Beautiful babe edges cock with controlled bj

Beautiful babe edges cock with controlled bj
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My Japanese Love Part 5: Akira's First time I slept so peacefully that night. I woke up alone. Amya was already up and making breakfast. I got up and get dressed. Akira was already up and gone. This was good because I had to take a piece of furniture over to a client at 9. I really didn't want to go over smelling of sex, that and if Akira is anything like Amya I'm not going to have any energy at all. Amya had just finished making breakfast.

She has on her favorite Kimono which she only povlife sexy ass pornstar came to blow and fuck big cock when she gets ready for bed or up in the morning.

"Morning love" I said to my sexy woman. "Morning dear I know you have a client to meet at 9 so I thought I would get breakfast ready early. Plus Akira had to be over to Alicia's early today for yoga. I'm so glad she found a friend to spend time with.

I was afraid she wouldn't meet any friends till she started college." "I know. They have become fast friends. Oh before I forget I'll stop off at the library on my way home to make copies of Akira's working papers and visa.

I don't want her to really take the originals just in case they get ruined. She is ok having the copies. We can put the originals in the safe." "Good idea dear. I know she wants to find a job. I told her with her background in being a masseuse back in Japan, she should try starting her own business and offer massages. I know a few people that really could use a massage." "Everyone could use a good massage at times.

Even me, there are times when I come in from building and my muscles ache. I told her. "Yeah and I know a muscle that aches every time you see me or Akira naked." Amya said jokingly. "Ha ha ha ha. I am a living breathing male. Even a gay guy would have a cock at that sight." "You're so funny." We sat down and ate a quick breakfast. I got up and grab my truck keys, and kissed Amya good-bye. I left to drop off the drop leaf table at one of my most valuable clients. I swear I must have built every piece of furniture in their house.

I was gone about an hour. I pulled into the driveway and I saw Amya come running out the door still in her kimono. I thought the worst. "What's wrong Amya?" "Oh nothing AJ I just didn't want you walking in just yet. It's a surprise that I know you're going to love. Come with me and be quiet." Realizing nothing was wrong I did as Amya said. We walked quietly into the house and I was about to walk into the living room but Amya stopped me and put her finger to her mouth indicating to me I should be quiet.

She then motioned me to look in the living room and when I did, my jaw fell to the floor. Laying on the couch naked was Alicia 26 year old Red Headed neighbor from across the street. She was sucking on one of her D-cup tits, pinching the other ones nipple and moaning softly. I looked down and I saw why. Akira was naked between her legs eating her pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

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Akira was working Alicia's pussy like pro. "Oh God Mistress may I cum please?" Amya whispered in broke blonde teen beauty fucks for free ride ear. "I should have told you. Akira is Bi-sexual. Alicia likes to be dominated by both men and women.

Now I want you to wait here and enjoy the show" Her words didn't resister in my brain until I saw Amya walk naked over to Alicia. She quickly glanced at me before lowering her Japanese pussy down towards Alicia's face. "Eat my pussy slave now" Amya ordered Alicia. Alicia grabbed Amya by the waist and pulled her down burying her face in Amya's pussy.

Holy Mary Mother of God this is so fucking hot. Damn it why did I have to wear jean shorts. My cock is pressed so tightly against the denim of my jeans I swear it's going to cut my dick off. Akira lifted her face off of Alicia's pussy. "You may come now" and Akira rapidly finger fucked Alicia's bald pussy. "Oh mistress I'm going to cum I'm go…&hellip.Oh yes I'm CUMMMIIINNNNGGGGGG" Alicia moaned into Amya's pussy.

Alicia's back come off the couch as her orgasm hit. She sprayed cum all over Akira. I have never seen a girl squirt cum live before and damn was it ever sexy. Amya ground her pussy into Alicia's face. I swear Alicia had to have started breathing pussy juices and cum. Akira moved up and started sucking on Alicia's tits. I couldn't help it I had to release my cock it hurt so much. I unzipped my fly and pulled my aching cock out.

Amya moaned loud as her first orgasm hit. She grabbed Alicia's head and jammed her face into her pussy. As Akira jammed 2 fingers deep into Alicia's pussy and went back to sucking on her clit.

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I don't know who I wanted to be more" Akira eating Alicia's pussy, Alicia getting oral at both ends, or Amya getting oral from Alicia. Amya got off Alicia's face and sat next to her teasing Alicia's nipples. "You love Akira eating your pussy don't you? You love being dominated by her, but I bet you wish it was AJ down there eating your pussy don't you?" "Yes I do mistress.

AJ is so cute. I wish he could eat my pussy and fuck it. Oh God I would love to be tag teamed by both him and Lee. One in my pussy and the other in my ass.


Both men treating me like a common whore. I would fuck both their brains out while they fucked me senseless" Alicia moaned. I couldn't believe it. I've known Alicia for a couple years now and not once have I ever thought she would want me.

I have jacked off thinking about her big tits, but who wouldn't. Besides I wouldn't have made a move on her. She seemed so happy with Lee. Akira got up and laid down on the floor in front of the couch. I moved out the way so they couldn't see me. Akira told Alicia "Get down on the floor and eat me out. Get me ready for when AJ sticks that nice big cock of his inside my virgin pussy." "Oh you are so lucky Mistress Akira.

I wish I could feel his cock buried deep inside my pussy." "Oh Alicia you have no idea how good it feels. Every time he fucks me I feel like I am about to explode. He fills me up so good" Amya moaned. I look back and say Alicia brooklyn chase double penetration with big black cock Akira's pussy.

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Akira saw me and winked. Amya was sitting on the couch rubbing her pussy. Alicia's ass was up in the air and her legs spread. I could see her wet bald pussy just looking so inviting. Damn it I so need to get fucked right now. Amya looked at me and waved me in.


I walked in quietly. Amya got up and helped me take my clothes off. She whispered into my ear "I know your very horny, I want you to fuck Alicia's pussy until you come once. I want some of your energy used up. After you come in Alicia's pussy, I will suck your cock hard.

Then you are going to take Akira's virginity. By then she will be very ready and very wet." Now I know I had no blood in my brain because I couldn't object to it. I got down on my knees, lined my cock up with Alicia's pussy and rammed it in hard. I could hear scream out in shock and pleasure, but Akira grabbed her head and held it right where it was. Amya told Alicia "Don't worry Alicia, I am granting one of your wishes.

I am letting AJ fuck you pussy. I think it's so hot and dirty watching this. I've never been so horny in my life.

Fuck his cock good with your pussy.

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AJ fuck her good treat this submissive girl's pussy the way it should be. Use it hard. Use her as a humping post. Show me how you fuck a submissive whore." Akira was in the middle of another orgasm. Her back arched "OOOOHHHH I'm CUMMMMING. Oh Alicia that's so good. Get my pussy ready for AJ please. You like seeing my small titty bounce AJ? Oh God my pussy is so wet I can't wait to cory chase and bailey brooke crazy way you inside me." This was unbelievable fucking hot.

I placed my hands on Alicia's hips and fucked her hard and fast. Amya laying on the couch watching me and rubbing her pussy as fast as I was fucking Alicia. I was about to cum and I was afraid on where I should come.

"I'm going to come where should I do it?" I asked. "AJ cum all over Alicia's big tits." Akira said. "Roll over then Alicia" I pulled out of Alicia and she rolled over. Amya reached out and give my cock a couple of jerks and I shot my cum all over Alicia's tits. It was so hot watching my cum hit those D size beauties. Her nipples were the size of dimes. Alicia scooped up some of my exquisite hottie is showing her stretched tight snatch in close up and put it in her mouth "Mmmm You taste good AJ and you are a good fuck.

I loved it thank you Amya" Alicia smiled. "You're welcome Alicia, now get that cock over here baby so I can get it hard." I walked over to Amya and she took my cock in her mouth.

I heard her moan as she licked every drop of mine and Alicia mixed cum off my cock. My Amya is such a good cocksucker. She got me hard quickly. She stopped sucking me and looked at me. "The time has come AJ, Akira is ready. Lay down on your back" I did as I was told. I laid down and watched Akira get up and straddled my waist and slowly lowered herself into my cock. She grabbed my cock and slowly slid it into her tight virgin pussy.

Oh my gods was she tight but well lubed. I felt her hymen and she dropped right down on my cock tearing it, but never let out any cries of pain. She was so worked up from all the oral sex and so turned on I don't think she really felt it. "Oh yes AJ you feel so good. Amya's right you fell a pussy up good." Moaned Akira. I held onto her hips and slowly fucked her. For once I was glad I got off before. I knew if I didn't and tried this I would have came the moment I entered her pussy.

I heard moaning and looked to the couch. Amya and Alicia were eating each other's pussy in a 69 position. The smell of pussy filled the room. I watched Akira ride my cock slowly. Well since she wants to experience what sex with me is like I'm going to treat her like I do Amya. I sat up and started sucking on her nipples. This caused her to moan loudly.

"OH yes AJ but please lay back down." I released her nipples and laid down. I just put my head back down and I saw a pussy coming down to my face. Alicia was lowering her pussy for me to eat. I stuck my tongue out and buried it deep in her pussy. So moaned as if she had never had sex before. I could hear her and Akira making out on top of me. I could picture all of this in my mind and it was cute valerie white gets her gorgeous ass worshiped fucking hot.

Alicia started grinding her pussy into my face as I felt fingers touch my chin. Amya was rubbing Alicia's clit and fingering her pussy while I tongue fucked it. I felt Akira start to speed up and ride my cock. "Yes AJ eat my pussy please yes. Oh I'm going to cum please stop I'm going to spray my cum." Moaned Alicia. Amya removed her fingers and I stopped tongue fucking Alicia's pussy just as Alicia's orgasm hit.

My mouth was flooded with pussy juices. I now have an idea how a girl feels when I guy blows his load in her mouth. I swallowed all her cum but my face was covered with her pussy. "OOOOOOHHHHH AJ I'm CUUMMMMMINNNNNGGGGG" Akira moan as she experience her first cock induced orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard she couldn't move which was good because I felt my balls turning and that familiar pulsing in my cock.

I filled Akira's pussy with my hot cum. Alicia got off my face and rushed to Akira along with Amya. Akira's eyes had rolled into the back of her head. She clearly was lost all her energy. The two girls held Akira for a few moments then both of them helped her off my cock and laid her on the couch. She clearly passed out. I laid there on the floor with basking at what happened. "MMM I am not one to fuck and leave but Lee's going to be home soon.

I should get home and cleaned up some. Thank you guys and Thank you Amya for letting me have AJ." Alicia said. "No problem. He such a great lover and I want him happy" Amya said. Amya and I get dress and we covered Akira up. The rest of the day went by uneventful. Akira slept for a few hours then got up.

She was happy and thanked me for being her first and that sex is wonderful. She hopes her first boyfriend is as gentle as I am. Amya cooked us a nice dinner and we all shared some laughs. We all went to bed early because tomorrow Amya and I had to go to court. Hiro's trial was to begin and we were all worried. We had been hearing how jail has been improved Hiro, it's only made him worse.