Petite babe takes an anal dicking critical x

Petite babe takes an anal dicking critical x
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Don't you just love Halloween? It is a chance to dress up any way you want and not be judged on looks, it is also a time of great parties and who does not enjoy a good party.

This year we were going to a movie theme party. We decided to go as Darth Vader and Princess Leia not very original, I know, but damn, Jen looked so hot in her costume. It was a figure hugging white dress that was down to her ankles with 2 slits on the sides which reached all the way up to her hips which meant that every step she took exposed her long, slender legs up to her hips.

She wore knee high white boots to sex up the outfit even more. I, on the other hand, wore the standard Darth Vader costume with mask and voice changer. All the attention was definitely going to be directed to Jen. We got to the party at about 9pm, had a private party mila does luke big tits big dick drinks and mingled with the crowd.

There were so many sexy outfits there it was nice to be wearing the mask as no-one knew where I was looking. I also noticed the number of guys who were checking Jen out. The drinks continued to flow and Jen was enjoying the compliments that she was getting.

At about 11:30 I went into the men's bathroom. While inside I met a guy called Steve who was wearing the same costume as me. With our masks off, we got chatting. He was about 25 years old, good looking and seemed athletic built. It struck me that this was the type of guy Jen used to go for when she was single. I started to get mischievous thoughts. I asked Steve if he was interested in fooling my wife into thinking he was me. He said "sure, why not". I described Jen to him and told him where he would find her.

I also gave him the voice changer I had got for my costume and he headed off. I moved close to where Jen was standing so that I could watch. Steve walked over and started chatting to Jen. As the time passed Jen was smiling and laughing and I noticed Steve start to feel her up.

It looked like my plan had worked and Jen was believing that Steve was actually me. A few minutes later I saw them move to a booth, it did not take long for Steve to move his hand onto Jen's now exposed leg.

I watched as he slid his hand up under Jen's dress. Jen threw her head back and I knew Steve was now playing with her enteada novinha dando o cu pro padrasto. This was not part of the plan.

I was tempted to go over and stop them but I found myself so turned on that I just wanted to stand there and watch. His arm increased speed as he worked her pussy with his fingers. Jen grabbed hold of the table tightly and closed her eyes, I knew she was close to cuming and as soon as she let go of the table, I knew she had cum. Steve removed his hand and went back to the bathroom. I followed him in and asked him what he thought he was doing fingering my wife. He replied "well, Jen told me that she was feeling horny and wanted me to finger her there like she liked, when you didn't come over when I started I assumed you were ok with it".

I could not argue with him. I could have stopped it any time I wanted but I didn't. I went back over to Jen and she said to me "I feel so horny now. That finger fucking is only after making hornier and by the way, Steve told me that you tried to get him to fool me and he said that he couldn't do it but that you were watching.

Did you think I would be fooled that easily? I decided to get my own back so I told him to feel me up. I knew you were watching and when you didn't stop him feeling me up I wondered what else I could get away with so I asked him to take me to the booth and told him to put his hand under my dress.

You still did not come over so I told him he could do whatever he wanted with his hand and he finger fucked me and it felt so good". I looked at her in amazement, I was speechless, I couldn't contradict anything she said. "In fact" said Jen, "I had so much fun there that I think I would like it to continue and you are in no position to stop me. You tried to have your fun, now I am going to have mine.

Here is what is going to happen you, I and Steve are going to get a cab back to our place and you are going to blindfold me. Then you and Steve will strip naked and I am going to see if I can tell ye apart just by your cocks. Steve is already outside getting a cab so come on". I looked at her as she walked towards the door.

I had started this and had to admit that I was extremely turned on by what had just happened so followed her wondering if what was going to happen next would turn me on as much. We got back to our place and I got a blind fold and covered Jen's eyes. Steve and I stripped naked and stood in front of Jen.

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I immediately noticed the size of Steve's cock. It was definitely longer and thicker than mine. "Jen is going to have no problem telling us apart now" I thought to myself. She got on her knees and grabbed both our cocks. She could not help but smile as soon as she put her hand on Steve's cock. She stroked both cocks for a few minutes then stood up and whispered in my ear "I told you I am not easily fooled, I knew Steve's cock straight away because of the size of it.

As you didn't seem to mind watching Steve finger fuck me, you can now watch Steve fuck me with his cock and I'll bet you amateur teen spunked over reality and teens I'll enjoy his cock in my pussy a lot more than I enjoyed his fingers in there".

With that she backed away from me and slowly dropped her dress to the ground, then dropped her bra quickly followed by her thong. She looked so hot standing there naked wearing just those white boots and the Princess Leia hairstyle. Steve was also looking her up and down taking in her 5'6", 130lb toned body with her 32E tits and bald shaven pussy.

She took off her blindfold and walked straight over to Steve and kissed him passionately wrapping her leg around him to pull him closer. She then grabbed him by the cock and said "follow me big boy" as she led him to the couch. She lay him down on the couch and climbed on top of him. She took his cock in her hand and gave it a few strokes before she placed it at her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself down onto his rock hard cock moaning in pleasure as she did so.

I watched as his cock filled her tight pussy. After a few minutes she adjusted to the size of his cock and started gyrating up and down on it. "You really know how to work a cock" said Steve as he enjoyed Jen expertly working his manhood. He then took her left tit in his hand and placed her nipple into his mouth and started sucking it and flicking it with her tongue.

His other hand moved onto her ass and he slipped a finger into her asshole. Jen let out a little yelp as she had never let anyone play with her asshole before. To my amazement I heard Jen say "Ooh, I like that, give me 2 fingers". She had always stopped me when I had tried to slip a finger into her ass.

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Steve did as he was asked and slipped a second finger in there. She was really into it now. She looked at me and said "Did I tell you that I would enjoy Steve's cock more than I enjoyed his fingers?

Well now I am enjoying both at the same time". I had never seen Jen so unreserved with sex. At that moment I don't think that there was anything that she wouldn't do.

I decided to test this theory so I moved behind her and Steve moved his hand away. I put my hand on her back and gently pushed her down onto Steve's chest he used this as a chance to kiss her passionately again.

I moved close to her and positioned my cock against her asshole which had been loosened by Steve's fingers.

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I slowly pushed my cock into her asshole and she groaned as I did so. After a few slow thrusts I began to slide in and out easier and Jen said "I think you and Steve should fuck me a bit faster". Steve and I did not want to disappoint her so we did as we were asked.

Her moans and screams were so loud now that I'm sure she must have woken some of the neighbours. I had never fucked her ass before and was pleasantly surprised at how tight it was. I was so turned on that it only took about 10 minutes before I was close to cuming. I drove my cock as hard as I could into her ass as I filled her ass with my cum.

I sat back onto the armchair and enjoyed the view of Jen gyrating up and down on Steve's cock.


Steve turned with Jen on his lap. He stood up with Jen still impaled on his cock and walked towards the table. He laid Jen on her back on the table and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders "I'm going to make you cum like a train" Steve said to Jen as he pounded her hot pussy. His pounding got harder and faster as Jen continued to moan in pleasure.

I had to admire Steve's stamina as he was going for nearly an hour at this stage and I knew how well Jen was able to milk a cock with her incredibly tight pussy.


It was not long more before Jen could hold on no more and with a loud scream she came with one of the biggest orgasms I had seen her have. This was an much as Steve could take and as Jen's pussy tightened around his cock as she came he let out a moan and shot his load deep into Jen's wanton pussy. He pulled his cock out and threw himself down on the couch. Jen stayed on the table covered in sweat with cum running out of her pussy and ass.

She laid motionless trying to get her breath back and basking in the glorious orgasm she was just after experiencing.

As I looked at a very satisfied Jen laying there on the table, all I could think was "I must try to fool Jen more often".