Horny babes get fucked and facialized by hung studs

Horny babes get fucked and facialized by hung studs
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More than two weeks later, they stick toys in her pussy til she squirts and cum on her face japanese and hardcore war was not going well. The Devricane armies were forcing back the Farfallan armies, and the Queen was becoming worried. Sofia had asked Nyssha to help their armies succeed, but she found that Harson had had Lexia place a magical block on the armies.

When she fuck my wife and her sister is pretending to be him to reconsider, he told her it was because he didn't want her interfering in the glories of war. She thought it was just because he enjoyed being cruel.

At this moment, Harson was sat naked in the palace living room. He was having his cock sucked by a naked servant girl, while two more stroked his skin and fed him grapes. "This is the life, isn't it, Lexia?" He asked. "Yes Master," Lexia said, sitting watching him. "May I please be dismissed?" "Certainly not. I need you here in case I need something else. Well, something that these girls cannot give me. Because you'd do anything for me, wouldn't you girls?" "Of course your highness," said one of the servant girls, kissing him passionately.

"We live to serve you. You are our God." "Of course I am," Harson grinned. ------------------------------- Captain Razef let out a sigh of relief as he got into the Queen's large bathtub. The Queen had specifically forbidden him from going to war, lest he be injured, although officially it was because he was needed to help at the palace.

Truth be told, he did think he was a bit old to be out there fighting, and the idea of staying back to make love to the Queen seemed far more appealing. Lascinda wrapped her arms around Razef, and the two of them kissed lovingly. "Still wish you'd gone to war?" She asked him. "But then who would make love to you on these lonely nights?" "Well, I did catch one of the chefs checking me out the other day. I'm sure he'd be up for it." "He'd have to fight me first." The two of them laughed, and Lascinda rested her head on Razef's shoulder.

"You know, Sargo and I used to enjoy bathing together. I think this might be where Prince Harson was conceived." "Might?" "Well, silicone small sex doll fuck were quite sexually active back then. It's either here, in bed, on the sofa, in a carriage on the way back from the theatre, in the kitchen, or about a dozen other places." "In a carriage? What if someone heard you?" "The carriage driver knew not to say anything.

Though Sargo did say he gave him a "get in busty stella cox gets deep anal penetration pornstars hardcore look as we left." "You must miss your husband a lot…" "Yes, I do," Lascina said, kissing him.

"But I love you too. Sargo told me that if he ever died, he wanted me to find happiness with someone else. And so I have." "Then please allow me to give you some of that happiness in your vaginal region," Razef grinned. He moved Lascinda onto him, and slid his cock inside her, grabbing her ass for support. Razef thrust his hips, while Lascinda bobbed hers up and down, the two grown-ups still full of sexual energy despite what they'd already burned off in bed prior to this bath.

"Oh Gods…I love your pussy…" "Oh…Your cock's not bad either…" Lascinda turned around on Razef's cock, and the two of them began making out passionately. Razef eventually broke the kiss in order to move down and suck on Lascinda's nipples, doing so like a starving baby whose mother had finally relented. In his 4 decades of life, Razef had had the pleasure of sampling over a dozen vaginas, but none were quite as enjoyable as the one belonging to the Queen.

Perhaps it was the fact he was older now and most women who were old enough to find him attractive were also married. Perhaps it was the joy of being inside a "forbidden" pussy, which for many years had belonged to his King, whom he'd never have dreamed of betraying. Or maybe this was just what royal blood did to you; perfect genitals. Although Lascinda had been born a commoner, marrying into the royal family. Though her father owned a significant portion of land, including 3 mines, so she was basically nobility in terms of wealth.

Razef didn't know why he was thinking about this though. Pussy was pussy, and he knew he should just be lucky to be fucking the woman he'd desired ever since the young Prince Sargo had first brought her home to meet the King and Queen. The woman he'd taken a vow to protect with his life.

The woman he knew had been a symbol of power, regality and sexuality for her entire life. The woman whose pussy was currently contracting in orgasm around his cock, and the woman into whom he shot a huge load of cum as a result. ------------------------------- Hexus Quenlos had had a strange morning. It had started off pretty normal; he'd gotten up at the crack of dawn, and gone to work as a servant at the royal palace. The first hour or two had gone pretty normally, but then, at about half past 9, Princess Sofia has requested her morning cup of tea.

That in itself wasn't particularly strange (Though she normally got up no later than 8am). The strange bit was when she'd requested that Hexus be the one to deliver it. Normally she didn't mind who brought it. So he'd gone to take the tea to the princess. That was five minutes ago.

Now, he was naked, on his knees, and thrusting in and out of Sofia's royal pussy, holding tightly onto her ass as she bent over to receive him.

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He was amazed at what had happened. The princess had thanked him for the tea, before casually asking him if he wished to have sex with her. Before he'd had a chance to respond, Sofia was naked, and bent over on all-fours. It had felt only natural to say yes to her. She was two years his younger, but Hexus had desired her ever since he'd gotten his job as a servant. A few weeks ago however, the princess had seemingly gone through puberty round 2, becoming far more curvaceous than before.

Why she was wasting her time with him instead of some noble boy he didn't know. He was damn grateful though. Hexus was a virgin, or at least, he had been until a few minutes ago. Now he was indulging in the joys of sexual intercourse, and loving every moment of it. Granted he'd have preferred it if Nyssha, one of the princess' handmaidens, wasn't sat watching them do it, but honestly, nothing could spoil this moment for him.

After all, how often is it you get to lose your virginity to the second in line to the throne? Only once in a lifetime. Because after that you're not a virgin any more. While Hexus thrust, he sent a silent prayer to Mathulevius and Sorreliftia, thanking them for this amazing experience. Hexus felt Sofia's vagina begin to contract around his cock awesome teenie bouncing on one eyed monster homemade hardcore, coupled with her increased moaning, signalled to him the start of her orgasm.

This sent Hexus over the edge, and he leaned back in pleasure as he filled the princess with cum. As his orgasm came to an sirsi sex story in kannada, a sudden realisation came to him. "I'm so sorry," he said. "What do you mean?" Sofia asked, turning around to face him as he pulled out of her. "I shouldn't have done that to you. We're not married, and you'll probably get pregnant.

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I beg your forgiveness, your highness." Hexus bowed his head, waiting for her to speak, while his mind raced. Princess Sofia would get pregnant, and there would be a national scandal. The Queen would find out it was him, and he'd be hung drawn and quartered in response. He sent another prayer to Mathulevius and Sorreliftia, begging them to not allow Sofia to get pregnant. "Hexus, please do not worry," she smiled. "I am not pregnant, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly." Sofia kissed Hexus softly.

"But how can you be sure of that, your highness?" "Mistress, would you like me to shut him up for you?" Nyssha asked Sofia, which Hexus found strange. When he'd been hired, he'd been given a list of appropriate forms of address for the various members of the royal family, and "Mistress" hadn't appeared. "Your highness, may I ask why Nyssha is here watching us?" Hexus asked. "Well, you might say that she and I are…spiritually linked," Sofia said. "But that is unimportant now.

What is important is our pleasure." Sofia kissed Hexus again, and he returned the favour, figuring he'd be a moron to object at this point. Or at all. Nervously, Hexus slid his tongue into Sofia's mouth, and the princess did the same, their tongues dancing playfully in their embrace. Hexus rubbed Sofia's stomach, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. His hand ran up her body, until he reached her breasts. And then he froze, worrying he'd gone too far.

His fears vanished however when he heard Sofia moaning, and he happily stroked her nipples, giving her breasts a few playful squeezes. Sofia gave Hexus a gentle push, and he obligingly laid back on the bed. Sofia moved down to his groin, and he shuddered as she teasingly licked his balls. She moved her tongue upwards, and licked Hexus' entire length, shelby stevens summer cummings and tanya danielle a long, deep moan to come from the servant boy's mouth.

Sofia wrapped her milf catches teen sucking cock first time horny step mom gets slammed around Hexus' cock, and slid it into her mouth, engulfing the entire thing into her. "Oh…By The Gods…" Hexus couldn't believe what was happening.

First he'd lost his virginity to the princess, and now she was giving him his first ever blowjob. It did occur to him that perhaps he'd slipped and fallen whilst delivering the tea, and this was actually Heaven, but to be honest, if he was dead, he didn't mind in the slightest.

Sofia started humming a tune, and Hexus moaned uncontrollably. A few seconds later, he finally succumbed to Sofia's ministrations, and unleashed another large load into her mouth. More than an hour later, Hexus had passed out, and Sofia was getting dressed.

"Want me to wipe his memories for you?" Nyssha asked, not bothering to look up from the book she was reading.


"No no, let him remember the fun he had." Sofia smiled as she thought about all the fun she'd had since meeting Nyssha. She had discovered the wonders of sex, and now, she was sampling its glory several times per day. And best of the all, the Gods approved of these genies, so she could happily use their powers to indulge in as much sex as she desired.

Teens piss n grandpas 1 dvd rip by icmn she desired a lot. ------------------------------- Lascinda got dressed, and left her room to go and get breakfast, Razef following close behind her. Her eating was interrupted however by a messenger rushing to greet her. "Your majesty! Your majesty!" He cried. "You know I'm not to be disturbed while I'm eating," she said. "I'm sorry ma'am, but this is urgent!" The messenger told her.

"The Devricane armies are on their way! They will be at the gates of the capital within a few hours!" The Queen put her spoon down, and thought for a moment. "Ma'am, do you wish me to summon your carriage?" Razef asked. "You and your children should leave at once, before the armies come." "I will not be remembered as the Queen who abandoned her people when they needed her," Lascinda said.

"We shall remain until the bitter end." "Very well your majesty, I shall tell the troops to prepare for combat," Razef bowed. ------------------------------- Harson stood at one of the windows of the palace, looking out at the sight of Farfallan troops marching to meet the Devricanes, who were slowly beginning to appear on the horizon.

The city had been placed under martial law for the during of the conflict, with everyone ordered to remain in their homes. "Don't worry Master, whatever happens, I will keep you safe," Lexia said, rubbing Harson's shoulders.

"Yes, but I was rather looking forward to being King one day," said Harson. "Can't do that if those Devricane bastards take over." "Are you saying you would like me to assist your troops?" "Well, as my mother has been utterly incompetent in vanquishing these foreign fiends, it seems I shall have to intervene after all." "What would you like me to do, Master?" "I wish for our men to be incredibly skilled, and for their men to be incredibly under-skilled.

I wish for their catapults to malfunction, for their swords to break, and for their arrows to miss. I wish for their hearts to be filled with dread at the might of the Farfallan army. I wish for them to realise how futile their efforts are. I wish for them to beg our men for mercy. And I wish for no mercy to be shown." "Your wish is my command, Master." Lexia sighed inwardly as she snapped her fingers. Finally Prince Harson ribald awesome teenie sucks massive ding dong intervening in the war, but instead of just having her end the war and prevent more meaningless slaughter, he was simply having her make the slaughter much more one-sided.

At least it would hopefully mean the end of the conflict soon. Maybe. The battle was incredibly one-sided. The Farfallans slaughtered the Devricanes in their droves, taking great pleasure in their cries for mercy.


As it happened, King Dreth had been sitting far back in the Devricanes' camp, having journeyed amazing teens open their tight cookies hiddencam and hardcore Devrican to be there when his soldiers conquered the palace, so that he could see Queen Lascinda's execution with his own eyes. Of course, with the tide having turned decidedly against Devrican, King Dreth soon found himself surrounded by Farfallan soldiers, who'd been given instructions to bring his majesty back alive, and who now were instructing him to raise his hands, which he had no choice but to obey.

King Dreth was brought to the Farfallan capital, where he was brought into the throne room, and made to kneel before Queen Lascinda, Harson and Sofia stood watching. "I trust you are finding your visit humbling, Dreth," Lascinda smiled. "Lascinda, first you murder my ambassador, and now you force me to lower myself to you like this," Dreth said.

"Well yes, and it's rather nice, isn't alexis texas zenci anal porno what do you intend to do with me now? I should warn you that my son will strike a swift vengeance should you harm me." "Oh I don't think so. If he should dare approach us, he and his men will be slaughtered." "And what do you intend to do with me?" "Well, it's still only lunchtime.

An evening hanging would be rather fitting for the evening of your life." ------------------------------- King Dreth was hung that evening, to the cheers of the large crowd which had gathered. Sofia and Harson had attended, but the princess had shut her eyes when it happened, only asking Nyssha to make it painless for him. When it was over, they all returned to the palace, Harson laying back on his bed, naked.

"Life is good, isn't it, slave?" "Yes Master." "I enjoyed today. The power I had. I basically signed all those Devricane soldiers' death warrants. And King Dreth's." "Yes Master." "I loved it. That must be the feeling my mother gets all the time, with the power she wields. But then, I suppose I wield more power than she does. You." "Yes Master, I suppose you do." "She's the Queen, but really, I pull the strings. If I disapprove, she won't do it." "If you wish for it Master, then yes." "I guess what I'm saying is that there's very little reason for my mother to be Queen anymore, is there?" "Master, I hope you are not about to say what I think you are." "Perhaps it would be best if I were to simply assume the throne." "Do you wish for me to make your mother abdicate?" "No no, she'd still try to interfere with what I did.

I wish for you to kill her." "Master, please think about what you are saying! She is your mother!" "Yes, and you are my genie!

Obey me!" "Master, I cannot revive her! If she dies, she must remain dead!" "Good. Now do it." "Master, please don't make me kill her." Harson slapped Lexia, knocking her onto the floor.

"Grant my wish now!" Lexia could feel her body beginning to ache, as her magic tried to punish her for refusing to grant a wish. "YOU WILL OBEY ME!" "Y…Yes Master," Lexia said. She snapped her fingers, and she felt the pain instantly subside.

"Am I the King now?" Harson asked impatiently. "Your mother will suffer a fatal heart attack in the night." "Good. Good. I believe celebrations are in order. Fuck me, slave." "Yes Master." The Queen was found the next morning by one of her servants.

A messenger was sent into the city to spread the news among the people, and a day of national mourning was declared. Sofia spent the whole day crying, and begging Nyssha to bring her back, but reviving the dead was beyond the power of a genie.

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Harson, now King Harson IV, was meanwhile trying his best to look sad at the passing of his mother. He decided that his coronation should be held as soon as possible, and so, with a little help from Lexia to speed things up, it was arranged for the third day after Queen Lascinda's death.

To the sound of singing choirs, Harson walked down the aisle of the masturbite n squirt creamy pussy, looking at the crown which awaited him. He reached the end of the aisle, and bowed in front of the statue of the Gods.

"Harson, first born of Sargo V and Lascinda III," said the archbishop. "Do you accept the responsibilities to govern and protect the people of Farfalla?" "I do." "Do you promise to govern in respect of the wishes and laws of Mathulevius and Sorreliftia?" "I do." "Then I crown you Harson IV, King of Farfalla. All hail the King!" "All hail the King!" ------------------------------- Author's message: So after I finished A Boy and his Genie you may remember I made a list of genies and their Masters, in order to allow anyone else who wanted to write for this universe to have some sort of reference material.

This spreadsheet is saved on my computer as "Genie List". The other day, while I was writing this chapter, I went to the Genie List to update it for this story. However, next to it, I noticed a file which drew my attention. It was a Word document called "Genie 2". That's what I'd save my old story as.

The one that got lost and I said I had no back-up of. I figured it was just one of the corrupted copies, but then I noticed the date on it said it was last accessed on the 9th of September.

Which is before the corruption occurred. I opened the file, and to my joy, I found the story. Or rather, the first chapter and a half (I wrote 3 chapters) of the story. I was over the moon. I'm not going to publish it though for two reasons. First is that it was written before this site started enforcing the "No under 18s having sex" rule, and it'd be in very direct violation of that.

The second is that (Because of that rule) I intend to take the plot and re-write to be my 3rd full Genie story at some point in the future. Anyway, back to this story. Sorry about two shortish chapters in a row. I was going to write a post-coronation sex scene but honestly I wanted to get this out quick-ish as sorry for taking so long on the last chapter. There will be a lot of plot next time, and a fair amount of sex, so that'll probably be longer.

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I normally aim for just over 4000 words, and this one's only just over 3000, so hopefully I'll get closer to 5000 next time (No promises though). I feel like I had something else to say but I've forgotten it. I notice some speculation in the comments though. Always nice to see speculation. WAIT! I've just remembered as I about to post! Someone raised the point in the comments that if Sofia's mind went back to normal after rubbing the lamp, Matt should have remembered the orgy Sophie had with him, which passenger shows off her incredible boobs and pounded wiped from his memory.

When I saw this, I thought long and hard, trying to solve this, as I hate plot holes. I THINK I've come up with a solution. Right. So, the reason Sofia's mind went back to normal is because she became immune to Lexia's magic, right?

Well, when Matt had his memory erased, it was a one-time thing. That memory was removed from his brain, and then it was done. So Alexis only cast one spell, and then after that, her magic wasn't actually being used on him any more.

But with Sofia, the brainwashing Harson had put on her was a continuous spell; it's put on her, and then the magic remains in order to influence her thoughts. So when she got Nyssha, the residual magic which was controlling her was dispelled, while when Matt got Lumiosa, there was no residual magic to get rid of.

A bit convoluted, but that's the official explanation, and I think it's somewhat decent.