Sex stories sex dinborn storys

Sex stories sex dinborn storys
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My wife Melissa shared a fantasy that she just wanted to meet someone in a bar and suck their cock in the car while I watched, nothing else! I agreed and she put on her tightest red dress, high heels and nothing else. She decided to leave the panties and bra at home this night. We drove to a bar a few towns over and tasty vixen taste cum after sucking teen dick was a pretty busy bar.

Many people of different ages hung out there. We went in and Melissa walked across the floor and all eyes were glued to her body tightly stuffed in her sexy dress.

We sat at a table and ordered a drink and Melissa rubbed my dick as we watched the people getting wasted. I also had my hand in her smooth pussy as we sat there. Nobody could see what we were doing under the table anyway. Melissa's pussy was wet and her little clit protruded and it was easy to find and rub for her.


As I rubbed, her breathing was labored and she squeezed harder as she stroked my cock through my pants. Melissa's nipples were rock hard and everyone could see them poking through her dress. We watched and she looked around and saw a handsome middle aged guy sitting there by himself. He sat there talking to the younger girls and was not having any luck.

Melissa said, "That poor guy is getting flamed every time he tries to talk to a woman, he's pretty good looking I think. Maybe I could make his night for him!" I smiled as I knew she had made her decision as to who's cock she wanted to suck tonight. She walked over swaying her sexy ass and talked to him for a minute or two and invited him over to our table.

His name was Frank and he seemed liked a respectable fellow and he bought us all a drink and then we bought him one or maybe two!

Melissa's nipples were about to bust through her sheer red dress and Frank noticed them and I would catch him staring at them. Melissa sat there and said matter of factly, "I would really love to have my husband watch me suck someone's cock !" Frank sat back in his chair with a strange smile on his face. "Well, there are a lot of guys here who would like for you to stellar teenie is peeing and rubbing hairless fuckbox that to them." As he leaned forward to take a drink, Melissa reached under the table and grabbed ahold of his cock and smiled!

Frank nearly choked on his drink as he looked at me and then Melissa. "Are you serious?" He stammered. "Yes Frank, how would you like for me to suck your dick for you?" Melissa said. "Um, what about your husband?" I said, "Frank we came here so Melissa could fulfill a fantasy of sucking a strangers dick in the car while I watched." Frank looked puzzled and smiled, "Your wife is fucking hot, sure I'll let her suck my dick!" Melissa said, "Just a couple of rules Frank, you can't fuck me, I just want my husband to watch me suck a cock and your cock feels just about right!" "Ok" Frank smiled almost like he could not believe his luck.

We left the bar and went out to our SUV and I got in the front seat and Frank and Melissa got in the back. Melissa rubbed her pussy for Frank and then put her fingers up to his nose, "What do you think Frank?" Melissa purred. Frank began to suck the pussy juice from Melissa's fingers as she slowly unzipped his pants.

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Franks cock popped out and it was pretty big, maybe 7 inches or so and uncut. Neither Melissa or I have ever seen a real uncut dick, so it was an interesting sight for us both to behold.


Melissa slowly began to stroke Franks dick and he breathed heavy as her hands stroked his dick and played with his balls. Frank just sat back and watched as Melissa stroked his cock.

He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. Melissa looked at Frank and said, "Frank, do you want me to suck your big cock for you?" "Yes please!" he murmured. Melissa began to suck on the head of his cock and slowly worked down his shaft. All I could hear was her slurping his cock as Frank sat back and placed his hands on Melissa's head.

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"Wow, that feels fucking great Melissa!" Frank uttered. Melissa sucked his cock and allowed him to rub her pussy a little while I watched the whole thing from my seat!

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My cock was about to burst through my pants as I watched my sexy wife pleasuring another mans cock. It felt dirty being in a bar parking lot, but I think that's why Melissa picked it. Melissa sucked Frank's cock for what seemed like 20 minutes and she was doing her best to get him to cum.

Melissa looked up at Frank and said, "I want to taste your hit cum!" Frank moaned, "Soon, keep sucking my cock and you'll taste me!" Melissa went back to work and sucked and slurped his cock and he began to squirm and all of the sudden, he began to moan loudly, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" Frank began to shoot cum in to Melissa's mouth and she gagged as she swallowed Frank's load. He seemed to cum and cum, but Melissa was a trooper and swallowed every ounce of his warm goo!

Melissa sat back and Frank smiled, "Thanks, I she loves to swallow all of that cum had my cock sucked since my wife passed away, that was fucking awesome!" Melissa smiled and sat there, her nipples still rock hard and I know her pussy had to be flowing like a river at this point. Frank hoped out of the SUV and disappeared in the parking lot.

Melissa looked at me with an evil little smile and said, "Now, I want you to stick that big cock of yours in my pussy and cum all over it!" I jumped in the back seat and she straddled me and my cock squished into her tight, hot pussy!

She was so wet and her pussy was on fire! I fucked the shit out of her in the parking lot as I sucked her aching nipples! When Melissa came on my cock, she squirted all over me!

This was fucking intense! We went home and fucked all night in every position we could think up!