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REBEL AND CD TINA I have only submitted 2 stories previously, which were received with mixed reviews.


I hope to be more careful in my spelling and grammar, I apologise in advance if it isn't perfect. I was about 12 when my dad bought an Alsatian to help look after his pigeons which were his pride and joy, rebel stayed in dads pigeon loft for some weeks so we hardly ever seen him.

I asked my dad if I could go with him 1001 cumshots i have not counted them see the pigeons as it had been a while since I had done so, dad was happy enough to take me as he knew I showed a keen interest in his birds.

We arrived about lunch time, and dad had a few sandwiches and a flask of tea for us to eat in the afternoon. He opened the padlocked door to his pigeon loft and we walked in, there were feathers everywhere, rebel had been to get to the pigeons and had some success with about six of them, dad went crazy, he grabbed rebel by the collar and shook him hard, he put his lead on and shouted that's fucking enough that's the last he will harm my birds, I took it he meant to put the dog down.

I said to dad, don't kill him dad, let him come home with us, we can have him as a pet, dad was reluctant, he told me to go outside, he tied the dog to a post and came over and sat across from me.

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I asked for a sandwich and tea, hoping to calm dad down, which he did, he was never a man with a temper. After some food he chatted away as normal and said we could maybe try rebel at home, but only if mum agreed, and that the first sign of rebel even trying to bite anyone, then he barely legal teen gets pumped full of cum gone, I agreed to this making all sorts of promises to walk, train, and bathe him, dad laughed and said ye ye we will see how long that will last.

When dad spoke to mum she was happy enough about it, so next day dad went and collected rebel, I was so excited I stood at the end of the garden waiting for them, dad arrived and brought rebel into the house, he let him off the lead to see how he would behave, rebel just lay down near the fireplace and looked up at dad as if knowing he had to behave. After dinner I took him for a long walk in the near by woods, this seemed to tire him out, we went home and my parents must have been talking about us, dad said right son rebel can sleep in the kitchen floor I have put a blanket down for him, I was not happy, abut I stammered, I thought he could sleep in my room, I don't think so son just in case, awe please dad please.

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Dad looked at mum and mum just nodded, ok dad said one night to try it but I will be keeping my ears open. I went for a bath put my jammies on, and said goodnight, jeees said dad that's a first, ready and willing for bed already huh, yep I said, c'mon rebel, he started running around me excited, I think he must have thought he was going out for another walk, I led him upstairs to my room and showed him the blanket I had fixed and fluffed for him, he lay down and I jumped into bed, the walk earlier must have tired memore than rebel because I must have fallen asleep, I woke with a wet feeling on my face and there was rebel at the side of the bed shy cute amateur girl loves to flirt pornstars hardcore away at me.

I glanced at the window, it was still dark, when I looked at the clock it was almost 2 am, shhh rebel they will hear is rebel was still licking but also whining, I said here boy come in here and pulled the cover back, when he got in bed with me I covered him over to muffle the whines. He lay there beside me almost face to face and still licking which I began to enjoy, I began petting him and stroking his lovely short and shiny coat, I began rubbing his tummy which he seemed to enjoy, as I did so I accidentally touched his sheath which kind of startled me because I didn't really know what this was.

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I had a look under the covers but it was too dark to see, so I just continued, the next time I rubbed against his sheath I felt something wet, I put my hand on it and realised it was his thingy, I kept rubbing him and deliberately touching his thing. I noticed his breathing was becoming heavier when I was touching it, so decided to keep my hand on it, and play a little.

I Have played with my own quite a lot recently and know what wankingand Cumming are but I didn't realise dogs were the same like that any way.


By this time I was getting a bit hard also and put my other hand down inside my jammies and felt my own cock, mmm this is nice Gorgeous little kitten gets her narrow pussy and petite anus screwed thought, rebel was lying there still panting, his cock was now wet with pre cum and I had my own starting to form, ok I thought lets see what we can do here rebel, I pulled back the covers, exposing us both, I could make out his cock in the light that was no coming through my curtains, and his cock was big, much bigger than mine.

I knelt up so I could get a better look and grip on him, so while I was pumping my hand over his pink veiny cock I didn't notice his nose getting closer to my cock, I felt his cold tongue for the first time, it lapped over by balls which back then were nice secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob firm, it felt wonderful so I turned a little to give him access to my balls and cock, he was licking like crazy, and I pulled my foreskin back a little to let him lick the pre cum off the tip.

Oh what the heck I thought, why not do the same for rebel, after all he has the same bits as me, I leaned over and stuck the tip of my tongue on his cock, then pulled back in fear of him biting me, but he just lay there oozing white clear liquid, mm nice I though, he has lots of pre cum, I got back down and started licking and sucking on his cock, all the while he was pumping his pre cum in my mouth, which I now know was his actual cum, after several minutes of this, rebel squirmed and I pulled my mouth from his cock, he stood up and went behind me, I though he was finished, but he began sniffing at my butt, again this was all new, exciting but new, I let me legs open slightly to let him sniff around, when I felt his tongue touch my bum hole, wood was all I could whisper I parted my legsput my head on a pillow and raise dup for him to lap away, I was almost coming, I slid a hand under me and started winking off, and a few more laps of rebels tongue and whoosh I was Cumming, harder than I have ever done in the short time I have been winking, rebel came over to my deflated little cock and licked the cum of it, this was nice and also saved me getting up to clean myself.

When we went down for breakfast mum and dad asked how things went, ohm arm fine thanks, rebel was a good boy he slept right through I looked at rebel and gave a little smile. I turned back to eat breakfast and mum caught my eye, when I looked at her she gave me little wry smile, and said yes darling I'm sure he was. Thank you for taking the time to read this story and hopefully you might want an other instalment of it