Jessica rex gets picked up and fucked outdoor brunette big tits

Jessica rex gets picked up and fucked outdoor brunette big tits
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These rumors were getting annoying. It had been a month since Austin and I, in a moment of weakness on my part, first had sex. Which could have been kept quiet, if we hadn't fell asleep and he hadn't left my house at nine in the morning the next day. He had snuck out with out waking me, leaving behind only dirty sheets and no promise to keep it quiet. Well, he had kept quiet but a few neighbors saw him leave and of course, rumors started. My son took it rather well.

Come to find out he and Austin were "experimenting" and I guess it had moved along since Austin was over his worry of being gay. Which he now claimed to be. So you can imagine the stares I got on my daily run. Sigh. Oh well, nothing can change things now, anyway he was eighteen and we had broke no laws just a few social taboos. I didn't let it get to me much, I was accustomed to the sideways glances and hushed remarks that my life came with.

What I did have an issue with, was Austin getting these looks and bashing. I mean that literally, he had shown up on my porch a week after our night of passion, crying and with a big ole shiner. Of course me and my temper had to go over to his house and although I wasn't going to kick his dad's ass, he threw the first punch and well, I ended it. No police this time, I guess the shame of him getting his ass kicked by a faggot, as he called me, was enough.

So now Austin was living with me, I can only imagine what the neighbors said. I took advantage of it though, Austin was in need of a loving figure in his life and I was able to supply that in more ways than one, plus my son was his boyfriend now and we evidently shared a boy toy. Good lord, someone call Jerry Springer, house full of queers over here. Ha-ha. I still had my lovers from the clubs and of course a black book of previous hook ups, but every once in a while Austin would sneak in to my room after my son had went off to school and I was awoken to a blow job, god, life is good.

I really had no issue with this and neither had my son, since Austin had told him of his more than casual encounters with me when he was in class, I guess he didn't mind, as I taught Austin many tricks that he probably took to my sons room, Austin brought up the topic of maybe a three-way with all of us, and I'm sorry I just cant do that.

I can share a lover with my son but I don't want to be my son's lover. This was a strange Saturday. I was home alone, my son and Austin were gone to the beach.

My day started out regular, breakfast, a workout, and a run. Of course I still got the regular looks from maddy reilly anal and blacked sex stories xxx neighborhood women. If they talked about mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer as I passed I don't know. The older ladies at the corner still waited for me to pass, which was comforting. "I don't blame you one bit." one of them said.

" If I was able to get into his pants, Lord knows I would, young firm flesh is always nice. And as for the stuck-up assholes in this place, fuck'em." I laughed and thanked them for the support as I walked off. It was such a nice day I decided to run down to the store for a bottle of tequila, don't know why, I had the desire. A bottle of Partida and some limes later I'm walking out the store as Austin's dad is walking in. Gotta love fate, huh? Being nice I held the door for him to come in, he just stood and stared at me.

" You coming in or no?" I asked He stammered a yes, slid by me and I left. I figured I better watch out for a swerving car on the way home but he just passed me by. Feeling lonely I called up Marcus to come over for some drinks and a swim. An hour later we are naked in the hot tub taking shots and chasing with beer. Now you can see where this is going, Marcus was a beautiful piece of man.

A tan six foot four, blond hair, smooth, mouthwatering man. He wasn't hung though, just an average six inches, which is fine by me. I filled him in on the goings on of my soap opera of a life and he just sighed longingly.

" I would have done the same." he said " I mean who wouldn't? A just turned eighteen year old, drooling for it?" His eyes closed in fantasy, I could see his cock hardening. I reached over, took a firm grip and squeezed. He moaned with pleasure.

I let go and straddled him, locking our lips, I tasted lime left over from our shots. His soft lips parted and xxxwife husbend play story english my tongue invade his hot mouth. My ass ground slowly on his hard cock, poking gently at my quivering hole, I pressed down slow and let him invade.

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Our moans were muffled by our unbroken kiss. I continued to grind and ride his cock while my own prick rubbed between us. I loved the feeling of his hot cock stretching my ass. He whimpered as I flexed my hole tight around his meat.

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His breathing sped up and I knew he was close. I stood up and let him fall out of me so he wouldn't come yet, he was not in the mood to stop and swallowed my cock as it waved in front of him. His hot mouth was an expert at pleasing, he took the whole length down his throat and vibrated his tongue. I was in a trance with no chance of letting go until I shot my seed down his hungry throat. Suddenly the door bell rang. " Shit" I said. I briefly considered ignoring it but it would bug me to death not to answer.

I handed him a towel as I got myself one. " I'll meet you my bedroom in a few minutes." I told him. Smiling, he skipped off. Dripping wet I walked to the door, it was Austin's dad. Great. This guy was cruising for an ass kicking again. Chalk emily willis its okay if youre not my real brother… up to the tequila or the fact that I had just had a cock up my ass, but I was super horny and figured I would mess with him.

I dropped my towel and let my now soft cock hang. "Hello Carl." Now I didn't know what to expect from this, but I didn't expect to get eye fucked. He eyed me for longer than any straight man should. " Um, wow, do you always answer the door naked?" he questioned.

"No, only when I'm in the middle of something and want the person to leave. You need something?" " Well I wanted to talk to you about this whole situation." he stated. I had a feeling this was coming someday, just today was not the day, but I covered myself and let him in, directing him to the back deck and telling him I would be there in a minute.

A perverted plan that would never happen began forming in my mind. I had a quick word with Marcus and went to join Carl, passing the hot tub I retrieved the tequila and took a seat at the patio table. I offered Carl a shot and took one myself. "So, what do you want to discuss?" I asked " Well, my wife and I want Austin back home, she is very upset that he just left and quite frankly she blames me." I explained that he is welcome to do as he wants, I just offered him my home when he showed up crying on my doorstep.

Right on cue Marcus walked out of the house, naked, and jumped in the pool. I thought Carl's eyes would pop out of his sockets. I poured us another shot and he downed it quickly. Our conversation lasted another half hour in which he had a few more shots and many stolen glances at Marcus swimming, Marcus was not hiding his package, per my instructions.

Maybe. Just maybe. I would love to fuck him just out of the hatred I had for what he did to poor Austin, plus who doesn't want to fuck a straight guy.

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" Well I don't have anything against gay guys." he said " It's not something I grew up around and I don't know how to deal with it. I was always told its wrong." he stammered on " Carl, have you ever been with a man?" I asked " God, No" he yelled " I mean no more than the whole ten year old comparing your peckers thing, all boys do that.

Right?" "Well, yes, but some boys go further. For some it's experimenting, some it is who they are, they just are afraid to admit that." " It ended at that for me." he said. I decided to go for it and placed my hand on his leg. He froze but otherwise made no attempt to stop me. "Well, Carl, If you want I can show you all its about and I have help here with me, I think you are intrigued as you have been checking out me and my friend here.


It wont hurt, much." He jumped up and wide eyed backed up into Marcus who had gotten out of the pool and stood behind him.

He turned in surprise. Marcus grabbed his cock and planted his lips on his. He made no attempt to stop him and slumped in defeat. I approached from behind and kissed his neck. Moaning like a dog in heat, I knew he was all for it, well maybe not all but he wasn't running. I ran my hands up and down his body. Marcus, still naked, had yet to break the kiss, I dropped my towel and ground my stiffening cock into his ass.

I reached for his cock, removing Marcus' hand. He was rock hard. Lovely. I undid his pants and stripped them down.


Marcus lifted his shirt, now he stood naked with us, who would be his masters for the evening. I dropped to my knees and sucked his balls. I stroked his cock, it was a nice six and a half inches, up and down.

I turned my attention to it now and licked the head. His moans continued as Marcus sucked on a nipple and pinched the other. I swallowed his whole cock in one go and began bobbing up and down while rubbing his ass.

" How does this feel, Carl?" His moans approved.

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I probed his crack and found his hole. It was so tight and seemed to protest yet desire my finger. I continued to work his meat and rub his hole, ever so slowly it let me enter. His knees were shaking, whether it was fear or excitement I don't know, maybe both. I rubbed his prostate with soft, easy strokes. Salty precum leaked from his prick, it made me so horny to do this to him. I felt so powerful.

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He was going to enjoy what we were going to do to him. Marcus picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. We continued where we left off. I couldn't believe this but I wasn't going to stop. I commanded him to get on his hands and knees. Shaking he complied. I positioned myself under him and took his cock back into my mouth, he tasted musky and salty. I had a perfect view of his asshole, though not for long, Marcus invaded his crack tongue first.

God this was hot. Reaching above my head I grabbed Marcus' quivering member and stroked slow, his moans of ecstasy vibrated through to Carl's asshole and he shook all over. Without warning my dick was swallowed whole by Carl. I hadn't expected that, but what a feeling. He fondled my nuts and bobbed up and down half my length. Enthusiasm or not he wasn't experienced enough to deep throat, somehow that was mom and son massage forced better, my cock was probably the first in his mouth.

If he had never been with a man he had to have watched gay porn, no man can suck cock that good the first time without some instruction. My mind was swimming with pleasure, I can only imagine what everyone else was feeling.

Marcus, having worked Carl's asshole open, positioned himself to fuck Carl. Marcus was fumbling with a condom till it grabbed it and threw it aside.

Carl was going to get it raw. I briefly sucked Marcus' cock to get it nice and wet, he placed it at Carl's virgin hole. I had the perfect vantage point to watch this man get deflowered. Slowly he pushed forward, he got the head in and Carl moaned with pleasure. I continued sucking Carl and he continued me.

In one hard push Marcus slammed his entire length into Carl. No mercy for him. Carl yelped and jumped but could not escape. "Put my cock back in your mouth." I yelled at him. He quickly complied. Marcus paused only for a second and slowly pulled back just to slam back forward. Carl's moans were sending me to my breaking point. Marcus fucked him with a furiousness of an animal. I could see the veins pulsing on Marcus' cock as he thrusted in and out.

It was so fucking hot, my dick getting sucked by this once straight man, me sucking his cock, and my friend fucking his ass raw. I couldn't take my eyes off that hot cock plowing in and out of that tight ass.

I didn't notice Carl's balls contract until it was to late, he blasted a huge load down my throat, I backed off so I could taste his seed.


It was very salty with just a slight sweetness. It was too much for me to handle and I didn't warn him either as I came in his mouth. He didn't miss a beat and kept sucking me and swallowed my load. I continued slowly sucking Carl's cock dry as Marcus grunted loudly unloading his on cum into Carl's bowels. Marcus shook violently as his orgasm subsided. With two final thrusts he pulled out, a few drops of cum fell my way and I eagerly caught them in my mouth.

We collapsed to the bed, panting hard. From the doorway&hellip. "God that was hot." said Austin. " Who are your friends?" " Austin?" "DAD?" Shit&hellip.