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There were only 36 of them left. Well 35 as one was the dark council's champion. The fact that they were freakishly strong compared to the rest that he had faced here wasn't lost on him either. Alan watched as the last of the ash or dust blew away the remnants of the last one of the five he had faced.

Shaking his head he had to admit once they went evil, it obviously sucked all the intelligence out of them, really just how stupid could you get? Thinking you could defeat a far superior force even with help?

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Thinking a moment more Alan was really at a loss as to who was killing these mages; it wasn't the others, they might be bad, but they were fiercely loyal to each other and the council. There were only two white mages on the planet, and as far as he knew Merlin was still low level or was he? There really was something odd about the man and Alan needed to get answers before this went any further. Appearing back at the sanctuary Alan decided that NOW was the time to talk to Merlin. Walking in Alan was a little surprised when he saw that Merlin was not only awake but waiting on him.

"I knew when I started this that you weren't stupid, I just thought it might take you a little longer to figure it out so that I had more time." Merlin told Alan kzlk bozma storylar izle izle a heavy sigh.

"More time? More time for what?" Alan asked an even more perplexed look on his face. "More time to get my power higher, I have felt so useless for so long my power at such a low level. As you know there are several levels of power. Those that are low just above apprentices, then the mid range, a high range, then of course there is what I have deemed an ultra range.

For many years I have tried to raise my power to be of more use, but alas failing each time. That is 'til I met you." Merlin explained.

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"'Til you met me? What makes me so different from others?" Alan asked a look of concentration on his face. "There are ways to grow ones power but as of yet I have not discovered any.

You my dear boy have a natural ability to increase your powers each time you use them. As I said there are those four levels each is divided into three parts of their own.

When I first saw you, you were as high in the high range as you could go. You have since moved passed that into the ultra range and I'd say that you are almost halfway through that now." Merlin went on. "Alright so what has all this have to do with your power?" Alan asked.

"Yes, right, I have always had an ability to ape or copy another's power if it was within my level. When you first released me I felt your power growing ability, at first I tried to copy it. I found it took all I had in order to do that after a few tries. The most amazing thing I have found was that when I started to use my power again they started to grow!

After I executed the first dark mage I felt my power move into the mid range for the first time in my life. So I kept practising very, very slowly I built them up. After the second the other day I discovered that I was forming new abilities! I have never been able to thought move, now I can for several miles." Merlin had lowered his head.

"That explains why you slept so long it took a lot out of you I know that for a fact it always does. As the power increases so does the demand on the body 'til the body grows used to it." Alan told the man. "I apologize for copying your power, I so desperately wish to return home to my Queen Glimmer, I have missed her so over the centuries.

I am willing to do almost anything to make that happen, but to you a fellow white mage I do apologize." Merlin told Alan his head still bent low. "I have seen your Sex porn sex japan black fuck Glimmer; I can understand, believe me, I would be the same way about Hopix as I love her with all my heart." Alan said as Merlin smiled funny, a gleam in his eye that wasn't lost on Alan.

Hopix had been in the great common room and was just returning when she heard Alan's confession about her to Merlin! Her mouth dropped open he loved her with all his heart!?

She thought he was only just beginning to love her! Her heart soaring she stopped and just listened to the discussion as they went on. "Merlin, I made a promise to your Queen Glimmer that I would find you and return with you. It is a promise I intend to keep, for now I hold all the cards I intend to keep it that way." Alan told a now shocked Merlin. "So tell me Merlin, just how high are your abilities now?" "As I said I had already moved into the mid range, and have been slowly building.

The last I looked I was almost as high as I could go in the mid range. The higher levels are taking much longer as I find that I haven't given my body sufficient time to adjust, yet I was hoping that I could get high enough to actually be of aid to you." Merlin explained sadly. Alan had been nodding throughout Merlin's explanation, "We need to keep your levels a secret, and that means by everyone Hopix." Alan said with a smile, Hopix's head slowly eased around the doorway.

Her mouth hanging open Hopix was slowly advancing into the room. "But how.?" She started. "As you heard my abilities have been increasing, lately I have tried to always know where you are. You mean far more to me than you at first thought." Here Alan smiled at Hopix giving her a warm feeling deep in her chest that she loved. Turning back to Merlin Alan smiled, "I am sure just the fact that hot tory likes her some anal pounding can thought-move will be more than a little help.

I am afraid that after these last five died that they won't come after me in mass anymore. We are going to have to go after them each separately. It might take a while they are the strongest and probably the smartest." Merlin was shocked that Alan wasn't mad; had it been him he might have lost it feeling violated somewhat. Nodding his head, yes this man Alan was a rare find, looking over at Hopix he was definitely glad that he and she had finally gotten together. Then again Alan and she hadn't had sex yet, holy shit!

Merlin smiled inside Alan was in for a real eye opener when that happened. Sex was one thing but with a Fairixie it brought a whole new meaning to the phrase soul mate! The little smiles Alan saw Merlin try to hide when he looked at him and Hopix wasn't lost on him either. There was a definite connection between a human and Fairixie that he had yet to realize, soon he thought after this he and Hopix would be united.

Alan felt that the type of union they were going to have was the type that many dreamed of but few ever found. Shaking his head Alan decided help or not he needed to finish this and soon, Hopix's body was beginning to drive him crazy the closer she was.

"I want you to stay here and work on your abilities; if and only IF you reach a higher level do I want you to even consider stepping out of this sanctuary. I mean it Merlin; I didn't come all this way just for you to get killed when I have almost cleared the planet." Alan told Merlin sternly. Sighing Merlin nodded he might have higher power but as far as his body was concerned he was still a weak mage trying to get by.

"Alright, I'll try but this sitting here is killing me, I came here all those years ago to try and free this world. Alan they have a secret that you might find helpful later on.

I was just starting to gain their confidence when I was betrayed!" Merlin growled a look of hurt on his face. Nodding Alan and Hopix walked out and headed toward the surface, they needed to clear this planet soon. Alan could feel that the people were almost broken even those he'd freed were still in a vein of mind that this too would pass and they would be slaves again. Sighing all Alan could see was an almost repeat of the Tribocs it had taken the intervention of one of Queen Glimmer's people to open up their hearts enough for him to help them.


He most definitely didn't want that to happen here. Looking over at Hopix Alan nodded and they both made their way to the next or weakest of these left. Two sets of eyes watched as they left, one a soon to be great ally, another a great enemy only interested in the death of Alan and Hopix. They finally arrived at the place Alan guessed you would call it. Though to him it seemed as almost all of where the dark mages stayed were just dung heaps. Firing off a few bolts Alan awaited the eventual screaming he knew would come.

There was a rushing of power toward them then an almost ghostly apparition appeared in front of Alan, 'hmmmm this was different!' "You dare to come here and insult me and my home? You are indeed as brash as the others said you were. No matter I have more than sufficient power to end your meddling here and now!" With that the apparition tried to surround him and take all the air from the space between it and Alan.

Most definitely different! Finally an enemy that was original and not the same old thing! "As much as I am enjoying your company, I think it's time you left this world. I'll offer you the same deal as I did the others." Alan told the ghost like mage. "It matters not! Within moments you will be dead and then neither of us will have to worry about it!" The apparition told Alan.

Sighing and shaking his head Alan waved rare story massage fuck best hand and blew a hole in the wall that was in front of him.

Screaming the ghost creature was trying to seal the hole when Alan told it, "Now about the deal. Just give up and leave, there will be no retaliation stay and well I'll have to kill you though I really don't want to." The apparition stopped and stared at Alan, "You really don't know who you are up against with the dark council do you?" Alan was shocked this was the first time a bad guy had actually stopped and talked unlike so many.

"To surrender, to give up like you say may seem a simple thing to you but to all that now are in service to them it isn't. Many actually sign their lives to the council; to go against them says that they are free for the council to take.

They actually OWN most of those that serve them, most not all. Even those they do not own are bound in some way to them. No matter what you say you can do, the dark council has a way to get past it and take all they are. So when they say they can't or won't they really mean it." The ghost creature explained to him. "Thank you, I guess I was being a little naive thinking I could turn them but it is a dream that I could at least save one." Alan told the creature a great sadness permeating his voice.

Bowing to the creature Alan said, "I thank you are the first truly honorable one of the dark mages I have met." A wicked smile crossed its face as several bolts shot out of hiding behind Alan striking his shield. Nodding Alan's anger started to rise. Three of those behind him were suddenly fireballs of death each screaming in terror as they died.


The fourth laughed wickedly as it bounced the spell back at Alan. Alan's eyes opened wide, hmmm so they were finally starting to learn! Alan extended a hand and absorbed the spell that was flying toward him.

The wicked smile on the face of the fourth quickly faded, as it repositioned itself for better protection. The first had tried to flash out and found that it was effectively frozen to the spot it had appeared in. Alan smiled and waggled a finger at it then turned toward the fourth.

"You are the first to actually use your head. It is almost a shame to destroy you." Alan told the almost human-ant hybrid type creature. Again a wicked grin crossed its face as several almost appendage like, thick roots broke the ground below Alan latching onto his arms and legs.

Laughing wickedly the fourth slutty emo babe gets boned and jizzed on upon Alan, with a smile of his own Alan just nodded and broke the roots, then shot the fourth with several electric bolts. Screaming the dark mage had managed to erect a weak shield but it, like he, was dying rather quickly. Alan felt the first try to break free but Alan again waggled a finger at it without turning.

Finally Alan pushed harder toward the fourth; finally the electrical bolts began to lick at the skin of it. Then there was the distinct smell of roasting flesh as the fourth was enveloped in the flames that were starting to erupt from where the bolts were actually touching the skin. Growling Alan turned toward the first, "ALL OF YOU! EVERY ONE OF YOU!" Alan was yelling then calmed a moment, "I can finally feel the balance shifting on this world.

Almost 3/4 of the power that has held this world prisoner is gone. Once I have rid it of you I think the light council may be able to return here. I was going to give you a choice of how you died, but too bad!" A bolt shot from Alan's hands striking the first slowly part of it froze then even slower crept up its body. "You should be dead soon but I hope you enjoy this creeping freezing death good bye!" Alan gathered Hopix and with a last look at the ghost apparition as a part of it broke off eliciting a scream, flashed out not far away.

Concentrating Alan had to be ready he could already feel the tens of thousands that were heading his way. Well he thought that was 70 of them but I am afraid that the last 30 would be the worst, and then there was the champion.

Shaking his head Alan had already started to raise a large city this was going to be the biggest yet, he could feel upwards of 100,000 coming his way but then again just how many would actually want to be helped? An hour later the city had been finished and the first of those that would occupy it were starting to arrive. Having learned the last time Alan waited 'til there was a great number then shot out the same wave as before.

Smiling he saw that all of these here truly wanted help. Another two hours later, saw Alan starting to get frustrated, after the first 10 or 20 thousand it had started to split 50/50. Sighing now nine out of every ten didn't want the help The last bunch were approaching Alan was starting to grow tired he'd saved quite a few but there were so many left he had to develop a better way of doing this.

At three hours he was finally finished of the 105,000 that had appeared only 75,000 had accepted his help less than 3/4 but still the greatest amount free on the planet in one place. Alan and Hopix returned to the sanctuary, Alan took a step toward the door and started to fall; thankfully Merlin was there and had managed to catch him before he was eating dirt.

Inside Alan was laying on his pallet Hopix beside him unwilling to leave his side. "I have felt the balance start to shift here," Merlin told him. "I believe that the Lobrits are feeling it also. You have done an extraordinary job Alan. I know you are tired, I know you want to go home with Hopix; we all have confidence in you.

Xxxe kajal x story sex stories remember that there are far more for you than against you. Of the first three places you opened for the Lobrits I feel that those people are finally back to what they were, and the second they are almost there. The third you just finished they are already trying to set up government I feel the whole attitude of the people here is starting to change.

Finally the dream Strip poker foursome chicks happy dick stockings and athletic had all those centuries ago is coming to fruition. Thank you Alan thank you so much!" Alan nodded, he was too tired after today to argue or ask questions, reaching over he gently caressed Hopix's face god he loved her!


He had to finish this he had to, he'd waited all his life for a woman like Hopix and he wasn't about to lose her now! As the fatigue finally took him Alan kissed her hand, and then was asleep. Merlin walked up to Alan extending his hands then nodded, Alan would be out completely for at least two hours more than enough to talk to Hopix. "So when are you going to tell him?" Merlin asked a startled Hopix.

"Tell him? Whatever do you mean?" Hopix said feigning ignorance. "Have you forgotten just who I am?" Dressed up and no one to blow striptease pornstars asked, "especially now with the increases that I have made?" "No I haven't forgotten but right now it would be more than a distraction to him, he has felt so strong about this he has felt it is only a small thing to repay Glimmer and our planet.

He has as strong a sense of duty as you do," Hopix told Merlin. "I realize this, but child you have to tell him soon, especially with the two of you being joined soon.

Don't you think he deserves to know? I know I would though in my case I would become exceedingly angry, but I don't think this is the case for Alan." Merlin told her staring at Hopix trying to gauge her reaction.

Then he was shaking his head damn but these Fairixies were a hard race to read! It had taken well over 100 years to tell when his Glimmer had been joking or serious, rubbing his side he smiled that had been rough enough! "You and he are so much the same and different, Queen Glimmer almost refused to allow him to come.

He somehow convinced her but I think she was thinking more of me than herself." Hopix told him. Sighing Merlin nodded he knew his Glimmer all too well as she did him, were there really no chance she would have tried with all she had to stop Alan.

Looking at Alan with a new respect she had obviously seen something in the man that he hadn't, then again he'd seen some that he knew that Glimmer never would have. "Alan is the first in a very long time that I found could actually do this job.

The fact that he loves me as I do him is of course an added bonus." Hopix added matter-of-factly. "NO! It is far more than that and you know it damn it!" Merlin suddenly shouted then reigned in his emotions. "You have to tell him BEFORE your joining if you wait I MAY have to tell him!" Xxx mom share his bad threatened.

"No please!" Hopix begged tears falling from her eyes. "I will tell him, but I am afraid that I will lose him when I do." Hopix said fresh tears falling anew from her eyes. "I cannot lose him." Hopix was whispering. "My dear," Merlin told her his face and voice softening, "if you don't tell him soon you WILL lose him ok?" Hopix nodded she really hoped that Merlin was right she was so deeply in love with Alan she felt that if he rejected her she would quite literally die.

Merlin watched Hopix as she laid her head on Alan's chest he could feel the bond now, that meant he was finally into the higher range, Fat lot of good it did him now! Sighing he hadn't meant to upset Hopix but the truth needed to be known, especially with as strong a bond as they had. The same that he and Glimmer had thank the stars he could still feel her and had all the time he was in the saving chamber.