Wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy

Wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy
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Here's a little background on me, I am a fairly shy girl, with lots of freckles, brown eyes, and long brown hair. I have the slim figure of a dancer, as I have been dancing ballet for 11 years. I'm not used to getting much attention from guys, but when I want it, I can usually get it. This story is of one of my expierences.

I was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus to school when a guy sat next to me, introduced himself as Troy. I was too shy to do anything but smile and respond with "I'm Lauren." I looked over at him, his black hair fell down almost covering his bright green eyes.

My eyes began to wander down his body, amazed at his smooth muscular physique, a tight beater streched across his pecs. and his arms, they were huge! I couldn't stop thinking what it would be like to be in his arms.


My eyes moved down to his baggy black jeans and I could already see a small tent in his pants, wow he has to be huge! I licked my lips thinking of what it would taste like.

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We sat next to each other sneaking looks back and forth for about 5 minutes, he must have gotten annoyed with the silence, he started small talk. He was trying to look into my eyes but I could not look at him, he realized this and preoccupied his eyes with my breasts.

I know I'm not very endowed, but big enough to be fondled, a little more than a handful. I've noticed most conversations that I've had lately have turned to sex. I'm becomming more of a sexual being, masturbating nightly and thinking of my favorite internet porn picture. We started talking about virginity and I told him I was still an innocent little girl when it came to sexual activity. He casually stated he wouldn't mind "showing me the ropes." His smile was so enticing I couldn't help myself but tell him how much I would enjoy that.

I bit my lip and looked away, scared I'd said something I shouldn't have. He lifted my chin with his rough slightly tanned hands finally looking deep into my eyes before kissing me with equal passion.

Our tounges danced around each others mouth and I came to discover he had a tongue ring. I had seen a labret piercing before, this just turned me on more, piercings are arrousing to me. His hand moved to my breast and began to play around with my nipple through my thin tank top and cotton bra underneath. Both my nipples rose to attention, stretching the material of my bra and top.

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I grabbed his hands explaining that anyone could watch us. "Fine, lets go to my place, it's empty." He said. I wondered how much trouble I would get into for skipping school but by this piont I didn't care, my panties were already getting wet!

We arrived at his place and he led me by the hand to his room. There were band posters everywhere and a electric guitar laying on the bed. He moved it, came back over to me and started kissing me again. He backed me up cheat with step mom brazzers his bed, landing with a bounce on my back.

He stopped for a second to say "I'll touch yours if you touch mine." With that and a sly smile he began to kiss me again, this time on my neck. He pressed his chest against mine, I wanted us to feel each other skin on skin so I started removing his shirt. He helped it off and started on mine, that and my bra came off within seconds. I placed my hands on his back as his fingers danced down my side sending shivers all down my body, the most intense ones ending at my crotch.

He moved down my body placing kisses all over, ending just above my school-girl skirt. He had a look on his face as if 'how dare that get in my way!' I had to giggle at this, it just seemed to encourage him. He removed all that was in his way, revealing a smooth hairless cunt.

With a soft kiss on my clit he started licking, moving his tongue ring around in a cirular motion. I could do nothing but run my fingers through his dark hair and groan in pleasure.

I have always known I would rather give someone pleasure than recieve it. I had to get his cock in my mouth!


I slithered down so we were face to face kissed his lips then licking them to taste the sex juice from my pussy. I leaned over to whisper in his ear, "My turn." He sat on the bed and I kneeled before him unbuttoning his pants with his help and pulled them off. There was a bulge in his boxers about to burst! I pulled those off and out popped a proud prick ready for my hot, wet mouth. My eyes widened at how large it was, knowing what was to come I didn't know if that was going to fit in my tight virgin pussy!

I stroked it slowly and gave it a small kiss.


I began to work my lips around his cock using my tongue in a swirling motion. I looked up to him and his eyes were closed, when he opened them he smiled down at me. This only encouraged me further, I sucked gently and kept moving my tongue in different ways. I had slutty hawt playgirl girlfriends natural tits and anal fisting that the part just below the head of a cock was most sensitive. I tried moving my tongue in a slow motion over that.

I guess I was right. He let out a small groan, I smiled to myself, glad I could make him happy. He said he was about to burst but there was one thing he wanted to do first. I knew what was comming and I couldn't wait!

He picked me up and laid me on the bed. Spreading my legs gently he placed another kiss on my lips asking if I was sure I wanted to do this. I bit my lip and nodded my head. He asked me to tell him how much I wanted it. "Mm, oh Troy, I want your big cock in my tight pussy right now!" He smiled and the head of his cock found my hole, pressing slowly in. My cherry had been popped years before from dancing for so long, he slipped right in. I was pre-lubricated from earlier.

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He started to pump slowly in and out of me, going as deep as he could with each stroke. I told him to go faster with desperation in my voice. He obliged, I let out a little moan everytime his cock hit the back of my pussy walls.

This went on for about 20 minutes before he started going even faster. I couldn't control myself any longer, I was cumming! I let him know by a couple shudders and holding the edges of his bed, moaning out "I'm cumming. Harder! Please.

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Harder!. Faster!" Seconds later he was groaning, saying "I'm cumming baby. I'm cumming!" I loved the feeling of his hot cum squirting into my pussy. His breathing calmed down as he pulled out and laid beside me. I rolled over with one hand on his hard stomach and my ear to his heart, beating fast. We both let out one last sigh of extascy and fell asleep next to each other.