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Kk vs ade sexx baru ketahuan degan mm
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It was near the end of a very long, hot summer day. School was ending with french class, my favorite period of everyday because I got to look at my beatiful teacher. She was writing on the chalk board and I had a boner watching her ass move, as I usually did. She was wearing very tight pants, you could even see her pussy when you looked.

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So as she was writing this I passed a note to my friend saying how hot she was. Just as I was about to throw it, she turned around, and caught me. She sternly asked me to stay after class and to throw out the note. The last 20 or so minutes of the class went by very slow for me, and when the bell rang and everyone left, I was dreading what I was about to hear.

"Spenser.This isnt the first time ive caught you passing notes, and its not acceptable." I looked down, And she started to walk towards me, she came up to me and whispered in my ear "Although I am flattered about what the note said." I turned and saw her with a devilish smile, at this point my boner felt like it was going to rip through my pants.

Chubby cougarwith huge natural boobs takes huge black schlong walked over to her desk, i watched her ass move side to side and felt a glob of pre-cum come out of my dick. "Come here Spenser." She said in a kinky voice. I got up and tried to hide my huge erection.

"You dont have to hide that." She said with a smile. So I didnt. I got to her desk and she reached out and unbuttoned my pants. I started to breath heavy and felt my heart start racing.

She slowly lowered my boxers and took a hold of my cock. She started stroking it and clenching my balls, so I picked her up off her chair and set her on her desk, i took off her pants and started rubbing her sopping wet pussy through her panties, she was moaning so loud i wanted to cum. She stopped stroking my cock and told me to finish it. So I kept rubbing her pussy but stroked my cock at the same time, when it became evident i couldnt hold in this huge load any longer, i opened her panties and released my huge load all over the inside of them.

She moaned so loud and started rubbing it all over her pussy. I Had just cum and i fetl like i was ready to go again.

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I pulled down her panties and put my dick into her pussy, she let out a huge moan and started to rub her clit," this was just like a porn movie!" I thought, i kept fucking her harder and harder and felt her pussy clench as she hit her orgasm.

she was almost screaming at the top of her lungs when she did, I started to get worried we might get caught, but it made it all the more exciting.

I pulled my dick out, and remembered her keeping a bottle of vaseline in her desk once when she had a cold. I looked around a bit and found it. Took a huge glob of it and put it all over and around her asshole. I slid my cock into it, she felt so tight i started to grunt and moan. I slid my cock in and out, over and over and over and she was almost crying from the pleasure. I came again after about five minutes of fucking her beatiful ass. We both lay there on story sek tante2 bohay bahenol floor, exhausted and feeling so much lust for eachother.

After a few minutes she finally talked. "Would you mabye like to come over to my place just to shower up?" I was still panting, but i managed to speak "Yeah that sounds good." She lived very close to the school so it wasnt a long drive, but even on the way there we were jerking eachother off.

We finally got there and almost immediatley headed to the shower. We were both lathered up with soap within minutes, still corressing eachothers bodies occasionally. Then all of a sudden, I really had to pee.

I laughed and told her, and started to get out of the shower to go do my business, but she grabbed my arm. "No, you can do it here its okay." She said with a naughty look on her face. Cute amateur big and german handjob compilation first time stripper wants an upgrade I started pissing and she turned off the water, I wondered what she was doing.

She then dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. "Piss on me, baby." She said in her horniest voice.

Pissing had been one of my darkest fetishes that i NEVER thought would come true in a million years, but here I was about to piss on my sexy teacher. I let the flow start, she was rubbing it all over her body, stroking her pussy and letting some in her mouth.

when i was done she almost seemed dissapointed, but got up and started cute blonde explores her tunnel with a toy turn on the shower again, when i grabbed her arm and asked her "Do you have to pee?" She smiled, and nodded.

I lay down on the ground and said "Go on my face" She crouched down and started to let it go, all over my face, her piss tasting so salty and sweet, i started to jerk off just to the piss on me, i let it go in my mouth, all over and came almost immediatley, it was such a turnon.

She finished and i grabbed her legs a started licking her wet, salty, piss filled slit. I licked her clit and put two fingers into her pussy. i started to move them like i was pulling a trigger, which is the way to make a girl cum. So i kept doing that, and she mustve been very ready to let loose, because after about two minutes, she came all over my face.

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I swallowed the big load she let loose in my mouth, and licked all that i could. She collapsed to the ground, exhausted. 20 Minutes later we had finished the shower and she drove me home.

I lay in bed that night in disbelief of what had just happend to me.

The next day was slightly awkward at first, but we both kind of forgot about it and kept it our little secret. All i know, is i hope this happens again!