Big fat chubby guy masturbation cumpilation

Big fat chubby guy masturbation cumpilation
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I sat in my room that night, not sure if what happened earlier that afternoon was a figment of my imagination. I was able to go over the hustle dance steps in my head, so I know I took a dance lesson, but did I actually have an amazing sexual experience that rocked my world, or did I make it up. I was almost positive that it was real, but I had so many imaginary jerk off sessions to hot beautiful women, that now I wasn't sure. If I had just take her panties, with that amazing smell of her excitement, I would have something concrete that would prove that I had actually experienced what my mind and body told me I did.

I couldn't call Joanne and ask her because that would have seemed immature. I guess I would have to wait until tomorrow's lesson at Joanne's house to see tiffany loves to get her cunt boned happened and then see if what I couldn't stop thinking about in my head was real or imaginary. Just the thought of Joanne's mouth on my hard dick was getting me excited, so I grabbed the body lotion, and went into the bathroom. I put the shower on to cover up any sounds that might have escaped the bathroom that might sound like I was pleasuring myself.

I put some lotion on my hand and began to stroke my already very hard cock. I sat on the toilet, closed my eyes, and my mind went right to the dance lesson. How good it felt to have my hands on Joanne's soft body as I listened to her instructions on how to do the hustle. As my right hand continued to stroke my hard shaft, my minds eyes saw Joanne down on her knees, licking my balls, and the underside of my shaft, until she got to my cock's head, and she covered it with her mouth.

Oh, how I wanted to feel that again, not just in my imagination. I continued to stroke my well lubricated cock, as my mind went to seeing Joanne on her hands and knees, telling me to take control, and take her from behind.

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Her big juicy ass was so nice to look at, and as I spread her ass cheeks to allow her pussy lips to spread enough for me to enter it, my cock was being stroked and its seed about to erupt. I saw myself slapping Joanne's ass, and hearing her moan, as she felt the sting of my hand. My cock was being stroked by me in the bathroom, while it was being squeezed by Joanne's Juicy and wet pussy in my imagination.

I felt that familiar feeling begin to well up inside me, like I was getting ready to set off some fireworks.

The fire was lit and the countdown had begun, my eyes were closed, my head was spinning, and all of my focus was directed at the load I was about to unleash. I realized that this was real when I felt a warm feeling on my belly and chest. As much as I would have loved to be spreading my love juice on Joanne's back, the reality of having to clean this off of my body had begun. I grabbed a hand towel, and began to clean myself, when I heard my mom call out to me,"Freddy, Denise is on the phone." I finished cleaning up my mess, and went back to my bedroom.

I russian mom with son in kitchen free pobeegcom storyscom the phone next to my bed and said hello. Denise was calling to see if I was ready for the Spanish Test tomorrow. She asked what I had done earlier in the afternoon, since I didn't show up to the study group that we had in the library. I wasn't really planning on telling Denise about the dance lessons, but I hated lying to her.

I told her that I had taken a dance lesson with my mom's friend who was a dance instructor. She got really mad at me. She couldn't believe that I would take a dance lesson without her. I told her that I was so self-conscious that I would look like a fool, and that was why I did it. I wanted her to feel good that her prom date could dance, and that I didn't want us to sit at the table all night because I didn't know how to dance. She kind of softened her tone with me, and I told her that I was taking another lesson with Joanne tomorrow.

Denise said, "I want to go with you, I want to take the lesson with you, so that we both know how to dance together." I told Denise that it was too late to call Joanne, and that I would speak with her the next day about it when I got to her house.

I didn't know what would happen, but I would ask. Denise cooled down and we said goodnight. Now I was thinking, if what I thought had happened with Joanne really did happen, and having Denise there would cramp my style and probably ruin any chances of it happening again.

The next day, I aced my Spanish test, and now I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen at Joanne's house later that day. I did want to talk to Joanne about Denise, because Denise meant a lot to me, and I wanted her to be happy, and I figured if Denise was ever going to be my girlfriend, and I was going to get into her pants, I had better arrange some type of dance lesson for both of us, or I could probably forget ever getting into her pants.

After school, I went home, had a snack and rode my bicycle over to Joanne's house. She wasn't there when I got there, so I waited. She pulled up about 10 minutes later, apologizing about getting stuck at work, and then having to drop her kids off at their party.

She told me that she had 3 hours before she had to go pick the kids up, because it was a pool/pizza party, and they would be eating dinner there. Joanne told me that it had been a long day, and that she would like to take a quick shower and change into some dance attire so she could be more comfortable. She told me to grab a snack out of the kitchen, watch some TV, and she would be down in about 10 minutes.

She disappeared upstairs, and I put the TV on, but I couldn't stop thinking of Joanne naked in the shower. Seeing her beautiful body in the shower, with the water cascading down upon her naked body would be quite a sight. I tiptoed upstairs. Her bedroom door was ajar slightly, I saw her clothes from work on the bed, and the fat guy with slim girl master bath door was open slightly.

I heard the shower running. I tiptoed to the door, and I could see her naked body, through the reflection in the mirror. OMG, it was a sight to behold.

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The soap suds all over her body, I got so hard. What should I do? Should I get naked, and get into the shower with her, but what if yesterday was really all in my imagination?

She was very matter of fact and hadn't given me any indication of what I thought happened yesterday really happened. Although I was dying to get naked and in the shower, if nothing had happened and it was really my imagination, that would be a huge mistake.

So I went back down and decided to see what happened when she came back down. Joanne came down 10 minutes xxx story kajal hiroinklen in, looking refreshed and hot as ever.

She was wearing incredibly tight yoga pants, and another short sleeve V-neck shirt, her cleavage as prominent as ever. Joanne poured herself a glass of wine, and said, "Long day, I hope you are ok with this, but I need to relax." She said she wanted to start where we had left off, and again gave me this devilish grin, and I melted. I didn't know how to take it. We reviewed the moves of the hustle, and she started to teach me some advanced moves, and as she continued to sip more wine, she got more touchy feely with me.

I loved it and didn't care. But I needed to let her know about Denise, and I figured this was the best time. When I told Joanne, she said that it would be no problem including Denise in our lessons, but she felt that I still needed some solo instruction.

She grabbed my hand and told me that in order to look amazing on the dance floor, it is all about creating a fantasy that other people want and can't have. She said that we were going to work on some ballroom dance moves and add it to our hustle routine, and that we would add our own flare to it.

She showed me a move in where I controlled her movement from a vertical, upright position, through a series of twists and turns, ending up in me dipping her to an almost horizontal position, with her ending up parallel to the floor, with me bent down gazing into her eyes. We were to hold that position for 10 seconds. We practiced that move about 10 times, and then she said,"It's time for the flare." She took the wine glass, and this time held it the whole time I executed the move. At the finish of the move, from the parallel to the floor position, she took a sip of wine, and then kissed me.

She transferred the wine to my mouth, and I then let her body fall softly to the floor. I lifted up her shirt, released the snaps from her bra, and her beautiful breasts were staring me right in my face.

I still had the wine in my mouth, so I dribbled it all over her beautiful tits and nipples. She moaned when the liquid hit her nipples. I then very sensually licked the wine off of her nipples and tits with my tongue, and she indian hot sex video bangladeshi and malayalam crazy.

She grabbed my hand and guided it to the top of her pussy, over her yoga pants. The heat was incredible. As I was rubbing over the yoga pants, I could feel how wet she was. She told me to peel her yoga pants off, and she was exactly right.

That was the only way I could get them off. When I finally did, exposing her beautiful pussy, she said, "Freddy, go down on me, and listen to my instructions carefully." When I put my tongue on her clit, she let out a soft moan. She said, "Keep doing that, and put two fingers in my pussy. Now don't lick my clit, put it in your mouth and suck on it. Suck on it hard!" I obliged, and kept doing what she told me.

She twisted, and repositioned her body so that her mouth would have easy access to my cock. I couldn't see what she was doing because I was working on her delicious pussy, but her mouth on my cock felt incredible. I could feel her sucking it and stroking the shaft at the same time! It took everything I had not to explode in her mouth. Then she said, "Stick a finger in my asshole!" I had never done this, but I obeyed my choreographer, as today was her day to be in control.

As soon as I stuck the first part of my index finger in her asshole, she screamed and her body jerked, and I felt her love juices all over my face. "Now I want you to fuck me Freddy!" And she grabbed my cock, positioned her pussy right over me, and slid down on it. We both gasped. We began slowly, and increased the tempo. She was riding me and facing me so it was easy to pinch both of her nipples as she slid up and down on my cock.

In one swift move, she rotated on my cock, without getting up, and this time was riding me with her back towards me. She said, "The intensity that you feel right now, is the intensity that I want you to dance with always.

It doesn't matter who you are dancing with, Dance is supposed to be intense." She taught me how teen mia malkova and milf brandi love some anchor these incredible feelings as we were having sex, how to anchor it to a part of my body that could be easily trigger these intense feeling that I was feeling now, at another time.

She kept touching my shoulder, ever so softly, so as to create a memory pattern in my subconscious, so that one day, when a dance partner put their hand on my shoulder like she was repeatedly doing, the intensity of our sexual experience would come flooding back immediately to me.

Wow, what a teacher; Dance, Sex, Life. I would later learn that the technique that she had used on me and taught me, which I would use many times in my dance competitions, was called NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Well enough science, back to the science of sex. Joanne told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. It was such a different feeling from fucking her in her pussy. She got on all fours, arched her ass up, and exposed her hole.

She reached under her couch, to produce some KY Lube. Wow, she thought of everything; even lube hidden under the couch. I guess she had other students too. Well, she applied the lube to my cock from the position she was in, and I slid my cock easily into her ass hole. It was so tight, and felt great!

I really was pounding her ass hole, and she was screaming, "Harder, faster!" I continued fucking her ass until I couldn't take it any longer.

Joanne had come multiple times and she was satisfied enough so that I could blow my load. She told me to pull out and cum all over her ass and back!

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One final thrust into her ass, and I pulled out and exploded a monstrous load all over, her ass, her back, even some hit the couch. We fell onto the floor, both gasping, and not really able to say anything. We finally recovered enough to get dressed, and Joanne said, OK, call Denise now and have her come over.

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I think it will be a lot of fun to include her in our lessons, and she gave me the biggest smile. What was Joanne up to now? To Be Continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>