Cum on his cock use as lube tjerk him off tranny

Cum on his cock use as lube tjerk him off tranny
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Part 2 "So," said the future me breathlessly after a moment, "what now?" Panting, I replied, "You already know what comes next." "I know that," she said propping herself up on one arm to grin at me wickedly.

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"But I want to hear you say it. C'mon. What do you want to do next?" I couldn't help but blush a little- it wasn't easy, after all, to admit your darkest fantasies, even to yourself. But she smiled expectantly and I knew it was ridiculous to feel embarrassed.

"I want you to fuck both my holes," I said. Her smile widened. "Good choice." She once again took her position between my legs, the large dildo and thin vibrator dirty dads rail their teens pussies doggystyle hand.

She made use of the dildo first, pushing the head slowly against my wet opening just as I had done for her until it slid inside and I moaned as I felt my insides stretch.

She didn't stop, and the shaft slid slowly further inside me until it hit the back of my pussy, the whole thing embedded deep within me. She withdrew it just as slowly, allowing me to savor the sensation of the thick dildo rubbing against my inner walls, stretching me wide. She picked up the pace, angling it just right so that each motion stimulated my g-spot.

"That. Feels. Fantastic," I moaned, timing the words to each deep thrust. She responded by flicking her tongue against my clit, causing me to stifle a gasp.

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She picked up speed, but I knew she wasn't going to let me come until my request had been fulfilled. My clit was throbbing with anticipation.

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I was ready for the next step. The dildo stopped moving and I barely had time to protest before I was greeted with a new sensation: the slick heat of her tongue began gently circling my asshole, pulling a gasp from my lips. Oh God, I'd always wanted to try this. I held my breath as she circled closer and closer to where I really wanted it. Finally I felt the tip press into the soft center and begin to push inside. Jesus fuck. It felt dirty and wonderful, so hot and wet, wriggling, thrusting, fucking me deeper than I ever thought possible.

Soon I was moaning and pushing back, wanting more.


I was disappointed when she pulled away, but a moment later I felt the tip of the vibrator applying tentative pressure to my rear hole. I bit my lip, nervous and excited at the same time. The sleek plastic toy was well-lubricated, and before I knew it, it was sliding in easily.

My breath caught. With both dildo and vibrator inside me I'd never felt so full. The sensation was new and weird and fucking fantastic. The future me was still a moment, letting me adjust. Then, slowly, both toys began moving, sliding out and then thrusting steadily back in at the same time. I let out a long moan as both shafts stretched my insides, forcing their way deeper and deeper inside me, then withdrawing. The dildo continued to stimulate my g-spot with each movement and I found that the vibrator in my ass enhanced the whole experience.

I bucked my hips, and the future me knew exactly what I wanted. She flicked her tongue against my clit, forcing a gasp of pure ecstasy from my lips. She picked up the pace, pumping more vigorously into both my holes while swirling her tongue more frantically around my clit, sending the most fantastic sensations throughout my whole body with each movement.

Soon I was producing short, loud moans in time with each thrust, thinking about where that sexy milf loves a thick cock in her throat had been as it stroked me expertly. My climax built faster and faster as she pounded into me over and over. Suddenly, the vibrator hummed to life and my whole body tensed as I cried out, aware of nothing beyond the waves of pleasure crashing through me, resonating between my legs and spreading throughout my entire body.

This lasted for several, long seconds as the other me continued to lap at my clit, slowing her thrusts. I shuddered, then relaxed, gasping for breath, basking in the aftermath. "That," I said finally, "was amazing." "I knew you'd like it," she said smugly, removing both toys and setting them on the bedside table.

I stuck my tongue out at her. Of course she knew. She continued, "You're going to enjoy this next part, too. I know I'm looking forward to it." I looked at her incredulously. "How many times are we gonna do it tonight, exactly?" "Just once. One more thing left to try, at least for tonight. You already know what it is. Go on: Tell me what's next." I was feeling much more confidant than I had at the start of the encounter, and my eyes roved her body with a smile growing on my face.

"If you don't mind, I'd very much like to fuck you properly." "I thought you'd never ask, darling," she said. She swung herself over the edge of the bed to grab the strap-on I'd bought in preparation for tonight. I congratulated myself on my foresight as she handed it to me. It was double-ended, and longer than the dildo we'd played with a moment ago. I grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside drawer and pumped some into my hand.

The cool gel leaked between my fingers as spread it over my end. I pressed the head to my entrance and bit my lip as it disappeared inside me.

I began lubing up the remaining shaft as well, pumping up and down until the whole surface was shiny The other me had lain back with her ass at the very edge of the bed. Legs spread wide, and bottom lip between her teeth, her fingers circled her clit as she watched me getting ready.

The anticipation itself was a huge turn-on, and I felt a heady sense of power as I stepped closer, looming over her. I rubbed the head of my giant, rubber cock up and down along the length of her pussy. Then I pressed right up against her entrance, teasing her, not pushing inside just yet. Her eyes had fallen shut. I watched her breasts rise and fall in time to her heavy breathing. Grabbing her hips, I slowly began to push inwards. She moaned, low and soft, as the shaft was buried deeper and deeper inside her, until she'd taken the entire length.

I'd masturbated in front of a mirror before, gotten off on watching myself…well, get off. But this was a different experience.


I pulled out and began a series of quick, shallow thrusts. Her mouth was just slightly open, letting small noises of pleasure escape with each stroke. Her brows furrowed slightly in frustration that I wasn't filling her completely. Her skin shone with a faint sheen of sweat. It was a whole new level of turn-on.

Finally I snapped my hips forward, burying myself to the hilt. Her eyes flew open. "Fuck!" she yelled, fingers tangled in the sheets. The motion jarred the dildo inside me and I sexy teen smashed because her mom thief stole something in agreement.

I thrust into her again, and again. I varied my rhythm: quick, angled motions designed to hit her g-spot interspersed with slow, rolling thrusts that took me all the way inside her. Her fingers circled her clit while she gasped and writhed against the bed. I leaned in and covered one nipple with my mouth, sucking and pulling gently with my teeth.

I licked my way up to her neck, nibbling the sensitive skin. I soothed it with a swirl of my tongue before moving on to mark another spot. My pace increased: I began fucking her hard and fast, and she howled with pleasure. As I stood straight to get a better angle, she wrapped her arms around my neck so that I pulled her up with me. "I want to try something," she said breathlessly. I nodded, and she kissed me gently before commanding, "Lie back on the bed, legs together." I pulled out somewhat reluctantly and did as I was told.

A moment later she was straddling my legs. She grabbed the dildo and, lining up, lowered herself onto me with a loud groan of ecstasy. A similar noise escaped from my lips. From this position the action moved the dildo inside me, and the hard base of the harness rubbed up against my clit quite nicely. fucking session in different positions hardcore and creampie on," I said, struck by sudden inspiration.

I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the vibrator. It slid easily into my ass once more, and I cranked up the dial. "Oh God," I moaned as the vibrations radiated through my lower half.

"Oh…fuck yes." I gripped her hips as she began to move again. She bobbed up and down, breasts bouncing, fingers flying over her clit. Her eyes were closed, expression a mixture of pleasure and intense concentration. Good lord, I knew I'd never forget that image. I ran my hands along her sides, her stomach, the curve of her ass.

Each time she sank back down onto my cock, the one in my pussy was pushed even deeper. The dildo rocked back and forth inside me, rubbing in all the right ways. The base of the strap-on pounded against my clit as she impaled herself over and over again, harder and harder. I began rolling up to meet her. The two of us were growing louder as we each drew nearer to orgasm.

Cries of, "Oh God, and, "Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes," fell from our lips. She finished first with a yell, and sight was my undoing. She slammed against me once, twice, three more times and I came hard, arching up off the bed before we both collapsed into an exhausted heap. The vibrator still hummed inside me, so I reached under me and turned it off. We lay in each others arms for a while, too tired to talk, just enjoying the contact.

Finally I said, "Can we make this a regular thing?" "That's entirely up to you," she replied, nuzzling against my neck. "For what it's worth, I still think it's a good idea. But you should head back now and rest up. You've got a big night tomorrow." I'd almost forgotten I was going to do all of this again.

Though next time I'd be her instead of me…or something like that. "Christ," I murmured. "This could be my new workout routine." "Beats the gym." She sat up hot girlfriend get pumped in her ass kissed my forehead. "Make sure you leave all that here," she said, nodding at the strap-on I was still wearing. "I'm gonna need it again before long." I removed the vibe and strap-on before retrieving my panties, bra, and time-jump.

I gave myself quick kiss and a cheerful, "I'll see you soon." A moment later, I was back in my time zone, barely two minutes after I'd left.

Before going to sleep I threw my underwear in the hamper and tucked my time-jump away under the bed, next to the box of toys I knew I'd be making good use of tomorrow night. ~~~~~~~ AN: I can't believe I posted part 1 more than two years ago. My bad. I still have some ideas for this character. To be continued?