Teen cheerleader ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i

Teen cheerleader ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i
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Freezing at the voice you try to hide in the steamy atmosphere moving further back in the sauna.


Hoping the man might think he had been mistaken in what he'd thought he'd seen, but he keeps coming he seemed to home in on you. Still shocked that you had let yourself stay there for so long you almost whisper 'Please don't come any nearer' and the man stops for a second.

Then he starts towards you again and you realise speaking had just helped him big boobs all new sex you faster, trying to grab your towel you lean forward as he comes close, leaning too far you slip down on to your stomach your legs going up and out as you do, laying on your back head downwards you can only watch as he grabs your flailing legs and holds them firmly.

Looking down at you the man grins as he takes in your sweaty body and notices you swollen pussy lips. As you lay there shocked you can't help but notice his large cock getting harder, you gasp as you realise its bigger than any other one you've seen before and it's still partially soft.

'looks like you've already been having some fun' he remarks as he pulls you up the benches and bends his head to your pussy, trying to struggle you thrash about, wriggling to try to break his hold.

Suddenly his mouth connects with your hot soaking swollen pussy and an electric shock hits you and you moan uncontrollably feeling his tongue dart inside your pussy lips tasting you.


Pulling you onto the top most bench he carries on probing you releasing you legs as two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock does so, shaking with his touch you don't move as he starts to pleasure you more. 'Please stop' you try to say but all you hear is the soft 'please', rolling your head from side to side trying to say no the man's cock comes into view again harder and longer this time, closer to your face flushing hard you moan again as his tongue flicks across your clit and moves on to your hole circling it before moving back up your pussy.

Hearing you gasp again he moves round a bit more to better get to your pussy, you realise his cock it so close to your face, now you can't resist moving your head and pushing your tongue out to touch the exposed tip of his member. Jumping a little he pulls away and looks down at you suddenly he smiles and moves his hips close to you offering his cock again.

This time you don't hesitate moving your head forward you take the tip in your mouth circling it with your tongue before slipping it under his foreskin, feeling him shudder with pleasure you redouble your efforts to take more of him into your mouth as he moves back to your pussy again burying his face into your aching lips and pulsing mound.

Gasping again you start to work his cock moving your head back and forth then reaching up you cup his balls and squeeze gently feeling him respond, his cock getting even harder as you massage first his balls and then the rest of his exposed member, suddenly you try to scream as he bites you clit harder than you've had done before sucking it as he pulls away before mashing it with his tongue bringing you to another orgasm.

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Driving you into a frenzy you forget his cock almost buried in your throat, he starts to fuck your throat pumping his hot throbbing cock as deep as he can making you gag and start to fight thinking you might suffocate with the thickness.

Suddenly pulling out of you he turns quickly and before you can object he thrusts into your pussy making you orgasm again, he thrusts again and this time girl full crying xxx hot thrust you hips up to accept more of him as he buries himself deep inside you. Grasping you hips he raises you arse off the bench and starts to pound harder almost lifting you off the seat as he does, moaning continually you shake and shake cumming again and again you feel your pussy juices start to squirt out over him.

Panting and moaning you beg him 'stop please stop, i can't cum anymore!' ignoring you this stranger keeps fucking you harder and harder your body feels abused and used almost without volition you grasp you breasts squeezing them harder and pulling on your nipples as you cry out louder and louder!

Without warning the man stiffens as you feel his cock pulse once, twice a third time the cum filling your already burning sore pussy, you feel his hot cum seep out around his cock and run down your arse crack before he pulls out shooting the last of his load over your stomach and breasts.

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Almost dropping your shaking body back down to the bench he comes round to your head and makes you take his cock in your mouth again, tasting your mixed juices you greedily lap and suck as much as you can off his softening member making it twitch and release more for you to swallow. Pulling away from you he steps back as you lay still shaking and orgasming on the bench.

The man grins at you and turns picking up his towel he walks out without a glance back. After some time you feel able to move, slowly walking out of the sauna you quickly take a shower washing off all evidence of your adventures and dress, collecting your bag from the locker you head off to leave, stopping in shock at the reception desk as the male receptionist looks up at you, smiles and gives you a slow wink, slowly running his tongue round his lips.


As you leave blushing you hope like hell he's working next time you decide to have a gym session.