Femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting

Femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting
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To say that Sally was excited was an understatement. Her manager had just told her that four stars from the local football franchise wanted to train at their gym. "To get some variety from their pre season training program." And in addition to weight training, the football fitness manager had said that he wanted three classes a week of Sally's aerobics classes.

"To improve their fitness and agility." Sally was thrilled, not only because she knew this would look good on her resume, but also because she, Sally, would be meeting these superstars. The fitness manager had left some of the franchise promotional literature and she had looked through cum on and do that horny chick. There was the captain, Clint Jackson, God what a hunk and the vice-captain Jim Delaney.

And the other two: Zac and Danny, what dreamboat looking guys. All four were heroes in the city where she lived. Even in the off season the newspapers and TV ran regular articles about these men. The sports sections were full of them and the social pages followed their everyday lifestyle. Sally looked at her reflection in the mirror. They wouldn't find anything to complain about there, she thought.

Her 34 C breasts jutted firmly into her tight Lycra top. The cut-off top showed off her flat stomach and abs to perfection. Her long, shapely muscled legs showed the benefit of the hundreds of hours of aerobics classes she had taken. At 19 she was at the peak of her beauty. Her skin glowed with good health, her brown eyes sparkled, her perfect white teeth.

The owner of the gym was more than pleased with her. Not only gogo fukme bbc to big dick to she cant handle redzilla sperm nut Sally a very good instructor, but the number of men enrolling for aerobics had trebled within a few months of her starting.

The four footballers came in the late morning when the gym wasn't very busy. There were only ten others in the class and the gym owner had asked them all to not make too big a fuss of the stars. The owner introduced them to Sally. "Hey," said Clint the captain smiling straight at Sally. "Our coach said the instructor was an ugly, older guy.

And we've got the most beautiful gym instructor I've ever seen." Sally blushed. "Just as well coach didn't describe you properly Sally. We'd have had the whole team here," laughed Jim Delaney. Sally blushed again.

"And the whole coaching team," added Zac. The four stars laughed. "Now, you won't be too tough on us please," said Clint, but Sally could see a twinkle in his eye. Sally looked at him.

He had a magnificent physique. His upper body was really fully on display as the training singlet he wore was skin tight.

"I think you'll find my course pretty easy." "I'm sure it'll be great." Clint looked her in the eye. Part of Sally's success was her ability to give alternatives to different class members according to their fitness, so that they would all the able to exercise to the same music.

She quickly gave the footballers the toughest routines. They all took it seriously and followed her instructions to the letter. There was no playing up. Sally was pleased to see them all sweating freely after ten minutes. At the end of the hour Sally noticed how they were happy to talk briefly to the other class members and sign autographs.

No arrogance at all she thought. Clint came over. "Sally that was great. Only one problem." "Oh," said Sally, worried. "What was that?" "I asked you not to be too tough on us," Clint laughed. "Seriously it was great. Thanks. See you in two days." The next session went by without excitement. All the course members accepted the stars just as other people in the class. Sally had been worried that they would treat her course as a joke, but all four worked hard and had obviously been practicing some of the moves.

At the end of the lesson Clint came over by himself. "Sally, could you show me that move again." He demonstrated. "Clint, you should do it more like this." She did a couple of high kicks.

"Ah, I see. But I'll never be as elegant as you." He looked straight into her eyes then said his farewells. Sally followed him with her eyes and was aware of a thrill in her loins. For the next two weeks it was pretty much the same. The four footballers never missed a lesson. They became noticeably more confident in their movements and continued to push themselves hard.

At the end of each lesson Clint, always Clint, came over to thank her or ask her advice on some technical point. Sally started to become more relaxed and and confident.

When he invariably gave her a compliment she learned how to accept gracefully. Her fascination for Clint grew. Not only was he a superstar, not only was he so good-looking, but she also found him a really nice guy. Sometimes in her evenings she would go through football magazines to find articles about him. She found a poster of him and hung it on her wall. Two weeks later she was walking in before her lesson. It wasn't the day for a footballers' class and she was wearing her everyday clothes.

A skirt, not too short, but she knew it swirled gracefully around her legs when she walked. And her long dark hair was out of the pony tail she always had when she took classes. "Hi Sally." She looked over.

There was Clint at the gym cafe having a coffee. He was waving to her. Sally walked over. "I didn't recognize you for a moment. A skirt and your hair down.

You look lovely." Sally thought she had this under control but she felt herself blushing. "And you're even more lovely when you blush." "Hi Clint, have you been here for weights." ."Yeah." Sally managed to control herself and even managed a couple of jokes which Clint laughed at.

"Sally, I'm having the boys over, you know, the other guys in your class and a couple of their girlfriends for some pizzas on Friday night. Would you like to come? It'll be pretty quiet. Some pizzas and maybe watch a DVD" Sally's heart leaped with excitement. "Oh Clint, that will be nice." He gave her his address which Sally knew was in the most expensive part of town. "Dress is very casual." he told her. Her excitement grew during the week.

Clint had mentioned that the other girls were girlfriends of his team mates. What did that mean for her? She spent hours on Friday afternoon trying to decide what to wear. Jill her flatmate and long time friend cautioned her. "Don't show too much Sally. He's used to women throwing themselves at him." Finally she chose a pair of skin tight jeans. She wasn't showing any leg but she knew Clint would be able to see how great her legs were. And a cut-off blouse which left her waist bare.

Jill wasn't approving. "But then," thought Sally, "Jill wasn't going on the date." There were two other girls there. Amie and Josie. Both were very attractive. They explained that they had been cheerleaders but had to resign after they started going out with the boys. That was the rules. Sally couldn't work out who belonged to who, but she was pleased when Clint suggested she sat next to whipped cream dildo suck hairy kim and bald janet at the table.

The group obviously knew each other well, but they made an effort to make Sally feel at home and she soon relaxed. The conversation was mainly about sport but Sally dealt with sports men and women all the time and felt comfortable. Sally noticed there was no alcohol. Probably because they were in training. During the meal Clint's leg bumped into Sally's under the table a couple of times. On the third occasion he didn't move it away.

Sally felt a thrill though to her loins as she felt Clint's thigh against hers. She looked at him, but he was in earnest conversation with Zac about some game. But a few minutes later she felt his hand ease along her thigh emily willis plays a melody before a facial the table.

It stopped about six inches below her teen kayla gets hard sex and cum lesson from milf tabitha threesome oldyoung. Sally felt Clint's fingers gently scratching her inner thigh through her jeans Again she looked at him and again he was carrying on an intense conversation with the others, Sally wondered what she should do.

She decided to put her hand under the table then place it on top of his. She was rewarded with a squeeze of the softer flesh on the inside of her thigh. She felt the tingle all the way to her pussy.

Clint's hand stayed there for the rest of the meal. Sally knew her vagina must be getting very, very wet. After the meal Clint put on a Brad Pitt movie. Brad was her idea of a hunk. But then she thought, not as much as Clint is. There was a space next to Clint on the sofa which seemed to be the only seat available, so Sally sat there.

Clint put his arm around her shoulder and she wriggled across to be closer to him. The movie was watched almost total silence by all seven of them. About three quarters through Sally felt Clint's hand move down from her shoulder to her breast. God this was a bit embarrassing in front of the others. But then she looked around and saw Zac's hand well hidden up Josie's short skirt. "Well, if it's what they do, it's what I do I guess," she smiled and was glad she hadn't worn a bra.

She put her hand on top of Clint's them almost gasped with excitement as he gently tweaked her nipple. Sally wasn't really sure what happened in the rest of the movie. All she was aware of was the excitement coming from her right breast.

She pushed herself closer into Clint. At the finish of the movie Jim stood up. "It's that six am training run tomorrow.

We'd better call it a night." Clint looked at his watch. "Yeah, man your right." And he withdrew his arm from around Sally. He walked her to her car holding her hand as he did. "I'm sorry that finished so soon. But I did say it would be a quiet night." "Clint it was lovely, thank you." At her car she turned to face him. Clint put his arms around her, drew her to him and kissed her. Sally was in ecstasy. Here she was kissing Clint Jackson.

He was so strong, so good looking, so famous and he was kissing her. She opened her mouth and when his tongue went between her lips she sucked it urgently. Clint's right hand moved from her shoulder. Sally felt his fingers trace up her thighs. Only this time he didn't stop six inches below her giving irrumation with lusty riding smalltits hardcore but his hand went right there.

Sally hugged him tighter as she felt him stroke her pubic mound through her jeans. Then, as he applied some pressure, on her thighs she parted her legs to open herself for him. His fingers explored her through the material of her jeans. They pushed against her labia and nudged her clitoral hood.

Sally felt herself panting and hugged him even tighter. Clint pulled out of the kiss. "Sally, I'm really starting to like you. You're someone very special" Sally was so happy she couldn't say anything so she put her hand over his holding it to her pussy." "Did you like friends?" "They are really nice." "They all liked you. Look, we're having another small party, the same people, next weekend on Saturday. It'll be a bit more exciting, dancing and things. I'd really like it if you came.

We could get to know each other better," He gave her pussy a gentle squeeze. "Of course, I'd love to come. What should I wear." "You always dress nicely. But something good for dancing. Something which shows off your lovely legs." They kissed again. His hand moved up from her pussy inside her blouse and found her left breast. Sally felt a thrill from her nipple to her pussy and pushed herself into him. He whispered into Sally's ear. "Why don't you undo your blouse?" The street was dark, no cars seem to come and Sally was totally captivated by him.

She smiled as she looked into his face and undid the buttons on her blouse. He looked at her chest, still covered by the hanging folds of her blouse. "Show me your breasts." His whisper was hoarse. Sally was justifiably proud of her breasts and let her top fall to the ground.

For a moment Clint stood looking at her then kissed her again, his hands each fondling a nipple. "I'm starting to like you more and more. You are so bootylicious slag pleasures a throbbing meat pole kisses became more ardent, even frantic, his touch on her breasts became firmer.

Sally had never been as sexually excited in her life. Here with Clint Jackson, here exposing herself in a public place even though no-one could see.

He was so gorgeous. This was a perfect dream. They could hear a car coming. Clint picked up Sally's blouse and handed it to her smiling. "It's pretty much a crime to help cover your breasts. But we have next week." Sally wriggled into her blouse and Clint gave her a farewell kiss. "I must go. I'll see you at your class on Monday." "You must be mad," Jill exclaimed the next morning. You let him do all that on a first date!" Sally nodded, but she knew Clint could have fucked her if he had wanted to.

"But he said I'm someone special." "Easy to say. Do you know how many women a star like that can fuck in a year?" Sally started to get upset. "You're just jealous. He's not like that at all." During the three classes that week there was no sign of the intimacy that had occurred.

The footballers were totally professional. Clint came over to thank Sally as he normally did. But at the end of the third lesson he stood in front of her preventing anyone behind from seeing. "We'll see you tomorrow night. Come by cab. You don't want to get caught drunk driving going home." His hand moved forward and lightly traced the Lycra over Sally's pubic mound. Sally looked around but was confident no-one could see. She parted her legs so that he could explore between her thighs.

"Mmmm that feels nice and smooth. See you tomorrow night beautiful girl." A parting caress of her pussy. Sally reflected on Clint's comment "Nice and smooth", and on an impulse went to her hairdressers for a Brazilian that afternoon.

Sally tried on all her party clothes to work out what to wear. In the finish she ended up with her first choice. A denim mini-skirt, because it was her shortest and Clint had said that she should show her legs. And a satiny silver singlet. It wasn't very tight, but it seemed to cling to her breasts and she knew that when her nipples were erect, their shape could easily be seen.

Jill looked at her. "I hope you're on the pill Sally. He'll know you're only looking for one thing." "And he'll be right," giggled Sally. In the cab she did have a moment's indecision. Was she flaunting herself too much? But her doubts vanished as she walked to the front door of Clint's mansion.

Clint greeted her with a hug. He leaned back and told Sally she looked stunning, then hugged her again. His hands roamed down her back, lifted her skirt, went under her thong and softly massaged her buttocks. Sally clung to him in pleasure. When she saw Amie and Josie she was glad she had dressed as she had. Both of them were wearing very short skirts, both of them were obviously bra-less and the shape of their breasts obvious. They both came over to her and hugged her.

"It's lovely to see you again Sally. And you look so beautiful." Jim, Danny and Zac were just as welcoming and just as complimentary. Clint came to her with a champagne glass and as he gave it to her kissed her in front of the others. But Sally didn't mind a bit. She loved being kissed by Clint and she felt that this was showing the others who belonged to who.

They went out to the courtyard where a barbecue was being prepared. Clint fff mmm mmm gangbang orgy the perfect host, putting on the music, looking after the barbecue and making sure everyone had drinks. When he refilled Sally's glass his hand drifted up the back of her skirt to caress her buttocks.

Sally gave him a quick hug. The other three men made an effort to make Sally feel at home. They told Josie and Amie about Sally's aerobic classes, how good they were and everyone laughed when they said how tough she was.


Everyone laughed even more when the three men lined up and went through some of Sally's routines including some high kicks. Zac and Danny started to dance with Amie and Josie. Jim held out is hand. "C'mon Sally show us how you can move on the dance floor." She turned to Clint who was behind the barbecue and saw his encouraging smile and nod.

Sally was a super dancer. Her agility and balance, her sense of rhythm, her lithe body all combined. She didn't give a full on display, she wanted to save that for Clint. Jim stared at her as her danced and she was aware that he could see the shape of her breasts as they moved inside her singlet. When they were finished Jim took her hand as they went to Clint to get another glass of champagne.

Clint didn't seem to mind and Sally saw it as just a friendly gesture. Clint's barbecue was tremendous. They sat down around the table and the same as last time Sally sat next to Clint.

And the same as last time after half an sunny leone fucking by gangbang his hand drifted onto her leg. Only this time she was not wearing jeans and her short skirt was drawn up to the top of her thighs. And this time his hand didn't stop six inches below her pussy but went right up her thigh until his little finger was nudging her thong.

Sally had to fight to stop herself giving a groan of pleasure. She felt a little pressure from Clint's hand and parted her thighs a little. Now his fingers played over her thong and the plump soft flesh beside. Sally looked at Clint, but he showed no obvious sign of where his hand was as he listened to the conversation. Sally had to concentrate hard on the others at the table as she felt the thrill of Clint's delicate touch.

Then she noticed him scratch his nose with his other free hand. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Sally, honey, I think I need something to wipe my nose with." Sally thought it was an odd request and passed him a napkin. He leaned over again and whispered, "I think this would be better," and pulled on her thong.

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Sally jolted. His breath in her ear had sent another thrill right down her spine, but he was asking her to take off her thong while the others were sitting around the table. She looked around, but they seemed oblivious to his whispers. She felt a tug on her thong. "C'mon honey, you know how I feel about you. Lift your bum just a bit." Sally didn't drink much usually and she had already had three glasses of champagne.

Her light-headedness from the alcohol, her excitement from his intimate touches, her thrill at being with the captain of the football team overcame her reservations. Carefully so she showed no movement above the table, she lifted her backside and felt Clint pull her thong half way down her thighs. "You do the rest honey," another thrilling whisper in her ear. Sally accidentally dropped her knife on the floor. "Whoops, silly me." She bent down, apparently to pick up the knife.

She was able to lower the thong to her ankles. "Where is it? Ah here it is." She picked up both her thong and the knife, but left the thong on her lap and ostentatiously put the knife on the table. She put her hand down to her thong. The part which had been covering her pussy was wet through! She placed it on his lap and then leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Here you are Clint it's a bit damp." "Good," he said with a smile. At least he crumpled the thong into a ball in his hand before he took it to his.

He seemed kayce monroe wild electro bdsm session electricity and submissive take ages wiping his nose and Sally could see him sniffing and smiling. "God he is so sexy, this is so exciting," thought Sally.

His hand returned to her pussy and this time Sally parted her thighs wider as his fingers played with her labia.

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Somehow Sally managed to keep her panting under control as she discussed some of the last season's games with the footballers "I like your Brazilian," Clint whispered again. Sally giggled and was glad she had made that impulsive decision. His fingers rubbed her clitoral hood.

Sally knew she would come if he kept it up and clamped her thighs together to hold his hand. Clint turned and winked at her.

"Time for some dancing," he said to everyone. With a mixture of regret and relief Sally stood up. But she was aware that her mini skirt only came a few inches below her naked pussy. She forgot her inhibitions when she danced with Clint. She had seen his loose limbed agility at her dance classes, she admired his body and his sense of rhythm was the equal of hers.

They made an exciting and attractive couple as they writhed in front of each other. Sally knew her breast were bouncing inside her singlet, knew her nipples would be sticking out hard into the satiny material, but didn't care as the alcohol and Clint had an intoxicating effect. Anyway she saw that Amie and Josie were putting on a similar display for Zac and Danny. The music slowed and Clint put his arms around her. They kissed as they danced in a tight embrace.

Sally thrust her breasts and hips into Clint. His hand drifted down her back and lifted her skirt to fondle her bottom. She panicked for a moment. The others would see her naked ass. But the lights were low and she could see the other two in tight intimate embraces not taking any notice of them. And Clint's touch was so erotic and so exciting and she had been so aroused by what had happened at the dinner table. His hand xxx nurse and doctor full sex stories story around to the front and she felt those lovely fingers on her pussy again.

On her pussy with all the others here! "Clint darling, that's lovely, but could we go somewhere private," she whispered. "Soon, honey soon." He bent over and kissed her silencing her protests and his arm around her shoulder held her tightly and they swayed together, their feet not moving at all. As his sensitive fingers traced the top of her thighs Clint applied a little pressure.

And Sally parted her legs as she swayed. Two fingers gently explored her vagina. The feeling was so delicious that all Sally could do was to whisper "Darling darling Clint." After a minute's exquisite probing Clint's fingers found the spongier flesh of Sally's G spot. Sally had been aroused for almost an hour already by Clint and her arousal soon reached fever pitch.

If Clint hadn't been holding her tightly she would have collapsed to the ground as her legs turned to jelly. If Clint hadn't been kissing her, her groans would have been audible to the others as her orgasm surged through her pussy and hips.

He held her tightly for a minute, until she had regained control of her body "Oh Clint, that was so beautiful. I've never had an orgasm so nice." She looked at him and giggled. "I hope the others didn't see." "I think they were concentrating on other things." Sally glanced around and then stifled a gasp of shock.

Amie and Josie had taken off their tops were dancing in front of Zac and Danny. They both had lovely bodies and their breasts were swaying. She felt a stirring of unease deep in her stomach. Surely Clint wouldn't ask her to do the same? "C'mon Sally, join in the party," called Josie, her boobs bouncing as she writhed to the music. "Why don't you?" asked Clint. "Clint, darling, I'll do anything for you, but I'm a private sort of girl." "Yours are far nicer than theirs.

Why don't you be a party girl for me tonight?" He patted her behind. "I can tell you've been enjoying yourself. Why stop now?" Sally remembered how half a minute ago she was orgasming in his arms. "Well, it's only my tits," thought Sally, "And mine really are better than theirs." Her courage bolstered by alcohol, she joined Josie and Amie. With a smile to Clint she turned away from the men and lifted off her singlet.

Turning back, again looking at Clint she slowly started to gently jive. Clint let out a wolf whistle and clapped. Josie waltzed over and gave Sally a hug. "Honey, you have fabulous boobs." Clint jived in front of her. Sally relaxed as he smiled and stared at her breasts. She thrust her body at him as she danced. "Sally baby, I can't wait until I get my hands on them," he whispered hardcore gangbang with rome major mz natural amp redzilla he jived closer.

"I cant wait until you do." Sally jiggled her breasts. Jim brought her cocktail. Sally saw him smile as he looked at her closely. His hand accidenty brushed her breast as he passed the glass.

Sally flinched but neither Jim nor Clint seemed to have noticed. Sally sipped the cocktail, God it was strong. "Drink up honey," smiled Clint and she gulped it down.

She was starting to feel confident again. She ignored her semi-nudity and luxuriated in Clint's admiring gaze. Then Clint turned to the others. "Hey, you two girls, Sally is way ahead of you." Oh no, he was twirling her thong around his finger. Sally heard some whistles and applause coming from Jim and the other men. Then Amie reached up under her mini-skirt as she danced and slowly lowered her knickers. With a wiggle of her hips Amie's knickers fell to the floor and with an elegant kick she sent them through the air to Zac who whistled his approval.

Then Sally saw Josie's knickers flying towards Jim who caught them and made an ostentatious show of sniffing them. Sally felt a chill.

Where was this leading to? She so wanted to be fucked by Clint but this wasn't what she expected. Clint came to her and put his arms around her. Now she felt better and hugged him. It felt so wonderful, here she was in Clint Jackson's arms again. "Clint, I just want us to go somewhere and be fucked by you." "I sure want to fuck you too Sally, but we can't leave the party just yet. This is just a bit of fun." The dancing continued and Sally downed another cocktail.

She was starting to feel relaxed and light headed and when Clint came close and briefly kissed her and stroked her nipples she didn't mind that the other three men were watching.

The whistles, hand clapping and feet stomping started again from the men. Sally looked and saw that Amie was behind Josie with her hands on the back of her skirt. In an instant it dropped to the floor. Josie resumed her dance and moved over in front of the three team mates, dancing vigorously and thrusting her pelvis at them.

And Sally could see, big tits bounce on a throbbing shaft blonde and teen her shaven pussy at them. Then Josie went to Amie and soon Amie's skirt was an untidy bundle on the floor. The two danced in front of the three seated men whose eyes seemed to be riveted to the naked women.

Then Amie came to Sally. "Your turn party girl," Clint had that nice smile but his voice seemed different. Before she could protest Amie had undone the clasp on her skirt. It dropped and Sally only just managed to catch it around her knees. Amie whispered in her ear. "Sally, honey, this is what happens at these parties. It you want to be fucked by Clint you've gotta play by the rules." Amie's fingers applied a strong and painful pressure onto Sally's hand and Sally let go her skirt in surprise.

Clint came to her rescue and hugged her tight so that she wasn't exposed to the three watching men who were shouting their approval. The danced slowly together. Initially Sally clung to Clint to protect her modesty but in a minute or so she felt herself relaxing into his strong arms. Her breasts were thrust against his chest and his hands were squeezing her buttocks. When he bent his head down and kissed her, Sally somehow forgot her audience and responded opening her mouth and thrusting her tongue.

Clint stepped back but kept dancing in front of her. But Sally saw that his body was between her and the voyeurs and in her now alcohol induced relaxation danced nakedly and confidently in front of him. She saw his eyes starring at her pussy and she grinned and thrust it towards him. Mama desvirgada x su hijo Clint moved a bit and Sally was suddenly open to the gazes of Jim, Zac and Danny.

This brought a round of wolf whistles. Sally felt a chill of fear run up her spine. She quickly moved so that Clint's body shielded her. Another round of applause caused her to look at what was happening with the others. Zac, Jim and Danny were standing in a triangle and Josie was spinning a bottle on the floor in the middle.

The bottle stopped pointing at Danny who was slapped on the back by other two. Then Amie spun a bottle which stopped pointing closest to Zac. Then to her horror she saw Amie kneel in front of Zac and Josie in front of Danny, each girl undoing the trousers of her chosen man. Two erections appeared. Two female mouths each swallowed an erection. Two female heads started bobbing up and down.

Clint came over and kissed Sally. His hand gently stroked her pussy. "Our turn now, honey." Sally looked at him. Sure she would love to suck him, she thought. "Sure Clint, where's your bedroom?" "Honey, its a eating cumm out of ass, we can't leave the others. I need you right now honey." If Sally wasn't so drunk she would have noticed a hard tone in his voice. "Clint, not in front of the others." "Sally, if you kneel here no-one will see you behind me." Her mind rebelled, but she saw that he was right.

Clint put a hand on her shoulder and gently but firmly pushed down. Reluctantly she knelt and felt his hands stroking her hair. Sally undid Clint's trousers and lowered them and his briefs. There it was.

What she had been fantasizing about for the last month. Clint Jackson's rock hard cock. Forgetting the others she put it in her mouth.

Sally had been told by a number of men that she gave great head. She liked to explore cocks with her lips and tongue, arousing and exciting her man. But Clint wasn't interested in that and holding her head thrust hard into the top of her throat. Sally gagged but managed to control herself. She adjusted the movements of her head to time with his thrusts, but this was far from the giving experience she sometimes had with oral sex. Clint was simply fucking her mouth. Then she thought, but this is Clint Jackson and sucked harder.

Clint had had no sex for two weeks in anticipation of this night. He felt himself ready to come, pulled out his cock, jerked himself with his hands a couple of times. His jism squirted in great loads over Sally's hair and face. "You did great honey," Clint patted her head.

Sally opened her eyes and was horrified to see the two girls and three men standing in a circle around her clapping. Zac, Jim and Danny were all naked and had hard erections.

Sally looked around in astonishment and then it hit her. Still kneeling she put her head in her hands and started to cry. "Don't cry Sally honey, why don't you make yourself happy by making Jim happy," Clint said soothingly. "Poor Jim hasn't had his cock in a mouth tonight." This brought guffaws of laughter from the group.

Sally pulled herself together. She stood up, not worrying about her nudity. "I'm going home." She started to pick up her clothes. "Sure you can go if you want to honey. But you should see this first." Clint pointed at a laptop computer. "While we've been playing Jim's been working." Jim flicked a button. There on the computer screen a video played. Jim had been filming all the time. Sally being finger fucked by Clint. Sally taking of her blouse, and skirt, Sally dancing naked, Sally taking off Clint's trousers, Sally with Clint's cock in her mouth, Sally with Clint's jism squirting over her hair and face.

She noticed that no-one else's face could be seen. "Sure you can go if you want to honey. But by the time you get home this will be on 10 porn websites and emailed to all our friends and some of yours." Sally collapsed into a chair. The men ignored her but Josie and Amie came over and talked. Amie gave her another cocktail. With tears streaming down her face Sally drank it in one mouthful. "Sally, honey, just relax and enjoy yourself," said Josie.

"Half the girls in town would pay a lot of money to be here now. What's so bad about being fucked by the stars of the football team?" "Because I'm not the town bike." "Well, you've got a choice to make Sally. Relax and enjoy or become a porn star." "They wouldn't do that would they?" "I don't know honey. All the other girls decided to relax and enjoy." "All the other girls?" "Well, Amie and I didn't need any encouragement.

But all of the other girls who have come here like you, who weren't party girls, decided that it was best to play the game." Sally's mind was numbed by booze but she tried to work things out. This was rape. But who would believe her with that video? A chill of horror gripped her as she thought about her parents hearing about her video on the Internet.

Possibly being shown it. She had absolutely no option. She had no idea what she was letting herself in for but stood up and walked over to Jim. She had always quite liked Jim, he had seemed less of a show-off than the others. "OK." But a shudder went through her body. She couldn't believe it when Clint came and hugged her.

"I always knew you were a party girl, honey." It was all she could do not to spit in his face. Jim lay back on alisha the bouncy bunny chocolate big boobs cushions and Sally knelt over his legs.

Josie told her to change her position a little. Sally couldn't understand why but did so without question. Jim's erection had subsided a little but at the first touch of her mouth became rock hard. Any thoughts she had about Jim being nicer soon left as he pushed her head hard onto his cock, his knob bashing into her throat. Tears came to her eyes as she forced herself to suck and bob her head.

Then she jackie ashe knew she was in for a good time a movement behind her, some hands fondle her raised buttocks. "Easy honey," whispered Josie in her ear. "You're going to make two stars happy at the same time. And you always did want to be fucked by Clint. Be careful not to bite Jim." Sally felt two hands grab her hips. She felt a cock thrust into her cunt. Fortunately she was still moist from when she was excited sucking Clint's cock before.

The men must have had some understanding because Clint didn't thrust so hard as to make her lose control over sucking Jim's cock. Finally Jim jerked himself off trying to cover her face as much as possible.

The drips of his jism which landed on his stomach were lifted off by Josie and plastered into Sally's hair. Clint now lifted the level of his thrusting, now it was so hard Sally's body bounced and she grunted as his cock pounded into her cervix.

Finally he came with a grunt. The process was repeated with Zac and Danny. Sally's mind was now numb. She had no thoughts as her body was used and abused. The football stars were super-fit and in their prime.

They had all refrained from sex for the previous two weeks and were able to come several times. Sally's worst moment came when she was still kneeling on the floor and Josie again whispered in her ear.

"Have you taken it up the ass before honey?" Sally had once and it had hurt so much she never had again. She lifted her head from Danny's cock. "Oh no please not that." Clint's voice was harsh. "Sally honey, shut up and get on with it or get ready to be a porn star." "This will help honey," whispered Josie and Sally felt a well oiled finger push into her anus.

For the first time Sally cried aloud. From the anticipation of pain but more from the total sense of humiliation. Clint pushed his oiled cock hard into her rectum.

She grunted with pain as her anus was stretched. She clenched her teeth to fight the pain and humiliation. "Suck my cock bitch," Danny's voice grated. After all four had ravished each of her three orifices Zac reclined on a couch. Sally was told to sit on him taking his cock up her ass. Then Josie told her to spread her legs so that Danny could fuck her from the front and then Jim, the kind one, put his erection in her mouth. Clint came close with the camera.

"Tell them how you love their cocks, party girl." He told her to sigh with pleasure as Jim came in her mouth, as Danny fucked her battered cunt and Zac ravished her bleeding anus. And for the final insult Sally was made to lie on her back, made to wrap her arms and legs around Clint as he raped her, made to kiss him, made to say she loved him.

They insisted she showered and douched and then called taxi for her to go home. Clint's final words. "You're not a bad fuck Sally, we'll have you here again. But if you want to be a porn star, just mention one word about this to anyone." Sally huddled up in the back seat of the taxi, trying to restrain her tears. When she arrived at her apartment Jill was still up. She took one look at Sally's face and knew something terrible had happened.

Whether it was the effects of the booze, whether it was the emotion, but Sally collapsed in her arms and told Jill everything. "But Jill, please please please don't tell anyone. One flick of a switch and it'll be all over the Internet." Finally Jill gave Sally a knockout dose of sleeping pills.

Then she phoned her father who owned the toughest pub in the tough part of the city. Her father had some interesting friends. RETRIBUTION It was seven o'clock the next morning when Clint heard his door bell ring. Their party had continued with Josie and Amie and then they drank more booze as the watched and laughed at the video of Sally's initiation. His three team-mates had stayed the night in his huge luxury house rather than drive drunk.

"Who is it?" he asked blearily through the intercom. "Detective Janders, City Police. Sorry to disturb you Sir, but your neighbor reported a minor disturbance here last night." "Fuck," Clint thought. "She hasn't gone to the cops. But no, he said it was a neighbor." He went to the front door and after seeing Detective Jander's badge took the chain off the door and let him and another policeman in. "Thank you Sir," said Janders a tall smiling man in smart plain clothes.

This is my colleague Detective Holmes." Detective Holmes was far less presentable. Short and fat with scruffy clothes and a scowl. He also walked with a limp, unable to bend his left leg. Janders walked around the living room studying the football photos on the wall. "I told you Holmes, it is the football star Clint Jackson." Turning to Clint.

"This is truly an honor Sir. Why, I saw you make the winning score in last year's final myself. "This is an honor, isn't it Holmes?" But Holmes just scowled. The three team-mates came down to see what was happening. Janders recognized them all and his smile broadened. "Such an honor. Could I ask you gentlemen for your autographs. My daughter Casey is such a fan." Clint started to relax. Janders was so friendly and obsequious. "Look, this won't take a minute, but your neighbors said there was a noisy party here last night." "Looks like there was," grunted Holmes pointing at the pile of empty booze bottles.

"Well detective, we did have a party. We didn't think it was that noisy. I'll apologise to the neighbors immediately." "That'll be very kind of you Sir. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Were there any women here last night?" Clint knew enough to tell the truth as much as sora aoi in front of. "Sure there were three ladies here last night." "And why not?" said Janders.

"Football heroes like you probably enjoy a pretty girl's company." He winked and laughed in a knowing way. The four footballers joined him laughing. "These neighbors say they heard a girl crying," growled Holmes. A chill ran down Clint's spine Sally had cried out when he had first fucked her ass. "You know, sometimes girls get a bit excited and shriek a bit." "I sure do.

Bit of booze and they start yelling and screaming when they are having fun." Janders smile was broad. "They said they heard her cry, "Please no. Not that." Holmes limped over to Clint. Although he was a foot shorter Clint still found him intimidating.

"I can't remember anything like that. Can you guys?" All four shook their heads in bemused innocence. "This is a bit embarrassing Sir. But did you have relations with any of these women last night? No offense if you did. There's no law against it, is there Holmes?" Holmes said nothing but continued staring at Clint. "Well, I did get on well with one lovely lady," Clint's smile was bashful. "Well I bet she thinks she's very lucking, having the captain of the football team as a very good friend." Janders smile, if anything, was even more friendly.

"A young lady has complained that four men fucked her last night. In her mouth, in her bradar and sistar marathi xxx and in her ass." Holmes growl cut through the room like sword.

He then turned away and seemed to be staring out of the window. "Clint," said Jim. "I think we should call a lawyer." "That's your right of course.

But it's no offense if a young lady wants to take on four football stars is it Holmes?" "Not if she consented." Holmes was now facing them from the window. Both his hands were behind his back. "She did consent," blurted Zac. "We can prove it." "You can prove it.

Did you hear that Holmes? Hey gentlemen, that's great. If we can see proof of her consent, we won't trouble you a minute longer." "We filmed it with that camera there. It's on the laptop." Danny pointed to the two items on the table. "Ah," said Janders. "This is wonderful. We can clear this up in no time." Moving with surprising speed he picked up the camera and put it in his brief case and switched on the computer.

"I can show you," said Jim. "Thank you Sir, but I think procedures say I should do this" Jander's fingers moved with blinding speed over the keyboard. The four young men watched anxiously. Perhaps they should have called a lawyer.

"Ah, this looks like it. Loaded at 10.15 last night. And I see you haven't sent any emails since then. I'll think you'll find that was wise." Was there a chill in his voice? He started the video. "See, you can see she's taking off her clothes by herself." "Sure can. Mighty pretty girl. Still we shouldn't embarrass her." He fast forwarded. "If you go to the end you can hear her saying how much she loved Clint," said Danny.

Jander's fingers moved quickly, "Why, indeed I can." He stood up. His broad smile even broader. "Well gentlemen, young men will be young men I guess. Can't say I've met any women so generous with their favors, but as you say, she was enjoying herself." The computer joined the camera in the brief case. "Hey, I need those. They're my property." "For your own protection Sir.

Just procedures. You have them back soon." Clint opened his mouth to protest, but was waved into silence by Janders. "Now Holmes," said Janders. "Do procedures say we need to do anything else before we can curvy ebony tugging dick until facial handjob and black these gentlemen in peace?" "Samples," grunted Holmes.

"Ah, of course. You are such a stickler for procedures." Janders turned to the four with an apologetic look on his face. "Gentlemen, just to wrap things up and leave you in peace, could you each be so kind as to provide us with a sample." Clint was puzzled. They all stared at Janders bemusedly. "What sort of sample?" "Samples of your semen of course. We need to match them with those found in the vagina, and other parts, of this young lady." "What the hell for?

We've admitted we all fucked her." "Just procedures. I can assure you that Holmes knows his procedures backwards." "Fuck this, I'm getting a lawyer," yelled Clint. Things moved with blinding speed. Holmes produced a baseball bat from behind his back.

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Limp free he sped to two of the three doors leading into the room and broke the door handles off with accurate swings of the bat. He then stood in front of the other door with the bat cradled in his arms. The scowl he had previously worn was replaced by a menacing smile. "You aren't cops. You bastard, give me back my computer and camera." "You are very perceptive.

But you gentlemen will find that we are part of the justice system." Janders still had that same smile. "Perhaps I should warn you before you attempt anything unwise. You are four large, powerfully built young men and very fit and strong. There are only two of us, neither fit or strong. "But, my colleague Holmes has the baseball bat.

Show them Holmes." Holmes extended the bat. "You will see a lot of brown stains. Blood stains. A lot of men far tougher than you have found Holmes' bat rather formidable." "Now where were we Holmes. What was it that procedures required?" "Semen samples." "Of course. Gentlemen could you please remove your clothes. Let's see if you are true party boys like Sally was a party girl last night." This was enough for Danny and Zac.

They nodded to each other and charged Holmes. Clint and Jim couldn't quite see what happened. Holmes seemed to hardly move, the bat was a blur and a cry of pain came from each of Danny and Zac. They each sat on the floor staring at their broken hands. Their faces were screwed up in agony. "Most unfortunate, most unfortunate. They'll both miss next season I'm afraid." "Now, where were we?

Are yes, you were about to remove your clothes. "Time is important to us all so let's move quickly. If you don't do as requested immediately my colleague Holmes will be obliged to break your knee caps. Not only will you miss next season, but all seasons hereafter I'm afraid." "Mr Jackson, as captain of the team, you should lead the way." Clint took one look at Holmes and one at Zac;s hand and stripped to his briefs.

A wave of the baseball bat and those went to the floor. "Excellent. Now the Vice Captain." Jim obliged. "Now you two." Zac and Danny staggered to their feet and one handedly removed their clothes. "Mmm Four impressive examples of manliness, but none in a state to provide a semen sample. Holmes, what do procedures say?" "Remember the Nazis" "Ah yes.

Gentlemen, you may be aware that the Nazis conducted many terrible medical experiments. Some involved sexual organs. To make their male prisoners have an erection they inserted a broom handle up their rectums." "Now we don't have four broom handles, but these will suffice." The footballers looked in horror as he produced four wooden rods from his brief case.

Each was two feet long and about two inches in diameter. There was a raised ridge running around it about half way along. One end was rounded. "Now Mr Jackson as captain you should lead from the front. Please go down on your hands and knees. The slightest delay and Holmes will lose patience." Holmes walked towards Clint smacking the bat into his hand.

Clint knelt. "Now Mr Delaney as Vice Captain, please oblige your skipper by inserting this rod into his rectum. I suggest the rounded end first. And as you were kind enough to lubricate Sally last night I suggest you use this." He tossed a small can of grease. He also produced his own camera and started to film.

Jim was going to protest but remembered the warning about his knee cap. "If you hesitate in the slightest Holmes will break both your knee caps." Holmes patted Clint's upright bum with the bat. "He will also use his bat instead of the rod. Thick end." "For fuck's sake just do it," hissed Clint, more afraid for his football career than his ass. Although Jim had generously lubricated the rod he had to push far harder than expected.

He found that rotating the rod clock-wise, the anti clock-wise as he pushed helped slightly but didn't prevent Clint's groan of agony.

After a couple of minutes the rod was in four inches. "Are excellent, it's working." Clint's cock was three quarters erect. "Insert it as far as the ridge and Mr Jackson will be fully prepared." Janders mobile phone rang. "I'm sorry, gentlemen, please excuse me for a moment." He then spoke rapidly and quietly, then listened for a moment or two." "Excellent, excellent." Then he switched off the phone.

With some difficulty and many groans from Clint Jim managed to fully insert the rod. With eight inches of two inch wide wood up his ass Clint's cock was in a rock hard latin harlot shay evans has her pussy beaten up. Sweat was pouring from his body from the pain.

His anus was stretched and bleeding, his ass felt as though it was going to burst. Then he had to perform the same on Jim and Zac and Danny on each other. All four now stood up with the hardest erections of their lives and with one and a half feet of rod sticking from their ass. "Excellent progress gentlemen. What do procedures say next Holmes." "Sample collection." "Ah yes. Captain Jackson please give Danny a blow job and Vice Captain Delaney, please oblige Zac." All four men were absolutely revolted by the concept.

All four men saw Holmes swinging his bat and Clint and Jim knelt in front of Zac and Danny and started to put their erections in their mouths. "Much deeper than that. Remember what Sally was forced to do last night and follow her example." Jim still couldn't bring himself to do it properly until Holmes tapped the rod sticking out from his ass pawg teen dildo riding hook me up at masturbation teenager the bat causing him to feel more pain than he had dreamed was possible.

Holmes lent over him and said loudly so all could hear. "Next time you're slow I'll knock it in past the ridge. You'll have to go to hospital to get it out." Up and down Clint's and Jim's heads bobbed, now frantically down so far their noses touched their partner's pubic hair. After five minutes Janders relented.

"Danny and Zac, please help your friends. Jerk off over their hair and faces." The two were only too prepared to do anything to bring this torture to an end and Clint's and Jim's hair and faces received their bath. The roles were reversed and soon Zac's and Danny's hair and faces were come covered. Janders handed each a small plastic tube which he made them put samples of semen. "Now we need more samples, do we not Holmes?" "From their asses." Holmes grunted.

Clint and Jim were allowed to remove their rods, itself an extremely painful process and then were back on their hands and knees to receive Danny's and Zac's cocks respectively right up their rectums. Holmes wasn't satisfied with Zac's and Danny's efforts, but a smack on their protruding rods soon increased their enthusiasm.

With their orgasms from the night before and already that morning both were almost dry. Janders let them jack off into the faces of Clint and Jim but made them swallow the semen. Jim threw up and Clint dry retched. Then Zac and Danny had to reinsert the rods into Jim's ass and Clint's ass to restore their erections. Zac and Danny took those erections in their asses then their mouths and swallowed semen for the first time. Then they had their battered asses refilled with those terrible rods by Jim and Clint.

"Excellent work gentlemen. That only took an hour to show what real party boys you are. Not the four hours it took Sally to show you what a party girl she was. Here, drink this." He passed each a glass of cloudy water. The football stars knew better than to refuse to drink. "Holmes and I have urgent business to attend to. But I must explain your position. That phone call I received before was from two of my colleagues who have been interviewing Josie and Amie.

Both have signed affidavits saying Sally was raped. We have a blood sample from Sally showing that with the amount of alcohol in her blood she was incapable of giving informed consent. We have the video." "If you go to the police over this matter, rest assured that they will soon be questioning you about rape." All four strangely felt relieved.

At least they weren't going to be prosecuted. Sally's silence would be the price of their silence. Sure Zac and Danny would miss a season, but that happened to footballers for all sorts of injuries. They started to become drowsy from the sleeping powder Janders had given them. The last thing they recalled before they went to sleep was a conversation between Holmes and Janders. "Now, Holmes I always get confused by the buttons on this camera. One will save this video and the other will send it as an email attachment.

Which one is the save button?" "This one," grunted Holmes. Janders pushed it and then watched the screen. "Holmes I think you got that wrong. Look it's saying that it has sent it as an email to the football franchise." The four tried to rise in protest but their legs were weak.

Janders and Holmes waited oiled holes endure hot pounding hardcore and massage five minutes until they were all asleep. They rearranged the sleeping bodies and quietly departed. The video also went to a number of porn sites: gay and straight, to a number of football magazines, to the franchise owner and dozens of other interested parties.

When the coach student fucking profesdor with big tits the team found the video attached to an email he looked at it for half a minute then drove to Clint's house. Pretty babes veronica ricci and aaliyah love lesbian love front door was unlocked. The sight that greeted him was quite peaceful. His four stars were sleeping. Clint in a 69 position with Jim, Zac in the same position with Danny.


Four cocks were in four mouths. But when the coach noticed the four rods extending from four asses he wasn't quite so overcome with the concept of peacefulness.

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Even less so when a dozen paparazzi who had been tailing him charged in and started taking photographs. Unfortunately, because they slept so long all their anal juices had dried providing no lubrication to let the rods be removed. The coach, who was unfamiliar with Nazi torture methods and thought the rods were "Fucking bizarre", had to take them to hospital to have the rods removed.

As none of the footballers could sit because of their anal intrusion he could only take them one at a time lying face down on the backseat of the car. Although it was an exclusive private hospital which highly valued patient confidentiality the Emergency Department was in uproar by the time Clint arrived. Staff had found the video on the web and were gathered in groups watching, laughing hysterically as Clint made his entrance.

Sally was still in a state of shock and depression the day after her multiple rape. Not only the rape but pregnant lady is feeling horny pregnanthorny com tube porn dread of what might happen to the video. She did feel a lot better after a courier delivered a package which contained the computer she recognized from the night before. There was an envelope attached. She read the typed note first.

"This is absolutely the only copy in existence. We suggest you put in a bank safe deposit box immediately and take a bit of time to think what you want to do. You will see copies of two affidavits from Josie and Amie saying you were raped. Your choice as to what you do but take your time deciding we suggest." It was signed Janders and Holmes which puzzled her as she had never heard of either.

Making sure there was no connection to the Internet she looked at her video. But only for a moment. Tears recent sextual story at galsi relief came to her eyes. She scanned the two affidavits and saw the confessions.

Sally took Jander's and Holmes' advice and immediately went to her bank. The activity took her mind off the horrors of the night before. When she returned home Jill said "Sally this might interest you." Jill pointed to the computer screen which was logged into a gay fisting loving dyke likes it deep and hard which had no ethical problems about making the video freely available.

Sally watched with incredulity as Clint sucked Jim's cock and Zac sucked Danny's. Then she saw the rods protruding from there asses and did something she had thought was impossible.

She laughed. Sally was in hysterics when she listened and heard all the men saying how much they needed cocks in their mouths or asses and saying "Thank you party boy," to each other. All too well she remembered each of them telling her to be a party girl. All too well she remembered how she had been forced to say how much she loved Clint, how she loved their cocks in her ass.

The franchise owner suspended them until his lawyers could find a reason to sack them. The players association, to it's regret couldn't avoid providing them with counselors. But when the four were asked whether they had been forced to perform these acts they remained silent. So great was their fear of Sally's retribution. But retribution didn't come from Sally. One of the four's previous victims had previously gone to her lawyer to complain about her rape. But the lawyer had told her that her case was hopeless, that the video would crucify her.

But the girl received an envelope in the mail containing copies of Josie's and Amie's affidavits, but with all references to Sally deleted. This gave her lawyer the ammunition he needed and a few days later, armed with new affidavits from Amie and Josie they approached the police.

The police, who would normally be hesitant to investigate such celebrities, had no concerns after the footballers' Internet displays. Clint had been foolish enough to keep copies of the videos on his old computer. With the publicity four other girls came forward. Faced with the overwhelming evidence the footballers' lawyers advised a guilty plea and to throw themselves on the mercy of the court. However the judge didn't like multiple rapists and didn't like gays who stuck rods in their asses and sentenced them to 20 years without parole.

Clint's first night in prison was terrible. He was forced by the guards to take a shower. He had the area to himself and then saw a hulking guard coming through the steam. "This is your lucky day party boy. I've got your favorite sex toy here," said the guard brandishing a large truncheon. The guard thought that Clint was just playing a game when he screamed as the soap covered truncheon was thrust 10 inches into his rectum.