Nurse panic japanese nurse getting fucked in the hospital

Nurse panic japanese nurse getting fucked in the hospital
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I was married for about five years now and we were still undecided on whether we were going to have children. I was sitting in the doctor's room wondering if I even wanted to ask for my refill. But there was a deep secret as to what really brought me there.

I had been seeing Dr. "P" for only a year. My old doc had finally retired and I now had to get used to someone new seeing my body in the most intimate ways.

Dr. P entered and my pulse quickened. Unlike my old doc, Dr. P was young; my age. I actually felt self-conscious when I was naked in front of him. Sure, I had on the ever attractive paper gown, but my instinct was to put all of my clothes on and run out the door. He beautiful blonde babe has her asshole drilled in, stopped in front of me sitting on the table, and warmly looked me in the eyes as he greeted me.

He took my hand and gently shook it as he patted it with his other. I started to melt inside. He stood in front of me and asked me how I had been doing since my last visit. I told him not much had changed. He placed one hand on my shoulder and told me things would be fine. There was something about Dr. P that could relax me as quickly as he excited me.

See, last time I was here I was practically in tears. I told him everything going on at home. My husband had grown distant lately. If I wanted to go off the pill I doubt I would get pregnant anyway on account of never having sex anymore. Sure, I had put on some weight.

What married woman doesn't? It's not like he hadn't. I didn't know what was going on.


I made dinner for him. I told him how much I appreciated him. I complimented him on his nice suits he picked out for the office. But his once slow lingering kisses had now become second thought pecks as he raced out the door. He never told me I was beautiful anymore. Dr. P listened intently and was so genuinely empathetic.

He also prescribed a mild anti-depressant. I was reluctant to try a new medication, but it was also zoey monroe in the office and the orifice reason I was back only three months later. He asked me a few questions as he began checking my blood pressure.

He placed his hands inside the gown and held the stethoscope to my heart. I couldn't stop blushing. I just knew he would hear it pounding and know how turned on I was. As he took a listen, our eyes met and I smiled shyly.

Did he hear it? He did, didn't he? He moved the stethoscope around my chest. "Take a few deep breaths for me." As I did, I could feel his hand close to one of my breasts. A few fingers grazed my nipples and I couldn't stop but let out a small gasp.

He told me to lie back and undo the front of my gown. My bare breasts were fully exposed. For a moment I thought of grabbing his head and pulling his face to my chest. Feeling his lips on my nipples which were hard and ready. As he palpated and examined me, I couldn't help but put my hand over his hand. He stopped and looked intently at me.

I squeezed his hand as it lay over one tit and in an instant my pussy quaked. As we locked eyes, he smiled and my face felt like it was on fire.

But then he slowly slide his hand out from under mine. I was quickly flustered. What had I done? What was I thinking? But instead of completely removing his hand, he began sliding it down my body. He let his fingers gently trickle down my stomach and then caressed my hip.

He reached both hands down to my hips and curled a finger into each side of my panties to slowly pull them all the way down. My legs then fell open and he quickly moved his body in between them. His fingers crawled upward over my ankles, calves, then moved them inward to my thighs. They were on fire. Gently, he placed two fingers on my clit.

I arched back and moaned. He began making slow circular movements. I was so ready I thought I would cum right then.


But I forced myself to hold back just enough. I wanted this to last as long as it could. His fingers then slide down until they met the wet entrance of my pussy. He could see how hot he had made me.

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As he slowly pushed his way inside I could hear him release a low guttural moan. I then looked at him and smiled. "Yes, "I breathed. "You did notice how turned on you made me." He smiled shyly back. "Oh, you have no idea how many times I have thought of being inside you." I continued to stare into his eyes as he penetrated his fingers in and out of me. I clenched them so hard in my pussy I ached.

I began rolling my hips upward faster to meet the pace at which he was fingering me. My head rolled back and I big girl xx small boy I was going to explode. But then he suddenly took his fingers out. I snapped my head forward to see why he stopped. Did he want to fuck me now?

Was someone coming? Did he change his mind? Did he want me to leave? He peered at me with his delicious brown eyes as he lowered his head. His hands grabbed both sides of my inner thighs, gently pushing then farther apart. No, he didn't change his mind. His face found its way to where his fingers had just been.

I felt his tongue land onto my clit. I smiled and my head rolled back again. He licked my clit with his flattened tongue over and over. With each lick I pushed my hips upward in rhythm with him.

As I pushed he pressed his hands firmer into my thighs to keep me from closing them. I was reeling by this subtle act of dominance. I threw my head forward, bite my lip, and grabbed the back of his hair. Watching him hold me open while eating my pussy made me cum hard. I moaned out as I writhed and shuddered on the table. I kept my moans low so as not to bring attention from the staff just outside the door.

He kept running his tongue along my clit but I was beyond sensitive so I started to push back from the force he was putting on my thighs. I could tell he didn't want to give up so I told him straight out, "I'm cumming!" He smiled and stifled a laugh as he continued to hold me down.

Oh, he thought it was funny! But I started to laugh too. "Stop," I said playfully. I pulled his hair to release his head from my pussy. He looked up at me, smiled, and then rested his head against my inner thigh. I leaned back and released all of my muscles. He stood up and I could hear him unzipping his pants. I slowly opened my eyes and watched as he began moving his body on top of mine.

He grabbed my tits, pushing them together, and kissed them. His tongue lingered over my nipples. First one side and then the other. The sensation of the cold air against the wetness was electrifying. He kissed between them and made his way toward my neck. His head lingered there as he positioned his hips onto mine. I could feel his cock against my thighs as he took ahold of it and pressed it into my tingling pussy. My pussy was still pulsating as he filled me with his cock.

I hadn't seen it but I felt every inch until it was hitting against my cervix. I grabbed the back of his neck and stroked his hair with my fingers. His breath was hot against my neck as he moaned. He slowly pulled his cock out and quickly pushed back inside me.

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Slowly out again and quickly back until he found his rhythm. He was stroking against my G-spot and I could feel my pussy ache with a new sensation.

He fucked me harder and harder. My pussy tightened around his cock, my eyes opened wide, and my head fell back as I came again. Suddenly, he grabbed both sides of the table and lifted himself off of me. He reached down to take his cock in his hands.

He slide it along my thigh as he came. I watched as his body quaked and shuddered. His eyes fluttered and his mouth panted. I laid back on the table, breathless. He gathered some tissues and gently cleaned my thighs. I looked up at him and smiled. We both cleaned up and got dressed.

As I went to leave, he grabbed me one last time and pulled me close.


He kissed me, then looked down into my eyes. He held my head in his hands and whispered, "You are so beautiful."