Extremely wicked sweetheart gets fucked hardcore blowjob

Extremely wicked sweetheart gets fucked hardcore blowjob
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"Oh," Susan said as the screen filled. She saw Alice and Bunny in a sixty-nine on the floor with Bunny on top. They could see Alice's face in Bunny's pussy.

John was kneeling behind Bunny rubbing his cock in her pussy and on Alice's face. Susan gasped when she saw John slide his cock into Bunny's pussy, slowly stroking in and out five, six, seven times, then letting it fall into Alice's eager sucking mouth. Then he would pull his cock from Alice's mouth and Alice would glue her mouth to Bunny's pussy, licking and sucking. Susan turned to look at Ed, her mouth open, and was further shocked to see his cock completely erect and hard, standing up in front of him.

"Exciting, isn't it?" he asked, laughing. "Look, come here," he said, pulling her around in front of him, his cock literally sticking in her face.

"Hold me," he said, taking her hand and putting it on his cock. "Use both hands," he said as she stood there. Slowly Susan reached up with her other hand and held Ed's cock. He didn't say anything, just sat there watching her as she felt him in her hands. It was warm and hard and soft all at once, she thought.

"Now play with it," Ed said. "Experiment a little." So Susan slowly began to move her hands all over his cock, feeling his balls and squeezing it. "Now," Ed said, "do like your mother's doing," he said, reaching forward and throwing a switch and putting Jane and Don on the screen.

Susan turned and looked at the screen, not relinquishing her grip on Ed's cock. She saw that her mother was licking and sucking on her father's cock, taking it in her nicole aniston amp abigail mac on the set pornstar and brunette. Turning to look at Ed, Susan saw the smile on his face as she felt his cock throbbing in her hands.

Looking at it, she saw a small drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. Glancing again at the monitor, seeing her mother sucking her father's cock, she turned again to Ed's cock and tentatively stuck her tongue out and tasted the drop of pre-cum. Not finding it unpleasant Susan again stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Ed's cock, tasting him again. Then she slowly licked up and down the entire length of his cock, feeling the texture of him as her tongue dragged across his cock.

Ed sighed as he felt her soft warm tongue sliding on his cock. Then he watched as she opened her mouth and let the head of his cock into her mouth, closing her lips on it and gently sucking it and exploring it with her tongue. "That's it," Ed said, stroking her head. "That's exactly right. Now see how much of it you can get in your mouth," he said, encouraging her. "See how your mother gets your father's whole cock in her mouth." Turning to glance at the monitor, Susan saw her mother slide amazing muscled and tattoed hunk wanking gay sex on her father's cock, the whole thing disappearing into her mouth.

Turning back to Ed, Susan opened her mouth and let Ed's cock slide in, not stopping until she felt it bang up against the back of her throat. She still had only half of it in her mouth as she struggle not to choke on his huge size. "Now slide up and down on it," Ed said, his hand on the back of her head. "That's it," he said as Susan slowly bobbed up and down on his cock. "That's nice." Slowly Susan became accustomed to the feeling and size of Ed's' cock in her mouth.

She loved the combined sensation of soft and hard as she sucked on his cock. Then they heard Mary announce dinner being ready. As Susan looked up from Ed's cock he encouraged her to continue. "Dinner will still be there," he said. "Go ahead and finish this first. You're doing great." So Susan opened her mouth again and eagerly now sucked his cock in.

She had adjusted to the size and flavor and was really enjoying herself. Then suddenly Mary burst into the wheelhouse. "Hey, you two, dinner's." she began, stopping as she saw Mary with Ed's cock in her hands and her face flushed. "I'm sorry," she said.

"That looks delicious," she said to Susan. "Go ahead, I'll watch." Blushing, Susan opened her mouth and sucked Ed's cock back in. As she sucked, Mary stood behind her watching. Then she felt Mary's hands slide around her body and cup her tits, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples.

Susan felt the excitement all the way down to her toes as Mary rubbed her body against her from behind while she played with her tits. Susan increased her attack on Ed's cock. Then she felt one of Mary's hands slide down her body and under the material of her suit mama desvirgada x su hijo into her pussy.

She almost gagged on Ed's cock when she felt Mary's fingers slide between her pussy lips. She knew that she was very wet down there and she knew that Mary knew it too as she felt her fingers sloshing in her pussy. Then she felt Ed's cock actually swell in her mouth. Surprised, she backed off a little, just as his balls exploded and cum came shooting into her mouth.

Very quickly her mouth filled with his cum. When Susan felt it dribbling out the corners of her mouth and sliding down her chin, she reflexively gulped, swallowing his cum, only to be rewarded with another mouthful as his cock continued to empty into her mouth. Finally he stopped cumming and Susan swallowed all of the cum in her mouth, looking up at Ed with a surprised yet proud look on her face. "G-gosh," she said, still choking a bit.

"I didn't know it would be like that." "You did great," Mary said, her fingers still busy.

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"You swallow it all and you are so wet," she said, slipping a finger into Susan's hole. "You better get to dinner before someone comes looking for you," Ed said. "But first have Mary clean that cum off of your face," he said. "I'm not sure how you'd answer the questions that would bring." "Oh," Susan said, reflexively bringing her hand to her face. "Here, I'll do that," Mary said, turning Susan around.

And then she leaned forward and licked the cum from Susan's face and chin. To Susan's surprise she also kissed her on the mouth, pushing her tongue into her mouth a bit as she did. Then she leaned down and licked the cum that had dripped from Susan's chin onto her chest and tits. When Mary licked the drop of cum that had fallen on her tit, she then sucked Susan's hard nipple into her mouth, rolling it around frisky teenie was brought in anal assylum for painful treatment lightly chewing on it with her teeth.

"Oh, that feels nice," Susan said, surprised. "Now get to dinner," Ed laughed. "Or you'll never go. Here, suck me just one more time," he said, holding his cock in his hand. Susan smiled as she knowingly took his cock in her hand and bent to take it in her mouth. She savored the flavor of it for a minute then stood up, smiling. "How's that?" she asked. "Just great," Ed said. "That was a great blowjob, especially for your first one. You come back later and we'll see what else you have a talent for." "Okay," Susan beamed, turning and heading down the stairs, her face flushed.

"I liked that." "Well, that certainly helps," Ed laughed as she disappeared down the stairs. When Susan got to the salon, everyone was already eating. Quickly grabbing a plate and filling it, she slid into a seat next to her parents. "Where have you been?" Jane asked.

"Oh, I was helping Mary a bit in the galley," Susan replied, smiling at her mother. "That must be why you're so flushed," Jane said. "It must be hot down there." "Yeah, it is," Susan said, laughing inside.

"Did you have a nice nap?" "Oh, yes, and I needed it too," Jane said, smiling at Don. "Maybe I'll start taking an afternoon nap," Susan said. "I could probably use it too." "Uh, well, sure," Jane said, choking for a second as she thought of what she had meant.

"I'm sure it couldn't hurt." "I'm glad you think so, mom," Susan said, laughing inside as she thought of the permission she had just been given, even though they had no idea. After the meal everyone sat around talking for about an hour until the night dive had been announced. As she walked with her parents to the dive deck to get ready, her mother dropped her mask and snorkel and bent over to pick them up, totally exposing her ass and pussy to view.

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At that moment Alice and John were walking to their gear and they both got a full, unobstructed view of Jane's asshole and pussy. "Oh, that's nice, Jane," Alice said, sliding her hand down the crack of her ass and into her pussy. "Very german girl talks dirty first time an overdue anal payment jumped when she felt Alice's hand in her ass and pussy, spinning around. "What are you doing?" she asked, her face flushing in embarrassment.

"Well, if you're going to put it out and expose it like that, you have to expect someone to accept the invitation to enter," Alice laughed. "What do you mean?" Jane asked. "Well, see for yourself," Alice said, turning around and bending over, her hands on the deck. "Oh, my gosh," Jane said, her hand going to her face as she saw how Alice's pussy was totally exposed, the lips spread and her hole showing. "Umm, yummy," Bunny said as she walked by, reaching out and rubbing Alice's pussy.

"Show-off." "See what I mean?" Alice said, standing up with a laugh. "I wasn't thinking," Jane said, returning to getting ready for the dive. "Don't worry about it," Alice said. "It's a very nice view." Everyone laughed when she said this as they donned their dive gear. One by one they fell into the water with their lights on and headed to the bottom. When Susan surfaced 40 minutes later her face was flushed with excitement.

She had seen octopus, lobster, crab, sharks, all sorts of little critters that lived in the reef. As she left the dive deck Susan saw Jimmy whispering in Sue's ear. Wondering what that was about, she wandered to the front of the ship, standing there by herself as she looked out to sea.

It was so tranquil. There was no noise except that of the generator that supplied the electricity for the ship. Then she was aware of someone standing next to her. Looking up she saw that it was Billy. She felt her cheeks get warm when she recognized him, remembering his hand between her legs yesterday.

"Hi," he said.


"Mind if I join you?" "No, it's okay," Susan replied, her eyes straying to his cock dangling in front of him. "You look really beautiful standing here," Billy ventured.

"You think so?" Susan asked, turning to smile at him, her breasts heaving. "Oh, yes," Billy said. "It makes me just want to kiss you," he said, reaching out and enveloping her in his arms. "Do you mind?" he asked, leaning over and kissing her.

Unable to respond, Susan just kissed him back, feeling her body pressing against him, his tongue in her mouth and his cock pressing against her belly. Then Billy pressed her hard against him by gripping her ass in his hand and pulling her forward.

Not liking this, Susan broke off the kiss and attempted to put some space between them, but Billy's cock was just standing out in front of him now. "No, please," Susan said. "Not here, not now." "I'm sorry," Billy said, immediately contrite. "I didn't mean to --" "No, it's okay," Susan said, feeling bad at rejecting him so. "It's just that someone might see," she said, letting her hand fall to briefly hold his cock.

"Why don't we go down to the cabin," Billy suggested, not believing his luck. "I don't know," Susan said, releasing his cock. "Maybe later." Turning, she walked away, not sure why she had teased him like that and then discouraged him. His cock had felt nice in her hand, though. She felt that tingling in her nipples and between her legs as she thought about it.

Then she realized that she was at the door to her own cabin. Thinking it would be screw with cute legal age teenager hotty smalltits hardcore to lay down for a few minutes, she opened the door and stepped in, only to be stopped by the sight of her brother's head between the legs of someone beneath him. Shocked, she just stood there as Jimmy looked up, letting Susan see right into the pussy he was eating.

She realized that she didn't recognize it, and seeing as she's seen everyone on the ship except Sue, she realized that that's who it must be. Staring, she realized that there was absolutely no hair on her pussy. It was completely smooth. Her pussy lips were thick and parted, her inner lips curling out and open, her dark clit as big as the tip of her finger and sticking out.

Susan realized that she was turned on by it. She could hear Sue sucking on Jimmy's cock. Closing the door but not leaving, Susan sat down on the edge of the bunk by Jimmy's head and smiled at him.

He responded by smiling back and lowering his face again into Sue's wide-open pussy. As Susan sat there and listened to and watched her brother suck Sue's pussy, she felt herself getting more and more excited.

Then she heard a strangled cry and Sue's back arched off of the floor, pressing her pussy into Jimmy's face as he sucked her pussy. It was obvious she was cumming and Susan loved hearing Jimmy's tongue as he slurped at her juices. Then Jimmy groaned and grabbed Sue's clit between his lips and began to tease it with his tongue as he began to cum in Sue's mouth. Susan leaned over to see and saw that Sue's eyes were closed and that she was sucking the head of Jimmy's cock, working him with her hands as she swallowed.

Then Jimmy finished cumming and he struggled to his feet. When Sue opened her eyes and saw Susan sitting on the bunk, she gasped and sat up, shock on her face.

"Don't worry," Susan said, waving her hand at her. "I won't say anything." "I'm so embarrassed," Sue said. "Why?" Susan asked. "That was great. And I think your pussy looks neat, too." "I should go," Sue said, struggling to her feet. "No, I'll go," Susan said, opening the door.

"I was just checking anyway. I'd do that again if I were you," she said, pulling the door shut behind her. Wow, Sue, she thought. What a surprise. She doesn't even go naked. That Jimmy, she thought. Now he's been with Bunny and Mary and now Sue.

I guess he's pretty cool, she thought. As she turned to head up the stairs, the door to Alice and John's room opened and Alice stuck her head out. "I hoped that was you," she said. "Why don't you come play with us," she suggested.

"Tell us how you're doing." Hesitating just a second, Susan nodded and stepped into the cabin. John was laying on the bunk, a smile on his face and his cock sticking up in the air. "So, Susan, what's with you?" John asked. "I just walked in on Jimmy," she said, standing there. "He was with Sue." "Really!" Alice exclaimed.

"Well, good for them. I hoped she would relax. She licking lesbians janice and trillium gets to suck on nipples hardcore petite so self-conscious. What were samantha saint makes a pussy sundae in her kitchen doing?" "They were, you know, sucking each other," she said, embarrassed at giving voice to the act. "I'm going to have to invite your brother over and see what he's doing to all these girls," Alice said.

"Maybe I'd like it too." "It looks nice," Susan said. "It does?" Alice asked, a smile on her face. "That's a big difference from yesterday. Has something changed your mind?" "Well, sort of," Susan said, blushing. "Oh, goody," Alice said, clapping her hands. "Come sit here and tell us," she said, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her to sit next to her on the bunk where John was laying.

"Well?" "Well, I sort of sucked the captain's cock," Susan said softly, her cheeks burning. "You did what?" Alice asked, a look of delight on her face. "You sucked Ed's cock?" "Yes," Susan said, nodding. "And?" Alice asked, smiling at her.

"And he came in my mouth and some of it got all over my tits," Susan said, the words rushing out of her mouth. "And did you like it?" Alice asked, her eyes bright.

"Oh, yes, I did," Susan said, her eyes earnest. "It was so soft and hard and tasted so different. And then the feeling when he came in my mouth, that was so strange.

But I liked the salty taste of it." "That's my favorite caviar," Alice laughed. "I'm so glad for you," she said. "I wish I could have watched." "Mary watched," Susan said. "She came in just before he came. It was strange.

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She was rubbing against me from behind and pinching my nipples. It was all so exciting." "Oh, how wonderful," Alice exclaimed. "Here, show me, suck John's cock," Alice said, grabbing his cock in her hand. "I'd love to watch you. Think of it as practice." "I'd sure like that," John said, smiling at Susan.

"I'll bet it feels great." "Oh, I don't know," Susan said, blushing. "It wouldn't be right." "Oh, please. I don't mind," Alice said. "I'd love it if you'd suck John's cock." "Really?" Susan asked, eyeing John's cock. "You wouldn't care?" "Here, let me help you," she said, taking Susan's hand and placing it on John's cock. "Do you need me to stick it in your mouth, too?" "It feels nice," she said, squeezing it.

"Here, let's make this more comfortable," Alice said, standing up. "Get up, John," she said. "And you take that off in here," she said to Susan, pulling at her g-string. Blushing, Susan let Alice take it from her, leaving her standing there naked. "Now sit here," Alice said, sitting Susan on the edge of the bunk.

"And you stand here, between her legs," she said, pushing John between her legs so that his cock was sticking in her face. "But stand as wide as you can, John, so she can play with your balls." Opening his stance as wide as Susan's knees would spread, John stood with his cock in her face. "Go ahead," Alice encouraged her. "Suck him." Opening her mouth, Susan let the head of John's cock sit on her tongue. Closing her lips on him, she ran her tongue all around the head of his cock, gently sucking on him as she tasted him.

"Do you like the taste?" Alice asked her. "It's different," Susan said, letting his cock out of her mouth. "It's more tangy or musky or something." "That's me," Alice said with a smile. "What do you mean?" Susan asked, licking John's cock. "Just before you came in his cock was inside of me. That's me that you taste." "Oh," Susan said, looking surprised.

"Do you like natural tits teen smashed by her stepdad Alice asked. "Yeah," Susan said. "It tastes nice," she said, wrapping her mouth around his cock again. "Good," Alice said. "When you're finished sucking John's cock, you can suck my pussy and really taste it, if you'd like," she said.


Then Alice just sat there and watched as Susan sucked John's cock. She did well, bobbing down on it and sucking it and using her tongue all over.


It was obvious that she liked it. Shifting so that she was sitting on the floor in front of Susan's wide-spread knees, Alice had a great view of Susan sucking John's cock as well as a perfect view of her wide open pussy.

Before Susan could even react, Alice leaned forward and glued her mouth to Susan's pussy, her tongue darting up inside of her to slurp out the juices that were pooling there. Susan gasped when she felt Alice's mouth on her pussy. She was so shocked she couldn't believe it. But she didn't stop sucking John's cock. For some reason she just didn't want to let it out of her mouth.

Quickly Alice's mouth on her pussy had her raised to a high pitch of excitement, which she took out on John's cock. Soon he was groaning and then she felt that familiar thickening of his cock and it was erupting in her mouth. At the same time she felt Alice clamp her teeth on her clit and gently worry it.

Light exploded in her head as her body spasmed in reaction. She almost choked swallowing John's cum as her body writhed in orgasm for the first time in her life. She just sucked and swallowed John's cock and cum as Alice sucked and slurped in her pussy. Then finally there was no more cum and John's cock started to shrink.

She could still feel Alice's tongue in her pussy and never wanted it to stop. But finally Alice looked up, a big smile on her hard anal dilation with a big baseball bat. "I have never tasted a sweeter pussy in my whole life," she said. "You have to let me suck you every day until we get back," she said.

"Wonderful." "That felt so nice," Susan said, still breathless. "I can't believe how good that felt." "Promise me," Alice said. "I promise," Susan said laughing. "And I'm not going to wear anything from now on, either."