Couples seeking teens riley reid zoey holloway

Couples seeking teens riley reid zoey holloway
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You may want to read the first story to understand the world the characters live in. Enjoy the story, please leave feedback and comments, also any ideas you might have. I'll consider them and if they'll fit in the world. As Sindee and I rode up the elevator I thought about the path that brought me here to Vegas. When most of my family died I thought it was the man that had caused their death and the explosion that devastated busty milf claudine gets her mature twat fucked hard cabin and my life.

As I started to learn about what I was and could do I stopped being so sure. When I met the Mage Marcus, who would be my friend and mentor I found out about Awakenings and he explained that my tapping into Magick the first time a just throwing the power at the evil who attack us caused the destruction and deaths of those I loved. It also alerted many other Mages and other beings that a new Mage came into the world.

My mentor explained to me that the man that attacked us was another Mage who wanted my power for himself. I took me months to accept that my survival had caused the death of most of my family.

From that understanding I came to believe that having the power meant I had to learn to control it and use it properly. I'm not saying by any means that I go around helping everyone selflessly. I just don't abuse the power I have. I have fun with it sometimes however, who wouldn't? The Elevator arrived at my floor and I led Sindee into the Suite.

As soon as we were through the door and closed it I turned to her and leaned down to kiss her. When our lips met, we both felt each other's need and desire.


I reach around her as we kissed and lifted her from the floor by her perfect heart shaped ass. She wrapped he legs around my waist and broke the kiss.

Sindee ripped my shirt open tearing buttons off as I carried her towards the bed, pulling the shirt out of my pants and trying to slide it down my arms that were wrapped around her. I sat down on the bed with her wrapped round me so she was in my lap. I held her in my lap with my left hand as I unzipped her dress with the other.

She stood up to slip the dress off, as she did this I stood and turned her so her back was to the bed.

I pulled my shirt off as I turned her. She wasn't wearing a bra so her incredible breasts were on full display. They were about the size of a grapefruit and her bright pink nipples stood out against her pale skin begging to be sucked on. I stepped back into her and began kissing her again lowering her back onto the bed. I started to slowly kiss down her body and tapped into the Magick allowing me to know what she enjoyed and to enhance the pleasure she received as I started to kiss down her neck and across she shoulder moving down to her right breast as I ran my hands along her soft, hot skin.

I got to her right breast and turkish serpme for movies click my account amateur video ran my tongue around her nipple without actually touching the stiff point itself. I then sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked the hard bud with my tongue. Sindee grabbed onto my back and shoulders as her nails dug into my back. While I was enjoying her right breast I used my left hand to fondle and play with the other nipple, squeezing and pulling it gently.

I then moved to her left breast with my mouth and moved my right hand to her right breast and nipple to treat it the same way.

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Sindee began to tremble and spasm as she was push into her orgasm just by having her breasts licked and played with. Sindee simply moaned in pleasure as I continued to move down her body, running my hands along her silky skin and kissing my way down. Sindee reached down and ran her hands through my hair as I moved along her body.

When I got down to her waist, I knelt down on the floor and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I blew air across her wet panties watching the goose bumps spread across her flesh as she shivered. I grabbed her green silk panties by the waistband and slid them down her legs as she lifted her hips to aid me in this. I tapped into the Magick and allowed us each to feel the others passion and pleasure as it built between us and then ran my tongue the full length of her slit.

My cock was instantly as hard as it had ever been as her pleasure poured into me and mine into her. I slip my hands up her inner thighs and spread her hips wide; opening her shaved pussy to me and exposing her clit.

I slipped a finger into her hot pussy feeling the heat radiating from her as I lick her clit and the lips of her sweet pussy. I took the little button gently between my teeth and applied just a little pressure as I ran my tongue around and randomly across it, never letting the sensation become a pattern and keeping her body reacting to the sensations it was feeling.

I continued to finger her pussy and slipped a second finger as she loosened up more. I slipped the two fingers in continuing to play with her until I pushed her into her second orgasm. Sindee screamed out as she came harder than the first time and covered my face and chest with her juices. As she came down from her orgasm, Sindee sat up and pulled me up to kiss her.

She explored my mouth with her tongue not caring that she was licking her own juices from my face. She stood and turned me around so my back was toward the bed. She knelt before me, reached out and undid the buckle of my pants, yanking them and my underwear down together.

My rock hard 9in cock was pointed almost straight up as she wrapped her right hand around it and with public picup faki agent casting modeling doctors knowledge of anatomy began to slide her hand along it she moved her mouth around the head. She sucked just the head between her lips and massive cumshot mega cum compilation the tip or her tongue into the slit lick and suck the pre-cum leaking out.

Sindee started to take a little more into her mouth at a time using her tongue both to lubricate it and drive me insane as she played with the sensitive edges of the head as she pulled back before going deeper onto again. She ran her right hand down the shaft and cupped my balls, starting to massage them while she sucked on my hard cock. She slid her left hand up my leg and slowly pushed me back so that I was laying on the bed.

She continued to take more and more into her mouth until she had me in her throat. It was the first time a woman had ever taken me that deep and I thought I was dreaming it felt so good. It was strange as well because I could feel her pleasure in my mouth and throat as well but that just made it that more erotic and pleasurable knowing she enjoyed solo teen screaming orgasm hd lust in translation that to me.

Sindee slowly withdrew my cock from pissing com puppy girl calico throat and slid her mouth off of my cock, letting her teeth gently and barely scrape along the surface just as I had done with her clit, changing the possibility of pain into the highest of pleasure.

I reach down and took Sindee's hand pulling her up onto the bed with me as we both moved so we weren't on the edge of the bed any longer. I looked down into her eyes as I positioned myself between her legs and slid the head of my hard dick just into the lips of her soaking hot pussy.

Sindee reach out with both arms grabbing my hips and pulling me forward. As my cock slowly slid into her tight, wet, silky pussy we both groaned as our partner's pleasure flowed between us making everything more intense and exciting.

As my cock bottomed out into her cervix there was still another inch not in side of her since she was so petite. I slid out slowly until just the head of my dick was still inside and slid back in. I started pumping in and out increasing my pace as the pleasure built for both of us. Sindee was screaming, "Yes, Fuck me&hellip.Harder…faster. OH MY GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" as I continued to increase my pace and push against her cervix on every stroke. She rolled me onto my back and started to fuck me.

Sindee started off rising and lowering herself building the pleasure, just we started to get near the edge she lowered herself all the way so my cock was buried to pushing against her. Sindee started to rock and twist her hips and continued her fucking me, riding me hard. Just as the pleasure built to where it was almost unbearable, Sindee forced herself down onto me until my cock head pushed into her cervix and squeezed with the walls of her pussy pushing us both over.

Sindee screamed, " YESSS!!!!! Cum in me!!!!!!!." As I pumped my seed deep into her womb her orgasms hit and our pleasure flowed into each other through the Magick. There were no words during this as we were both wracked by each other's orgasms until we passed out wrapped around each other tangled in the sheets as the image I saw in her mind earlier.

As we passed out the spell wore off as I no longer was aware to maintain it. We woke hours later as the sunrise spread light into the room as the curtains were still open from last night. Sindee was still laying half across my body with her head on my chest, hear ear pressed to my beating heart. When I looked down, her eyes rose and met mine and I realized that I truly felt for this woman.


I looked into her eyes and just wanted to continue to do so. "Good morning Andrew, I wasn't sure you were going to sexy brunette play director inari vachs fucks her intern up again," She stated with a smile as she looked at me. "If I get to see you when I do, I'll always wake up," I replied as I remembered once again the reason we first met.

For a change, the memory didn't completely fill me with sadness. It would never be an easy memory to live with, but I now knew that the pain would fade and I'd be able to remember my family without hurting in time. Sindee got up and said she needed a shower. While she got out of bed and walked into the bathroom for her shower, I got up and grabbed a robe. I called down to room service for Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice and a few light pastries and fruit.

It arrived just as she came out of the bathroom in a robe, he red silky hear glowing in the morning sunlight as she walked across the room. I signed for the cart and tipped the waiter generously on the room bill. I pulled the cart into the room and turned to Sindee, "I wasn't sure want to get so I got some light starters so we could wake up before going anywhere." She laughed, and it was an almost musical sound coming from her.

"Thank you, the Orange juice and fruit will make a great start." "I'm going to take a quick shower, I'll be right out." I showered in record time wanting to be done before she could leave. When I came out she was stepping back into her dress from the night before and sliding it up her body with her back to me. I walked up behind her was she slid her arms in, and the straps onto her shoulders. I zipped the dress back up for her and turned her to face me. "Leaving already?" "No, I just wanted to get dressed before we talked more.

I need you to know that I've never slept with a patient before. Current or former and I don't normally jump into bed with someone." She grimaced as she said this. "Last night was a great experience, but it was new for me and I don't want you to think I'm some slut who just sleeps around," she turned her eyes down as she said this. I reach out under her chin and gently turned her head up until she was looking me in the eyes.

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"Last night was one of the best in my life. Not just because of the passion we shared, but that I shared it with such a unique woman. I could never think of you as anything other than an angel, you were there for me after one of the worst nights anyone has ever had. I'll admit I had a crush on you when we first met, but the situation was a lot different than now.

Now we are both consenting adults and I hope you don't regret it, as I want to spend more time with you since we are both going to be living here and you're the only person I know." I said this sincerely and let it show in my face, not hiding any emotions so she could see it was true. Sindee's smile returned and it out shined the sun coming through the window, "I'd like that as well." As she said this her phone rang and she answered it on speaker.

"Hello?" There were several female voices in the background as one of them spoke quickly, "Morning Sindee, so how was your night with the hot thing we saw you walk into the restaurant with?" Sindee blushed at this statement and after a moment of silence the voice came back, "Come on Sin, I haven't seen you out with anyone in months, give me the details. Who is he, how do you know him?" Sindee finally regained her composure and replied, "He's a young man I met about 5 years ago and just heard your entire line of questions as you're on speaker.

Thanks for mentioning that I hadn't been out in months Natalie." A gasp came from the speaker as she realized what she said. I spoke up, "It's nice to meet you Natalie, I'm Andrew Graves.

I'm moving into to town and was pleasantly surprised when I saw Sindee at the Valet." Natalie sounded surprised as the others in teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked background started laughing at her. Then she asked, "Sindee, are you still meeting us for lunch today or are you changing plans again?" She paused, "you could always invite Andrew along if you'd like." I chuckled as she said this.

One of the other voices in the background spoke up and we heard he question. "Natalie, isn't that the name of the patient Sindee said inspired her to move her and she had a cru." The voice cut off as Sindee pressed puke vomit dick woods men end call button, she was blushing and with her pale skin and copper red hair she looked even more beautiful doing so.

She smiled quickly and said, "Friends, you can always expect them to say just the right thing." I simply smiled back and acted like I didn't hear the other one in the background. I knew what it was like to have a crush, I had one on her but wasn't thinking about it at the time due to everything else that happened when we met.

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"I was going to ask you to join me for lunch so we could continue to catch up, but it seems like you had other plans.

I would feel bad if I was the reason you stood your friends up again." I walked over to my pants and pulled out my wallet. I pulled out a business card and walked to the table grabbing a pen. I wrote on the back of the card and handed it to Sindee, "The number on the back is my personal cell." She picked up my phone and added a contact to the list, then took a picture of herself.

"That's my number. Make sure you call me so we can get together again." She then stepped back up to me and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I reach up and ran left hand through her hair as my right cupped her cheek and neck.

She ran her hands down my sides and pulled on the robes belt. I didn't notice this as I was caught up in the kiss. When we both needed to breath she stepped back a few feet, snapped a picture with her phone and slid it into her purse saying, "something to tease the girls and get them back with." She walked over to the door leaving me standing there with a hard on.

She looked over her shoulder with a mischievous smile as she walked out and let the door close behind her. I tried to focus on getting myself settled in to town after she left but my thoughts kept returning to her. I knew xstory phim sec loan luan was possible for random chance to bring us back together but after learning that chance a probability were just another part of reality that Mages can alter I started thinking about it more.

Since I couldn't settle my mind on finding a new home I chose a different project. I tapped into the Magick that I could control and back along my personal path through time and entropy.

I saw that I was guided to here by the natural flow of time and chance. There was no sign that other Mages had their hands in it. I again thanked the laws of entropy that brought us here together last night. I should have looked towards the future instead; I may have been prepared for what was coming…&hellip.