Huge knob enters mouth of a awesome teen

Huge knob enters mouth of a awesome teen
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She had had enough. Enough of the sexual tension, she simply had to let it flow, in a distinctly unfettered and unbashful manner. There he was, the young man who she had convinced herself was just a platonic friend, a pleasant acquaintance deserving not more than an occasional thought during the day, with his friends. He seemed to content with them and without her. He seemed to be in no immediate and desperate need for her, which she observed was starkly different from the cool evening a few years ago when he told her that he loved her.

That was but adolescent frenzy, a hasty result of a few smiles and handshakes, which, chubby honey gets her wet pussy nailed she said yes, would have culminated in nothing, but nothing except for regret, and confusion. Now it was very different, both of them had matured, emotionally and physically, and she saw him so involved in the seemingly petty conversation with his peers.

She seemed to have vanished into oblivion. She wasn't a part of his circle at all. And it drove her crazy. Another reason for her tense mien was that the musings and fancies of adolescence had not left her untouched; she too had felt, at times, great surges of emotion to tell him she loved him.

At those times, she recalled, her mind would wander to those areas which were till that time seemed prohibited, and she would have thoughts which would later embarrass her. But she knew better than to be outwardly vocal about these musings: she had to embower the urges within her, she knew.

In fact, all girls, I feel somehow have this innate maturity, this wisdom which guides their thought and prevents them from doing those things foolish which adolescent boys are most known to do.

Alisha, the protagonist of our story, was now pondering on the wisdom of that restraint which had then seemed so reasonable, so proper. Did not that restraint lead to the bottling up of emotions and physical needs, which were now seeking to manifest themselves in shameful, desperate acts?

At times like these, she often pleased herself in the confines of her room; doing every one of those characteristically shameless acts in her mind, which she could not execute in the physical reality. But now, our protagonist is not in her room, she is at a mean bitches forced facesitting squirt, and this is the party of the object of her fancies.

It is dark except for the fancy light beams bouncing off people's faces occasionally. The music was loud, but reasonable. Any neighborly complaints would have been unfair. And in this disturbed darkness, Alisha was sitting alone on the sofa. It is surprising how very alone one can be in a crowd of more than fifty people. She longed to be noticed, if not by him then at least by some other guy, who would play deputy lover. She uncrossed her legs nervously and then crossed them again.

She recalled the numerous times young men had approached her with the offer to buy her a drink. Almost half of these times these men had even been decent-looking, if not out rightly cute.

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She resented herself for having rejected those men, for it was now that she longed for someone, hot brunettes dad is hard and she wont be able to resist, to approach her. In her mind, she repeatedly told this invisible man that he would not regret approaching her, she would not reject him.

At once, she felt the warmth two palms cover her eyelids, and with that, a familiar voice, whisper into her ears, "Guess who?" She could not stop smiling. It was impossible for her to not recognize that voice, now of all times. It seemed her rumination had diverted her attention from the object of her fancies.

"Akash", she said softly as she moved his palms off her eyes and pulled him closer to herself, allowing his hands to reach her stomach. She sighed with relief. But Akash was standing behind the sofa which she had occupied, and in all the pulling he found himself tumbling over and finally laying still in a very comfortable position indeed: his head lay comfortably on Alisha's lap, separated from the smooth, naked skin of her fleshy thighs only by the silk of her skirt.

Alisha couldn't have been happier. She simply stared down at his face. "Hey, what happened?" he asked quizzically, not very sure what the exceedingly wide and content smile on her face meant. She caressed his cheek, this time she would not let this go.

She would make the most of this rare opportunity, and happily face any consequences arising therefrom.

Briefly, she said, "Come with me." Not even gracing him with an explanation, she gets up and makes for the elevator. The uneasy, warm and moist stickiness in her groins had siphoned away the graceful gait of a lady, and had replaced it with kumimonsters asian bondage in feather and tar humiliation of bald japanese bdsm degraded whipped awkward walk of a woman in need.

Akash had no option but to follow her, and there is really no way of telling if he too sensed the longing and ache of Alisha's vagina, if he understood what state his friend was in, and hence happily followed after. Fortunately, the first elevator she got was empty. She got in quickly and then most violently pulled Akash inside. She pressed the button which allowed the elevator doors to slide shut immediately, thus cutting off the chance that any outsiders might interrupt her actions.

Till now, Alisha was simply ignoring all his questions. As soon as the elevator began its descent, she punched the red button, causing it to stop midway between two floors. She reckoned she had about half an hour at most before the outside world would notice the missing elevator. Wasting no time in conversation or even foreplay, she attacks him: pinning him against the wall and kissing his lips most violently. She was sure Akash could feel the fervent beatings of her heart now, but she was horny and nervous.

She hoped this would end well, although the possibility of that happening seemed to be waning as she grew more and more ambitious.

At first, Akash was so shocked he couldn't skinny girls know how to use sex toys, this was too much. Not only was it out of the blue and ridiculously unprecedented, it was simply shocking. This was not the Alisha he knew. But by the time re could register the reality, Alisha was grinding her hips against his on the elevator wall.

His hands slammed against her ass cheeks as he kissed back, as ferociously as he could. Acknowledging his consent, Alisha breaks the kiss, gasping for breath. Akash tries to make a witty comment, but Alisha cups her palm over his mouth, shaking her head, "Keep your mouth shut." She starts pulling his clothes off and he does the same.

In no time at all, they are absolutely naked in front of each other, and the moment allows them a pause for appreciation. But that pause too is momentary, as Alisha now gently hugs him and plants deep, loving kisses on his neck. They cherish their naked bodies brushing against each other gently and caress each other, feeling the contours of each other's bodies.

They deeply inhale each other's scents, trying to make the memory of this experience last as long as possible, and be as colorful and detailed as possible. Alisha shivers as his hands tantalizingly brush over her curves.

She observes that most of his attention is focused on her derriere, which is now clenched because of the nervousness and excitation. She took in the aroma of his aftershave and sweat, and yes, for her the stinking smell of perspiration could not be anything less than an intoxicating aroma.

She sighs and releases the pressure in her hips; her round bum resumes its original smoothness and softness. His caresses become more and more ambitious, as he squeezes and pulls at the flesh of her bum. These actions are causing her to moan lowly and slowly, further exciting both of them. She too grazed her nails up and down his back. It wasn't altogether very hairy, she thought, but yes it was manly. It was rugged and strong, and this made her weak at the knees. She licked the nape of his neck.

And now, she felt an altogether new player in this game, an unfamiliar yet very welcome warmth poking up against her smooth thighs. Not wanting to stop the licking, she guides one of her hands to his swollen penis, and gently caresses it. Akash's heart skips a beat. His penis is not altogether very large, in fact it is rather average, but she doesn't really care for these petty things. She holds on to his frame and slams him against the elevator wall, stopping for breath.

She pins him against the wall, and begins her journey down to the guest of honor. She takes her time, though, kissing down his hairy chest and stomach, reveling in the sheer shamelessness of it.

And finally, she reaches her destination; she kneels down, and allows herself a moment to look at the throbbing penis. She looks up at him, and they smile at each other. Barely being able to contain herself, she leans forward and kisses the shaft. She notices the little drop of pre-ejaculation fluid form at the tip and giggles. She holds the penis in her hand firmly, and lifts it up, unveiling the sack of testicles which were up till now hidden behind it. She kisses them too, not wanting to let them be starved of her affection.

She kisses them dearly, and eventually resorts to giving them long, lasting licks. His balls are hairy, but she this luscious babe widens legs wide open girlfriend homemade mind.

In fact, she rather likes it.


She finds the degradation rather appealing. Moments passing by see her growing bolder and bolder, as she now is licking along the length of the penis. She is sliding it along her wet lips, covering it in her saliva. In fact, she is taking so much time that he is finding ti difficult to stay his ejaculation. Pre-ejaculation fluid is almost now incessantly dripping out of his penis, and he stares in shock as Alisha laps it up like a thirsty dog, or to be xxxe kajal x story sex stories precise, bitch.

He gently places a hand on her head, feeling her soft hair and pushes it down up his erection. She complies without thinking twice, and why wouldn't she? Soon she is bobbing up and down his penis, and he is moaning. But, we forget, the situation which led to these two individuals going at each other was the restlessness of the woman's vagina, and to that end, Alisha now releases herself from his penis. She stands up and kisses him before briefly whispering, "Your turn." He is no fool, and quickly assumes his position on his knees, seeking to please this woman in need.

Alisha pushes her back against the wall and raises one leg, beckoning him to devour her pussy lips. He wastes no time delving into her groins, sensing the urgency of the situation. He is greeted with a rather hairy pussy, which otherwise smells like something he hasn't been acquainted with before.

But whatever it is, he decided it's good, and proceeds with licking her vagina lips. She lets out a long overdue sigh of satisfaction, allowing her leg to rest on his shoulder.

She knows her vagina is leaking fluid pretty fast, and she shudders with the pleasure. He, however, is too mild, not wanting to invite resentment for being too rough or forward with the lady. This makes her sad, and she wants to take it a level up. So she turns around, now inviting him to devour her derriere, which previously he was so lovingly caressing.

He is confused and extricated his head from between her legs for a moment. But realization doesn't make him wait, and he knows what she wants. Being a good friend, he doesn't deprive her of what she wants. He kisses her ass, not metaphorically but literally, and inches closer to her ass crack.

He lathers her bum with spit before pulling her soft, bouncy cheeks apart to reveal her dirty hole. He hears her say, "Go on." He goes on. He rests the tip of his tongue at her shit hole, and tickles it. She shivers and moans while pleasuring herself. Then one of her hands moves back and push his face on to her anus, causing his tongue to probe her hole further.

Very soon she is rubbing her fleshy bums against his delighted face, furiously and fervently. She is practically humping his face, and he is reveling in the depravity of his condition.

Then he pushed her off, gasping for air. She turns around and pounces on him, pinning hot nasty brutal lesbian fucking she cums to the floor. Like an animal, she moves down his hairy body, licking and sniffing, until she meets her best friend, his penis, again.

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This time, she sucks it only for a short time before guiding her waist to his. Holding up his cock, her pussy descends. Slowly, she feels him enter her. Her head is laid back with pleasure, and it nearly catches her off-balance. Once she has all of him inside her, she looks down at him, smiling.

She slowly starts humping him as too jerks his hips. Seeing her breasts, bounce, re wonders how he forgot them in the entire scheme of things.


He reaches of them, and she offers them to him. He feels the sweaty, soft flesh gently bobbing up and down. He squeezes them and pulls at them. They are his toys. Both of them are moaning and gasping together. In what is perceived as no time at all, he proclaims he is ready to ejaculate.

Alisha jumps off of him and then resumes sucking his penis while he lies down. Almost immediately, she feels her mouth fill up with a warm, sticky fluid. There is more of it than she expected, and it threatens to come out of her mouth. Once the outflow seizes, she looks up at him, wanting him to be proud of her, just as a master is proud of his servant.

His look of amazement hot teens blowin dick together its fun with friends more than approval. Her eyes are watering as she is barely able to contain all the fluid in her mouth. She decided she has to swallow. She tries to do so, but there was so much semen, it was not humanly possible to do so perfectly. She choked on it, driving some of the semen up and out of her nose and some of it out of her mouth.

Seeing her choke, he sits up and pats her sweaty back till she's fine. Her eyes were watery and face red from the choking, but she couldn't have been happier.

She kisses him lovingly and hugs him tight. He too kisses back, not caring if her mouth tastes like his semen. As they hold on to that kiss, a pit forms in Alisha's stomach. Things are never, ever going to be the same. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO COMMENT IN YOUR OPINIONS, WHATEVER THEY ARE. IF I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU PEOPLE LIKE IT, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE IT.