Seductive teen babe with nice tits is satisfying two officers at once

Seductive teen babe with nice tits is satisfying two officers at once
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I think both Ash and I came down from our orgasms with a profound sense that our lives might have just taken a huge turn. All four of us were lying there tired and sweaty. and like right on que, Kim got a contraction.

Oh gawd! It was happening. The baby was coming and just moments before I saw my cum pouring out of Kim. I now realized in a very short time her little girl would be coming out of that beautiful pussy." Jim I can't get up. The contraction. it's just too hard. I've got to lie here for a few." I guess it was the overall sense that the four of us should not have been playing around so intensely with Kim in her condition because my mind was literally racing.

"Kim has just gone from really great orgasms to really great contractions and is this my fault? Should we have stopped this an hour ago? What the hell have we got ourselves into?" My lovely Ashley on the other hand rocketed out of a mattress shaking orgasm and into taking over a desperate situation.

Instantly, she was all about getting Kim up, comforting her and doing it all as if they'd been friends for years. I've seen her like this before. It was her empath side, always helping and bonding with someone in need. "Hold my hands Kim.

Squeeze them when you need to. It will help. Here, let's get you up in this chair. Great! Lean back a bit. Take some pressure off your tummy." The next ten minutes were a tense scene as we all were trying to gather ourselves from the "puppy pile," with Mike and I staggering around in a mostly dark room, tripping over ourselves and a bunch of other couple's clothing, (who were all still playing around with little clue what was happening to Kim), and trying to find some clothes that mostly looked like the ones our wives came in with.

Yes I know.guys are supposed to notice and remember what ensembles their wives were wearing on a night out like this but I think their naked images kinda over rode our memories. I know I couldn't recall what Ash had been wearing.

Offering up someone else's dress to put on was not at all funny to either of them, and especially after we steamy fuck in the sauna filmed by security cam gone through more than one option. Have you ever seen a horror movie scene where some terrified person is being chased, finally gets into their car and is so panicked and shaking they keep fumbling and dropping the keys.And it keeps going on over and over until you can't stand watching it any more and yell at the screen, "stop screwing around and start the sex with asian hairy luscious girl hardcore and blowjob car?" Well, we were like that, bumping into each other, grabbing the wrong clothes, throwing stuff around and mixing it all up.

Mike and I were two panicked husbands that should not have been tasked with finding shit for desperate women in a dark room. The conversation was happening in very loud whispers. "No that's not my bra!

That neither! Not my underwear. Mine is pink. My stuff is light blue. Oh gawd you can't tell colors in this light? That is not my dress. Where did my dress go? My shoes.I don't see them. They should be right here! Look over there! You don't remember what the hell we were wearing?" The more frantic we became, the more the clothes from everyone in the room started looking like one big pile you might drop off at Goodwill.

The frustration in finding things only added to the our growing sense of hysteria over Kim's condition. Eventually we ended up with stuff that sort of resembled what we had worn into the room and after struggling to dress our "star mother of the night," we headed out the door only to hit contraction number two.

This one was harder and according to Ash only eight minutes apart. Don't ask me how she knew. Timing contractions seems an important bit of data to an experienced mom.

"I've got to sit again. Please. I can't walk. Why are these so strong? And so close together? This is getting scary. Is my baby coming soon? Do you think we can make it to the hospital?" Ash is "Mom calm," the rational adult in our little group. "No Kim. You'll be fine. Contractions can start out heavy and then almost go away for hours. Just relax.

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Your water hasn't broken yet. That's a good thing. We just need to get you going as soon as you can walk again. If we go to the hospital now, I'm sure you'll be there hours before you deliver. Guys, see if you can drive the SUV out here." Off to the side, Ash tells me, "Jim, we are leaving our car here tonight and get it tomorrow. I think we need to ride with these two to the hospital. Let's pray we have enough time to get her there.

Get the giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess BFTs out of our car.

They're clean and on the back seat. We might need them. And tell the attendant we are leaving our car!" I respond, "Ok. We'll go. You two come as far and as fast as you can. But I doubt we can get a car back here." So Mike and I started running or tried running in nice dress shoes on dew slippery grass and large pathway pebbles.

I could easily tell he's not the athletic type or at least not a runner. Still, I was wishing we would've swapped his Italian shoes for a pair of Nikes I saw back in room. "I can't believe how hard it is to run in these damn shoes. The soles are so thin, I might as well be running in socks. I can feel every stone in this walkway. Why is this grass so wet? I feel like I'm on ice if I try to run on it!" When we are nearly there he added, "By the way. Thanks Jim. Your wife is a real help right now.

I guess you probably think we were pretty stupid coming out here tonight." "Yes I do. Stupid like My wife. You don't know her yet but this is totally something I could see her doing too. So I'm not judging you two. But tell me.

Did Kim really have those dreams about a couple like us?" "Yes she did. I lost count how many times it reoccurred. I gave up trying to convince her it was just a dream. Every time she had it again the more real it became to her. I started worrying about it being a pregnancy obsessive thing.

I guess it was and I blame tonighton her dreams. We would've never come if it hadn't been for them. Hey. Do you remember where you parked your car? I can't. This lot is huge!" It felt like a long way to the parking out by the road. This "couples only building" of course just had to be the last freaking one in a string that stretched way out behind the clubhouse. That made it nearly 200 yards to the parking lot and our cars. It might as well been 2 miles the way Kim was feeling.

As we were getting into the lot scanning for our cars, I yelled at Mike "I see mine in the back right side;" yelled at the attendant why I'm going to leave my car there for the night; then as Mike finds his, I yelled at myself for doing that "fumbling thing" with my keys trying to get our car open and Ashley's "big fucking towels" out of the back. Man I'm glad she threw them in before poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys left.

Of all the nights we used those towels, this was going to be the most memorable. I turned around just in time to see the attendants stopping Mike from driving down the walkways to the girls. They probably thought he was drunk or something and there was no need joining in on that argument. I could see it was already heating up. So, skipping that drama, I raced off to our ladies. When I came around the clubhouse, there they were. Kim's arm was around Ash's shoulders and they were slowly coming down the pathway.

I ran up announcing we had to make it all the way to the front and it then seemed like we would make it. Kim could walk with one hand under her belly like someone would who had just been knifed in the gut and her other on Ash trying to steady herself. It made her look a bit like a waddling pregnant duck.who's just been knifed. At least we were moving. This was a pretty damn tense moment, but looking back you know what I still remember well?

How beautiful they both were, locked in arms walking, glowing in that moonlight. I wish I had a picture of them together. Even though it was a beautiful moment, there was nothing I could do but feel helpless, follow alongside and listen to Ash. "Kim try to relax. You're going to be fine. You'll remember this night the rest of your life." And as we came around the corner. "Look! There's Mike arguing with those guys. We will be there soon. Jim and I will get you lying down in one of the back seats and you'll feel better." Ash can be a calming influence on anyone but never more than she was that night with Kim.

I wanted to tell everyone. "That's my girl. That's my mother of four kids!" I've been really proud of her plenty of times but how this night turned out was going to be a real memory maker. She was so good in fact, there really was no need for Mike and I to try to say anything comforting to Kim, as if we could anyway. During contractions like those, I think most women would be pretty pissed at their guys for causing all that pain.

And because of the very evident "woman to woman empathy," it occurred to me this night was likely going to turn Kim and Ash into some type of soul sisters.

We eventually arrived at the SUV and just as we were about to step in, Kim doubled over and moaned with another contraction. This time it really seemed serious. She couldn't get in and Ash wisely guided her to sit in the doorway as the contractions continued.

They finished with a little pop as Kim's water came gushing down her legs filling her shoes. Ash reached down and wiped her fingers in the fluid, smelled it and held it up to the light. "Great! It's clear and doesn't smell.


That's really good news. Jim, go around and get in the other side, put one of the towels down on the seat and lean it back. Mike, help me get her into the car. We need to go." There's a lot of room in this thing. Reclining buckets.

First class leg room. Kim is lying back. Mike and I are trying to comfort her when Ash runs around and climbs inside and looks at both of us. "Come on guys. Jump in. Jim get in front.

Let's go! Or do you want to hang around and deliver this little girl right here?" In a flash we were in. Mike backed around, peeled out and threw gravel all over the attendants standing behind us.

Served them right! I looked back at Ash who was still holding Kim's hand and we exchanged glances. There was real concern on her face. But we were off, speeding down the highway. "Ash.What did you mean about Kim's fluid being clear?" "If the fluid would've had a smell or looked milky that would've meant our little star has had an intrauterine bowel movement and might have aspirated some truth or dare with blond on omegle it.

That would be bad considering how far the hospital is. But dormida por el culo tube porn that didn't happen the baby will be fine without having to clear her lungs. You're going to be fine Kim. Your baby's going to be fine. Jim, try to keep Mike calm. Both of you just need to get us there in one piece. I'll take care of Kim." In another couple minutes there was another contraction.

This one was closer and harder. And Kim was crying and squeezing Ash's hand so hard it looked white. "Do you feel like pushing? Don't Kim if you can help it. Breathe. Look at me. Look at my face.

Let's breathe together." Mike and I were exchanging concerned looks. I realized we've somehow been thrown into all this together and I'd never really talked much to this guy.

"Listen buddy. Ash is a pro. She's had four kids and knows the drill. One of her friends is a midwife. They've talked a lot about deliveries. Hell, I bet she could even deliver this baby right in the back seat if she had to." I thought that was supposed to be encouraging words but the look on his face told me otherwise.and Mike just stepped harder on the gas. With nothing much else to do, I got on my phone. A quick call to the hospital and the ER was alerted that we were coming in fast with a delivery.

Another call to the Sherriff's office and they were alerted for a black Range Rover coming into town way over the speed limit. They weren't exactly excited about the speed thing but did radio for a Deputy to find us and escort to the hospital.

Over the next 30 minutes the contractions never stopped coming and every time continued to get increasingly closer together. Finally, when we were about five minutes out from the ER a squad car pulled along side and thank God he didn't try to stop us.

Mike just gave him a thumbs up and the Deputy pulled in front with his lights blazing. That slowed Mike down to sane level of speed. I started thinking. We are going to make it, everything is going to be fine when another contraction hit and Kim couldn'tm help but start pushing.

Ash yelled at me, "Get back here Jim now! Grab the other towel. The baby is crowning! I'll catch her. Put the towel under my arms." And so it happened.

Speeding down the boulevard to the hospital, with the lights of the squad car making the neighborhood look like the Fourth of July, this beautiful baby popped out just as we pulled up to the ER entrance. And as Ash proclaimed "all fingers and toes are intact," the door glided open and "Little Poppy," lying on our BFT was handed to a nurse.

Kim was crying. The baby was crying. Mike hot beauty is getting drilled young old and smalltits crying and Ash finally cried hugging Kim as they cut the baby's cord and removed Kim from the vehicle and on to a gurney. When they tried to wheel her away, Kim got almost hysterical protesting that Ash just delivered her baby and she was coming too.

Protocol be damned. Those two never unlocked hands as they both disappeared through the double doors. "Give me your keys Mike. You go in with them. I'm pretty sure the desk is going to have some paperwork for you to fill out.

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I'll park this thing and catch up to you later." The night continued with the aid of many canteen cups of coffee. Mike and I talked and had time to "download our personal files." Here are a few pertinent ones. "Mike. Tell me about yourselves. I mean, in a matter of a few short hours we've been all thrown into a pretty intense experience and under some very wild expectations for our future together.

Yet I virtually know nothing about you both other than your wife is one of the sexiest women I've ever been with. You both seem pretty experienced with 'the lifestyle.' Mind telling me about yourselves and how all that started?" "No not at all. Kim and I met at FSU.

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She was pretty athletic.well she still is. And was majoring in Parks & Rec. I was just starting my MBA. We met through a mutual friend who pushed us both into a blind date. I had just broken up with a girl I had dated most of the time as an undergrad and Kim had done the same thing with a year long relationship. So our friends wanted to fix us up and help us get over the trauma of our break ups. Jim, do you believe in love at first sight?" "Well after tonight yea!

Kim is incredibly gorgeous!" "Thanks. Yes she is. I fell for her when I knocked and she opened the door that first night. I don't know what it is about Kim. There's something there that is beyond her physical beauty. I felt it immediately and Jim, I literally had a strong impression. 'This is the woman you will marry.' Kim didn't exactly have those little sam takes huge cum on tits after creampie feelings until months, maybe a year later but we immediately hit it off and have really never been apart since.

That's eight years ago. We got married about two years after our first date and when Kim graduated." "Sounds a bit like a fairy tale Mike. So what kind of careers did you two start?" "Kim hooked up with a luxury cycling & hiking tour company. She's quite the cyclist and a sexy hostess. For the next five years she's been all over the world designing, planning and hosting bicycle tours.

Sounds exotic I know. But she loved it even though being apart was hard. She simply loves people. Loves travel. Loves biking. It meant she was gone a lot, a week or more at a time, but getting her back home was always so good.

We never had a chance to get tired of each other. Just when we might've started taking each other for granted she would be off again on another trip. We started calling it 'hitting the refresh button on our marriage.' She was making a nice six figure and that combined with mine gave us a wonderful lifestyle.

Our house is paid for. Our cars. We really don't have any debts. I have been gradually taking over my dad's construction company. Took me a couple years to get the experience to be licensed as a GC but now we've expanded and are developing ocean front properties around Florida.

It keeps me busy." "You're kidding? Do you know what I do? I have my own construction company. I specialize in hurricane protection. We do mostly FEMA jobs and have retrofitted many buildings for evac shelters. I designed an innovative product, manufacture and install it on these shelters.

Keeps me pretty busy too. Plus. Guess my recreation of choice?" "Don't tell me it's biking? Oh man, Kim is going to love you. She keeps trying to get me out with her but Jim. She goes out for 100 miles like it is nothing! My butt and my legs just can't take it.

It's the one big difference between us that wasn't much of a problem when she was working. But since she resigned to start a family, I've been worried about her missing the rides and I hate turning her down when she wants to go out.

The synchronicity with you guys just keeps getting more interesting." "Mike your right. This whole damn night has been more than interesting.

It's spooky. I mean who meets a woman as beautiful as Kim and then has her tell you she is going to have your baby.all within the first hour together?" "I know Jim. But some people might think that was a bit psycho. You gotta remember, I've been going through this dream thing with her for most of the past nine months. I'm sure I never thought it would come true.

Well, not like she thought it would happen and especially not like tonight!" "Ok. But you have to tell me how did you and Kim got into swinging? Frankly, you both don't seem the types." "Well neither do you two! Besides, I'm not sure what those types look like.

Other than Kim, Ashley is the most attractive woman I've ever met even more than her roommates. In fact, I had a similar reaction to her as I did to Kim when she opened that door. I might sanni leyon sex xxx story her from you, ya know!" "Ha! Go ahead and try. A bunch of other guys already have and found it a fool's errand. We are pretty joined at the hip. Besides, I'd just steal Kim from ya right back!

But come on. How did you two get corrupted? There's gotta be a pile of experience in your past. You both are about as non jealous as any couple we've met." "Jim, I'd feel better if Kim was here because a lot of it was her idea.

But here are the Cliff notes. Kim can tell you the rest later. We started dating pretty heavily and it went well right from the start. So much so we often thought we must've been lovers in another lifetime.

Then one night she confessed to me her deep dark secrets. We were making love. She was stroking me to the edge of an orgasm and starts telling me about the parties she's had with her three sexy roommates.

It was the most unusual story of sex I had ever heard. They were all bisexual and they literally took turns sleeping with each other, rotating bedmates during the week. They had this agreement between each other.equal sex for all, no emotional attachments, no one left out. Two of them were brunettes.


One was a blonde like Kim. All of them had great figures, adorable faces and every one of them exuded a sex appeal that literally filled a room. On weekends, all four would party together, would get a little drunk, and often ended up sleeping tightly wrapped around each other on the living room floor. Kim had been afraid to tell me about all that because she had no idea if I could handle how much she liked making love with her roommates.

Apparently it had been going on for more than a year and there was no way she thought she could stop and still live with them.

It was a big relief to her when I told her that although it was by far the strangest arrangement I had ever considered, it was also the hottest thing I had ever heard. I mean Jim, Kim loves making love to a woman as much as a man and she's good at it. I had never seen two woman go at it like that before, let alone four of them.

It's mesmerizing. I could watch all night and not even have to be involved. The way Kim licks and sucks on nipples and then pulls them out with her teeth. And the way she licks a pussy and sucks a clit in ava addams caught the panties thief andinvited him in house combinations and patterns was very different from how I did it. I'll tell ya. I learned a few tricks by watching her. But the best part is the way she smiles when she goes down.

It's the look of sheer bliss. I saw that look on her face again with you last night. The roommate thing was only the beginning of her 'dark secrets.' The four of them often included their boyfriends in their weekend parties and she had had sex with all of their guys more times than she could remember.

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Kim loves the 'puppy piles' as you called it last night more than you know. I had to accept that too if I was going to keep her. It wasn't easy at first and it took some time with a lot of talking but eventually she got me into being part of the mix. It actually became the best sex I had ever had. Many weekends I fucked four different women, usually more than once. The girls made sure of that.

'No one is left behind!' was their motto and they were serious about inclusion. It was more sex than I ever dreamed I would have. So right in the middle of all that, Kim and I formed our relationship having to work out how to combine sex with others into our personal lives. After all those experiences, it now seems as natural to include new partners as it does having sex with each other.

I know it's a different way to have a marriage but it works for us and I can't imagine it any other way. We just miss that group of hers.

After graduating, we moved back to Winter Park and got married. We've tried hooking up with other couples here plenty of times but have never found the right couple or that same kind of compatibility we had with her roommates.

That's been increasingly frustrating to Kim and probably what brought about her crazy dreams." ---------- Just about then a nurse arrived and told us. "Kim and your baby girl are fine and healthy. 6 lbs-11 oz. and 19.25 inches. Kim is up there right now pestering the doctor about being released to go home. He wants her here for a few more hours but probably will let her go after lunch. Right now we don't see any complications.

No tearing occurred so no stitches were required. Kim seems to be a very healthy and strong woman. Someone said something about you two going to get a car? You might kokoro wakana in see through lingerie gets sex toys and cumshot vibrator japanese to do that now." Nobody at the hospital seemed to have a clue about what led up to our race to the ER. I was thankful for that. Ash and Kim stayed together while the two of us drove back to get my car.

When we returned around midday the wives had been given the option of taking "little Poppy" home. Yea.Poppy. That funny name stuck with Kim. "Little Poppy" it would be from then on and the name would remind us all of the wildest night of our lives. What an adorable little girl she would become.

Just like her mom. So that was our first night together. Were Mike and Kim being "over the top irresponsible with their pregnancy" by coming to the club that night? Nearly everyone would agree with that if we had told them. But I look at it this way. If they hadn't ventured out of their safe home and come to the club, then we might've never met them and Kim's dream would have remained only that.a dream.

And what a big bright future full of surprising twists and turns would've been missed by all four of us. All that will require additional stories. I'll end this one with this. "For dreams to come true, someone always needs to show up. The world is run by those types. People who show up."