slowly inside. I could feel my cock ride in and out through the thin membrane separating her cunt from her ass. "Ahhhh! Yesss! Fuck me! Fuucck meeee!" she screamed as she rode my cock and finger. "I think I'm gonna cum! Ohh Fuck! Don't stop!" Baring my teeth, I nibbled gently on the nipple in my mouth as I bounced her higher and harder, reveling in her grunts as my cock pummeled her g-spot.

"Ohhh! Ahhhhh! OhmyfuckingGod! Nnnggggh! AAAAAhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her twat wrapped tightly around my invading tool, spasming uncontrollably as she came. Lying still as her orgasm subsided, she whispered in my ear, "You haven't come yet, lover.

I want your seed inside me. Where do you want to cum the fist time? In my cunt? My ass?


My mouth? Or do you want to splash it on my tits and rub it in?" Pushing her up to a sitting position, I smiled. "The first time? In your sweet, tight cunt, babe. Then I want to eat it out of you!" She looked momentarily puzzled.

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"Does that shock you? I think you'll enjoy it. I know I will!" Rolling her over onto her back without pulling out my cock was a challenge, but we succeeded.

Grabbing her under her knees, I spread her legs wide, getting a perfect view of my shaft buried in her moistness. Leaning forward, almost doubling her over, her knees up by her ears I started plunging in and out with long, slow, deep strokes.

Her eyes grew wide sex xxx mom san family room the tip of my cock rubbed constantly against her g-spot. "Fill me with your cum!" she throatily whispered as I sawed in and out of her love tunnel. Reaching up, she grabbed hold of my back, digging her nails into the exposed flesh. The pleasure-pain of her nails raking across my back pushed me over the edge.

Trying to escape pushed me deeper into her. With a great grunt I felt my balls contract, my sperm coursing up my pistonning cock and out the slit at the end, washing her womb with my seed.

The second spurt spilled into her tightness as I began to withdraw. The final gob of semen was deposited just inside her swollen cuntlips. I pulled my spent prick from the velvet glove of her womanhood, still dripping.

"Don't waste it!" she said, motioning me to let her lick it. Turning around to sixty-nine position, I watched as her lips enveloped my flagging cock. "Mmmmm!" she mumbled onto my pole.


After a moment she pulled of and asked, "Aren't you going to eat me?" Lowering my face to her shaved pussy, I noticed a droplet of my cum peeking out from the puffy lips of her battered sex. Extending my tongue, I tasted us, then attaching my lips to hers, sucked voraciously drawing as much of our combined juices as I could. We ate each other until we both came again. Lying there, in each others arms, she suggested that we go away together and get re-acquainted.

In our absence, there was a fire of mysterious origin and our stately Victorian home burned to the ground. Number 3: I felt myself drifting further into the mirror world. Kelly pulled hard saying "I love you! She only wants you to play with! Come back! Please?

I don't want to lose you! I had two women fighting over me! What do I do? Both women were tugging at me, the ghost getting the better of it. Until she momentarily let go.

Kelly, trying to maintain her balance reached out. The ghost grabbed her and pulled her into the mirror, leaving me alone in the attic. Kelly was so surprised and the spirit so quick, that she was unable to comprehend what had happened until it was too late. Once inside the mirror, Kelly could not find a way out.

In a panic, she asked, "why did you take me. I thought you wanted him!" In a quiet, soothing voice, the spirit assured her that he was just a vehicle to get the two women together.

"It's you that I really wanted!" she assured Kelly, as she advanced toward the frightened female. "I need the touch chubby big tits babe laeh loves the taste of cum a warm, willing female." Kelly, too scared to move, allowed the ghost to unbutton her blouse and bra, and caress her breasts.

Moving behind her, the ghost cupped her small but full breasts, gently rubbing her thumbs across Kelly's awakening nipples. "They are beautiful! May I kiss them?" As Kelly stood inert, the spirit took her silence as assent, and, moving to face her, lowered her full sensuous lips to Kelly's exposed nipples.

Kelly moaned as her nipples responded to the expert touch of tongue, lips, and fingers to her sensitive areola's. "You like this, don't you?" she whispered. "Yesss!" Kelly sighed, reveling in the wonderful sensations this sexual spirit was awakening in her. "Better than your husband's touch?" "Yesss!" she replied, "But in a different way." "More sensual than sexual?" the spirit asked as her hands went to unsnap Kelly's jeans.


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No!…I don't know!" Kelly stammered as her denims dropped past her knees. Almost as if she were on auto-pilot she stepped out of the pants, allowing the spirit to move behind her again. She placed her hands over those of her xxxx bp sexy and porn story sex stories lover guiding one to her breast and the other to her panty covered mound. The spirits hand slid under the fabric, combing through Kelly's dark bush, sliding her middle finger into the valley between Kelly's pussy lips.

"Ohhh! God! Don't stop!" she moaned, spreading her legs to allow more and deeper access to her ever moistening sex. She felt the finger curl and slide up inside her, rubbing against her g-spot. She pushed her hips forward against the palm of her lovers invading hand.

She pinched her free nipple as the ghost rolled her other one between thumb and forefinger, losing herself to the gentle touch of her expert partner. "What do I call you? I don't even know your name." she blurted out before the primal urges pushed the thought from her brain. "I am called Letitia." she replied as she insinuated a second finger into the warm wetness of Kelly's crotch. "Oh God, Letitia, that feels so good!" Kelly moaned as Letitia pushed her to the ground. "I need to taste you Kelly" she said pushing her face into Kelly's wetness.

"and I'd like you to taste me as well." Letitia lowered her herself over Kelly's face, opening the folds of her own sex, allowing greater, deeper access to her glistening cooze. Kelly felt Letitia's tongue as it pushed its way in among the folds of her vaginal opening. Losing herself to the mounting feelings emanating from her crotch, she, too, extended her tongue, tentatively licking the droplets of musk from Letitia's cunt.

Both women delved deeper into the other, moaning from the touch of the other. Letitia pulled her tongue from Kelly's wetness replacing it with two fingers. She then planted a kiss on Kelly's exposed clit, sucking gently on it, moaning as she did so. The vibrations of Letitia's lips sent Kelly over the edge and she screamed in orgasm as her cunt oscillated on her lovers fingers. As it subsided, Kelly felt more of Letitia's hand as it pushed inside. "What are you doing?" she asked, unable to see, only feel what was being done, and unable to imagine that two fingers could feel so good.

Suddenly the good feelings turned to slight discomfort as Kelly felt more and more of Letitia's hand as it pushed slowly, deeply inside.

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"I am preparing you for greater things, my dear." the spirit said, shoving her fist past Kelly's opening. Flexing her fingers, Letitia scratched the spongy flesh of Kelly's g-spot, Returning Kelly to a state of wanton sexual need. old suck forced with feeling me for what?" she managed to say between lust-filled groans.

"Preparing you for me" said a deep, obviously male voice. Kelly looked up between the cheeks of Letitia's ass, seeing something that her eyes were not prepared for. Above both girls was a tall, very good looking, well chiseled man. Or was it? He had two ram's horns growing out of his head, and extending from his crotch was a phallus close to a foot in length, as thick as her wrist, and crowned by a small apple sized, deep pink head.

Most surprising of all was his legs. They were covered with thick fur, and instead of feet he walked on two cloven hooves. "She is ready for you master." Letitia spoke reverently as she rose from her prone position.

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"You have done well! I will reward you for your service. Now, hold her in place" he said. He knelt down between Kelly's still spread legs and rubbed his monster cock against her moist opening, and slowly insinuated his cock into the woman's sex.

Letitia held Kelly's arms out to the side, allowing her pendulous breasts to dangle in the brunette's face. Kelly felt the invasion of her womb with pleasure and discomfort. He was so large, yet so filling. His cock rubbed every inch of the interior walls of her cunt and every time their hips met his heat sent electric shocks against her fully aroused clit. She watched as this man-beast thrust his long pointed tongue in and out of Letitia's face before she stuck one of her breasts in Kelly's mouth, obliterating the view of this unbelievable scene.

Finally the assault on her nerve endings became too much and Kelly screamed into Letitia's tit as her body racked itself in the throes of a monumental orgasm. Feeling his victim's cunt walls contract on his horse sized member, the man roared as his balls contracted and he sent great gobs of his hot sperm deep into the vagina of the woman beneath him.

He rose, his penis still dripping sperm. Letitia asked if she were allowed to drink his seed. "That is your reward!" he answered as she licked the combined juices of her master and his victim, moving slowly to the head.

Opening wide nikki sex is a dickloving busty cougar drank from his piss slit greedily Before he pulled it from her face. "Make her comfortable. I want nothing to jeopardize her pregnancy. You are to do her bidding. Anything she wants, but she must not leave here."