Esposa putísima le hacen doble penetración tube porn

Esposa putísima le hacen doble penetración tube porn
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I woke up a little early today with a huge hard on instead of jacking off into one of my socks i chose to keep it for carolyn later. I get up walk down the hall look in my moms room shes already up.

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I go down stairs and sit on the couch when my mom walks in the room wearing her panties and bra she smiles at me when she sees me checking her out and says "hey sweetie hope you dont mind me walking around today in my underwear." i smile "no its fine" she winks at me then sits in the chair in front of me.

I sit there staring at her body and realize this is one of the first times ive actually been turned on by my mom. I ve heard my friends all say my mom is hot but i always thought they were just joking but now i actually notice her fit body with big tits big tight ass and she is really tan and it turns me on.

I sit there staring at her when she turns around looks at me and smiles "looks like someones a little happy" I look down and notice what she is talking about i immediatlly pretty teen babe deepthroats and gets screwed hard and deep my legs emberessed. She smiles again and says "baby am i getting you hard?" she winks. I blush and give a slight smile "No!" she looks me in the eyes "hahah its okay if i did." I say "no its not your my mom" she smiles "yeah but im in my panties, i know your friends would kill to see me like this they are always checking me out." i look at her and smile then watch tv.

She get up out the chair and comes over to me she sits down right next to me and looks at my shorts and says "if you want you can relieve yourself, i wont mind" she smiles big. I look at her perfect teeth and big beautiful lips and cant resist i jump forward and kiss her hard on the mouth.

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As soon as she realizes whats happening she pushes me off and yells "what are you doing!" i look at her and say "i want you so bad right now" she smirks " baby im your mom we cant do this" i look her in the eyes "i know but im so horny" she giggles and ssys to me " baby if you want i can give xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 a hand job to relieve you" i look at her smile and ask "really?" she says " your my only son and i would do anything to make you happy" i smile at her " i love you" she smirks then puts her hand on my upper thigh i lay back and just watch her hand.

Then she moves up and puts her hand under my shirt she smiles an says "Damn baby your body is so fit" i smile an say " so is yours mom." She moves her hand down untill she gets in my shorts then she wraps her soft hand around my bulging hard dick. I look at her body then back down at my shorts.


She smiles "baby your cock is so big" i smile and just watch her. She gets up and slowly pulls my shorts down untill my dick flings out.

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She stops and just looks at it for a minute then she sits back down next to me smiles then reaches out and grabs my cock.

She slowly moves her hand down the shaft to the base of my penis then back up. After stroking it a few times she takes her other hand and touches my ball sac it feels so good when she does it that i moan "mmm yes mommy!" she smiles and looks me in the face then continues to stroke my hard cock.

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While im sitting there watching her jerking me off and staring at her sexy body i decide to finger her. I reach my hand out and lrub her wet panties she immediatlly moans and smiles at me, so i continue i move her panties out the way then i ram my fingers deep inside her pussy she moans loud " mmmm baby!" i smile cause i know she loves it then i push in and out she stops jerking me and lays back moaning i start to finger her faster and faster and say " mmmm mommy do you like this?" She yells " yyes!" then she screams "im cumminggggg !" as her juices start squirting out her pussy all over my hand and shivers of pleasue go thru her beautiful body.

I wondering what she taste like licks my hand to taste her sweet juice. I licked most of it off while she watched smiling. Then she sat up said "sit back" i laid back then she bent down and engulfed the tip of my dick inside her mouth she started to suck and blow my penis. I stared at her she was moaning mmmmm mmm mmmmm i watched her go up and down on it licking it over and over she even sucked my sac for a second when i grabbed it and said " im really close" she smile i stood up and she kneed under my cock with her mouth open.

I stared at her for a minute thinking "wow my mom is on her knees giving me a blowjob!" I bent down one quick time and kissed her big tit country milf rides cock bts mouth she licked all over my tongue then i stood back up and said" i love you so much" then i grabbed my cock and jerked on it for a second untill i shot string after string of my hot white cum in her mouth she smiled at me then showed me it on her tongue then she swallowed.

I pulled up my shorts and sat down she got up and went up to change. She came back down wearing a white tank top with no bra on and sexy jean short shorts. She sat down next to me on the couch, i put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her on me i smiled and kissed her hard then laid her on my chest.


She laid there watching tv i move her hair off to the side so i can get a clear view of her neck and face. I slowly start kissing her neck and sucking on it while she watched tv. I stopped kissing her neck for a second to say "mom that was great thank you" then i kissed her ear she giggle lightly and said " im happy to give you pleasure, son" I smile and say " i love you".

she says " i should be thanking you, whered you learn to finger like that?" I laughed a little then said "i dont know i guess watching porn." she giggled i laid my hand on her ass and just rubbed it for awhile untill i see she is sleeping then i lay back and fall asleep too.