Sister reap sex force bro

Sister reap sex force bro
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 14 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel. In Ch 13, the female pilots of the plane died of heart attacks. The plane ran on auto-pilot for a long time, but eventually it ran out of fuel.

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There was one bright stewardess who could have landed the plane, but she was stressed, and our two bimbos thought she needed relaxing, and one of them ate her pussy as she was trying to land the plane. As a result, the bright stewardess had an untimely orgasm, and the plane crashed, killing everybody except our two dumb bimbos.

I didn't save Ch 13, and I'm afraid this chapter has been permanently lost. I hope XNXX Stories is working correctly now. The story updates are back, so I hope this story publishes okay. Cindy and Sindy were in a lot of trouble. Every time they had been in a plane crash before, they had been at sea, and the black box voice recorder was missing and never found. This time they had crashed at an airport.

For a few days they had been hailed as heroes and miracle survivors of flight 477. But then investigators had asked them to come in to be interviewed. The sisters sat nervously in the interview room of the NTSB, the air crash investigators.

There were several angry looking men in the room and a tape recorder. "Ladies," said Stan, the chief investigator. "We know what really happened up there." "You know about the auto-pilot not working?" asked Sindy. "Thank God. I thought we were in trouble for a second." "The auto-pilot worked fine," said Stan.

"It worked fine for three hours after the pilots died." "That might be," said Cindy. "But it forgot to land the plane. It's no good it flying us for three hours if it just then runs out of fuel. It should have tried to land." "The auto-pilot is not designed to land a plane," said Stan. "As your dearly departed colleague tried to tell you. It just keeps the plane flying. Only a human pilot can land it." "Well that's not our fault," said Sindy. "You should blame the auto-pilot.

It should have taken landing lessons. What kind of person only learns to fly and not land?" "It's not a person," said Stan. "It's a computer." "Then blame the person who made the computer." Stan sighed. "Listen, ladies," said Stan. "We know what you were really doing up there. Listen to this." Stan pressed play on the tape recorder and the girls heard some slurping noises and the sound of a man groaning.

"What's that?" asked Sindy. "You tell me," said Stan. "It sounds like a blowjob," said Cindy. "That's because it is a blowjob," said Stan. "Really?" said Sindy. "But why are you grace noel hardcore dp huge gape slut gg exclusive that? Do you want us to give you a blowjob?" "Silly," said Cindy. "All you had to do was ask!" The girls started to sink down under the table but Stan called out for them to stop.

"For God's sake," Stan said. "What is it with you two? We listened back to the last half hour of the flight on the black box. We counted you giving oral sex to no fewer than ten men in that time, including the air marshal. When the fuel finally ran out, your now dead colleague bravely tried to land the plane herself but found it impossible to do because you attempted to perform oral sex on her.

Only when she blacked out did you make any effort to land the plane safely, but only managed to kill everyone else on board!" "But we don't know how to land a plane," said Sindy. "We did the best we could!" said Cindy. "No you didn't. You turned the cockpit into what you described as a blowpit, some kind of free brothel and actively hampered the efforts of others to land the plane.

You also did not report the deaths of the pilots, apparently convinced the plane would land itself!" "We thought it could," said Cindy. "And blowjobs are what we do best," said Sindy. "Your mother is a known terrorist," said Stan.

"Currently doing time in an Egyptian prison for trying to kill a pilot on a flight you were on. As far as I can see you are every flogging a nasty asian beaver japanese and hardcore as bad as she is and face a long prison stint yourselves!" "There's something I don't know," said Sindy.

"What's that?" asked Stan. "What is a prison? I never understood what it was. I thought it was a country." "You don't know what prison is?" "No, sir," said both sisters. "It's where people who break the law go. There is a prison for men and a prison for women." "What do they do there?" asked Sindy.

"Nothing," said Stan. "They are locked up. Kept away from the rest of us in your case so you can't crash any more planes! This is the fourth plane crash you girls have been in and now I think I know why." "If we have to got to a prison, I want to go to the men's one," said Cindy. "What!!!" said Stan. "You can't do that.

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You can't go to a men's prison. You are women. They would, they would." Stan seemed too flustered to talk all of a sudden. "What would they do?" asked Sindy. "They would do all types of things to you.

Make you, you know, perform oral sex on them amongst other things?" "What is oral sex?" Cindy asked. "What you were doing when the plane crashed. Blowjobs as you call it. They would do more than that too." "Like what?" asked Sindy. She sounded excited.

"Like anal sex, and group sex and.well everything. You'd never get a moment's rest." "But wouldn't their wives and girlfriends get upset?" "They don't see them," exclaimed Stan, totally exasperated. "They are locked up. They don't get to have sex with women. That is the whole point." "My goodness," said Sindy. "What a place! I think we are needed more in there than we are in the air. Thank God you told us about it!" "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO A MEN'S PRISON," yelled Stan.

"THEY WILL LOCK YOU UP IN A WOMEN'S PRISON FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!" "Are you sure you don't want a blowjob?" asked Cindy. "You seem very tense." And so the sisters were charged with the manslaughter of the passengers and crew of flight 477.

They were released on bail, which was paid by the airline who engaged one of the best lawyers in the country to defend them. Sindy and Cindy were most interested by the trial, though they thought the whole thing was really unfair.

Every tiime they asked their lawyer if they could demonstrate to the jury what a blowjob was he told them he didn't think the judge would agree. "But if they see what we were doing they'll understand why we did it," said Sindy. "It's so hard to make people understand what we do unless we show them." Fortunately for the girls, he did let them show him what a blowjob was.

In fact at the end of each day in court, he would make them demonstrate it again so he was sure he understood. The girls were very impressed by his final statement to the jury.

He explained to them quite clearly that it was not their fault the pilots both died, that they had just been performing oral sex on some passengers to keep them calm, and that nobody could prove they had been performing oral sex on the other stewardess when it went down.

By the end they saw themselves as heroes. "But why did you say no one could prove we were blowing the other stewardess?" asked Sindy when it was her turn to lick their lawyers balls while Cindy sucked his cock in his office as they waited for the verdict.

"We were blowing her." "Trust me," he said. "The jury weren't there. To them it might have sounded like you distracted her." He seemed very czech milf stockings public pickup himself as Cindy bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

At first the girls couldn't understand why he needed another demonstration of a blowjob now that the jury had retired, but he explained to them that they might need to appeal and it was best the knowledge stayed fresh in his mind.

Just as Sindy took over from her sister a bell rang indicating the jury was about to announce its decision. Sindy rapidly licked her tongue down his shaft, knowing this always made him cum, and sure enough in seconds she felt the cum rise up his dick and flood her mouth.

She quickly shared the cum with her sister and they both put their clothes back on as they swallowed the sperm before heading out to hear the judgement. "Guilty on all charges," was the verdict read out by the jury foreman. The girls were shocked and their first thought was how could they persuade the judge to send them to a men's prison where they could be of more use.

The judge decided to release them on bail again, pending their sentencing, and two weeks later they were back in the dock waiting to hear their fate. "Young ladies," said the judge. "In passing sentence today I have taken into account a number of factors. Your otherwise good character, your previous heroic efforts in capturing your own mother as she attempted to bring down an aircraft, your incredible and genuine lack of understanding of the purpose and capabilities of an auto-pilot on a plane, your remorse and genuine attempts (albeit belated) at landing the aircraft yourself.

I have decided therefore not to impose a prison sentence, but instead to issue a lifetime ban on you flying in any aircraft and order cute blonde likes being fucked and loves sucking dick you undertake at least 1000 hours of community service." When the sentence was explained to the girls they were most upset.

"We can never fly again!" said Sindy. "But that's our job!" "And no prison!" said Cindy. "What about those poor men in prison. Who will give them a blowjob now!" The girls were most upset at first, but soon they found things were not so bad as they first thought. Even before they were home they got a call from a major NFL team offering them work as cheerleaders. "We're cheerleaders now!" said Cindy. Because of the restrictions on flying they could only perform at home games but they were delighted to discover the team wanted them to give blowjobs to guests in corporate boxes during the game.

Even better, they were sent a list of community service placements and found out that there was one in which they could volunteer to visit men in prison. "Thank God," said Sindy. "We can still do something to help those poor, poor men!" The girls' first day of community service was on the same day as their first day as NFL cheerleaders, so they decided to save time and wear their cheerleader uniforms to the prison.

The girls were searched by a female guard when they arrived. "I thought this was a prison for men only," Sindy said to the guard as she was frisked. "It is," said the guard. "Then why are you here?" asked Cindy. "I'm a guard." "Oh," said Sindy.

"So it can't be as bad for the prisoners as I thought then. They have you to give them a blowjob." Sindy was surprised by how rough the guard suddenly became with her frisking. She guessed it made sense to search them, but did she really have to slap her? Eventually the girls were led to a room with three chairs in it. There was a prisoner already in the room, shackled around the wrists and ankles. "Fucking hell!" exclaimed the prisoner as they came in. "You're my visitors?" He seemed very pleased to see them.

The girls only had half an hour of visiting time, so they decided to get straight to work. They knelt down side by side at the prisoner's feet and quickly took their tops off and were reaching for his cock when the two guards watching from the corners sprang forward.

"What the fuck are you doing!" they yelled. Cindy and Sindy ignored them and managed to pull the prisoners cock from his pants. It was already hard, and Sindy quickly put it in her mouth while Cindy licked underneath the shaft as the man leant back in his chair, a look of shock in his eyes. Suddenly the guards grabbed both girls, the cock coming out of Sindy's mouth with a pop. "What are you doing?" said Cindy as they were forced to their feet. "Put your tops back on. We are taking you to see the jail governor.

You'll be lucky if you don't do time in jail yourself for this!" "In here?" asked Cindy hopefully as she and her sister put their tops on. "No, of course not," said the guard. They were led to the governor's office where the guards explained what had happened. The guards then left the girls alone with the governor in his office. "What on earth were you thinking?" he asked. "You're here to visit on community service.

To give them moral support, and as a point of contact with the outside world. Not give them a blowjob!" "But that's what we do best," said Cindy. "And they don't get them in here. What kind of silly idea is it to have a separate prison for men and women!" "I know," said Sindy. "We were trying to solve a problem that shouldn't be there. Everyone deserves a blowjob. How would you feel if no-one ever gave you one?" "No-one does," said the governor.

"I've never had one and I'm OK." Cindy and Sindy gasped. "You've never had kinky czech sweetie gapes her narrow vagina to the peculiar blowjob!" said Sindy. "Then you need our help too!" said Cindy. Both girls sank to their knees and crawled underneath his desk. "What are you doing?" he said as they pulled down his zip. He tried to stand but Sindy took hold of his dick and quickly put it in her mouth.

The governor sat back down at once, his hands gripping the arms of his chair as he felt a warm mouth sucking his cock for the first time in his life. "Dear God!" was all he could manage to say as Sindy bobbed her head up and down in his lap, her young eyes looking up at him.

Her sister couldn't get near his balls so she came out from under the desk, took off her top, and pressed her massive natural tits into his face as he sat gasping for breath. "My God!" he said again. "What have I been missing!!" He seemed to give in to the girls now and sucked Cindy's tits hard while gripping her younger sister's hair and forcing her head up and down ever more rapidly.

"Suck that cock, you dirty whore!" he yelled, standing up and thrusting his cock into the depths of Sindy's throat. "Oh I am going to make you swallow it. I'm going to drown you in cum, bitch!" Sindy let him control her head as he yanked it back and small size and crazy uma jolie gets a helping hand and fucked dude by her hair as Cindy rubbed her tits up and down the side of his body.

He pressed forward, pinning Sindy's head between the desk and his thrusting cock so she could not move as the cock choked her.

He thrust in and out until tears were in Sindy's eyes and her chin was thick with spit. He began gasping as his cock twitched. "I'm cumming!" he screamed, his cock buried in her cheek. Sindy looked up at him as the cum spurted into her mouth, thick torrents of cum as if he had been saving it up for years. It was quickly too much for her and even as she swallowed some cum leaked out of her mouth.

Cindy knelt down and licked up the excess cum, the sisters swallowing together as the governor rubbed his cock, still dribbling cum, over the bridge of Sindy's nose. "See," said Sindy. "If colombian latina fucking hard like a pro have men only prisons that can't happen." "Well, it does happen," said the governor. "Just without women." "You mean the men do it to each other!" "They don't have much choice," said the governor.

"But that's why you need to let us in," said Sindy. "It's women's work." "I really should get you to talk to my wife," said the governor. "Won't you let us in?" said Cindy. "They need us!" "If I let you in they'll tear you to pieces!" said the Governor. "You'd be made to suck and fuck until sex toy and hard pounder for a pretty bitch couldn't walk straight!" "Then you'll do it!" exclaimed Sindy.

"No, of course not!" "Well," said Cindy. "Either you let us in or we won't give you another blowjob." "You'd do me again?" "If you let us in, we'd do you every time. Maybe we could make it part of our community service. First we blow you, then you let us into the prison for an hour." "But the guards, they'd tell.

The story would get out. I'd lose my job, my wife, everything." "But you said your wife doesn't blow you. Why are you married to her then? And as for the guards, maybe we could blow them as well." "But some of them are women." "So?" "So they'd tell.

It's not going to happen." "Then we won't blow you either. It's not fair for you to keep all the blowjobs for yourself." The governor looked the girls up and down as if deciding what to do. He squeezed Cindy's tits together; she let him grope her hoping it would make him change his mind. "Alright, alright," he said. "I'll work something out. Maybe I can fix the rosters up so only guards I trust are on. I've got a fair bit of dirt on most of my guards, but you would have to blow them as well." "Of course," smiled Sindy.

"That's what we are here for. Can we start now?" "Jesus, I thought you meant next week. You want to do it now?" "Of course," said Cindy. "Those poor men have been waiting forever." "Um, give me an hour or so.

I'll see what I can do." "Alright," said Cindy. "I know," said Cindy. "While you get it set up you could send up the prisoner we saw before. He probably thinks we were teasing him. I hate to think of anyone thinking that about us." "But, but," said the governor. "You either let us blow him or we tell your wife how mean you were to us," said Sindy.

The governor turned white. "You wouldn't," he said. Sindy saw that this idea seemed to terrify the poor man and she almost promised she wouldn't, but then had an idea. He might do what she wanted if he thought she would tell his wife he had not let her blow a prisoner.

"I would," she said trying to sound convincing. "Either you bring that prisoner up here or I tell your wife you wouldn't let me suck his cock." "But she wouldn't want to suck his cock." "Oh, wouldn't she?" said Sindy. "Well, what if I told her you called me bad names when I sucked your cock.

You called me dirty but I had a shower just this morning." "That's right," said Cindy. "We had one together. It took ages as well because I kept on cumming when Sindy went down on me." "Alright," said the governor. "I'll bring him up here. You can blow him in the office while I get things ready." And within a few minutes Cindy and Sindy were kneeling side by side completely naked while the prisoner stood before them, still shackled but sporting a massive erection as he stared down at the sisters in disbelief.

The girls crawled forward and began to lick the head of his cock, smiling as they looked up at him. Sindy thought it funny how he didn't say anything. If she hadn't heard him speak before, she would have thought he was mute. When Cindy started licking his balls and Sindy took the head of his cock in her mouth the girls saw that his legs started trembling. "Holy shit!" he cried. "Who are you girls!" "Cindy and Sindy," said Cindy, her mouth less busy than her sister.

"We're on community service. They say we caused a plane crash but it wasn't our." Cindy could only guess he had heard about the story in the newspapers because he suddenly stopped her talking by taking his dick out of Sindy's mouth and thrusting it into hers.

Cindy was starting to like it when men thrust in and out of her mouth. It made it so much easier to work out how fast they liked her to go. Sindy meanwhile got off her knees and put her breasts in his bound hands, knowing how much men liked the feel of her tits and realising it must have been very hard for him not to be able to touch them when they were the only ones he had seen for goodness knows how long.

The man gripped them tightly as if he were trying to pull them off while Sindy leant forward and sucked on his nipples. Sindy was surprised to hear him call out that he was cumming. It seemed to be so quick, but when she saw how much cum was in her sister's mouth she realised it must have been a very long time since coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore blowjob had last had a blowjob.

Cindy swallowed the cum, making her sister a little angry with her. "But you didn't give me any," she complained. "I've got more," said the prisoner. "Really," said Sindy. She pushed her sister aside and put the still hard cock into her mouth. She could taste the cum residue as she took the whole shaft into her mouth, furiously sucking the cock. Her sister pulled over a chair and stood on it, waving her breasts in front of the man's face until he took them in his mouth and started sucking.

This time the prisoner had more control and Sindy stayed on her knees sucking for almost an hour, her sister alternating from letting him suck her tits, to kneeling beneath Sindy and licking his balls.

Finally the governor came back into the office, surprised to see the girls still pleasuring the convict. "You better wrap things up prisoner," he said. As if on cue the prisoner started moaning.

"I want it on your faces," he said and the girls pushed their faces together, Sindy sucking him until the last moment before pulling his cock out and letting the cum shoot over her and her sister's faces. The girls then licked each other clean as the prisoner was led away back to his cell.

"I don't know what I did right, governor," he said. "But I fake cop anal fucks natural busty amateur babe policeman and hardcore I'll do it again." "Can we do the others now?" asked Cindy. "You sure about this?" he asked. "Absolutely," said Sindy. "And remember if we don't get to do it, your wife will find out you called us names." With a shrug of his shoulders, the governor watched as the former stewardesses were led away.

Two male guards, with smiles on their faces, led the girls to the main cell block. There were about forty cells on either side of a central walkway and the girls gasped as they saw at least one hundred men all lined up naked in their cells. Their erect penises were sticking out of the bars.

"Jesus H Christ," one of the prisoners yelled. "The governor was serious!" "It's your lucky day fellas," said one of the guards. "These girls are here as community service. You be nice to them." The girls hurried to opposite sides of the prison and dropped to their knees in front of the first cock in the line. "Sweet mother of God!" cried Cindy's man. "Fuck me!" said Sindy's. "She's got a mouth like a suction cup!" Sindy and Cindy quickly blew their way down the line.

They found that each time they swallowed a load and moved on, the next cock was harder than the last. "It must be because they are watching us blow the other guys," thought Cindy. "They are so excited that by the time it is their go they don't last two minutes." After the tenth guy blew his load almost as soon as the cock touched her mouth Cindy decided to change her approach.

She pushed her tits around the next guy and rubbed his cock between them, trying to slow him down so he could last longer. It seemed to backfire though as he cried out even before she had it in her mouth and cum sprayed out of his cock all over her tits. "It's going too fast," Cindy called out to Sindy. "I have an idea," said Sindy. "When we've done everyone on our side we'll swap and give them another go!" "Great idea!" said Cindy. From the strange excited sounds the men made Cindy and Sindy knew the men must have liked that idea as well.

So the girls made their way down the line of caged men, sucking as hard and deep as they could, knowing that it didn't matter if the guy came as there was always round 2.

"I know," said Cindy when the girls finished round 1 together. "Let's make round 2 a race. First one to finish their line gets to eat the other's pussy tonight!" Without answering Sindy swallowed the cum in her mouth and ran down the line to the first man, whose cock was hard and desperate for more attention.

Sindy realised that another blowjob might not be as interesting for the men. Instead she turned around and bent over in front of the bars.

The man reached through and grabbed her hips, dragging her into the cold metal bars before pushing his cock into her pussy. "Oh I want to fuck you as well, bitch!" cried Cindy's man and Cindy copied her sister, bending over before him. The girls now faced each other across the walkway, watching each other's tits fly back and forth as the prisoners fucked them from behind.

Cindy's man came first, his cum exploding into her pussy. Staying bent over, she shuffled along to the next cock as Sindy felt her man pull out and cum all over her arse.

The thick mature woman fucked by twguys girls made their way slowly up the line, their breasts slamming back and forth as the prisoners split their pussies open with their hard thrusting cocks. The girls reached the end of the line together, their backs, arses and pussies glistening with cum. They smiled across at one another as the sound of their slapping tits echoed through the prison cells as the final two men pounded them from behind.

"I love you Cindy," said Sindy. "I love you too," said Cindy. The men came at the same time and the girls ran to each other and embraced as their race ended in a draw. As the men whistled and cheered the two newly appointed cheerleaders licked the cum from one another's bodies and quickly fell into a 69 position, giving each other head in front of the applauding prisoners. The girls came over each other then stood and bowed to the prisoners as the guards came to take them away.

"Same time tomorrow," called Sindy and the prisoners screamed their approval. The guards led the girls out of the cell block and into a corridor where twenty guards were waiting, naked from the waist down and slowly wanking their cocks. "Our turn now," said a guard. "Oh thank God," said Sindy. "I thought you had forgotten!"